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Wednesday, August 15. 1900
Comments on Five Cent Beer
and the Mining Game.
"If you will promise to take beer, I'll
invite you in to h.ive something with
me," s.i Id tile gentleman from Colorado
Saturday evening. "I noticed in THI:
MlNliH several weeks since Hint the
price of this popular amher beverage had
lieen reduced to live cents and, viewed
from n philosophic standpoint, I regretted
to note the change.
"It Is usually not a good sign to see
tlirnp pilcss prevail in a mining camp.
'(he observer will conclude;
I.... i... 1 1. 1. .11 11
111.11 r.iMi.ess bu money scarce anu N ,,, R0MK ,0 boow a ,lmlslnd
that business men are scrapping for everv from a bro(hw of (n,)e w)() tMclw
dollar In sight. Hut such Is not the case s()()1 , ldana ,, x, doars a
in this camp. Next fall, when the bad mon , Dcim aiJ r;jiC ()e
weather drives the .liners and prospectors ,miMIey w,, whlch ,,, nukc a mlne of
from their claims and cabins into town. ,,, f )f() , N , d(m,t hlk they Hue up in front of the twenty ,, d a)V , ,.,, ,,ofroweJ ol!l.inj
odd mahoganies in bumpter, the pro- () ,,ora(J ' , , , dc lhose
prie ors hereol will wish they were m;tcMnUilU mmhilM,s thwe ,0 ,et me
getting n Int. Instead ol live cents, for the , ma(e lcm ., ,,.rrd ()f .t
beer that the hoys are going to en I for- ., s h hp ,,.,, ,,. ,, em s
just for the novelty ot paying only live , ,M ,,,,. ,. ,., .
Hi.Hhv.-M.,,; ,w ... - , ...- ......
when his system wins through a dozen
"Hut it seemed as if the deal would
never end; that I would never get an
opportunity to attempt to call the turn.
Finally, when the indications pointed
unmistakably to (he fact that we were
very near the long looked for ledge, It
was Willi feverish anxiety that I hovered
around the men at work in the face of
the tunnel, with my electric lamp flashing
its round ray of light on every pick-made
indentation. Ledge matter hadn't been
encountered more than twenty minutes
when I had made a pan test and a half
hour later I had started a man to town
for an assay.
"I had called the turn, all right enough.
"I am not going to tell you what the
rock carries, or how much of it there is,
but I'm mure than satisfied, alter having I
drifted fifty feet in both directions and (
had about a thousand assays, more or
less, made by a half doen assayers.
cents for a drink. I his little lull in the
saloon and hotel business, of which some
people around line are complaining, is
the regular thing in all tpjart. milling
tamps during two or three mouths every
"Vcs, I lute In see beer or anything
rise, except a newspaper, sold for live
tents. I (eel the Mine u.iy about a ncus
paper being sold for one or two cents.
I hough a lot ol them are not worth any
more, a smaller price than a nickel sug"
gests to my miiut copper pennies and
Boston ami then- is nothing on earth I
dislike so much as I do Hostou and cop
pers. I always think ol the two together
-ns I do of Oregon and mossbacks. I
time I'll ever play 'em so uncomfortably
close to my b stomach, I mean.
This thing of going broke just (or the
fun of making another stake his lost Its I
fascination for me. So long."
Trouble Among Columbia Southern People. '
An action has been commenced in the ,
circuit court for Sherman county by I). C.
O'Reilly against the Columbia Southern
railway, a corporation, May Huright, I:, j
H. Lytic, V. II. Moore, A. K. Hammond '
and C. I:. I ytle, otlicers of the corpora
tion. Plaintiff O'Reilly, hi his complaint,
alleges that he is a stockholder in the
company, owning 1147 of the jooo shares I
Mini J talk .1 week (with cheap beer as a of capital stock In the corporation; that
stimulus) on the evil elfects on trade and he has been deprived of any voice in the
the .sordid lulluence on the human soul management of the affairs of the com
which the general circulation of pennies panv, and refu-ed permission to examine
exerts, but as there Is 110 danger ol this its accounts; that exhorbitant prices have
extreme calamity befalling Sumpter, 1 1 been paid for the extension of the road 1
will not expatiate on so Inappropriate a , Irom Aoro to Shauiko, that Hjo.ooowas
topic. paid to I:. I:. I. ytle for the right ol way
"Hut, to get back ti the original prop- tioni Moro to Shaniko, whereas the
oslllon, come hi and have a beer with actu.iUost of the right of way was only'
me. I think I am worth ,- million, butsoo. He therefore pravs that he have
.1111 temporarily n tritle shy on currency, judgment against 11. K. Lytic and V. .
and every lilteeu cents saved at present
Is worth while. Just have ,1 little
patience and you can order yellow label
at my expense before manv moonsjust
lor n 'Hash,' ol course lor, as a matter
of fact, all we thoroughbreds prefer beer
to wine. I have heard that talk made 011
numerous occasions, and it comes in
1 1. Moore for Ji)o,8oo and such other
Sums as have been wrongfully taken
Iroui the company, and that a receiver be
appointed to take charge ot the altalrs of
the corporation. I:. I:. Lytic claims the
Milt is simply a case of blackmail. Mr.
O'Reilly was one of the promoters of the
company and formerly in the freight de-
handy at this wilting; but, to tell the p.irtment of the O. It. & N. Co., where
truth, it Is merely a convenient con talk e held .1 very responsible position,
for those who haven't the price; 01 cKe
have to apply cocaine to their wounded
feelings every time they separate them
selves from a liver, as it they were having I . M. Jepsou, an experienced mining
.1 tooth extracted. man of Victor, Colorado, in the Cripple
"It costs money to drive a hole four by 1 Creek district, visited here for the first
seven feet into the bowels ol a mountain, time last week, and gave THi: MlNliK
Another Colorado Mm Enthutiastlc.
and timber It with hewn dimensions.
I hat is .viiat I have been doing for three
months past, and that is why I am shy
of coin. Of course, I have played the
game before; have lost often and won
representative an interesting talk, and
his ideas of what this country might ex
pect from the Colorado contingent in the
near future. He expressed himself as
much pleased with this country, and
occasionally, anu kiiow someiiung 01 me luriner saici mar 01 an ine many wuo uaci
t.isdnatlng allurements of the business, 1 been here from his state, never had he
but never befoie have I felt such an all ' heard anything derogatory to the district,
absorbing Interest In every stroke of the , and that those working or operating here
pick, as during the past ninety days. ; at present, were writing home and ad
Being Imbued with the accepted Idea that
the presence of water Indicates the prox
imity of mineral, I watched anxiously
for every damp spot In the tunnel. Then,
dually we sot into a perfect .mesh of
strikers, mid I experienced the same
seottUon that masters the faro liend
vising others to come. He predicts that
there will be more machinery in here
within the next year or eighteen months
than within the entire past history of
the district, and that the methods of
mining will be greatly changed when the
Colorado man Is more in evidence.
Union Smelter Mfg. ,'Co.
Our Sumpter. Oregon, Plant of From
K to 40 Tons Daily Capacity is Now
Ready For Operation.
A spur of the Sumpter Valley Railway Company and easy wagon roads
facilitate the delivery of ores right at the Smelter. Owners or controllers
of Sulphide, Carbonate and Oxide ores, who can contract for their delivery
in lots of 10 tons at least, are requested to forward to us from too to 150
pound representing the average character and values of the ores. Such
samples will be analyzed and assayed by our analytical chemist free of
charge, for the purpose of establishing the value of the corresponding ores
to us. and for the guidance of their owners. Our treatment charge, com
paratively moderate, will be goverened by the special adaptability or de
sirableness of the respective ores for our purposes. The product of our
Smelter will be handled by the First Bank of Sumpter and payments for
ores accepted by us will be mad through the same channel. Special rates
of treatment charges will be made to parties in position to contract for a
steady and large supply of desirable ores.
The Union Smelter Mfg. Co.
S Loci
Lock Box P
Bousum & Spalding
l:ree delivery of Pure Ice. Leave orders at office of Columbia Brewing and
Malting Co., next door to MINER office.
stop !
see Joe Schmidt
...5c BEER... H
Brewery Saloon
A. J. STINSON, Prop.
(Successor to Snyde & Stinson)
Only the Best Brands of Liquors Served Over the Bar
Raul E. Poindexter,
corona McNkai-b Cook.
umpter, - - Ore.
f. f