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Wednesday, November 9. 1904
A. L IMwen Arrived Today From the East
With Experts to Examine
the Property.
A. L. MoHwon roturueil today
from a (rip HHt, hi far nh New Vork.
He was accompanied to Sumpter hy
A. 11. Hlbloy, of Dotrolt, Michigan,
president of the company that maun
faoturoa the celebrated Fruo vannor;
A. N. Humphrey, of Pittahiirg, iud
i. Nolile. of Denver, the latter two
being mining experts Johnny
Arthur met them at Maker City, and
went out to Cable Cove district, with
thnm this afternoon. Thi i forenoon
they were shown through the smelter,
ftegarditig the purpuHo of their trip,
A. L. MuNwoii Haid to a Miner repre
sentative: "They have oome out here to look
at the Imperial mine, whiuh myself
mid partner are now working under
bond and leaHe. The money to pay
for the mine has been HiihHoribed by h
ayndlcate of Detroit oapltallHti.
Mottsra. lluiuphrey hiiiI Noble are
It in reported that negotiations
(hiring the past few dayH in the con
troveray between four of the largeut
unletting companion which operate in
the vieitity or lilugham, Uath, and
the farmers in that atate, over the
alleged injury canned to the anil and
vegetation by the fumes from the
furnaces, have reached a critical
uteno. Up to within the paHt week
it. wi.h believed that the adjiiHtmeut
of (hu matler would follow in due
course, several ounferoiMoa having
boon held hohvoou the farmer and
tho managers of the Hiuelterri. At u
miit mooting of the farmers, how
over, hold at Murray, it haa boon
vote to reject all the proportions
made liy tho Hiuolting ccmpauiori and
it was doeided to iiiHtitute injunction
According to the plana now out
lined by the farme.s a committee haa
boon formed to take the (UohMou to
tho courts, each farmer hoiiiK assessed
ton ooiitH per acre to meet the legal
expenses, The farmera want to
compel the HiuelterH to abut down
until the improvements are made.
1. is not believed that Hiich draHtiu
remedies could bo teuured iu Uath as
groat ntroHH has hoeu laid upon the
development made recently iu the
molting hualtiosas in the atate.
What concerns the farmera ia tho
Milphur thrown out through the Hues,
more than the metallic particles.
Dr. John Widatoo, of the experiment
Htatiou in the atate agricultural
college, who has boon at work on the
problem for over a year, ia authority
for the statement that enough anl-
milling men of ability. They will
mako a thorough examination of the
proporty for the gentlemen who are
negotiating for its purchase and of
course, tho salo depend-) on their
report. The mine will stand tho
teHt, ho I have little doubt regarding
the oonHiimmation of tho deal."
Sovoral months slnoo Mctiwen,
Arthur & MoHwon put a Hinall mill,
whiuh they had boon uaiug in thoir
Hampling works hore, on tho Imperial
and it has proven to be a moHt
gratifying success, saving u large per
cent of values, by coticontiatiou.
Tho mine haa been nhipping both
uoncontrateH and oro to tho smoltor
hore regularly for Home weekH pant;
at a very satisfactory profit, it la
Captain Paul, one of the ownera
of the Imperial, accompanied the
party out to tho initio thia afternoon.
phur paaaoa out through the auioke
atacka at Murray each twenty-four
huura to furninh every man, woman
and child In Utah a pouud per day.
Tho amellera handle 1,000,000,
pounda of oro in a day 'a ruu, and
one-third of this or about 1100,000
pounda paaaoa oif into tho air aa
aolphur gaB, which, coming in con
tact with water, forms aulphuroua
acid. Thla acid deatroya vegetation
by eating the cell walla within tho
plant and killa cattlo by poiaoniug
the pools of aurface water in which
the gaa ia readily diaaolved. The
area of damage waa iucreaaod to in
clude the whole weatern valley by
the action of the Highland Hoy
amelter, iu adding au additional fifty
feet onto Ita amoke atack at tho be
ginning of the present year.
Attempta made to control tho
amelter fumea at Anaconda, Montana,
and at Tacoma, Waahlngtou, have
al today met with hucoohh.
Hy the exploalon of 8,000 pounda
ot dynamite iu the Calico diatrict,
near (iranta Pass Monday, the entire
diggtuga of the Koyal group hydrau
lic minoa, lying betweeu Kooky and
Ulch gulches, were bluwn up aud a
mountain waa rent asuuder.
Huudreda of tona of earth aud rock
wore blown skyward, aud the eutlre
(ialice diatrict trembled aa by au
earthquake. The report waa oou
alderably luuflled by the mouutaiu
into which the 8,000 pound of ex
plosives waa set, but the report waa
heard tor many miles.
The purpose of the explosiou waa
to loosen up the cemeuted gravels
aud stiata of the Hoyal Croup
diggings, making it available for
washing down by the giants 'without
further blasting. Ordinarily bleat
ing is done a little at a time through'
out the mining season. Pieces of
bank are frequently encountered that
are too stiff , for the giants to
gnaw through, and a stick of dyna
mite is necessary. To do this the
giaut streams are turned aside, aud
just that much time ia lost. Man
nager Harvey believes be has saved
much valuable time, it is a new
departure in southern Oregon placer
miulng, aud the result will be
watched with interest.
The method of setting the dyua
uiito was by driving a long drift iuto
the aurifeiuua mountain and placing
the powder in this, connecting the
fuBea bo that all exploded at once.
The garvel banks here ar very high,
toweriug to 125 aud even 2 U0 feet,
with gold all the way .through. The
ground ib an old channel, aud after
such a shaking up as it had yester
day, will yield easily and oau be
washed in great quantities through
tho sluices this winter.
J. II. Flak, vico-proHideut of tho
Orogou Minora' association, com
plains that Oregon does not recoivo
just recuguiton from the government
or state as a miuing section. He
"Oregon produces one-third as
much gold annually aa California,
yet the latter state has twenty times
more capital invested iu the in
dustry than Oregon. The California
legislature alao appropriates 850,000
annually to promote her miuing in
dustries. Orogon produces ' nearly
half as much gold as Montana, fully
aa much aa Idaho ana ten timos as
much aa Waahlngtou, and yet these
states all have United States assay
oflicoa. besides making largo appro
pratlona to promote the miuiug in
dustry. Oregon leads them all iu
the varioty of her mineral products,
haviug large bodies of sodorlte,
moldy beuite, marble, slate, aljmi
num, crolite, vivauite, kaolin aud
clays of all kinds, bosides various
precious atouoa.
14 1 receive inquiries weekly from
proapeotive eastern Investors," said
he, "and there should boa well regu
lated miuiug bureau that would
catalogue districts aud miuiug prop
erties, aud publish the samo for the
information of probablo investors.
California has such a bureau, aud it
ia proving valuable iu the matter of
bringing capital into the state."
New Mill for the Maxwell.
Marl Stevenson aud Charles Kent
thia week finished a contract for
hauling lumber to the Maxwell miue
iu the Kook Creek diatrict near
Haiuea, which ia beiug uaed iu the
couatructiou of a new mill, to take
the place of the one destroyed by
the suow slide last winter. Work 'is
beiug rushed ou the building, the
eutire force at the mine, uuder the
direotiuu of J. E. Hacou, beiug
eugaged iu the work of construction.
The mill will bo up-to-date iu every
detail, aud equipped with the latest
It ia reportod that a mill will alao
bo erected at tho Chloride miue, aud
that oxteusive operations will be
carried ou at the mine this wiuter.
Haines liecord.
Still another man has perfected a
sure tblug machine for saving gold.
At regular periods the mining world
is called upon to sit up and take
notice that sume obscure inventor
has revolutionized placer mining.
The miuing world yawns and the Iu
cMent passes into history. Th
latest man with claims of big repute
is G. W. Wilkerson, of Portland,
who baa built a machine consisting
of two copper plates, placed about an
inch apart, the plates being silvered
with coin silver and then touched up
with quicksilver, specially prepared.
Mr. Wilkerson says he has tried
bis appliauce ou the beach sands be
tween Astoria and Seaside and that It
works perfectly where fresh water can
bo obtained and when the gold
bearing sand is found in a dry state.
"Sea water contains oil," be says,
"and this oil prevents the saving of
the golden articles, so that no inven
tion yet produced can catch the
beach gold with sea water. The oil
I find is crude petroleum, which Is,
distributed iu the seas all over the
world, denotiug that oil wells exist
in tho bottom of the ocean.
"But it is along the banks of our
Oregon rivers aud among the tailings
of the Northwest that my plates will
suve the gold. Eveu were the gold
so tine that it takes 10,000 particles
to make oue cent's worth, my ap
pliauce will take it all up to the
last iota. Sands that contain Ave
cens iu gold to the oubic yard can
be worked at a profit, as one machine
will put 4,000 yards of sand through
iu ten hours, with the aid of a
gasoliuo engine and four men."
AH sorts of saving devices for fine
gold have been invented on the
ooast withiu the past fifty yeais, but
none of them has been perfectly
Wheel of Fortune Revolves.
The wheel of fortune still rolls on,
hb the following will shew: During
the Uaker period on Cherry Creek,
John Cuppy worked In the Cherry
Hill mine aa a miner, and, like many
others, in due course got "fired,"
packed his blankets baok over the
divide, ami shortly after struck out
for Touopab. After being there
for some time aud making a succes
sion of fortunate deals, be has now
donned up the reBpectuble pile of
UU0,000. Another lustauce of a
miner who alao worked iu that
famous mine during the aame lively
time, waa George Loud, who soon
after fouud himself iu Tonopah, aud
latoly iu Cioldtield, with au iutereat
iu several claims iu that now famous
camp. He has au interest in the
Saudstorm mine, of whloh he is also
auperiuteudeiit, and has already
oleaued up the comfortable sum of
:10,000 with ten time) that iu sight.
Miuiug aud F.ugiueering Review.
South Gem Mine Bonded.
Phil Metacban, of this city, has
giveu E. Simpson, of Susvanville, an
option ou the South Gem mine, the
option to expire October 1, 1905,
previous to which time Mr. Simpson
may become owner of the pioperty
by the payment of 15,000. The
South Gem is located on Elk creek,
near the Badger miue, at Susanville,
aud is an exteusion on the same
lode as the Gem of the Mountain.
Portlaud Telegram.
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