The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, November 23, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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    Wednesday, November 2f. 1904
Man -4bout- Town Gossips
About the Unexplain
ed Shut-Down of
the Bonanza.
"I see by a Baker paper said the
niau-about-town to a Miner reporter
this morning, "that W. H. Thatcher,
general manager of the Bouanza mine,
ia back from the euRt. I undorHtnud
that he attended a meeting of the
board of directors at Pittsburg. It
was , quite probably a aomewhat
atrotuy aesaion. Something will prob
ably eveutuato iu u few days.
"Dame rumor my a that not loug
ago Al (Joiser told Thatohor that ho
((Jolsor) would show him (Thatcbor)
the payshoot at tho Bonanza if ho
(Thatcher) would pay him (Gelsot)
one tboueaud plunks iu cold cash.
Rumor further says that Thatohor re
fused whether because be aleady
knows whero the payshoot is, or be
causo he don't waut to know, remains
secret. It seems that ever sluce
Uelaer sold the Bonanza for half a
million, be has beeu frequently asked
for adviae as to proper development
plaua. All ot this advice was given
'free gratia for nothing, notwith
standing the fact that during one
month two years ago the Bonanza
forty-stamp mill pounded out 1102,
OOu in gold. It la but natural that
Uelaer sbuuld value bis advice and
that be should refuse further to act
as consulting engineer suus salary
and sans glory.
"As a mater of raot, i dou't beliove
that Thatcher needs to bo told
where the Bouauza pay is. Ho
knows. And why the Bouanza is
shut down is too deop for me."
Ore Body 3 1 Feet Wide.
Tom Keunerly was in town today
from the Oregon Kiug, leaving on
the afternoon train for Baker City,
lie has crosscut the vein ou tbat
property, which ia. thirty-one feet
from one clearly defined wall to the
other, with quartz the entire dis
tance. The Miner has several times
hai occasion to mention the fact tbat
the entire face of the tunnel in the
"O. K." was in a suild body of
baud some ore, characteristic of the
Cracker Creek district. Mr. Kennerly
says the entire thirty-one feet is the
same, with scarcely a break. The
values, while uot high, are very
encouragiug.auttlcleut to pay a profit
on milling, and be hopes tbat any
shot may break into a bonauza ihoot.
Balliet Pleads Guilty.
Des Moiues, Iowa, Nov. 16.
Litsou Balliet, who gained notoriety
as the promoter of the White Swan
Miniug company, of Oregon, today
suddenly terminated bis second trial
iu the federal court for fraudulently
using the mails, by pleading guilty
to the offense. The first trial two
years ago ended in a oouviction after
a hard fight, but a secoud trial waif
ordered by the higher courts.
Retold Tale of Marvelously
Rich Golcouda Ore
and of an Old
"The pendiug reorgauizatiou of
the Golcouda mining company recalls
to mind an iucideut iu the rather
marvelous history of tbat property,'
said a milling man in the lobby of
tho Hotel Sumptei this morning.
"When the EugliaheH, pnro ot ills,
bought tho Golcouda, it was a mero
prospect. Tho Euglhhoa wore fresh
fiom a series of mining succohsoh
ovor in British Columbia. Thoy had
a wholo lot of ready money mid were
plungers. It seems that tho older
English hud been connected at some
time or otiier with a northern gold
mine upon which a chlorinatiou
plant hud been successfully operated.
He decided that a similar plant
would be a aucotsa at tho Golcouda.
Tho result of this decision was thnt
flilO.OOO were expended iu the
erootiou of a maguifloout mill build
ing and in the installation of a
'stluk fantory,' technically knowu as
a bromide-chloride quartz mill. It re
quired but a few days of operation of
this plant to determiue that the pro
cess was in no way a success when
applied to Golcouda ore. The
11 30, 000 investment was therofore
ao much 'dead horse. The develop
ment of the miue proceeded, however,
and iu duo timo a Bryan mill aud a
battery of five stamps were mstalled.
"Iu the fall of 1800 tho outire
western mining world was startled by
a rich btrike iu the Golcouda, uu
paralellod by uorthwesforn miniug
history. A shoot of free gold ore
was opened, assayiug variously from
110,000 to 8200,000 per ton. A
fourteen-hour mill run of five-stamps
ou this character of ore netted
$12,000 worth of gold bulhou- -exclusive
of the Inevitable loss of value
in milling such marveloinly rich
rook. To obviate this waste, the ore
was sorted and shipped -iu eighty
pound sucks, worth close to $1,000
per sack ou a general average. Jack
English was mauage, Frauk Stiukuey
superintendent. Both were mighty
good fellows liboral to a fault.
Visitors came from all parts of the
camp to see the gold studded Gol
couda quartz. Each visitor was
given a souvenir by the management,
until Golconda ore specimens
thousands of dollars worth became
as oommou as mud. No private
mineral collection was complete
without a obuuk of Golcouda ore,
which, as described by au Alaska
miner, wai 'gold carrying some
quartz.' It is safe to estimate tbat
$26,000 worth of ore specimeua from
the Golconda found their way into
outside bands. A great deal was also
stoleu by underground miners.
"1 would like to see the Gol
conda opeued up agaiu by a stroug
company, as I kuow there is plenty
of fine ore in the famous property."
Deed to Downle Ditches.
As will be noted by a reference to
the official record ot iuHtruments
tiled at the Baker county court
house, published in nuothor columu
of The Miner, .1. T. Dickson, Port
land oweur of the lato Archie Dovvnio
plaoer diggings, has filed two deeds
transferring to R. E. Strahorn, of
Spokane, owner of tho Sumpter
Water aud Electric Light
the Dowuio water .rightB.
slderatlou named in tho
The con
doed is
Mauuger Edward T. Field, of tho
Uuited Elkhoru Minns company,
oporatiug a cortuiu group of claims
about sixteen milos northwest of tho
city, including tho old Baisley-Elk-horn
mines, arrived hero yesterday
for tho special purpose of personally
superintending trans-shipment of the
electric motors and transformers
which have just arrived iu a car from
Schenectady, Now Vork.
Friady of this week another car
load of machinery will arrive from
When this now oloctric machinery
1b installed, which will bo during the
next few days, and the new pump
iug arrangements are completed on
tho upper level, the mining opera
tions of this property will begin by
oloctric power and tho drills in tho
big tunnels will bo driven by com
pressod air furnished by tho now
oloctric power.
At prcseut Managor Field ia work
lug threo shifts In the big tunnel aud
makiug good progress with the drift
ing of that big hole iu the moun
tain. Dally shipments of hluh
grade ore are beiug made to tho
Sumpter smelter, and the returns
just roaoived from recent shipments
have beeu satisfactory, aud have
exceeded in value the highest ex
pectations of the owners of tho prop
erty. Mr. Field has begun sUiking iu
the old shaft at tho top of tho moun
tain and will go down another lllfi
Joet. Tho old workings are l,noo
feet above tho now tunnel aud thou
this shaft has bno'i sunk as far as
possiblo upraises will be made from
the tunnel councetiug with the shatf
aud thus forming au air conduit,
providing for the safety of miners
uuder ground. Democrat.
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