Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, February 28, 1901, Image 3

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Employes of Manila Companies
Under Arrest
Belgian Coninl, Who Wei Alo SutptcUd, Haiti
ly left I f Europe-Rebel Garrisoa
Captured on Civile Coast
Manila, Feb. 21. Captain Jones, of
the Eighth Infantry. Us been arrmtod
at a town oo tbe bar province of La
teuna, FlorenU Ortuna end Mignl
Ponce da Leon, agents of tbe Tabaca
leira Company, and Willlara Webb,
l'odro Lorenzo and flctorla Fceuta.
employed by the lliilipplne Trading
Cmtitunv. on charges similar to those
brought against D. M. Carman, the
American contractor, namely, famish
tng the insurgents lth supplies. Tbe
Tabacnlerla Company, the rtobeat cor
poration In the Philippines, ii accused
i)t aiding the Insurgents often and
actively. Ttie men arretted are prowl
uent and the evidence against tbetn is
very eirong.
M. Brliholtermen, a Belgian, eon
seeled with the Philippine Trading
Company, haa been arrested at Ma
nila, and M. Edward Andre, the ISal
glan consul here, and manager of the
Philippine Trading Company, hastily
left Manila with bla family, on hit
wiv to Karon on the steamer. Monte
vidlo. Andre had previously been aoa
peeled. Other arrests are expected. ,
Colouel Schuyler, with 100 men of
the Fortyelath regiment oa the gnn
boat lUmoo, lauded on the Cavite count,
near Ternak, and, proceeding Inland,
captured a email rebel garrison. Con
tinuiug bia march along a mountain
trail, Colonel Schuyler was aiucked
fcy rebels cl Trlaa' command. Alter
a eharp fight the enemy went beaten
and acattered. One American was
killed and one vat wounded.
The United States traotport Koee
cran baa returned here from 0 nam,
after landing there the Filipino prison
era who have been deported to that
plate. Tba prinonera wre landed
January 12. Tbev occupy an eicellent
' ttrlaou aite. four mllea from Agana.
The nrisou ia called th4 1'retidio. It
la aitoated on an ascent, and atrict dis
cipline it maintained.
The officials of the branch of the
I long Kong bank here, bave announced
that Boss, the Englishmen In thoir
employ, who wrote a letter published
ia an Australian paper, criticising the
Philippine commission, American offi
cer! and American policy in general,
haa been ordered to proceed to Hong
Kong. The British eominunltv here
ia well pleated that the man bat been
aent away.
General MeoAithur's reception at
Malaoan axoeeda anything in the Span
lib regime. The palace waa beautiful
ly decorated and brilliantly illumi
nated. Thousand! of poreona attended
from army, navy, official, consular,
clerical, basinets and social circlet,
American and foreign. Tbe Filipino
population wan well represented.
General Barry was master of ceremon
ies. General MaoArtbur and the ladies
of tbe United States commission re
ceived the guests. Dancing followed
the reception. The Filipinos were
especially pleased at betug accorded a
privilege never before afforded them,
and Oeueral MaoArthur'a tact and
courtesy were greatly appreciated.
Aibury Park, N. J., Man In Jail Incommunicado
for a Tsrm of Five, Months.
Naw YorV. Feb. SI. -II. O. Bullls.
of Aahbnry l'ark, N. J., after having
ndured imprisonment for 'more than
five months in Maracaibo, Venezuela,
m turned home to pi ess a claim for
$50,000 damages through the United
fttntes government against the South
American republic.
i Mr. Bullls waa appointed rneobanl
crI and electrical engineer of tbe Mara
ihn ir.lnctrlo Liirht Company two
vears ago. In a political nprlsing he
was compelled to olimo a teiegrapn
nniA and seek protection under an
American Aug, which he tied to the
Tha nolioa last Auuest found a Quan
tity of ammunition mtheeleotrio plant
v with which Mr. Bullls was oouneoted,
and he was arrested, charged, as be
supposed, with being in league with tbe
.ftvmntionlRta. Ha declared bis inno
cence, bnt repeated appeals to the
American consul were unheeded. The
.nthnritiat. heliavina be had no friends,
caused his removal to a military prison,
where he waa kept nve montns incom
nnnin. Mr. Bullls smuggled a let
iter to the Amorioan minister and in 24
Hirnm afterwards the Veneauewnu gov
ernmcnt complied with a peremptory
demand for his release.
Contract for Yukon Boat :
Pittsburg. Pa., Feb. 81. James
Reose & Sons have'just taken a con
trunk to build for the Canadian Devel
opment Company a $100,000 tow and
passenger oraft to ply on the Yukon
t-ivar. The rjnrchasinff company la a
Chiongo interest, of which VV. II. Ison
.Is one of the chief executives.
Officers Successfully FolUd a Mob of Rati
rotd Men In Topcka.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 28. The vigil
ance of the officers was all that saved
"flick" fclster from lynching by an
Infuriated mob tonight, lie will yet
be iynubed If be can be found. Slater
assaulted 17-year-old Lottie Gerberick
Mondav evanim. and was cantared by
the Topeka officers tbe next day at
Carbondale. This afternoon it became
known that he waa here, and immedi.
ately the Santa Fe shopmen; of whom
the assaulted girl s father, ueorge uer
berick Is one, decided that he should be
lynched. Ther at once sent a commit
tee to watch the Jail while tney quiet
ly arranged tbe details of the expected
lynching. .
By e o'clock there was an angry mob
of 1,000 around the jail, demanding
that tbe prisoner be delivered to tbern.
A brigade of sturdy boilermakers,
r.imel with haw aledite hammers.
stood ready to make short work of the
Jail in case tbe demands were not
granted. Sheriff Cook told the crowd
that the prisoner bad been removed,
and offered ti let a committee search
tbe jail. Ten men, headed try George
Gerberick, made a thorough search, but
Slater could not be found. They re
turned and told tbe mob, but tbat did
not satisfy them, and twice they started
to break in the Jail doors.
Fatly in the afternoon, tbe sheriff.
In anticipation of trouble, ordered a
deputy to get Slater out of town. He
was ordered not to leave bim in Jack
son county nor to take him to Leaven
worth. The deputy drove to Hoyt with
Slater and entered a north Donna kock
Island train. It is thongbt that Slater
is now in Jail in Atchison. Tbe Santa
Fe shopmen are calmly (determined to
lynch Slater when be is brought back
here lor trial. They have appointed a
large vigilance committee to be con
stantly on the outlook, and vow tbat
Slater will never leave Topeka alive.
The shopmen have pastreoord in cases
of this kind. They lynched John OH-
pbant 12 years ago for a like onense.
Discovered In the Books of the
Oregon Land Office.
Tots! Collections la Thtt Period Wers $99
689.03-Only $68,79-30 Hu Beta
Accounted for as Yet
Aa Unusual Storm Raging la Northwestern
Corry, Fa., Feb. 82. In the history
of thla region no storm ever reached
the fury of today's billiard. With
half a doten feet of snow on country
roads and outlying out new, and listen
street burled under 12 feet of snow,
Corry caught about the worst part of
tbe storm. -
Tbe Western New York and Penn
sylvania' railroad . accommodation
train, doe here this evening, was stau
din a drift bieber than tbe engine
stack, while rushing down a bdge grade
south of this city, it was oug out
with dlffloulty and again started on Its
precarious journey toward Buffalo. It
probably will not get tbrougn tonignt.
This road Is operating its trains with
three engines, and has three plows at
work oa 90 miles of track. The worst
drifts are at Summerdate, where tbey
reach a height of 20 feet In spots. On
the rhiladolphla & Erie, a snow plow
jumped the track at Jackson's, while
endeavoring to force its way through
big drift. Tratlio waa ueiayen sever
al hours. For tbe first time in many
years this road hat been compelled to
une mow plows. The Fire is also
compelled t operate hastily lmpro
vised snow plows, something unheard
of on the main line west of Salamanca.
The Lake Shore & Nickel Flato are
running their trains, but many hours
behind time.
gatetn, Feb. 32. The discovery of a
defalcation of f 30.949.7S is the sub
statu of tbe report made by tbe iolnt
committee appointed to examine tbe
books and accounts of tbe state land
department. The alleged misappro
priation occurred in 1891 and 1895,
under the administration of George W.
Davis, as clerk of tbe board. It ap
psars that the shortage was effected in
varioos amounts, by taking credit
twice for one payment of money, or by
urina tha book entries kwi kj creait
tha clerk with more money than be
hut nld. In some cases It is barely
iht that an Innocent error was
nnmrnitted. while in others there is a
plain alteration of tbe books by eras
ing one set of figures and writing in
Th committee found no errors In
tbe accounts of the present adminlstra
tlon, and so reports. ,
Tha vt.nnrt la aa follOWt:
"We, your committee appointed
under concurrent resolution No. 5, beg
loava tn ronort aa follows:
That have checked nt ' the
achnM fonds no to and Including 1894.
Tbat for tbe years 1894 and 1895 we
Bad tbat tbe dork of the state land
itn.ni haa Millftcted mcney to tbe
amnnnt of 20.919.73. Wblch Sfiid SUffl
has never been turned over to the state
treasurer. We append a statement
hereto annexed and marked Exhibit A,
showing tha amounts collected and tha
amounts fdr which the said clerk has
receipts. Tbe balance, at shown, was
never turned over to tbe treasurer, but
the books were balanoed by a number
of false entries. The principal entry
credited the school fund with $10,
449.94 twice, when be bad but one
receipt covering the amount; another
hnc. a niM of 3.000 on a receipt of
the treasurer, and a number of other
cnuliu for which he held no receipts.
We submit herewith a statement
hnwinir those we have found to date.
Thnra mar ha others tbat we have
nnt found, owlna to limited time at
our disposal, having Md tbe greater
tart of our time before we came to
'For the cast five years we find all
moneys turned over to the treasurer as
by law required. The present officers
have been very kind and obliging to us,
aSowinir na everv courtesT possible,
and furnishing as with all papers and
(tonka Moneated. , . In regard to Invest
igation of land matters we beg leave
to say tbat our work is just fairly com
menoed. This Is a work ot no smal
magnitude, and ralrea a vast amount
of careful and nainstaklng work. It is
m. work of sreat importance to tbe
state, however, and should be attended
fwenty-One Patients Perished la the flame
Eleven injured and Several Miwinj
Victoria. B. -C., Feb. 24 The
tamr Idzuml ilaru. which arrived
this morning from the Orient, brought
the news of tbe burning of tbe hospital
attached to the Kobe university.
Twenty-one patients were burned to
death, 11 injured and several are miss
log. .
The secret convention believed to
have been concluded between Bossia
and China bids fair to prove a source
of serious trouble In the far Kast. xne
Janannaa mens accented the report as
to tbe eiten?e of a secret Ruiso-Chi-
nese understanding without reserva
tion. Both Marquis Ito and Mr. Kato,
mi niit (or foreign affairs, bave ad
m it ted tbat tbe present situation can-
not be pasted over, and wsirucuooa
have Accordincrlv been sent the Japa
nese representatives in London and Ber
lin to ascertain toe exact views oi a
governments to which they are accred
ited. The minister of foreign affairs
has dlspatohed an official telegram to
Rt. Petenhnrs'. aikins for a definite re
ply regarding the alleged existence of a
secret agreement.
Knwian troons are commuting depre
dations along the northern frontiers of
Corea. Tbey often cross the Lumen
river and loot villages, carrying on
valuables ..as well as zraio and cattle.
Their excuse is they are pursuing Box-
art. Tha Corean government naa
lodged a vigorous protest with tbe Rus
sian minister lor transmission w d.
Yoeng Wnan, a Chinese reformer,
was shot down while teaching an tng
Hah clue in ilomz Kong, a man sneak
ino in end firinsr four shots, all of
wnicb took effect. 'Another reformer
waa shot tbe previous day.
Activity Is Becoming Mors Pronounced ia tha
Wool Market.
Secretary Root's Answer to a Resolution
c Inquiry.
Wanhinoton. Feb. Z4-8ecretary
Root hat made answer to tbe resolution
of tbe senate calling on bim for Infor
mation as to tbe extent or tne noming
of lands by religious orders In the Phil
ippines, and as to any aeciaiauuu
ruade by bim or obligation assumed re
specting tbe disposition oi tnese lanus.
Th aaflretarT. bv war oi answer, re
fers to the president's inetructlons of
Atwil 7. 1900. to tbe rnlitpptne oom
mission, directing tne commission wj
nriAnvnr to investisate tbe land title
of ndltfiona orders and to endeavor to
afford jurtioe and to settle mess in
manner to aafezuard properly ngnw
and equities. It la added that no one
in hh if of the United States govern
ment haa entered into ant obligation
other than tbat set ont in the peace
treat in rerrd to these lands, nor nas
any policy been announced. Tbe com
mission baa stated the mult of its in
quirles under this Instruction in Its re
port, especially In the sub-divlalons
entitled, "the friara," "pobllo lands,"
and "land titles and registration."
The commission haa especially investi
gated tbe San Jose college claim, and
referred It to the supreme couxt of th
islands. - ""-' -
Signed by All tht Deletes Except Cbneroi
tht Anti-American.
B. G. Dun A Co. aays: Business In
hji Rat and norticularlv alonff tha
aww p-- - r m
North Atlantic coast hat been catching
up wlto tne rest oi tne country a mue
this week, so that in the lines whera .
complaint has been beard of late the
tone is better. Tbis comes from the
working off of retail stocks which tbe
owners feared would bave to be carried
tn next season. In builders'
hardware tbe buying has been nota
bly better, and tbe distribution in
the grocery jobbing trade has
been given a considerable stimulus.
Kven the laggard dry goods market bat
shown a good measure of improvement,
thouch in cotton eoods there is still
much to be dedred, for tha larger buy
ing has not brougnt any improvement.
. . Ml
in tne general tone, ana in some u inac
tions tbe matket Is slower than a week
ago.," ' r
Footwear ia firm lv held at unchanged
prices, with good buying of sprins
lines in tne Boston market, western
trade is less active and some ordera
have been countermanded. .
No diminution acDears in the move
ment of iron and steel products. Mills
are rushed with orders and new con
tracts are taken at full price. Pig
iron is freely bought and prices tend
nnward. Rillets and other cartlallT
manufactured forms are firmer, and
finished goods would command higher
prices if immediate delivery could be
Grain markets are devoid of wide
fluctuations, although many reports
are circulated regarding the condition
of winter wheat, but it is too early to
secure definite tn formation. jews
from India and Australia indicate
larger ciop than last year's.
Failnrea lor tbe week in tne united
KtatM were 253 aeainat 201 last year.
In Canada for the same period tbey
were 39 against S3 last year.
Negro Fiend Hanged by a furious Mob Had
a Bad Reputation.
St. Louis, Feb. 82. A special from
Mnna. Ark., save: A mob of elsbt
determined men took l'eter Berryman,
a desperate negro, out of the city jail
at 1 o'clock this morning and hangod
bim to a tree. 1 he crime oi wnicn
nnrrvman waa accused was an assault
on a 12-year-old girl, whose condition
is critical. Tne masked men met
Nicrht Offlcei Jones and compelled him
at the point of guns to hand over tbe
keys and his revolver, xwo oi tnem
were left to guard Jones, wnile tne
others went to the jail and secured
the negro. About 3 o'clook they re
turned to where the oflker was being
guarded, and gave Dim his keys and
gun. Then the men quiet ly disap
peared without a word.
About two months ago this negro at
tacked an engineer with an ax, nearly
killing him, and he lias neen guilty oi
numerous other offenses. Prompt ac
tion waa taken by the authorities, but
no clew has been louud SB to who are
the members of the mob.
New Minister From Colombia.
Washington, Feb. 22. Dr., Carlos
Martlnes Sllvella, tbe Colombian min
ister ot foreign affairs, appeared at the
state department today to arrange for
the presentation of his credentials as
minister of Colombia to Washington.
The new minister comes here princi
pally to advance the interests of Colom
bia in connection with the Tanama
canal, as opposed to the Nicaragua
route, and the length of his stay will
depend on the outcome of the canal
Indians Serlouily Contemplate Opening Hos-
tilitca Council Meeting Held.
Omaha, Feb. 92. Information from
direct sources obtained by the World
Herald, indicate that the Sioux Indians
are seriously contemplating an uprla
mg, if demands now being formulate
for submission to Washington are not
oomplled with. Several council meet
Intra have already been held, particu
larly among the Ogallalla Stoux, and
preparations are now being made for a
great council to solect delegates to
Waahlneton. Owing to a desire to
aroid sensationalism, the gatherings
of the small councils have been given
little notice, but tbe aspect is now
considered grave.
Keoent orders of the Indian commit
tnnar are resnonslble. say the Indians,
favthnir attitude. One chief openly
declares hostilities will begin If relief
ia not forthcoming. Tbe trouble is
ovnr tha cuttina down of supplies and
a claim unpaid for ceding of the Black
Mot-ana. Feb. 94. The Cuban con-
titntion. first submlted by the central
committee to tbe convention at the
public session of January 27. was sign
tod. Tha nresldent and vice-pres
ident signed first, and then the dele
gates, lienor CIsneroa oreated a sen
ration liv refusing to eiarn. Several
delegates endeavored to dissuade him
from his course, but ne was immov
able. As tbe delegates retired, benor
Taniayo remarked: "We are all Cu
bans, Senor." and Senor Cisneroa re
plied: VYea, when the time cornea to
fight the Americans, we will fight
them together.",
cannr 1ttontfl. president of the oon-
vention. will deliver the document to
General Wood tomorrow. A copy in
English wltl then be sent to Washing
Denial by H. 0. Otis.
Waahlncton. Feb. 22. Statements
having been published that General
Harrison Gray Otis was seeking tht
nfrtfla of tension commissioner, Gen-
. . . i . 1 1 . 1 -.1
oral Otis tonight auiuorizea h aemm vi
thn uubllcatlons. ssying that they
were without a shadow of foundation.
Flnt Mali From Nome.
cattiM. Feb. 23. The first mall
from Nome anived in Setitle at an
hon this niornlna. , It consisted
of six pouches containing about 3,000
letters. The latest leu oonu
vember 23.
Boers Captured Foodstuffs.
Johannesburg, Feb. 24. The Boers
destroyed a culvert between Natal
Spruit and Klip river on the railroad
just south ot here, at dawn today.
Tbey captured a train load of food
stuffs, and after taking ail they oould
conveniently carry, aet nre to tne rest
ot it and disappeared over the veldt.
Policeman Arrejts His Son for Theft
A Philadelphia policemaa recently
arrested his eon oa a charge ot theft.
Traveling Salesman Commits Suicide.
Will L. Wood, traveling salesman
for a Fittaimrg, Kan., meat hrm, com
mitted suicide in a Par-sons, Kan., ho
tel. He was shorflu his account.
Movements of Trsnspcrts.
San Francisco, Feb. 84. A cargo oi
5,000 tons of general suppl ies tor tne
t,rmy In tbe Philippines was taken by
the steamer Wyefield which sailed
vAatArAnv for Manila direct. Tbe
IV"v"tf - - -
freight transport Saoma which carried
horses, from this port for the German
army in China and was later purchased
by the United States government for
the "transport service, left Nagasaki,
Fehruary 18 for this port. The trans
port Bufford, with returning volunteers
on board, left Nagasaki for San Fran
Cisco on Februaiy 19.
Seattle Market
Onions, new yellow, $2.50(g8.
Lettuce, hot house, f 1.60 per case.
Potatoes, new, 18.
Beets, per sack, $1.
Turnips, per sack, 75c
" Squash 2c.
Carrota, per sack, 75c
Parsnips, per sack, $1.25(31.50.
" Celery 60o do.
Cabbage, native and California,
2o per pounds.
Butter Creamery, 25c; dairy, 159
18c: ranch, 16c l8o pound.
Cheese 14c.
Egga Bench, 20c; Eastern 20c.
; i. Poultry 13c; dressed, native chick
ens, 13Hc: turkey, 15c.
Hay Pnget Sound timothy, $15.00;
choice Eastern Washington timotny,
Com Whole, $23.00; cracked, $34;
feed meal, $34.
Barley Boiled or ground, per ton,
Flour Patent, per barrel, $8.40; "
blended straights, $3.25; California.
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $6.00; gra- '
ham, per barrel, $3.25; whole wheat
flour, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.00.
Millstuffa Bran, per ton, $15.00;
shorts, per ton, $16.00.
Feed Chopped feed. $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $23; oil cake meal,
per ton, $29.00. ,
Fresh Meata Choice dressed beef
steers, price 8c; cows, 7jc; mutton
7?4-, pork, 8c; trimmed, 10c; veal, 10c.
Hams Large, ll4c; amau,
breakfast bacon, lS&c; dry salt sides.
8Xc. ,
Portland Market
Wheat Walla Walla. B5Kc; Valley
nominal; Blueatem, 67o per bushel.
Flour Beet grades, $3.40; graham.
Oats Choice white, 45c: choice
gray, 43o per busheL
Barley Feed barley, $16.50 brew
ing, $16.50 per ton.
Millatuffs Bran, $16.00 ton; mid
dlings, $21.50; shorts, $18.60; chop, '
$16 per ton.
Hut Timothr.$12(a 12.50; clover,$7
9.60; Oregon wild hay, $6 7 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 50 55c;
store. 27Ko.
Eggs 14o per dozen.
c.hMAne Omron full cream, 13c;
Young America, 14o; new cheese lOo
per pound.
Poultry Chiokena, mizea, o.ov
per down; nens, o.uu; epimsn,
o ftfi o 8.50: ireese. $6.00 7.00 dos;
ducks, $5.00 6.00 per dozen; turkeys.
live, llo per pound.
Potatoes 40 50o per sack; sweets,
$1,65 per lOOpouna.
Vegetable Beets, $1; turnips, 75c;
per sack; garlic, 7c per pound; cab
bage, l?o per pound; parsnips, 85c;
onions, $2.252.75; carrots, 75o.
Hops New crop, 1214o per
Wool Valley, 1314o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 10 12c; mohair, 25
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
$476; ewes, $4.50; dressed mutton.
67o per pound.
, Hogs GroBS, choice heavy, $5.85,
light and feeders. $5.00; dressed.
67c per pounds.
Beef Gross, top rtoers, $4.604.76;
cows, $4.004.60; dressed beef, 6
7o per pound.
Veal Large, 77K; "mail, 8$
9o per pound.