Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, February 28, 1901, Image 7

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    Hood's Sarsaparllia
Hat won lueeees far beyond tba f(ct
01 advertising only,
The true secret of lU wonderful tionn
Iarlty is explained entirely and uly,
y lu unapproachable Jrrif .
Hated upon ft preaeripUon widen
cured people considered insurable,
which ftooompliahed wondora astonish
log to tbo modloal profMMiioQ,
Hood's Sarsaparllia
Include; the concentrated value: of tho
beat-known vegetable remedies, united
by men. ia original and peculiar com
blnation, propurilon and process as to
secure enrativt power peculiar to itself.
Its cure of mild and extreme caaea
of acrofula, ecsema, pioriule, and
every kind and degree of humor, aa
well aa catarrh and rheumatism prove
Hood's Sarsaparllia
tbe beet blood purifier aver produced.
lU curea of dyspepsia, biliousness,
nervousness, lose of appetite and thai
tired feeling make it the greatest tiora-
....it HMM..nnlMMi km) t M w art
reatorer the world baa ever known.
Hood's Sarsaparllia
la a thoroughly food medicine. Begin
to take It TODAY. Uet HOOD'S.
Age ef Tree Maturity.
Authorities on forestry say that Tfl
f eara are required for tbe oak to reaob
maturity; or tbe ab. larch and aim,
boot tbe same length of time; for
the spruce and fir, about 60 years.
After this time their groin remains
stationary for some years, and then de
cay begins. There aie, however, some
ti captions, for oaks are atlll living
which are known to be 1,000 years old.
With total eitptleatloiu, aa thr enno re
the aval ol the A ieeaae. Catarrh I a blood
ood or
tonaiituMonsldiM-aae.end m order to mre tt
you nuiiitti internal remeatee. naira ca
tarrh run la taken internally, end aetedlreMlf
an tha blood and mui-eua earfarwe. Hall's Ce
urrh Core la not a quark aaedtelne. II waa
nrewrltwd br one of tha best physicians In Ibla
covniry lur years, and laa reyular proarlitton.
It li OotntHWd oi in p.i uroirs anuwn, row
blned with tba host Mood purlOsrs, acttof di
rectly on tba muwus surfaces. Tha perfect
eon binatton ot tha two inaradlanU Ir what p ro
ll urot tarn wonderful reeulte IB curing-ouuh.
Hand lor teettmmiials, irwe.
r. i. f MKNKY ft CO., Ptoprs., Toledo, O.
fold by arunleie, price 75o.
Malls family rule are the beet.
Pittance Bctwtca the Earth and Sua.
About 60 of tha principal observa
tories of tbe world are now eo-operat
tug in a great programme of observa
tion. for Improving our knowledge of
tbe distance between the earth and aua.
aiva rmuwllf farad. Wa Sta ar t
ilia H.r am '. nflr klta'Hial Nana
Urr a.4forrKftK.eeiWJll.Kltr.
EaTba. ft. 11 Kua,ll.,M4alUHttUa4lbJa.a
Will Ravolutlenhs Water Navigation.
W. A. Heath, of Kswlfua, ' Wyo..
gars he has invented flying machine
which will evolatloaise water naviga
tion as well as solve tbe aerial naviga
tion problem.
Wbrn ton lata Orova'a Taatalau Chill Tonie,
owau.a tha tonnulala plainly printed on avery
MHtlaabowlnttbat It la alaplf Iron and Qn(
sUia ta a mualeaa torn. No Cure, No fay. boo.
la Memory ef Hamilton Fkh, Jr.
A bronae bane relief tablet in mem
cry of Hamilton Fish, Jr., who waa
killed in the Spanish-American war,
baa been erected in Columbia univers
ity. ESlootl Poison
There ta no poison so highly contagious,
o deceptive and so destructive. Don't be
too sure you are cured because all external
signs of the diaesse have disappeared, and
the doctor ssvs vou are well. Many car-
eons have been dosed with Mercury end
Fotssh for months or years,, and f re
nounced cured to realise when too late
that the disease waa only covered up
Uka Bee Uke. ftSSS
out again, and to their sorrow and mortifi
cation find those nearest and dearest to
them have been infected by this loath
some ditcase, for no other poison ia so
surely transmitted from parent to child
as this. Often a bod case of Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Scrofula or aevere skin disease,
an old sore or ulcer developing in middle
life, can be traced to blood poison eon
lnear'ly ' Of tha PsVMtC.
life, for it remains smoldering In the sys
tem forever, uoltsa properly treated and
driven out in the beginning. 8. 8. 8. ift
the only antidote for this peculiar virus,
the only remedy known that can over
come it and drive it ouftof the blood, and
It does this so thoroughly and effectually
that there is never a return of the disease
to embarrass or humiliate vou afterwards.
cures Contagious itiooa
poison tn any ana au
stsges; contains no
mineral to break down
vour constitution : it ia
purely vegetable and the only blood puri
fier known that clean sea the blood end
at the same time builds up tba general
Our little book on contagious blood
Klson ia the moot complete and instruo
e ever issued; it not only tells all
about this disease, but also how to cure
yourself at home. It la free and should
be in the hsnds of everyone seeking; ft
cure. Send for it
TaittM U(Kd. Vast 1
by Smairlm.
,1 ttntlma.
i Beat voiiKD ojrup,
Hold br
ST rZh r
Tbe Neceaearr iB-trtsmsnt end Hew
ta Vm Ibaitt.
Tbs variety of usck to which pyrog
rnphy may bo applied la endless. It
lends Itself cMptKlally to the broad
clement of large surfaces, but it can
also be iinod lu tbe adornment of the
inoNt dtilnty articles by delicate lines
and soft shadings, aaya a Uood House
Keeplng writer In preface to the fob
towing practical Instructional
The Iron style of earlier dnya baa
len replaced by ft point of platinum,
riutlnuiu la need for poker work, be
cause it ia the, only metal that will ab
sorb the gaa of the naphtha by which
the aupply of heat ia sustained. The
complete outfit conslata of platinum
poluta, a cork-covered handle, a length
of rubber tubing, ft naphtha bottle pro
vided with connection for tubing, ft
aplritlanip and rubber bulb with
tubing attached. It ia also necessary
to have some alcohol And naphtha. Be
sure to have the naphtha botUe tightly
corked and never open It In a room
where there Is light or the smallest
anark of fire, aa it ia very Inflammable.
Tbe alcohol also should be handled
with care. To do a variety of poker
work an outfit of several points ia
necessary, but it l well for the begin
tier to bave at least two, aa illustrated
In Flu, c and d. The first of these, c,
la the more important, aa with It both
outllntnir and shading can be done,
but the second Is better for back
He fore attempting a design tbe be
ginner should practice on smooth
nine board or a piece of wbltewood,
which is better, aa tbe finer grain makes
practice easier. To light the point put
some cotton wool In the naphtha bottle
and fill tbe bottle about one-third full
of naphtha. Connect the bottle with
tbe cork handle and with the bulb by
tbe rubber tubing, hold the point la
tbe flame of the spirit tamp until It la
thoroughly lies ted and blow gently, by
pressing the bulb until tbe point be
comes redbot Tbe point may now be
withdrawn from the flame, and lta
beat can be kept up and regulated by
tlie pressure on the bulb, which forces
tbe vapor of the naphtha through the
tubing Into the point, where It burns.
The lamp may now be extinguished.
The object of the cotton .wool In the
bottle la to gtve more evaporating sur
face. Fig. a shows the apparatus.
Sometime a foot bellows (Fig. b) la
used Instead of the hand bellows. Thla
la less tiresome and gives the oper
ator both hands for work.
Now grasp the cork handle, not too
near the hot point, and try to make
true, even lines on the pine . board.
This at first la very difficult, for an In
stont's delay tn the touch of the point
will make ft bole or deep dot In the
wood, and the line will resemble ft
smudge. To overcome thla first trou
ble bring the point upon the board
with ft sweep off the hand and lift It
off In the an me way. Keep this a weep
aa even and light aa possible until you
have a firm, clean line. The begtnned
will succeed more easily If the point
Is not too hot
Try different lines as you would
learn to shade with a lead pencil.
Make parallel lines, long and short,
broad and narrow, even and graded,
straight and curved, aa : ahown In
Fig. e. ; , .
" Designs are to be used In the follow
ing manner: Draw them on the wood
A ml burn In firmly and lightly A
quick mode la to trace the dealgri on
a piece of tracing paper and then
transfer It to the wood by means of Im
pression paper, then burn as de
Araurtiut of th Aorta. Ia tbe Penalty
of Indentation.
The same disease that carried off
rhllip D. Armour before hia time
threatens thoso who go down Into the
trading pita and stock marta to buy
and sell where tbe changes of a few
points In the quotations may mean
poverty or millions, says the Chicago
Chronicle. Aneurism of the heart-
more accurately aneurism of the aor
tas of tbe heart la the disease that
killed the wealthy packer. It la caus
ed largely by undue excitement, auch
aa la hrnuffht on bv the scenes of the
Board of Trade. For brief perloda ex-
traordlnary demands are made on the
ora-an that propels blood through the
organ that propels
This was the gist of a statement
made by a renowned Chicago physi
cian. He discussed the prevalence,
f 9 AS
unknown to tbe lay world, of an afflic
tion often - erroneously classed aa
"heart failure." Not tbe heart Itself,
he said, but tlie aortas through which
tbe blood is drawn or expelled display
tbe real weakness. ;
Aneurism of tbe heart Is the abnor
mal awelllng of tbe aortas resulting
from the great demands suddenly made
titKra thein during momenta of excite
ment. Tlie tlnsuee are unable to with
stand the pressure of the blood preen
ing. Terhapa there h also a little nat
ural weakness, Tbe tissues yield and
when tbe next demand Is made upon
tbem tbey are still weaker. The en
largement of tbe blood vessels contin
ue day by day until at last tbe strain
becomes too great and they give way.
"Every man whose business or pro
fession forces upon blm momenta of
great excitement," said the doctor, "la
likely candidate for this disease. One
who has merely watched the opera
tion In tbe wheat pit or has spent an
hour in the gallery of tbe iew York
Stock Exchange must have felt bla
own blood flow quicker. How much
fiercer, then, must bave been thetbrob-
blncs of tbe hearts of those partici
pating In the battles to aave or dou
ble their fortunea!
"Such men aa these are the ones of
whom we dally read aa victims of
heart failure.' That la a compreheo
alve term which In many cases refers
to aneurism of the aortas, usually the
ascending one, through which the blood
Is expelled. Where there la a alight
weaknet s, resulting possioly from sick
ness, tbe blood vessels will swell In
their effort to avoid the pressure. It
la as if an engine were pumping Into
a pipe whose exit waa Inadequate for
the occasion.
"Allowlng for ft little exaggeration,
this disease might almost be spoken
of aa American, for the conditlona In
tbla country offer a most tempting field
for Its sproad. Nowhere else in tbe
world are men and women subject to
auch dally spasms of violent energy,
mental or pbyslcaL They toll fiercely
during brief periods, tax themselves Involved the rlghta of theater man
to the top notch and then Imagine they tgef and patIVIL A negro bought a
can requite nature by cessation for on the lower fioer of a Washington
periods of rest But the barm done
while tbey were in tne wmn or ex
citement or strain may not be repair
ed. 'Americanism' paya lta penalty
at tbe demands of abused nature.
lt would not be accurate to state
that the men who spend a few mo
menta or hours each day In the excite
ments of grain or stock speculation
monopolise the perils of . this disease.
Tho pugilist, who for three- or six
rounds calls Into play every resource
of h'a syst-m. Is also peculiarly sua-
ceptlble to iti attacks. While his heart
la beating in giant throbs the wood
vessels leading to and from his heart
are strained almost to bursting. Any
athlete who' participates In contests
run a similar risk. 'The same may be
said of those who lift heavy Weights
or otherwise make heavy demands up
on their physique. Intense grief also
or rue
has been responsible for aneurism of
the aortas."
The ordinary , treatment prescribed
by physlclana Is rest Occasionally
needles bave been thrust Into the
weakened part of the blood vessel In
order to form strengthening coagula
tions of blood. In olden days attempts
were made with watch springs to re
strain the aweillnga and threatened
burstings. .
Destruction by Trains.
A signalman with a turn for natural
history has ahown once again the ex
tent of tbe destruction wrought by
trains. He haa kept a list which,
though necessarily not exhaustive. Is
immensely long, of the victims along a
stretch of line of about three miles. The
list Includes cats, foxea, doge, hundreds
of rats, rabbits, a cow, a sheep, an ad
der, ft lon-eared bat, a hedgehog and
thousands of frogs. Among the birds
are a kingfisher, a keetral hawk, rooka
and nightjars, to say nothing of the
more familiar species.
Iloldtnat Consumption In Check.
tvvafha fiYim consuiiiDtlon In Fhlla
lVUVm a
... AofimntAii m nnA-third
than they were fifteen "years ago.
Tbe health authorities say the Improve-
Ana tn thlr continuous battle
Virtue eventually manages to get the
laugh on those who throw mud at hex.
" 1 '''iS
lit 'mWA m
40 T If
Tbe Once Favorite of Kapolsoa Com
la Home tt 1I
Marlon Morris, once one of the favor
Itee of Napoleon III., la coming home to
die. She Is an American, born in Mary
land, and when but 10 years old, went to
Kuropo, where site dazzled the most
brilliant of European courts. Marion
Morria, with Helena Edande and Es-
tber Beaulteu, found favor in the eyes
of the unfortunate Emperor of France.
AoH(icas was Installed as a
member of the imperial household aa a
lady -J a-waiting. Tbe downfall and ban-
wimx-nt of Napoleon kft her upon tbe
A Qnettloa tbat m Waablntrtoit Coart
Haa Paaa 1 Upon,
little attention haa been paid to ft
nxxwtlv decided at Waahlneton
theater and attended i performance.
During the evening the manager re
quested the negro to relinquish hie
place and leave the theater, offering
him the money that had been paid for
tbe ticket: "Thla waa refused and tbe
negro waa ejected. A suit for dam
ages resulted. The plaintiff in tbla cose
did not take action under the civil
right law, and only set forth his al
leged rights aa a citizen to occupy a
place in a theater upon payment of tbe
usual fee. Tbe defense took the ground
that a ticket for a reserved seat la mere
ly a UeeiMKt revokable at the will of the
manager In whose theater it ie sold
upon a return of lta price.
This contention, Which la generally
beld by managers and in many eases
put Into words on tbe tickets sold, did
not stand In court where It waa de
clared that a ticket-holder of a reserved
seat In a theater haa rights similar to
those of a lessee for a specified term,
subject only to the- manager's police
power to enforce order and maintain
decency on his premises. , Going fur
ther than this, the trial court cited an
opinion that prevails tn tbe United
States Supreme Court to tbe effect that
a manager of a place of amusement to
which the public Is Invited to come on
payment for places la not a private en
terprise owing no duty to Its patrons,
but a place "clothed with a public In
terest because used in a manner to
make it of public consequence and to
affect the community at large." This
disposes effectively of the Idea that has
come to prevail among certain manag
ers that the operation of a theater la
a "private business." Dramatic Mir
ror. '
Horace Greeley's Prodigality.
Horace Greeley was lavish In his
gift& often to most unwortny recip
ients, and waa most sensitive when ad
monished on the subject by even his
closest friends. He loaned thousands
of dollars to a scapegrace son of Com
modore Vanderbllt and, when Vander-
bllt appealed to him to stop It, Greeley
curtly, closed the conversation by say
ing he did not expect the commodore to
pay the loan. .
In one of the many conversations 1
had with him In his dingy office in the
old Tribune Building, I ventured to
suggest that he waa a more generous
giver than his means justified, to which
he answered: "Well, I guess that's so,
but I can't stop It I am like the,South
ern planter, who, after spending the
proceeds of his crop In winter reveling,
closed up the account by selling a nig
ger; I do It by selling a share of the
Tribune, ne originally owned nearly
or quite one-half the paper. When he
died he had but one share remaining of
the 100. Success.
Conflicting Order.
"The average photographer," aald
Ilenpeck, musingly, "la an unreason
able creature."
"What's the matter now?" asked the
"Oh. while my wife was sitting for
her picture today the fool photographer
sung out. 'Look pleasant, please. Be
natural.' - -i-uuaaeipma t ress,
A past master In politics often turns
out to t a the future village postmaster.
' '
Story of a Drnggist Who Was
Always Compound ingltem-,
edlr-8 for Others Yet
Suffered Agonies
. Himself.
from Iht Rtpubllea ,Uloraiio, JO.
' Perhaps in no este where stomach
trouble was tbe ailment has the effi
ciency of a popular remedy been eo
t boron ably demonstrated as tn tbe cse
of W. E. Matbis, a prominent druggist
of Eldorado, 111. The story as told by
Mr. Matbis isaa follows:
"In tbe spring of 1894 I had very
aerions case of indigestion. My atom
ch commenced to give me great trouble,
and, while I knew tbe natare of tbe
pain, 1 did not at first use tbe proper
precaution. For some time I did not
pay any attention, but it gradually
grew worse, when 1 consulted phy
sician, who prescribed for me. I used
his medicine according to instructions.
1 began' to experience nervous spells,
became subject to congestion of the
stomach, and considered myself tn a
precarious condition. The physician's
medicine and other remedies I tried
failed to benefit me.
"One day a friend urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale Peo
ple. I considered it a useless experi
ment, but as 1 had tried everything
else, I agreed to take tbem. That waa
three and a half years ago. When I
had used three boxes I could note very
plainly tbe change for tbe better.
When I had used the seventh box I
waa cured.
"Tlie pills have not only cured the
indigestion, but tney have also cured
I my nervousness, my blood is in perfect
condition, snd tbey have brought my
weight from 140 pounds at tbe com
mencement of tbe stomach trouble to
180 at present.
"If anyone who reads this desires
to know more of my experience I will
gladly answer letters which enclose
stamp for reply. Signed, .
Sworn and subscribed to before me
this 2?tb day of Jnne, 1000. .
Thoa. D. Morris.
Justice of tbe Peace.
- Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold at all druggists or will
be sent direct from Dr. Williams Medi
cine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
Price 0 cents per box; six boxes, $3.50.
Night la Kansas City.
Conductor Why don't you stop for
tbem three fellers that signalled?
Motorman I got me week a salary
in my pocket, and yon bet I ain't tak
in' chances like that. -
Thla aifnatara la on avery box ot the tannine
Laxative BromoHJuinine Tbiu
Ua remedy toa cwres ceM la atajr
Paid $3,700 for s Cow,
Tbe highest price ever paid for
Hereford cow was brought by Carna
tion, which animal was sold to J. C.
Adams, of Moweaqua. III., for 3,700
at a Kansaa City exposition. The
previous high price record was 3,150.
Feople who hare for years aulTerea
with tick headache bare never
used Garfield Tea, for tbla HERB TEA
li a positive cure tor constipation
a 3d tick headaches.
Will Experiment With Japanese Oysters.
Eastern oysters do not reproduce
well in tho colder waters of Oregon
snd Washington. An attempt is to be
made, therefore, to aoclimate there the
fine large oyster ot .Northern Japan.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
raved my life three years ago. Mrs. Thos.
ItOBBiNs Mapel Street, Norwich, N. Y.,
Feb. 17, 1900.
To Be Sure.
Qulizer -''What does it mean by
'hiding your lieht under a bushel?' "
Guyer " Sending valentines with
out writiug your name on Vim." -
Do Not Suffer!
la unnecessary. Cascarets Candy
Cathartic k
III disease (terms, clean out the body.
remove tha first causes ot suRerlug. All Drug,
glsta 10O, 25C, 60C.
Church Membership at Newton,
Tbe ministers of Newton, Kan., have
Just completed a religious census of
tbat towu. Ihey found 5,353 persons
in 1,453 families and of thse people
2,318, or less than half, professed to
be church members.
Union Elects Negro Vice-Presidents.
It is the oustpm of the Alama dis
trict of the . United Mine Woraorsto
elect a regro as vice-president.
The Powers That Be.
"Hush! Not so loud. We're hav
ing a conference of the powers."
"Eh? Who is conferring?"
"My wife, my mother-in-law, acid
the oookl"
Exports of Coal Grow.
The exports of coal continue to grow
monthly, and in 10 months this year
this country has shipped abroad ooal
and coke to the .value .of almost 20,