The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.) 1899-1905, May 16, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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    Wednesday, May 16. 1900.
Grizzly Gold Mining Co
CAPITAL. $500,000
in shares of the par value of Fifty Cents Each. Treasury Stock 400,000 shares.
President. JNO. J. PENHAl.E, Vice-Pres., ALBERT GEISER,
(Gen. Mgr. Hunker Mill Gold Mining Co., Sumpter, Oregon.) (President Citizens Rank, Raker City.)
Secretary, R. C. PENTLAND
the Grizzly group has disclosed a gold bear
ing ledge of remarkably high value and there
is every reason to expect the property will
become one of the greatest mines in Oregon.
The Grizzly group consists of the "Col
orado" and the "Colorado Extension" quartz
mineral claims, situated in the Sumpter Dis
trict of Baker county, Oregon, six miles north
weat of the town of Sumpter, forming part of
the rich mineral zone wherein are located
producing mines of fabulous wealth, such as
the "North Pole," "Columbia," "Golconda,"
"Bonanza" etc., etc. Development work on
For Prospectus and General Information address
O. C. McLEOD 8c CO., Sumpter, Ore.
A limited amount of Treasury Stock is
offered for sale at SIX CENTS Per
share. Subscriptions for stock may be sent
to the First Bank of Sumpter, Sumpter, Ore.
Ai Much Work Can Be Done in Six as in
Seven Days.
There- is a decided agitation going on in
various p.ttts o( the country over the
question of si days lor a week's work in
milling camps, and the iiiestian Is bring
solved along these lines. Experience is
teaching the lesson that the miners can
accomplish as much work in six days as
they did piev lously in seven. Many mine
operators in Untie, Montana, and Utah
and some In Colorado are realizing the
' truth ot tills and are extending the sl.
day rule much more generally than here
tofore; so that it begins to appear that the
seven day a week, thirty a month, and
three hundred and sKtytive a year plan
will pass into the realm ot barbarism
Iroin whkh it sprang.
It Is strange that Jiuiue operators have
been so tardy in conforming their plan of
action to what is now demonstrated to be
svieutilicly imperative. It is a milter of
prool that the Trench ten-day a week
system was destructive to all the best In
terests ot working, whether physical or
jnoral, and it is Incomprehensible that
mining men should have clung so long to
ithe system which allowed no day of rest
.either tor man or animal.
Cilpple CreeU is today run on the three
(hundred sixty-live day a year plan, but
'what ate the results? While no provision
lis made lor the men's Sunday, it Is found
it hut they take their day of rest every
thirty days or less, whenever pay day
happens to come round. Mine managers
have to take in account the loss of time
occasioned by men going ott on a "drunk"
and the loss ot time will be found to '
amount to close onto that which would be i
caused by the si day a week plan. And
again it will be tound a fact that the men '
will come back to work after days of riot
ing and drunkenness unlit for good work.
It will also be tound if the death rates
of the Cripple Creek district are examined
that the mortality is much greater in that
camp than prevails in any similar camp
w here the six day plan Is in operation. It
lias been claimed by Cripple Creek mine
owners that their men worked as well
and lived as long under the present sys
tem as if the six day plan was in vogue.
Such statements are contrary to common
sense and in direct opposition to the
scientific investigator and it will take
more than the word of a selfish mine
superintendent to establish such a claim.
Cripple Creek, so far ahead in all matters
of mining in general, is most lamentably
deficient In ihls one great principle of con
servation of human energy. Mining
Presbyterian Choir Concert.
The concert given last Thursday even
ing by the Presbyterian church choir was
what the managmeiit promised It would
be, a real musical treat. Where every
number was worthy of special mention
It is dltlicult, and perhaps seemingly in
vidious, to single out any one for com
mendation, without mentioning all. The
two vocal solos, one by Mrs. E. Sadie
Applied in the Granite D'strlct With Rich
C. C. Higgins and H. F. Anderson, of
Salt Lake, ran across a stray copy of
the Granite Boulder last February and
.concluded to come out here Instead of
going to Cape Nome. They got a camp
outfit in Granite, struck out on the short
cut towards the Bonanza, going about
four miles before they got into country
that hadn't all been located.
There they commenced panning a little
gulch and followed it up until they
couldn't get any more colors. Then they
, prospected around and found where the
1 pay dirt ran up the side of the mountain, j
. After following it up the side of the
I hill until it showed no more colors, they ,
began trenching and soon uncovered the
ledge which gave a string of gol . an inch
and a half long in the pan. This en
couraged them and they began sinking on f
the lode and now have several tons of ,
milling oie on the dump. !
The strike of the ledge is nearly north
and south and the dip nearly perpeudicu-1
lar. It lies between porphyry on the hang
0. R. & N. CO.
io'4j pm
11:15 pm
'4S m
I p m
White and the other by S.N. Steele, were , wa anJ a sa,e foot wa, show,nR
highly appreciated by the audience, and ; about fVe fee, wide far ,he surf,ce wh
11 . i , 1 indications of widening as they go down,
ly cultivated. The vei. js a (rue contact an j the sa))e
'a ciiarmhig I '""' a ProPos'"on as made many a poor
, while Miss prospector rich in the early days of quartz
hum incivcu 'inure. i" " vc . injcat0s 0f widening as they go down,
uiiuMiaiiy voc, ...K.. - tumvaicu. The vel, ,s a Uue Cotact, and the same I
Ua.i IT. .... In ..!.. I h .. I. a '
mia. ow.iii, xiiu 1.1111CU a iu in i uuci
and also In a uuartet. has
voice, under perfect control
Carrie Spaulding sings as sweetly as a
bird. The mandolin and guitar duet by
Misses Anna and btella Brooks was by
some considered the instrumental hit of
the evening.
Pouted Coal Oil In the Well.
Some miscreant poured coal oil In a well
on North Cracker street, which Is used
by all the. neighborhood, Monday night.
It Is said that this will render the water
unfit for drinking purposes for some time,
possibly permanently. There is no neigh
borhood row In progress there and it is
not known what motive prompted such a
desplsable, senseless act.
mining here, where a ledge had to pay
from the grass roots or the prospector
could not fol'ow It.
The property is called the Golden Fleece
Consolidated, and we hear it rumored that
Mr. Higgins will leave for Salt Lake next
week to make arrangements for pushing
dsvelopment work on this valuable pros
pect. Granite Boulder.
fice, neat and comfortably furnished
rooms, single and en suite, with use of
piano, four dollars per week and up. Mrs.
J. Johnson.
Dally -
Ex. MinJa
in p m
Ex. SunJay
7 a m
Tin's. Thur.
anJ Sat
6a m
Tues. Thur.
anj Sat.
. m
Horn Haker Oly
Sail Lake. Denver. Ft,
Worih, Omaha, Kan
sas Clly, SI. Louis
Chicago anj East.
Salt Lake. Dentcr, Pi.
Worth. Omaha. Kan
sas Cltv, St. Louis,
l.hlcagn anJ bast.
Walla Walla. Levlstnn
Spokane, Minneapolis
Si. Paul, Dututh. Mil
waukee, Chicago anj
All Sailing dales sublecl
10 change.
Tor San l-ranuscn
Sail every x Jas.
To Astoria anj Wa
Oregon City, Newl-erg,
.saiem, independence
anj way-unjings
j:j a m
SUj pm
0:45 p m
Oregon City, Dton
anj way-LanJings.
Portland to Conallls
anj WayUnJIngs
Rlrarla to Lewlston
4 pm
x. Sun,
Ex. SunJav
Ex. SunJay
i: o p m
Mon. WeJ.
anj Nrl.
Mon. WeJ.
anj Frl.
H. C. BOWF.RS, Agent,
Baker City, Oregon