The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, July 18, 1900, Image 1

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NO. 4S
Rich Ore Strike in the' Golden Eagle Phoe
nix Leased for 25 Per Cent of the Out
put Hills Full of Prospectors and Min
ersSheep Doing; Damage.
M. K. K.'ilnr returned this tnrenonn
from ii leisurely swing around the belt, as
far out as the Greenhorn countrv. He Is
mi old newspaper man and therefore al
ways keeps his eyes and ears open. He
reports that G. W. McCulloch is opening
up an extension of the Diadem mine, on
the head of Blue gulch. The ledges have
all the characteristics of the Diadem.
Joseph Chapelear has a promising cop
per prospect on top of the Greenhorns at
the head of Blue gulch.
The Marshall boys, of Portland, have
struck a ledge of free milling ore that
runs very high. An arnstra will be erect
ed to work the ore.
Some rich ore has been struck in the
Golden Eagle mine in Greenhorn gulch.
The ore was encounted In a drift being
run on the lowest level and carries free
gold, leaf form, and galena. This is the
best ore ever encountered in the mine and
the owners are consequently jubilant.
A lease on the Phoenix mine has been
given to C. N. Chethem and Wm. San
ders for two years, the owners to receive
.25 per cent of the output. Sinking has
been commenced on one ledge and later
work will be started on the other.
I.. G. Wheeler, operating the the St.
al days since from the Chelan group of
mines, near l.awton, which they own. 1
They have had the property surveyed by 1
H. K. Wheeler, preparatory to patenting I
it. Work has been In progress on Ue CaoitalkK Here tn Mike I arcre
mine for nearly a year past and the out- P"3""5 nerc - Make Large
look is very encouraging. Colonel Pey 1 Investments.
ion leu yesterday tor ills home in uticn
go and Mr. Hurd returned to the mine.
Another Monkey for the Summit House.
'Young America" arrived in Sumpter
yesterday, care of H. Finger, and today
left on the afternoon stage for the "Sum
mit" house, which is to be his future home".
He is a first class imported monkey for
"Joe." There are two of them already
out there but they are little ones, and Joe
wanted a big healthy fellow to keep the
others under control.
Many Mint Preparing to Put in Mills
This Season.
A carload nl sawmill machinery now at
the depot, smoke stacks, circular saws,
etc., from the Russel & Co's machinery
house at Portland, consigned to the North
Pole mine, would indicate that the latter
would have its own plant for sawing turn
ber and mining tlmbers'hereafter.
It Is known also that several other com
panies whose properties have reached that
stage where they are warranted in putting
in plants, will have from 10 to 20 stamps
working before the winter is well on.
Mr. McCallum, of the Raid Mountain
and Mammoth mines, will install a large
mill for the former property this season,
and it is understood a smaller plant for
the. latter, which has not yet reached that
stage of development that has the Hald
Competition is already strong, as is
shown by the presence of representatives
of various machinery houses from the
eastern and coast cities. Elsewhere in
these columns is mentioned the fact of
Robert E. Strahorn, at present making
Monday, July 16. Fred C. Dobler, tlm
present head bookkeeper for the C. M. of
O. company, has been elected superin
tendent and will take charge the lOth.
The lirst task will be pumping the water
from the shaft, of which tlieie is some so
feet standing. The uew will consist of
some ten men to begin with, and more
will be added as soon as they 1.111 work to
advantage. This is a line property and
under Mr. Dobler's management we con-
Ills headquarters In Spokane, who has ' lidcutlv epect it tn become one of the
undoubtedly invested more New England best mines in all eastern Oregon. Car
money in the three northwestern states of 1 sou Tocsin.
Anthony group at Alamo, has crosscut ! contracts having been let for additional
his ledge 1 16 feet and has failed tn find
the wall. The ore Is not high grade but
all carries values.
The Diadem is having air pipes put in
its shaft, the air having become, bad in
the drift being run from the shaft.
He further says that the hills are alive
with prospectors developing their proper
ties, and it is safe to sav more develop
ment work Is being donr this summer
than was done in the district prior to 1000.
Clear creek is lined with tents and new
cabins, the owners developing properties.
The greatest curse to the miners and
prospectors is that sheep are allowed to
graze in the hills, destroying the grass and
voung trees, driving out the game, tilling
up the ditches and pointing the springs
and ditches.
Enthusiastic Over the Honeycomb.
Ered McCoy, the Alamo merchant,
formerly of Waitsburg, Wash., Is enthus
iastic over the showing in his property on
St. Anthony hill, known as the Honey
comb. He is opening up his property
with a ioo-foot crosscut tunnel and has
three men at work. 'I he last assay he
obtained gave f 12. 40 in gold. These val
ues, considering the fact that tlie ore was
practically taken from the surface, augurs
well for the property with further devel
opment. How wide the ledge is is not
yet known, as 12 feet of ore has been pen
etrated without disclosing the hanging
wall. Correspondence in Spokesman
Colonel C. H. Peyton, of Chicago, and
W. E. Hurd, of Portland, returned sever-
stamps to increase the plant at the Col
umbia mine. Anyone that cannot calcu
late what all this means to bumpier in the
near future must be either blind or un
willing to see, to say the least.
Bend on Blue Mountain Boy.
Although Colonel P. V. Drake, who re
cently took a bond on the Blue Mountain
Boy group on Ten Cent creek, owned by
J. M. and I. E. Rose, P. J. McGuigan
and P. A. Brady, all of Spokane, has per
mitted the bond to lapse, the owners have
by no means lost faith In Its merits. For
surface cropping there is not a property In
the Granite district that can make a bet
ter showing, while assays on the ore at a
depth of but a few feet have run as high
as $ 50 gold. The group consists of four
claims and the bond given Colonel Drake
called for J 5000. Should they not be able
to make a turn in the near future, the
owners propose to organize a stock com
pany and let the property develop itself
through the sale of treasury stock.
Special to the Spokesman-Review.
Rough Riders in a Railroad Wreck.
Uncertain rumors of a wreck on the O.
R. & N. road near Pendleton, in which
the east-bound train, carrying the mem
bers of Troop R, Sumpter Rough Riders,
returning from the encampment at Salem,
cannot be verified at this writing, though
telephone messages from Raker City says,
such had occurred and that' the train due
there early in the forenoon would not ar
rive until midnight.
Ask for the Columbia beer, brewed in
Oregon, Washington and Idaho, than
any other one man, largely in the way ol
bonds and warrants, arrived hi Sumpter
Monday. He comes here with a view of
making extensive and Important invest
ments in and around Sumpter.
Accompanying him are e.vGuvernor
Black, ol Utah, now a resident of Spok
ane and a frequent visitor to Sumpter,
and attorney Dansen, also ot Spokane.
The latter is Mr. Stahom's counsel, who
comes here to pass on titles and convey
ances in case the deal is cousumiiated.
Governor Black and Mr. Strahorn were
schoolmates In Illinois and their paths
have frequently crossed In this wide, wild
The party Is visiting the several ad
jacent mining districts this week, the
object of which Is to determine the
actual resources of the country, that some
acurate and reliable idea can be gained as
to the permanence of the present pros
perity. The gentlemen declare them
selves most favorably impressed with
Sumpter, and say it is the best, most sub
stantially built and orderly mining camp
they have ever seen, and they have
visited many of them.
It now seems very probable that this
deal will go through and if it does, it will
mean much good to this camp and dis
trict. Two "Oregon-Colorado" Properties.
Mention was recently made of the Oregon-Colorado
stock listed on the Oregon
nulling mock exchange at i'orlland, as
being that of property located at Quartz.
burg, and which Is owned and operated
by Sam H. Hayes, of Prairie City. Re
cent advices show that the stock referred
to is that of a company located hi the Bo
hemia district, in soi'thern Oregon, which
chances to have the same name as the
eastern Oregon mines, and it is to be
hoped the Bohemia property will compare
favorably with its namesake over this
way, on which Is a live-stamp mill now
being operated on oie from that and other
properties in the vicinity.
Jack Power's Group Has 5503 Rock.
C. E. Beeson, representing Portland
people's Interest In the Intrinsic, or better
known as the Jack Powers group, in the
Greenhorn section, where he Is superin
tending the development of said property,
is here 011 business for a day or two at
the Capitol hotel. Samples of ore exhi
bited from there are very fine, carrying
principally silver, some gold and a little
copper. Assay values from picked
samples show as high as $500, and over.
Mr. Beeson will remain through the sum
mer at least.
Work Begun on Robert Emmctt.
The Robert Emmctt, considered by
many to be the best mine in the 'Cornu
copia district, has changed hands, being
now owned by the Elk Creek Mining
company. The stock of the company is
owned chiefly by Union people, though
local money is also interested. Davis
Hros. have the controlling interest. The
company proposes to push operations as
rapidly as possible and will begin work
Inspected This and Adjoining Districts and
Collected Specimens.
Zoelh llotiser, Frank Richet and J. F.
BatcheMer arris ed here yesterday Irom
Praltie City 011 their way home to Port
land, after an inspection trip to the Stand
ard group, In which each is interested.
Mr. Batchelder has visited the mine
once before, but not since much develp
meut work had been done, bv which the
very rich ore now being mined was un
earthed. Consequently his enthusiasm
is at hlghwatcr mark for this property,
and, hi fact, the entire district.
Mr. Rlchel Is one of Portland's
wealthv wholesale merchants, and this Is
his lirst trip to this section. He will re
turn home with even more favorable im
pressions than wvte formed by what he
had merely heard before, and thus it ever
is with those who personally go through
any portion of the various distiicls sur
rounding Sumpter.
Mr. Batchelder is also chairman of the
committee in charge of the Pottlaud per
manent ore exhibit, and carries home with
him samples of ore that will force the
skeptical as well as the "knockers," toad
mlt that the values ate here. 'I he Stand
ard people are not sloping, but simply
taking out the ore' mined in their develop
ment work, sever.M tons of which Is now
here at the smelter, aud'ihore will follow
at once.
General W.wtn in oil a Bonanta.
Montana papers have much to say of
late concerning a marvelnusly rich gold
strike that has been made' in that state,
In which General Warfen is largely In
terested. One account stales that the
rock is running on an average of a dollar
to the pound and that there is now f$oo,
000 worth of this kind hi sight. Private
letters Irom the General to his associates
around the 'Inwiisitecompaiiy'.sottice here
confirm these reports to a large extent.
This is what is detaining him in Montana.
He will probably not return home until
the early part of August; his intention
heretofore having been In arrive here,
about the 15II1, last Sunday.
New Steam Laundry.
The Elite steam laundry commenced
business here last Monday in its new
building 011 South Mill stieet, where it
has Installed a lot of lirst class, modern
laundry machinery and is prepared to turn
out as good svork as in any city. S. W.
Sherrard, its manager, Is an experienced
man and should make the new institution
1 success. See advertisement else hern
in Till: MINI-K.
The California Will Be Developed.
W H. Jackson, former superintendent
at the Golcouda mine, has accepted man
agement of the Calif ornb property-in the
Cable Cove district, and development
work was commenced last week, to be
continued indefinitely. This Is one of the
oldest claims in that district, but has not
been developed heretofore.