The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, April 20, 1904, Page 11, Image 11

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    Wednesday, April2o, 1904
Mineral Application 201.
Uuited States Laud Office,
Lh Graude, Oregon,
March 20, 1004.
Iu the matter of application for
pateut of the California Gulch Con
aolidated Placer nilue.
Notice is hereby filveu that Fred
D. Smith, whose post office address
is Sumpter, linker county, Oregon,
has made applictatlou for Uuited
States pateut for the California
Gulch Consolidated Placer mine,
in pursuance of the Statutes of the
United States; said placer mine
being situate In Sections 21-22 in T.
10, S. R. 35 E. W. M. In Baker co
unty, Oregon, and comprising the
original placer locations located, held
and known as the Farmer, Dead
Line,Partridge, Pioneer, Snow fii rd,
Snow Bird No. 2. Magpie, Magpie
No. 2, Jacksnlpe, Jaoksnipe No 2,
Camp Bird, Camp Bird No. 2, Red
Bird, Red Bird No. 2, Blue Jay,
Falrview, Fairriew No. 2, Robin,
Robin No. 2, Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle
No. 2 Bald Rag In No. 3, Bald Eagle
No. 4, placer mining claims, except
ing therefrom the N. li of the Dead
Line locatiou and the south i of
the Partridge location.
Said California Gulch Consoli
dated Placer mine and the locations
comprised within the same, being
located aud held by legal subdivis
ions iu accordance with the United
States government surveys, the
ground embraced therein being des
cribed as follows, tewit:
The southeast H of the northwest M
of the northwest ii and uortheast ?
of the southwest ii of the northwest
ii aud the south ,L of the uortb-
east H of tbo northwest ii and thn
southeast X of the northwest ii aud
south ii of the south west U of the
northwest H aud N. ii of the south
west ,l4 and the north ii of tbo
south l- of the southwest ii aud the
Hniithwoat ii of the northwest 4 of
northeast '4 aud northwest .'4 of the
southhwnst l4" of the northeast '4
and south .'j of the southwest '4 of
the northeast .'4 aud south ' of tbo
southeast xi of the uortheaat '4 and
north ,'i of the soutbewst U aud
uortb i of tbo south ' of the
southeast .l4" of Sec. 21, T. 10, fl. R.
.'15 E. W. M: And tho S. S of the
south, 'a of the southwest '4 of the uortb
west M aud north H of the southwest
4 aud north ,'gof the south ' of
the southwest li aud south l of the
northwest '4 of the southeast .'4 aud
southwest ii of tbo southeast H and
west iyof the southeast l of the
southeast li of Sectiou 22, T. 10.,
S. R. 35 E. W. M.:
Excepting therefrom the north xi
of the soutbwofit ii of tbo northwest
ii of the northeast '4' aud the uortb
ii of the southeast '4' of the uortb
east xi of tbo northwest li and south
ii of tho northwest l4 of the south
east ii of the northwest '4' aud the
south ii uf tho northeast ii of the
southwest '4' of the northwest xi of
said sectiou 21, T. 10, S. It. 33 E.
W. M.
That thero aro uo claims conflic
tiug with this group so far as known.
Thiit tho origiual and ameuded
notice of locatiou under which the
claims comprising en Id California
Gulch Consolidated Placer mino aro
located aud hold, are recorded in tho
office of tho Recorder of Conveyances
of Baker couuty, Oiegou, in the
book of placer locatiou Vol. "G" as
follows, to-wlt:
The Farmer, pago 309; the Doad
Liue. page 3G2; the Partridge, page
307; the Pioneer, 338; ttho Suow
Blrd, page 307; the Snow Bird No.
2, page 302; the Magpie, page 300;
the Magpie No. 2, page 372; the
ilackauipe, page 300; the Jacksulpe
No. 2, page 303; Catnp Bird, page
300; Camp Bird No. 2, page 371;
Red Bird, page 305 : Red Bird No.
2. page 372; Falrview, page 308;
Falrview N. 2, page 303; Blue Jay,
page 304; Robin, page 303; Robin
No. 2, 371; Bald Eagle, page 304 ;
Bald Eagle No 2., 300; Bald Eagle
No. 3, 300; Bald Eagle No. 4, 300.
Auy aud all persons claiming ad
versely the mining ground, premises,
or auy portious thereof, so described,
held, and owned, are hereby notified
that unless their adverse claims are
duly filed according to law and the
regulations thereunder within the 00
days period of publication hereof,
being the time prescribed by law, with
the Register of the United States
Land office at La Grande, Oregon,
they will he barred by virtue of the
provliions of the statute.
E. W. DAVIS, Register.
Date of first publication, March
30, 1004.
Date of of last publication, June
1, 1004.
Mineral Application, No. 200.
Mineral Survey 542.
Uuited Staets Land Office,
La Graude, Ore., March 24,1004.
Notice is hereby given that iu
pursuance of Chapter 0 of Title 32 of
the Revised Statutes of tbo United
States, Ira Lemon, whoso postolilce
is Gelser, Baker County, Oregon, aud
J. M. Warreu, whoso postolilce ad
dress is Wfaituey, Baker couuty, Ore
gou, have made application for patent
for 840.80 feot ou the Aurora Lodo
or Quartz mining claim, hearing
gold, silver aud other precious metals
aud minerals, with surfaco ground
about 250 feet iu width ou the north
easterly sido of the center of said
Lode aud about 200 feet on tho
southwesterly side of said center of
an id lode, said lode or quartz mining
claim beiug situate In uo organized
mining district, in the couuty of
Baker aud state of Oregon, said lodo
being more particularly described by
the plat herewith posted aud desig
nated by the field notes ou tile in tbo
La Graude, Oregon, Land Office, as
Mineral Survey No. 542, tbo maguot
ic variation iu said survey being
21 degrees 30 minutes east, said
Aurora lodo or quartz inlnlug claim
beiug more particularly described an
follows to. wit:
Commeucig at oruer No 1. at h
point more particularly described in
said field notes, whence the southwest
corner of Sectiou 10, Township 10,
south, Raugo 35 East of tho Wil
lamette Merldiau beaia south 30 do
grees 21 minutes west 077.25 feet;
thence north 4(i degrees 10 minutes
west 802. 12 feet to Corner No. 2;
tiieuce North 84 degrees 2 minutes
cast 503.52 foot to Corner No. 3;
tbeuce south 43 degrees 50 minutes
east 710.0 to Corner No. 4; tbeuce
south 50 degrees 7 minutes west
231.35 feet to Corner No. 5; tbeuce
south 84 degrees 2 minutes west
233. 82 feet to Corner No. 1, the
place of begiuuiug, containing au
area of 7.800 acres, and forming a
porton of Seotous 0 aud 10, Tnwou
ship 10 south, Range 35 east of tbo
Willamette Meridian, in Baker co
uuty, state of Oregon.
The amended locatiou uotico of tho
above described claim beiug recorded
at page 548 of volume "Z" of tho
pubillc records of quartz mining
claim locatiou notices, Baker county,
The adjoining claims to tho Aurora
quartz mining claim aro as follews:
On tho north, the Last Chance, un-
surveyed, on the northeast, tho Eu
reka, ou tho southeast, tho Phncuix,
ou tho southwest, the Plymouth
Rock, quartz mining claims, all
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely any portlou of said Aurora
Quartz Miulug claim, or lode or sur
face ground are required to tile their
adverse claims with tho Register of
tne Uuited States Laud Office at La
Graude.Oregon, during the sixty days
period of publication hereof of this
notice of application for pateut, or
they wlll'be barred by virtue of the
provisions of the Statutes.
E. V. DAVIS, Register.
Fiist date of publication, March
30, 1004.
John J. Hennessy,
Cracker Cradle Gold Min
ing Company, a Corpor
ation, and Walter H.
Colburn aud William S.
Peck, Defendants.
To Walter II. Colburn aud William
S. Peck, tho abovo named defend
ants, ' In the uame of the State of Or Or
eeon: You aud each of you aro
hereby required to appear and answer
to the compalint tiled against you
in tho above entitled suit on or bo
foro tho 11th day of May, 1004,
which is tho last day of the time pro
scribed in tbo order made by the
Judge of tho Circuit Court of tbo
Stato of Oregon for tho Couuty of
Baker for the publication of this sum
muus; aud if you, aud each of you,
fall so to appear and auswer, for want
thereof tho plaiutllf will apply to
said Court and ask that judgment
I and decree Issue in said suit that the
certain judgment obtained In the
'abovo named Court ou he 15th day of
March, 1!04, in favor of said plaiu
tllf aud against the said Cracker
Cradle Gold Mining company for the
sum of Six iluudred aud Eighty-Two
dollars aud Forty-Six cents
(8082.40) is aud shall no a Hist lieu
upou the "Dewey", thn "Lost
Lode" aud tbo "Molalla" quartz
claims, iu Baker Couuty iu tho State
of Oregon, tho property of the said
Cracker- Cradle Gold Milling Com
pany, aud adjudging aud declaring
that tho certain mortgage made aud
executed on the 23id day of Dec
ember 1003, by the mid Cracker
Cradle Gold Mining Company to the
said Walter II. Collinrn and (lie
wild William S. Peck for the sum of
Nino Hundred an I Forty Dollars
(8040.00) lie secondary to said judg
ment lieu of said plalutilf; aud for
such other aud further relief as to
the Court may seem just and proper.
And you aud each of you are here
by untilled that on tho 28th day of
March, 1001, tho lion. Robert Eaklu,
Judge of tho Circuit Court of tho
Stato of Oregon for the Couuty of
1 Baker, made an order that service of
suminnuH in this suit be made upon
said defendants Walter II. Colburn
aud William S. Peck, by publication
of this summons, aud that the dato
of tho first publication of this sum
nious is March 30th, 1004, and tho
date of the last publication thereof Is
May 11th, 1004.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
Baker City, Oregon.
Miueral Application No. 287.
United States Laud Office.
La Grande, Ore., March 3, 1004.
Notice is hereby given, that Fran
cis S. Slater, of Canyon City, Grunt
couuty, Oregon, has made application
for pateut to what are known as tho
llludman & Slater Placer Mluiug
Claims, the same covering and beiug
as follows, to-wlt:
S. ' of S. E. 4 Sec. 8, & E. 4
of N. E. 4 Jt E. of E. ' of N.
W. 4 of N. E. ii & E. . of E. )i
of,S. W. 14 of N. E. l4 A N- K- U'
of S. K. 4 AE. of N. E. '4' of N.
W. ii of S. K. ii of Sec. 17, Tp.,
10, S. R. 30, E. W. M., accntdlng to
the Uuited States survoys, iu Baker
couuty, Oregon, aud iu uo organized,
mining district. The said applicant
applies for pateut for tho samo as
Placet Mining laud under tho lawn
of the Uuited States, and undor aud
by virtue of a location made by ap
plicant, under the name of F. H.
Slater, aud K. illudmau of dato April
22, 1808, aud recorded May 3, 1808,
In book E, pago 431 Record of Placer
Mining locations of llaker Couuty,
Oregen: Also a relocation by said
parties of date October 0, 1001, aud
recorded October 10, 1001, Iu bonk
G, Record of Placer Milling Loca
tions of Baker County, Oregon, at
page 104: Also a location by appli
cant of dato Juno 17, 1805, and re
corded July 3. 1805, in bonk E,
page 355 Record of Placer Mining
Locations of linker Couuty, Oregen:
Also a location of dato November 17,
1001, by J. I). Slater and recorded
November 21, 1001, in book G, pago
171 Record of Placer Mining Loca
tions of Baker Count', Oiegeu:
Also n location dated July 8, 1002,
by J. W. Solby and T. K. Gurtieu,
and recorded August 1, 1002, iu
book G, page 230, Record of Placer
Mining Locations of Baker County,
Oregen: Also a locatiou dated July
8, 1002, mado by J. L. Slater, Olivo
A. Slater, W. T. Slater, It. J. Slatnr
W. N. Pmohatel, J. G. Young, Emory
Proohstol and C. M. illudmau, of
date July 8, 1002, and recorded
AugUHt, 1002, III book G, pago 230,
Record of PI'icer Mining LocatiniiH
of Baker Couuty, Oiegou, the appli
cant beiug now the owner and in
possession of said claims by virtue of
said location and the conveyance to
him by tbo said locators and co
locators of all their Interest therein.
Thero are uo adjoining claiuiH.
All persons having adverse claiuiH
thereto aro required to present tho
same before this office within sixty
days from the first publication uf
this notice, or they will be barred by
the provisions of the statute.
E. W. DAVIS, Register.
First dato of publication March 0,
Last date of publication May 11,
Over Austin Med AWrktt
Surac'tr, Ortgon
ClMMMlMir '
Rooms 2 and 3, First National Bank of
Sumpter Building,