The Semi-weekly democrat. (Albany, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1926, August 19, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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    QUAnhiES COM
Chairman of Mines Bureau Is
Here and Confers with
Mining Committee.
The Valley Is in Need of a
Comprehensive Drainage
System Is Opinion.
Cfjut jiiiif l from Saturday. August 16
That a research now and their wi
be made as tu the qualifications of
quarries in this sec I ion by the Oie
Kim Bureau of Mines and thai ilui:
far much worthy material lias been
found here, was indicated yesterday at
a conference of interested parties at
I he Comui(.rcial club.
II. N. S.awrie, clu-irmaii of the Ore
Bureau of Mines aul ycolotfy commis
sion, arrived in Albany today after
lour of the southern pari, of the state
in the interest of the bureau. J lie
purpose of his trip was to familiarize
In in sell with conditions and people,
and to send out at first hand as much
as possible of the mineral and eco
nomic theological resources of the
'Mr, I.awrie yesterday afternoon
Held a conierenee with the mining
committee ol Ihe Commercial club of
which A. M. Hammer, Wialdo Ander
son and John McChesney are mem
bers. This section is in need of a compre
hensive drainage system both for the
protection of waou roads and to in
crease the agricultural yield. Pursu
ant to assisting in this development,
the bureau proposes to test the avail
able clays in its laboratory at Corval
lis lo ascertain their qualifications for
the manufacture of tile at points well
located for distribution. With this in
formation won on first band and pre
sented from Ihe authoritative source
of the bureau of mines, many eastern
manufacturers in in h be encouraged
to investigate conditions which would
lead to co-opcralioii lo install such a
system. In Indiana thirty million dol
lars has been spent in drainage with
a result of increasing the yield from
50 to KM) per eenl. There has been a
l.irne amount of money expended
and for this reason the bureau work
is outlined to increase internal de
velopment. Recently there has been much inter
est manifested in Portland for the se
curing of an Oregon stone suitable
for the const rue l ion of the Portland
post office. (Ji tarry operations can
not be carried on wilhout public con
tract and there has been so little sup-!
port from I he county and slate in !
aralvins; local stone that the mining !
of build inn stone has not been ex
lensi e in b euon. 1 lowever, there
is a la re quantity of stone in Ore
gon, tiranile, sandstone, and marble
for interior decorations. The bureau
is niakiuK a research of the quarrirs
in (his section and will in the near
future report as their qualifications.
Railroad extension into the Blue
River and (Juarlville sections of this
county will develop a substantial in
come from metal mining. The ores
are base ami will require smelt inn.
but K've them transportation and they
will sustain development at a K"od
The bureau of mines according to
Mr. I.awrie is ready to test all sam
ples of road material submitted by
count v courts, road engineers or oth
er officials and to report upon their
qualifications as road material.
Rolfe and Hill in Alison.
The Oemoerat today received a
souvenir postal card from 1eo. Rolfe
win in company with lis;-t ;
t ' nov 1 1 ill, is seeing -he si i h t . i f
A'-iik," Ccorce says (bit it co ;m S
ii to pet into a pic, me sh v .i.
1'. it! em country ant lie cm huy
a b:ol paise of advertising qu.'e f t
a l-.n'ar month.
C. A. Ilarlcll and wife, the former
proprietor of the Oregon Hotel of
Cottage C.rovc and 1.. 1.. Hill of the
same p!
iVcsthrook and wife of the St.
Are You Going
to Build ?
Let U Save You Money
on Your Mill
While Officer's Back Is Turned
Bootblack Leaves- Res- ;
taurani. !
I, sea pin a out of the back door of
the Oregon restaurant, George, the
negro bootblack, is at large and offi
cers believe that he is on his way to
.Salem afoot.
George was arrested early this
morning by Chief of Police King on
a charge of drunkenness and placed
in the city jail to sober. Jt was his
second offence within the past month.
After remaining in jail all of the
morning and part of the afternoon,
Chief King took the prisoner to the
restaurant to give him his dinner.
While the officer's hack was turned,
George sneaked to the kitchen door
and slipped out the buck way. Upon
missing the man the officer immedi
ately inquired of Ins prisoner's where
abouts, lie was told that the man ran
out the back door. Mounting his bi
cycle, wtheer King conducted a hur
ried search of the neighborhood but
could not find (he escaped prisoner.
Chief King communicated the case
to Police Judge Van Tassel who ad
vised him to give the chase up.
Its a Girl.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wil
kins this morning a ten pound girl.
This is the third child, the first two
having been boys and Marry is buy
ing ten cent cigars for all of bis
Sign Up With Oregon Power
u0. for Term of Years; Con
tract Executed This Week.
That the Portland Flouring Mills,
of which T. H. Wilcox of Portland is
the president has confidence in Al
bany and is well satisfied with the
ullook in this city is indicated by the
fact that they have signed tip a con
tract for a term of years for power
fur both the Red Crown and Maguo-
ia mills which are operated in this
city. The former is the principal mill
conducted by the Portland company
here, the latter having been sold lo (he
( tregon Klectric railway when it be
came necessary for that comnanv to
run its freight line through the prop
erty. The Portland Flouring Mills
have however, secured a lease on the
property and are now using it largely
ware House purposes.
Mr. K liner Tavlor of Alsea returned
home today alter a visit at the home
of lieorge V. Hughes.
X. S. Olson, of Mrowiisville, ar
ed this notm from Corvallis, where
has been in the interest of the
Superior Hospital association of Ore
gon, of which he is president. lie'
will organize the work in this city.
i lie ohiect is to luruisli members with
medical, surgical and hospital care
when sick or injured.
K. G. Morris, of I. a Grande, was
in the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. V. II. Wright ami
son of Pasadena, Calif., were regis
tered at the St. Francis toilav. Thev
irmed in a louring car ami are mak
ing the trip to Portland.
O. T. l.arsen of Independence was
registered at the St. Francis todav.
D. V. Merril returned todav from
Cascadia where he has been eniovinu;
ii outiuir. He eauuht snnif
fish and says he had a delightful time.
.Mr. I-rank lonkhu ot l.os Gatos.
California arriwd this morning and is
visiting her uncle, W. Meade.
Clarence Tebault. city editor of the
iVmoerat left today for Newport
where he will spend a couple of days.
A stronger attraction than the sea
bieee drew Mr. Tebault to the coast.
Mrs, S. S. Gilbert. Gladys and Ted
dy returned last night from an ex
tended visit with relatives at various
points in Washington. They had a
delightful trip.
Attorney I.. G. l ewelling. Win. llo
flich and Theodore Holtich left this
noon for AImu where they expect to
slaughter a few deer. They went pre
pared for both fishing and hunting.
Miss Merle Knox of North Dako
ta, is a i;uest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Powell.
Mrs. J. K, Hulbcrt has returned
h om California where she has been
visiting relatives.
According to an auuoutu'cmen:
:ii.i,!e t!n inotnnie. by Oiceon
I Itclric oti'.ci.i!-.. the trait's on that
Iv't- i uMit will run tlii iu h il:e city
! W .iter street Imc to Wc-l
l il'lli street and will then back down
1" !''c depot on I'H'.h and L on. V'.n-
i" :c l is N'cn in.ole m o:,!er to
ietum Mr uoiknien to nnkc some
iiivisvw', imp! o cnu-nts 111 the
hc.l Maul .-Heel and the de-
Extension of Corvallis & East
ern from Detroit Will Open Up
Big Territory to Hub.
Oregon Electric Will Also Make
Albany Terminus; Big Mills
Will Be Established.
Portland, Or., Aug. 16. (Special to
Democrat.) That Albany will be one
of the largest milling towns in the
entire state of Oregon if the present
plans of the Corvallis & Eastern rail
way materialize, was the statement
made by a man close to the railroad
situation in Oregon here today.
For years the C. & E. has had in
mind the extension of this line from
Detroit and a number of surveys have
been made but not until recently has
the necessity of the extension appear
ed so urgent to the railroad officials
and milling interests of Western Ore
gon. With the opening of the Panama
canal, the export trade in wheat and
other products raised in the eastern
portion of the state will be enormous.
The milling interests arc prepared to
handle this crop and propose to mill
a large portion of it in Albany. The
construction of the new road will
open up a large wheat region which
has heretofore been neglected and will
materially increase the production of
this cereal in Oregon.
In addition to the proposed plans
of the C. & E. the Oregon Electric
is abo planning to cross the moun
tains and thus obtain a portion of the
carrying business which will be de
veloped in Eastern Oregon. The ter
minus of both of these lines will be
in Albany and it is therefore assumed
that a large portion of the milling
business will be done at the terminal
point of the lines.
Just when actual construction work
will commence could not be ascer
tained but it is stated on good author
ity that both lines will be in opera
tion before the opening of the big
Editor of Santiam News Claims
That "The Dairy City" First
Discovered by Scio.
The following rout the Santiam
News indicates that the people ot
Scio will not part with their town
slogan :
"At its regular meeting the Shedd
Commercial club adopted a slogan for
that place, "The Hairy City." An
arch will he erected across First
street in trout of the post office and
the new hank building with that in
scription. Albany Democrat."
" The slogan. "The Dairy City of
the Willamette Valley," was adoptcil
by the Scio city council over five
years ao; also by the Scio commer
cial club about the same time, and
has been used on all the stationery and
literature of this organization since
that time.
"If Slieilds wants a slogan anil is
not original enough to invent one, for
the love of Mike, why don't they at
least have the decency to go outside
the county to steal the slogan of an
other town?"
Fditor Tip Humphrey, ot Jeffer
son, arrived this noon for an after
noon at the Huh.
100 Hop Pickers Wanted.
Wanted 100 hop pickers at Ash
Grove yard 10 miles north of Albany
and 1 12 miles west of Dover. Ail
necessary conveniences furnished
Register at the Woodworth Drug I
storv and apply to Hurler Hrothcrs. I
Hell phone l.ix Jet'lcrson. w al2tf
FOR S.M.K 10 acre tract at south
end of Takena street, just east of
tile new college site. Lays fine for
division into 1 or J acre tracts. Al
so house and lot at corner of .rd
and Cal.ipooia streets. For terms
apply to O. A. Archibald, at First
National Hank. A4S-4 dlv-wklv
FOR SA1.K SO acre tract northeast
of Oakvillc Station. All in cultiva
tion and cood laud. For terms see O.
A. Archibald at First National Hank.
Vt S4 dlv wkly
Fisher, RmdemV: Co
I'ndiT.atvi.iK Tarlor-. ;'rd and
r ' ADY .VI I I MUNr
Both Phones
Good Game on Boards for To
morrow and Many Local
Fans Expect to Attend.
Every baseball fan in Albany is ex
pected to attend the game tomorrow
between the Bradfords of Portland
and the Athletics. There was no game
iiere lat Sunday owing to the light
attendance of the past several weeks
but it is believed the attendance will
increase so that games may be played
each Sunday during the remainder
of the season. The Hradfords after
a strenuous time in which they re
port unfair treatment, defeated Dal
last last Sunday by a score of 7 to
3. AH the Portland teams have
strengthened their lineups and the
Bradford claim they have one of the
fastest amateur teams in the city.
Patterson and Patterson will be the
battery for Albany tomorrow while
Whetstone and Born will work for
the visitors. The game will begin
promptly at 3 o'clock.
Bradfords Albany
Uoni c D. Patterson
Whtestone p W. Patterson
Stepp lb Ryalls
Stranahan 2b Swann
Morgan 3b Colbert
Brown cc Kennard
Lind If Baker
Briygs cf Monson
Boyatana rf Salisbury
City Health Officer Makes In
vestigation of Cases Reported
and Thinks Water Pure.
That the cases of typhoid rcnorted
yesterday by local physicians are not
due to the water supply as given out
by a citizen of Albany, but to impure
milk sold by a private family to some
of the local people is the opinion of
Dr. Davis, city health officer.
As soon as the cases were reported
Dr. Davis made an investigation and
while he has not concluded the work
he feels satisfied that the eases can
not be attributed to the city water sup
ply but to impure milk.
Lyle Bigbee this noon returned
from Newport, where he has been
three or four weeks for the benefit
of his health. The injury received
several weeks ago on the Oregon
Klectric at this city has been affect
ing him and it is thought the injured
place in his head will have :o bo re
opened, fearing that a niece of gravel
is inside affecting his brain.
According to the Portland papers
tlic Oregon Power cinpany has closed
up a contract with the Portland. Eu
gene & Eastern Railway company to
furnish power for that railroad on all
iifiMcen ,'uein ami I
KllUl'Ilt' Tln enw mill -it IVi1I-, ...III
also he furnished with power from the
same company and a .13.000 volt line
will also be run to Albany in addi
tion to the one now in operation.
In the New Fall Models
A satisfactory
Agents for
County Equalization Board Will
Meet at Court House
September 8.
Assessor Earl Fisher Is Busy
with a Corps of Assistants
on Work.
Owners of DTODertv ill Linn roimtv
should concern themselves in the
meeting of the board of equalization
to be held at the courthouse in this
city, on Monday, September 8 for a
six day session.
Taxpayers will find it to their ad
vantage to examine the tax rolls oi
the county when completed and before
the mcetin.j cf the county equalizatin
board and if they believe thev are u-
equitably assessed should be ready to
picseiu lun iniormation to me Doara.
After the adjustments are made by
the board, no changes are permitted
and the tax collector can give receipts
only upon payment of taxes as shown
by the rolls. Taxpayers who neglect
to appear before the board and then
hovyl at the tax collector only waste
their, own time, make a nuisance of
themselves and try the patience of the
officer who cannot help them a par
ticle. It will be useless to go before the
equalization board with only a gener
al complaint that certain property is
assessed at too high a figure. If the
assessment is too high, be prepared
to show it by comparison with the as
sessment on other property of like
character and in the same locality.
Assessor Eearl Fisher and a corps
of assistanats barely find time for eat
ing and sleeping these days, for there
is a tremendous lot of work to do to
complete the rolls in time for the
meeting of the board which under the
new law is held a month earlier than
L. L. Potts left yesterday Ilwaco,
Wasington, where he will spend a
week visiting at the home of relatives.
He has a cousin residing at that place
who is in the bakery business.
Roy Parker, the shoe man at the
Hamilton store, left this morning with
his family for a two weeks' outing at
Detroit. With a brand new fishing
license authorizing said Parker to fish
and take fish, will no doubt have a
tendency to reduce the cost of living
for at least two weeks.
It was reported late this afternoon
that the Portland newspaper men who
are touring the valley will be unable
to reach Albany before 10:30 tomor
row morning and owing to the fact
that .Manager Stewart found it im
possible to ohtain a crowd at that
time. Sunday, to receive the delega
tion, no formal reception will be ten
dered to the visitors when they pass
through the city.
lace front Corset
at a Reasonable Price
model for everv figure.
$2.00 and $3.50 pair
Well Known Pioneer of Linn
County Died After a
Short Illness.
After a short illness from ap
pendicitis. John V. Garland, a
pioneer of Linn county anc'. a res
ident of this city, passe away
late this afternoon ;.t St. .Mary's
.ir. Garland was operated up
on Thursday ?nd his physicians
entertained but little hope of his
recovery. His appendix broke
and early this afternoon it was
announced that he could not live
more than two or three hours.
Arrangements for the funeral
have not, been made at the hour
of going to press.
Prof, and Mrs. Briggs. two young
est sons and Mrs. Hriggs' mother, ar
rived this noon from Cottage Grove,
beyond where they have been taking
an outing for several weeks, hunting
and fishing. Prof. Briggs has been
engaged as superintendent of the
s:hools at La Grande, California, for
next year and will go there next month.
Mrs. Briggs and children are so well
i'leased with the Albany schools they
v-ill remain here the coming year.
Rev. Calvin H. French and Dr.
H. M. Crooks Will Fish for
Trout in Mountains.'
Arriving last night, Rev. Calvin H.
French, a prominent educator and
president of the Huron college of Hu
ron, South Dakota, is a guest at the
home of President H. M. Crooks of
Albany College.
Rev. French is associate secretary
of the college board of the Presby
terian church of America and as an
officer of this organization has a vital
interest in Albany College. He will
confer with President Crooks and the
board of trustees of the local school.
and dnnbtlnce innl-o enmn o,.
as to the future plans of the institu
Next week Rev. French and Dr.
on a fishing trip in the vicinity of De-
A family reunion w-as held Sundnv
at the home of Mr. and Mrs, C. H.
Kalston m which upwards of thirty
iuldren and erand children met ar
the parental home. There were pres
ent, besides Mr. and Mrs. Ralston,
. Kirkoatrick and fnmilv. imird
Landstrom and family, of this city;
J. M. Ralston and Wife, Fred Fort
miller .111,1 f-im;i,. .,.,.1 m:-- 17
" " 3 turn .,iisa i , mine
Griggs, of Albany; E. U. Lee and
t'.i,.l.. f T7 , r t
mi i.iigene auu v. Lee, Ot
Junction City. Criterion.
Rni,M, !-i;..L.l.. .1 1- t r
.iiiiimj, me popular ami et-
ficient stenographer at the Albany
Commercial club rooms has returned
from lu-r vacation at St. Helens.
Agents for
Kubo Reducing