Junction City bulletin. (Junction City, Or.) 189?-1901, February 07, 1901, Image 5

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Weather clear, bright,
re Taylor, the photographer.
Notice our now adi In this inane.
Dr. Lome, oculo-opticlan, Eugene.
lrOt;hby, pttynlclan and aurgoon.
If you have something lo eell, ndver
tiia It welt. , "
All kinds of up-to-date job work done
Goto Mllllorn Bros, when in town
for your groeorieg etc.
Tim lit tel U putting In now UghU In
1 ijo oHleo ana timing mmt,
Ioetori Smith, onteonnthlc phyglchia,
Loun & Hating ltank hldg., Eugene, Or,
We kindly requext our corroiondentii
to !'! in tlti'lr communication hy
Tuowlny of each week.
Tuki your laundry to1 0. 8. Keek's
harber np, Ho hn the agency for th
iroy I unary, of rortinnu. -"You
kin gtt yo dally hread by pray
In," a i Undo Moms 'hut do ni jhtly
chicken haa to bo hustlo4 fo"
Master Ponnld McKay cut hi foot
Humlay morning.. Dr. Ouloahy waa
-called and ut la ft fow tditchen.
Dr, 0. It. Holt, dontlut, ran ho found
nt the Junction City llou-l Tuwday and
Friday of each wee, fcatiafuctory work
Uorn-To the wife of W. W. Mode,
, Tooaday morning, Feb. 5, 1001, a girl.
Mr. JJorfa reside on Fergueaon Creek,
hout S iul!o by north went of Junction.
Eimnett Mulholland, the lioy who
tendu to the Orctonian'i circulation
1 ere, i indiiBtrioiia and attentive to bin
Imalnc, and dewves the patronage u
the citlxena of thla community.
We acknowledge receipt of the annuu
number of the"Golden Wetst", an Inter
toting illustrated and descriptive maga
jtino, itmued by the Wap publishing Co.,
Bun Francisco.,
Twenty excellent atorlea and aneo
litc of Tttoodoro Bwrnt-velt, never bo-
fore iirintcd, and tohl anonymously by
the 4,inlimato" and clomwt friend a of
the Vife-l'renidenvelect, will be rub-
lixluHl in the next iue of The Ladlea
Home Journal.
Mis Jeswla CJilutrap, daughter of Mr,
und Mm. Ifc ruiittrap, and Mr. Iloinco
M. Oilbcrt, of Baleni, were united in
marriage by Iter, J. A.Cleland at the
First Presbyterian church, Eugene, yea
terday morning.
Tito January and February uum bora
of "8uccoa", publidhed by McUraw
Mardeti Co., Xew York, have benro-
ceir() with approbation at thi otllco
They are aparktin with information
and gofd reading matter.
J. .Vf. Cook purchased 17 milch cow
the punt week. Thin mnken 23 cowa
Milt own, alt of which nr hing milkci
und their prodiKM jyUI to the Creamery
TIiIh kind of nn Invcwtniwit pay a well
Thoo wlionre not 'engaged in it, ahoul
invcHtijiuto and he convinced.
; Congreiwman James D. IMthardaon
of Tcuiiessw, now wears the hallowei
manthj of tlie great Albert I'lke.' In
t!ur word. Mr. KiehardHon aucrcdt)
to the exaHcd ofilre of hovereiyn Oram
Commander of th Southern Juricdic
tion of the Ancient and Accepted Beot-
tixli Hite of tree Maaonry.
The CaKCudo I.rU4 Store will Imj ready
for '-buaiiicM by the 11 rsl of next week
M'?en. (iillftle A I'ltney, tho propne
tan, are t'iiy .'ttin thinn in thnpo to
opei up. Their, jdnco of lulnineHS in in
the at ore room formerly occupied by V
M. Keeuo as a eigAr atore, in the hotel
'.-Junction City Camp, No. 4-1(1, Wood-
men of the World, have secured the tser
,"ic(! of Prof. Meakin, one of the moat
distintfiihihod western orators nnd dra
matic renders, who will entertain the
citizens of Junction some tinjo iiext
month, l'rof Aleakin id devoting hia
iie to the interests of hninnnity. lie L
one of tho mont interesting fraternal
workers of tho West, and makes un
fehinonnd pldnty of it wherever ho goo.
Don't fail to hear him wien ho cornea.
Watch tlw Bcr.UKti.v for date of Ida com
11. A. Stafford of Albany, was in
tow n looking over tho Paber warebouao
property, with the view of j urchaaing
same, this week. Mr. Stafford ia cs
Oou'nty Asnesaor of Lion county, having
held that ofllco two terms. Ho is en
Rnud in the mercantile and warehouse
' biiHiness at Albany. Prof. Grnggett,
principal of our tchoolu, M as in tho em
ploy of Mr. Stafford for five years, and
speaks biahly of that gentleman's bui-,
jiioss qualincationa, vJ'he HtiixmN luipoa
that lie will locate here, Thcro is no
better point in tho Valley for a wide
awake warehouseman '
KHZ :-;
Mlt JJello Milllcan apent Sunday at
Eugene. '
L. I). Green, of Eugene, waa la town
Mri. C. F. Hurlburt went to Eugene
Mr j. J. W. Geary went to Halaey on
a brief visit May.
Prof. Gruggett returned from ft trip to
Ilaloey bunday,
II. V. Johnaon and wifo went to Eu
g ne yeatcrday. -
J. E. Enger and wife returned fromi
Canuy Saturday. .
Mr. Joe Nichols returntd from ft fiait
at Albany Tuesday,
MIm Hawd I5u Her left today for her
home at Monmouth,
C, A. Harp left on Friday moinlog'a
overland for Stockton.
It. A.ltampy, of Harrlaburg, waa in
town Monday en busiueaa.
Attoruey G. F. Skipworth tnado
buaineaa trip to Eugeno Jionday.
Mra. W. M, Keene, who lias been sick
for aome time, is now able to bo out.
F. A, Osborne, of Eugene, was trans'
acting bu&ineas In Junction Monday.
G. J. Ilyan was regmterel at the
Hotel Engine from Junction Saturday,
Mrs. fi. E. Cummins has moved Into
the reaidence lormerly occupied b Bud
Geo. Ilaiiey and wife went to Tertian
Monday on tho belated overland for a
brief visit.
Barney May, one of Harriaburg's pop
ular young merchant, was a Sunday
vltfitor here.
Craig IHya is circulating ft petition
for ft free rural mail delivery west of
Junction City.
Rev. Sibert boarded the local at
Irvinir Monday night, at which place he
preached Sunday.
Mis Amy Hurlburt. of Eugene,
who has been visiting relatives here, re
turned to her home Sunday.
Mrs. Col. Fotsom left today on the
local for Lorane, having received word
that her mother is not expected to live.
Mias Anna Samuels, of rortlarul, was
tho guert of her brother, M. Samuels
and family, a few days last of the week.
8. Erown and wife, who have been
guests -of Col. Folaofn and family, re
turned to their home at Everett, Wash,
first of the week.
L. F. Lamping, representing the
Ihuringia Insurance Company, of Seat
tle, was .in town Monday adjusting the
claim of H. V. Johnson for damages
caused by fire. '
President Frank Strong and Regents
S. 11. Friendly ami J. J. Walton left for
Portland laot evening to attend a meet
li g of the Hoard of Regents of the U. of
0. nhich convenes in that city. Regis
ter. W. S. lonsor, one cf tho oldest and
most popular 'conductors on the South
em Pncilie, has been' taking a mi'ch
needed rest. He wal isHljig in Eugene
this week, the Censers having been one
of tho old time families of that city.
Read Ii. !llyTimTrc1Z8 ad. in this
- - -1 --- - - ii j
Vote on Senator.
Salem, February 6.
Fmtth, fusion
Corbett, republican. . ...... i'. ,
McHride, republican
Hermann, republican
Moore. .
Fulton x
Lowell ...... .......... ,
Absent und not voting. .. . . .
A Good Way
to save the cost of
suit or overcoat is let us Imvo
the old
one to ho cleaned. Wp will return it
looking like new. Eugeue Stoma Dye
and Cleaning Works.
Tho Junction City Bulletin this week
has a eplundid write-up of Lane eounty
and Junction City. Guard, Feb. 1.
A first-class
SOcent show
would draw a full house
in Junction City. Best opera-house in
the Vulley. ' Managers should address
C. F, llulbnrt, Junction City, Ore.
Dead Men's ' : . '
Good Intention's v
! v never shelter tho homeless
nor food tho hungry. , Good acts unfail
i lgly produce good results. Ono of the
host of these is to join tho Woodmen of
the World, nnd thereby provide for
thoeo dependeiitnpon you.
Barney Jfay returned from Portland
C. F. Cunningham, of Boise Citv. ia
visiting io our city, tl.e guest of hi
family, .
The Irrepressible Bob Yat of Mon
roe cast ins ahadow athwart our side
walks thi week.
-Invitations are out for a dance to bo
given . by Mrs, M arner on Friday even
ing oi nut weoK.
-J. It. Wyatt, one cf Albany's bright
et attorneys, visited over Sunday with
ins lamer s ioiks.
John Blew, of Jondion City, was
entertained t tho purUjtn of-'cott&
jones one evening this week.
Dr. T. C. Maekey has moved into
the modernly fitted residence laudy va'
cated by the Sam May family.
The dog poisoner Is ratnnftnt aeain.
Fonr dogs, mor or less valuable, have
ueen givvu a quicius mis week.
Mr. D. R. Busy has sold hi 315 acre
(arm. situate three miles north of here,
to a Mr. Bule of Eastern Oregon.
Mrs. Alfred Humphrey and dauah
ter Florence, of Olympia, Wash., are
hero teviewing pioneer laud marks,
Subscribe for the Junction City
Mrs. A. Richardson and daughter
were oaptised Sunday.
John Curt Hunt has a force of men
grubbing hoj)s this week.
Rev. John Handsaker preached
here bundays to a good audience.
It seems hop and hep work is the
main topic in this neighborhood.
Some of our neighbors are talking
garden already, .lock out lor irost
Sam Temple ton, of Hirerview, was
visiting friends here the last of tho week
jiiss morris commenced ft term ot
school Monday with ft good enrollment
Mrs.AUieSehenck w as moved to her
mother's last week and is reported very
Mr. Morrison tok possession of his
farm last week and is making pi-epara
tions to commence farming as soon as
the sun shines. , v
Bright Foley and famuy moved
from Harrisburg Friday and took pos
session ot their old camping place va
catea Dy wr. aiornaon.
Dr. Bennett, of Dusty, waa in town
this week. , . , " '
Elder Ford will preach at thechurcli
hero next Friday and Sunday evenings.
Mim Sibyl Elliott, of Eugene, is vi--
iting iter uuele, w. li. Kay, na o::er
relatives. ' : '
Mrs. Clemm is Visiting with her
lather and mother, .Mr. , end .Mm
I booms, near Mouroe. ' ? '
We understand that the Wr. O. W
will have an organiser here soon. More
particulars next week, 'j.h, t
"Undo liia Kelly has been very
low for the pnst few days, and at' last
report was not improving.
Mr. and Mrs; Cuvener, of a hose ill
ness wo spoke Jas. week, ere now Ini
proving aiu are able to sit up.
From ttio sounds that, came from
some chicken coop about 2 o'clock this
morning, some Out) must be a chicken or
vwo uiit-au, .
Clyde Thorp, of near iHisty, met
with a serious mishap while eiaehing
brush hist week. His partner ia-th
work etrucK at a limo, toe ax glancing
and striking Jlr. ihorpou the kg btlow
tho knee, nearly severing it from liis
body. . ",,-;. . , '.. .-
Do you know that
tie Seattle Fruit and Pro
duce Co., oi Eugene, pays the highest
cash price for poultrv eggs, veal and all
kinds of farm produce. Prices this week
Chickens, 7c per po-uid ; veal, 7c j geese
oo ducks, 7c: turkevs, bo; eggs, ;
f km't forget the place Sth Street, next
door to coup factory.
14 Different Styles
To A
Corner Grocery
every -Thing ih thsgrqgery line. 1 . S
- - - , , w
produce Taken In Exchange. ',
; ' Millioim Bros. '
S.p viand &Co.
Real Estate and
Investment Brokers
Have farm and timber
Linn ana asenion uounties.
Parties having farm or timber lands.
or any real estate whatever, for sale, can
get the henefit of having their lands ad
vertised free of charge by listing same
with na. . CoLamiEsioii low. ;
We carry
V C ... ,;.; '.V 5..ECGEXE, OREGON. v.'-. 'l'.-f ' i
Render, tho columns of the Rtlletu
aro ojHn to all. Send in your communi
and .
West Eighth Street ,
Near Steam Laundry
Chris Msrx, Jr., Proprietor
- Clothing Cleaned, Colored and Re
paired. Fated C'othiag Restored to
Its Original Color to Look Like Ilea
SATlSr'CTlo guaranteed.
Telephone ficd 48-4 ;
S . TARLET?, INK and ( ?
C PENCILS. ETC. . . : f
y Cameras & Supplies S I
rue TUB
f AMATEUR ar.d ' S
S ?Mail orders will receive
S prompt attention. Write to us S
v for further particulars. S
' Snhvarzscliild.
i c i j i r t-
i v rk. v ,;'
!: '
City, Oregon. 2
lands for sale in Lane,
Persons living at a distance and desir
ing information in regard to prices of
lands, resources, or any facts at all in
connection with this part of tho Wil
lamette Valley, write to .
Junction City. Ore.
a Full Llne of
Stoughton Wagons, John Deere Plows
We are Headquarters for". . .
Logging Supplies
Horses, Cattlo, Sheep
and Hogs.
' ALSO '
itS" We make theco .powders oiu
selves, tlierefore do recommend them.
Mueller & Hill
(Bourbon and Rye) -
, (Sonr Masb)
(Rourbonund Rye Wbifkie.)
Fiuo Line of Imported und I o
ineatic Ciars.
; .Junction City .
' Eusrene.
W. &7. TRIPP,
General Blacksmithine'
Corner Fifth and Greenwood Sts.i
Juncti m City, . ' Oregon.