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Published every Thursday by
One year (in advance) $1 00
Six montIi3 ..'. GO
Application made for second
class rates.
Advertising rates made known
upon application, to the oflicc.
Aurora, Or., Thursday 1 8 June, 1903
Bill Taft weighs 2GQ pound and
ljkes to be called "Rig Hill."
Aurora ha.1? shipped as hi.'ih as
$150,000 worth of hops in one
With all Jts bad features, as
viewed by the newly settled cv st
erner, the Oregon rain nearly
always c6mes when it is
If it Wtre left to a VOtt' of te
people todoclde,whJ,shaliLyV'),-e-'nnt,MJ
r ti ... ...
gon s choice for presidential iv -m-
yiee, UOOaeveit WOUlil tie named I
first, last and all the- time.
Money mattors are juat a litt'e
tight at the present time, but the
situation will improve after tPe
presidential election. There h
plenty of money in the country,
but those who have it arc not
anxious to let U go until they see
) who is going'to he;id the' admin
istration for tho nextfour years.
While cyclones and floods a:e
v isiting the South, East and Mid
dle West, and the risjng waters
are destroying millions of dollars
worth of farm and city property,
Oregon is enjoying beautiful
weather, dclisiou fruit, and look
ing forward with the confidence
inspire by assured crops this
Fall. '
Both Mrioft and Clackamas
counties 'are too 'lrge. Wood
burn should begin at price cn ask
ing the; "yo.tcrs of Oregon, through
he initiative, give t'hia section
a new cpunty. 1 is not too carl
too begin thisVprk. Wf believt
that Silvorton, . Agol, Gcr
yaii, St, paul, Rutteville, Cham
poog, Barlov, A,urqra and Hub
bard would join heartily in the
movement -Woodburn depend
ent. r. . , -i
People of the NqrthyvcKt are
victims qf the habit of sing
pDvjncialitjm and hlang as, a part
pf their vocabulary. This, usage
is not due to lack of grammatical
knowledge, (u,t tq a careless in
different habit in spoaking and
writing. IM gratifying to know
that Oregon has. produced some
of the hrajnicst men of tho pres;
mt feneration, among the being
flumer Unreport. America's
greatest nrtonnist, apd Joaquin
Miller, the great poet anij liera
teur. When Washington refused to
accept the presidency for a third I
time he wasnotimted by the high
est and best of motives. Ho did
pot wish to create a precedent
whereby onu man should be the
executive head of tho nation for
a longer period than 8 years.
But the American peopki cannot
always be governed by precedent,
no matter how great tho wisdom
of the man who established it.
.i . . i . . .
ii ine nniencan people houltt a u-te on paper, or lu tho ttdnd. if tbo
rise Up nnd by Unanimous appeal 0,H' 'nations made nnd rcprt thciu to
request that a president r.crvelS Y'nV ,hw f',.i;:vl"i . mevting.
for n lo'.irer period than S years
he should bo willing to obev the
liPunli'' will Hn ,. J
' ' ., UILH
mat a gnvnt nation like ours is j
K'uided by a greater Hvcr than 1
t)u finite wilm f ..
set of men, and what may appear
to us now the best, mijrht later
prove to bo the contrary. So the
best tiling we can d) now a to do
the best v o can. and hold or to
thoRrt hi:;h ideals and standards
viu jaiiau vi Mizauon una en
deavor to ;o onward and upward 1 ih rrvv'u"u ,rt trm f a
in o.' ;.- x. . u'UnrCj fho of the Info A. B.
i ? . lewnnents inourb WQ t tit r.uoj,,. u
f jDlic ;.r.d piivute life. j Orar.
X W. HARROW, Chlh, H. r,
ITcm Cirtpondnt JViw J .Stat
I ;; . , ;
A Plaating lda Put Into ConcrtU
' Form. MjOrtimtr WhiWhtad.
Not la New 3 true j alone, which la
Ll ho'xe atat, In 01.1117 another
state, la the naroo of Mortimer White-
bead a familiar oiio. Iu (ho early
yrara of the Order he was lecturer of
I tbo natloaal trance atvl In s till doing
Tallant work for that ifront farmers'
organization. Ilia 'latest effort "for
! the good cf th Order," n La pots It.
I the wrltlGg and publication of a
rltuallMlc ci-retnonj for tha dedication
of farm homea.
This ceremony of dedication la to lo
tutd out of door a on the l:wo or
I grounds near the home. The arrange
ment of ofllcera' atatlons la the name
Ins Mhuu the grange Is In session lu the
hall. The home to lo dedicated ta i
tanner or streamer hunj upon ih
porch. anl on this banner the came U
'concealed until the time of unveiling
occurs. Slemhcra of the Order and vis-'
Itora are grouped about the apace act
iu art for the officers. The idea la to
have tbe farm homea named and then
I drilcated by this Imprenslvc ceremony.
I We anticipate that this ritual will be
j ndor.te.1 at the oit meeting C-f the1
n r"1 tha.-m u' siren era--
dally to the Ordr for use. '"Wit cannot
Mfrfala further ,a dc-taii. but win only
add that some of the puma go's contain
ed in the ritual ar itiOHt 'exalted In
k nttitcnt; beautiful In etpreaaloq and
In erefy way worttiy' of the object to'
which the writer' dedicates the work. 1
New Yerk Submattara Meat For In
tarchangs of Opinion.
There waa a largo attendance at the
meeting of the county deputies at Fyr
anise, N. Y.," on March 10. Kvry
rrange county )u four was represent
ed. Tbe ineetlnjr ' wasM'ormal In,
Character, there belnjr no prepared pa
Pts read at the nioetlnjj. The unwrit
ten work of the Order was exemplified,
and many dueatloua ' were asked con
cerning it. In fact, the' entire 1oq
might be given the tltlo of "A Ques
tion, IIoj." A committee was appoint
ed to prepare 'a programme for the
next meeting, which will bo held In
connection with the state grango mect
and papers will bo prepared on
t !'lcs of greatest Interest to deputies'
In thj evening a banquet was held by
the deputies. J1, J. Harden was tonst
master. The following were tba'tpVak;
ors: biii ietu'ry 1 N. N. Giles ' oil ' "Tho
l:aco Truck Oumblef and Other
Things." Rate' Master Godfrey on
'Good Pondn." I'red Phepard cn "Evcv'
lutlon of Agriculture," U. S. Comstock
on "Tho (ii-n:g iv-puty as Other's See
Ilu.;" Janus Wlngate took for his sub-'
Ject ''The Ulsters." and J. II. J. AVat
klus Mj nboiit "The Storjr Teller.?
Tho Oranga Lacturar.
Tho C(t;uiultee on goI of ha prdor
at the lust national grange meeting
said, among oilier tlilug", that the lec
turer at a grange- should bo selected
with great care, for, to this most Im
portant otllciul left the work of not
only getting up and presenting ideas
lug anil Interesting programmes, but
of molding and developing the mind
mid cburueter of the younger mem
ben. TTe. literary programme, should
never be iHiilUcd,, but fhould be short
and Interesting aud so varied from
tlnm to time ps to co er pll phases of
furn llfo lu and out of doors. The
current topics pf tho day should be
dlxmssed' fnmj a nonpartisan stand
point. Hut especially should we aim
to discuss those questions which are
purely loci In character and have ta
do with our town, our particular locali
ty and our home. V have seen great
Improvement In tho surroundings of
farm homes after a good, active grango
has been cBtyLUxlied In many a rural
Not For Paraonal pain,
Those who go Into tho grango for
the purpoM of using tho Order to fur
ther their Interest personally, politi
cally, fuanelnllyor otherwise will not
Ma-V In u ,ol"f
The sooner such mem
bers aro let or made to kuow that the
Ouler cannot bo used by them to fur
tier tiielr Individual interests low soon
er they win drop out. and Uie sooner
they drop out the letter for all con
cerned. New York Taruier.
A Suggsttion.
Here la a suggestion for the lecturer:
het summer, when the weather U
pleasant and driving Is good, ak your
MwmU i s to take a drive out about tho
country and i.ttWe i brief call here
' " 4.111. ni. 4 lien iil.tNe
:uint nl cnidtrliltf lufonuatlon.
Uniform T.nt Dock. Oppot.d.
Tli. io fu t or thrt'o r."vlutl.MH
intmiu-a at t:.j .-n- y..ik
srrnDtl ,Iuvn" vorins a iai'"orm i
v,',n tost took. Neither I
ino vm aj tisl. n;ul the matter U
'iv lvfon t!). !i'KUUtun, niul thero
U no tlouM that t.'u lnf!iUtUe com
niltfc wl!l oj p(.it.i tlu MM la acv-nrd
anon with the aotlca of the ut
Knulonla jrrange, No. 1. cf New Tork
I rrJoKtnf i:i new rjiurters. A jilcss
ant friturv of a nveut rontln a
a full
In u ramth'et recency Uuel by tbe
I In in- iitvUir.ii i t thtf fleoa rt meti t of
agriculture at Wchlngton. e.aliled
'T wenty Dairy Suggestion. With Spe
cial liefv'rcnce to Sanitation." the fol
lowing directions are given relative to
th? proper care of the dairy herd. They
aro much to tbe polut find " '0
pvied every cow st:fle lo the
lao-I: (t) Have the herd examined at
least twice a year by a skilled veterinarian,-
promptly removing any ani
mals suspected of. being in bid health.
Never aid an anljial to the herd an
iens certain It la free from dlase. par
ticularly tuberculosis. (2,NeYer allow
a cow to .be.excltod bj fast driving,
i.buso, loud talking or unnecessary dls
tarbance. Do not expono her to cold or
storms more than uecessary. (3) Clean
the eidlre body of the cow dally, while,
li.i 1 r In the region of the udder should
le kept short by clipping. (4) Po not
allow any strong flavored food . like
garlic, cabbage or turulps lo be eaten
sxcept Immediately ufter . milking.
Chauges In food kliotild Ik made grad
ually. (3)' Provide pure fresh water in
"tbundauce. easy of access, but not too
cold. I'nder the head cf milking and
handling of the milk the following sug
gestions an made: (1 Use no dry,
dusty fuod Just previous to tallklng.
(2) The milker should wash LU' bands
before milking and also see that the
udder of the' cow' and surrounding
parts are" wiped with a clean damp
cloth before he begtna operations. (3)
In. milking tiewhould be quiet, quick)'.'
dean and thorough,' commencing b!s
milking at the same hour every morn
ing and evening and milking the cots
In the same order. ) Tta milk shoo'J
be carried to the milk room as fast a
It accumulates and strained through
cotton cloth and cooled at onco to oO
3egreea F. - Warm milk should never
be inlied'wlth that which lias already
been cooled. ' " s
-The above query (s one' Ihat often
confronta young people at they start
housekeeping on their own account,
and they are often perplexed to know
which la the wiser and more econom
ical course tq pursue. Wb,Uo clrcuru
stances to be found In, some portions
of largof cities may make the plan -of
owning a home of one's own inadvisa
ble. It seems to be the consensus of
opinion that under average conditions
those who buy nre'at the end of a
term of years financially ahead of what
they wquld baVe been had they rented
a property of ari equal value. Added to
tho fact that In a period of twelve
years one would pay out In rent ron-
sMerably more than the place rented
could be. bought for at the beginning
of the period la the satlsfactlo-i of
having a home of one's own, a consid
eration that it Is no easy to mensure
In dollars and cch(. Moreover, where
young people buy a homo of their own
and have to go In dellt for It there Is
constantly present on Incentive to be
ecQuomJcnt nnd careful In one's expend
iture.' ' Thus tho putting of money
Into a home results in much the name
conditions that prevail when oue Is
carrying life Insurance or putting
money pi(o other forms of Investment.
Payments musf be made at stated In
tervals, nud vconomy Is accordingly
practiced that these may be mot
Where one rents a portion of the sala
ry Is devoted to this purpose, but the
process goes on year nncr year with
nothing to show for the money one has
paid during the Interval but a bunch
of receipts for rent which, have no ue
gotlb)e value.
While tobacco growers the country
over nre peotered with Insect euomles
that work mote or ess damage to their
crops, the worst parasite which some
or the growera In portions of Kentucky
have to put up with la a two legged
microiK? that wears a mask, carries
revolver and makes a practice of set
ting the grower's tobacco storehouse
nfiro and perhaps killing the owuer. So
destructive have the attacks of these
Night Klders been during the past year
that many of the Independent tobacco
glowers of the state referred to have
had to vacate their Dlantatlons and
move to other states. The motive for
these vicious attacks on the independ
ents seems to tie traceable to their un
willingness to have the ptlce at which
they shall sell their product dictated
by the- Tobacco Growers' association.
through which as a result of a mutual
agreement the members have been
able to raise the price of tobacco trout
9 to 18 conta a pound The Independ
ents, not liking dictation as to the
management of their business and
many of thorn having Insufficient
means to enable them, to hold their
product for n considerable period of have sold or offered to sell at
lower prices than those set by the as
sociation, with tho results as stated
t'nUs (he tusiness opening wlilcU
no can irot is dts-IJ.Hllj suorlor that
country I ml U maklnif a very quwtlon
n'!e hhift ho swaps the InJopeniUiiro
j'nil luvilthfal 4ujk-al toil, though' at
times atrrvu .w and monotonous. d
the many jloaant arcjni.MtnlnMMits
and associations of country tlfe for the
rlty Job. with Its meager r p, ty of sun
.hlne nnd fresh nlr. raitMng ilmy.
inrlrg street cars, ru' j and hutry.
dependence and tread at;; eritei.-e
Coupled wlt'i tSo (Irawluuks :r
temptations nnd pi:flls of which U-.
country bred t.oy Is alir-.t eaUie.y
fre. Iu a major! y of where fe
aiote U made a country llrthiii'. t 1
wapp'd tor a worthless meie of nrt'a"
The SaUm "Canning Ccirtrny
has comncneed putting up tti aw
bt'Tieu with a lull "force. All
day Tuesday a continual stream
of teams unloaded berries at the
doors of the cannery and it was
expected that, today would also be
a busy day. A force bf over 130
women and 20 men are row en
gaged and it is possible that the
force tvill be increased when all
the growers are hauling. If the
weather continues to remain fav
orable it is thought by-thc Can-nery-'
men that there will be a
larger amount of berries canned
this year, than - last -Salem j
btatesman. 1 1 i j
Henry Snyder, at the PostofTice
is authorized to receive subscrip
tions for the Borcalis. Better
hand him yours. ' i1--
For fine candies and choicest
fruits call on' Henry A'. Snyder,
the fetcfe. " 1 "
Ranted A tract of land from
2 to 3 thousand acres in one bo'y,
that can'betut'up in small farms.'
: VYm.1 Cantwell & Co.,
Canby, Ore.
fVr the, bust tobaccos and ci
gars call on Henry A. Snyder,1 IhO
Post 0(T;ce Store. '
Miss Mable Kraus, and her sis
ter, Mrs. Dr. " Giesy, are tTfie
guests pf Mr. and Mrs.- Lee
Eckerson of Canby this week. 0
Let' us figure on
Good Work
The Borealis, '
fbst Office
A Little Printer's Ink
Makes Millions -Think
Think Think !
More tmth than poot
rv. A littlo rrjntor'a
prints a littlo advertise
ment in a littlo '.'raoga
zina" that circulates a,a
littlo price an goca into
a million littlo homes,
chiufly in hq littlo qtle
and towns and country
Tho millions of poopla
in these homes aro
caused by the Printer's.
Ink: tq think that they
can, get b'K bargains, for
their money by sending
(t away by mail, order
ing tho things advertised
by tho littlo pinch of
Printer's Ink.
Sometimes when they roccivo the PtutT thev order by
mail they lmve another Think coining. They think, "What
fools we mortals be," and apply the Think to themselves.
And tome times somo of them think something like this:
"Wonder why Mister Man, our local dealer in
many things we need, doesn't advertise these
things in our local paper? Maybe if he did we
wouldn't be tempted to send to the big city for
these same things. If we were sure we could
buy then at home for about the same price and
have a chance to sec the goods before taking,
we thin we'd prefer to buy them at home."
Now, ili tcr Man, di you think think think!
Fine Spring; Millinery
A (Dcrr.plene Assortment of the latest Styles in Ladies' and
Misses'' Ikts, Ribbons, Laces, Ornaments, Trimmings,
Ladies, Belts, Etc. Prices Veey Reasonable,
' Mrs, Rose Giesy,
- A. LVNDEEN, Prop.
The Best $1. 00 A Day Hotel
In Northern Marlon Co. -
First Class Cafe
A. W.
Dealer! iq
.General Alprchandise, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, groceries, Flour and Feed,'
Hardware, Tiyyire tnirnifiine, Etc., Etc., at.
Correct Prices.1
A- H- GIESY & tO.
- i. JTablub-jd 1893.' . v.
Aurora - ' Oregon
your job printing.
Rfaonabq prices,
Aurora, Oregon
in Connection
(Low rates
J Will be made thi3 Season by the
Fjbm AURORA, both ways
through Portlarid, to1 01 1 1
ciuHs.::..:::.:::. $23.40
St, 'Paul... ro.oii
Omaha ;.. . 60.90
Kansas City...... G0.9U
The rate fom pnby arc ten
cents less than the above.' '
Th Rate frprn Aurora or Can
by, pqe way through California,'
will lo ' " 1
Chicago... $ 87.5Q
St. Louis.. . 82. 5q
St, Paul 81.50
Omaha i 75.00,
Kansas City..'. .'. ..... 75.00
MAY 4, 18,
. JUNE S. 6. 19. 20
JULY 6, 7. 19, 20
AUGUST fj, 7, qi, 22
Good fprreturi) i 90 days with
stopover privileges at pleasure
within limits.
For any further information call
on the locaj agent
Geo. MHJce, Aurqra,
II. N. B'rfinAgt, Canby
or write tq
Cntr! fj5rtf Ayir.t
j Aurora Drug Store
1 Complete Stock of Fresh Drugs
! Prescriptions A Specialty
Plain and fancy Stationary,
(blank books novels,etc, at the
j Tost OlRce Store, Henry A. Sny,
' der, proprietor.
At the city election at Hhbanl
I Ia5t Monday the following officers
jwere elected: Coucilmen-Geo.
W. Knight, Ifc M. Scholl. M. S.
hrock, A. Christen. A. D. U'olf
er, Recorder, C. M. Critendcn,
Treasurer, G. M. Fry, Marshall,
Chas. Kinzer.
. T, j school clect'on Hubbard
U-.stnct No. malted a. fel
lows: M. choll, director. W.
Hurst, ''crk (re-clcctr 1.)