The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, February 15, 1905, Image 1

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In the dally abstract of instru
ments HI oil at tbo oouit boiiso yoator
day, received hy The Miner thin
forenoon, la thia item: "Golaor
ilendryx luveatment company, vuraua
Colurabia Gold Miniug uotupuny,
action to compel an accounting,
pruya for au iujunctiou proveutiug
defeudant from working Tabor Frac
tion olaim, aud that contract b
rescinded." Tbo Baker City papera
tate that a receiver for the Columbia
fa alio asked for.
Manager Baillie, of the Columbia,
vent to Baker City yesterday after
Boon and H. T. Hindryx, the plaiutff,
li also out of town, ao The Miner
Mnnot get at the real meat In the
eoooauut. A month ago a gentleman,
just returned from Mlueapolis, in
formed The Miner that Mr. Backus,
the controlling owner of the Crlura
bia, wan credited with haviug re
eently stated tbut he owned the
Tabor Fraction. It is known that
the riob ore found iu thin property
something over a yoar ago waa shipped
in the name of the Columbia com
pany. Its mill has ben treating
the or) for mouths past. C. A.
Johns baa beeu retained as attorney
for the Ueiser Heudryx company.
Jobu Rand is usually the attorney
for the Columbia.
Tbo Democrat states that it ie
authorized to say that Al Gbiaer,
now beiug out of the conipiny,
Mr. Heudryx is briugiug this unit
Complaint allenes thut some time
ago, nearly two years ago, the Geiaer
Assistant Engineer Kenhu.of the
Killen, Waruer, Stewart J company,
who returned ,,' yesterday ' (from the
Standard JuiiuaJ at Qurtzburg, says
that Superiuteudeut Heath has placed
a crew of men on the Side Issue aud
ae shift on the Copper Ridge veins
of the Standard group, which veins
be ia opening up low down on
the bill. Both these ledgea have
been out higher up, and surface
sarveya show that they run parallel
-.-" -l "
Itondryx company bonded from
Clark Tabor what Is known aa the
Tabor Fraction in tho Bourne dh
triot, and that thereafter tho Goieer
Hondryx Co. contracted with the
Columbia Mold Mining company for
the operation of tho saM property
on a certain baai i aud division of
the protlta from the mining aud
milling of tho ore from said claim.
The complaint further alleges that
no accountings have been had from
such operatiou and that the com
plainant believes that at leaBt
twenty-five hundred tone of or
have oeen taken from the property
every mouth, at a value of $15 per
ton, and that the defendant now
owes the plauitlff at least 150.000.
The cocsplaiuant nuw asks for an
acoouutiug, for the appolutment
of a reueivor aud cancellation of the
existing contract between tho plain
tilt aud defeudant and the isauancu
of an iujuuotiou iu estoppel of fur
ther transactions ponding the unit.
F. S. Baillie, manager of the
Columbia, is quoted aa apt, lug that at
proHent there is nothing further to
add, thau that certain statements
must be proven, also that tho ami
tract under which hh company is
miniug aud milling urea of the Frac
tion is on Hie at the court house iu
Baker City.
The talk around town todny ia that
some souuatioual features will be de
veloped brforo this catso ia diapoard
of; uo one, howovor, venturing to
voice the nature of thia alleged hhuhii
with the main Standard. The two
new tunuels will be at tho same ole
vatiou, ao thut they will be on tbo
line ut the tramway, which will
connect all the workiugs with the
I reductiou plant to be erected uext
Work is also beiug proaeouted on
the Juuiper vein, wbiab, according
to surveys made by Engineer Keubu,
will intersect the main Standard
edge at a short distance abend of
FEBRUARY 15, uoq
the present face. The contiguity of
this intersection is evidenced by a re
markable enrichment of the main
Staudard in cobalt, an iuorease beiug
noted aa progreBi Is made toward tho
cuullux. The ore Iu the main Stan
dard has also becomo ao hard that
liBUd atoel has been abandoned and
electcrio drills inatalled.
Whou the Copper Ridge aud Sido
Iasuo aro opeucd up, aa outlined
above, tho Staudard mine will have
four oro-eouroea oxnluBivo of tho
paying olf-ahooting veiua out by tho
main drift. When theae aro connect
ed by train with it reduction plant,
in which the almost fabulously rich
urea from tho multiuietnllod mine
may be concentrated fot shipiiieut,
the Staudard will bo undoubtedly
one of tho biggest dividend-payers In
thia camp.
Rich Ore In Mormon Basin.
Judge Newbury li Id receipt of
advjcea from Meraion basin, stating
tbatj 20 Inobei of Immansaly rich ore
'has bean atruok Id the Tar ball
group, adjoining the Morning Star,
of which Judge Nawbury la manager.
The Tar ball ia owned by Tarbell. of
Rjo Valely, aud Reynolds and Gor
man, of Baker City. It was recently
under bond to a New Vork aud
Philadelphia syndloato, but tno
property reverted to the original
owners after the syudioato's rep
leaeutativo had loat the vein. On
the Maiseilles, anothor abutting
property, a big body of cyanlding ore
has beeu opened by J. I). Vohs. (J nod
ore ia Bhowlug iu the Morning Star.
Ovltl In a Southern California Deal.
Lee S. Ovitt, tho nationally
famoua mine prouiotor aud lineal
agent, who financed the Calitornia,
Cracker Oregou, Gulaonda Cornell -dated
and Crackerjaok mires iu thia
camp, aud who waa in Sumpter Tuea
day on hia way home from San Fran
ciacn, closed a big ileal down 'louth,
the dotaila of which be aald wuio
not yet ripe for publication. The
deal involved 27,000 acrea of Ir
rigable lands iu aouthnru Califor
nia, carrying riparian rights. It ia
aaid to be the plan ot the company
which Mr. Ovitt ia promoting to ir
rigate thn laud aud colonize it.
Chicago capital ia backing the pro
ject. Smelter Doinq Business.
During tho week, four ciiih of high
grade concentrated from the Hsinley
101 k horn mi no were received at the
Sumpter tmiellor. Thu North Pole
cutributed ita UHiial quota, the 10. &
10. wan in line, the Dixie Meadows
sent one car aud the Mountain View
kept piling iu rich crude ore and
concentrates. Today the smelter
shipped out two more cars of matte
to be refined.
1 K
NO. 2?
Dr. Technw, of tho Mountain View'
mine, suld today to a Miner roporter
that tho recent report of a rich strike)
on hia proporty, published exclu
sively in thnae columns, waa correct.
A largo.,, body of Hhlpping ore baa
been opened at a uew point, the dis
covery having boon made by Super
intendent Teuhow whilo working out
a thoory.
Steady shipments of oro from tho
now a'riko aro being tuado to thn
Sumpter smelter. Tho Mountain
View veiu has been opened by nearly
2,000 foot of tuiielllug, according to
Dr. Toohow, and there la every
reasou, ho says, to believe that thv
property baa a brilliant future.
Here on Gokonda Business.
There la something doing In th
Golconda affairs, bealdM tie pandlng
litigation. Vesterday thera arrived
Iu town II. II. McCarthy, a mining
broker from Portland, and L. K.
Nortou, of San Frauuisco. J. A.
Howard, late manager of the prop
orty and the largest Individual
stockholder, met thorn at the train,
Hiid cauoiHsod with them more or
Ioth continuously until thia noon,
when he loft with them for tho mine.
Mr. Howard acknowledged that tba hero on husinoHs connected with
the GolcnuJe, but further than that,
be was as diimi) aa au oyster.
Col. Topping Homesick.
A letter has boon received from
Col. 10. S. Topping, ox-Sompterite,
dated at Victoria, B. C. "It is uot
trii"," writes Col. Topping, "that 1
have purchaHiid tho C. P. R., nor
that 1 will move the roadbed to tho
right of-way of tho Grand Trunk. It
h not true thut 1 have option on
all of the wato" front at Port
SimpHon; but 1 plead guilty to tho
charge of being iu flue fettle and ut
bniug pouacHHiid of a desire to breathe
ouco again the ozone of the Bluo
motintaiua. "
Captain Tice In own.
Captain 10. Htorer Tlce, ot Baker
City, general manager of the Single
Standard mine la tho Sparta dis
trict, waa a visitor iu Sumpter be
tween traim today. Captain Tice
has beeu cumiuibsioucd by the Baker
City Development League as special
emissary In the east, aud will leave
shortly to begin the work of attract
ing homeHeekers aud investors to
Baker county. Captaiu Tlce ia
chairman of the Baker City branch
of the Oregou Minen' auuociation.
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