The Semi-weekly democrat. (Albany, Linn County, Or.) 1913-1926, July 01, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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    u.h.u. rnuraaun Uniqn -stock yards good
Hundreds Hear Illustrated Talk
on Civic Improvement at
Presbyterian Church.
Points Out 2 Essential Things
Beautifying City; Uni
formity and Unity.
Cniilinui-d from .Salunkiy, June M
in liuililinj; up :t pritly Mrccl, two
lliiNK-. arc c eiiui.l, accu.'illilK l'ruL
I't cK, ol liic- i J. A. (., in Hi-, ailiiri:.-
a, tin: l.iiiu n rn -.a; u. i. in cliuirii lal
iu.,11, i uriiiny : . 'i ..inly ly a'ljmn-
i'.iK niii-ny inv.n..- uiiimnuiiy
for t lie .same kin',, ul a lift; in 1 1 if
parking anil mjh...i hi r.lirnll-ry and
plants, anil unity c.ills ior ailjuiuniK
owner;, uniiii.i; iii ilifir "ink in Mich a
way that earn will have the benefit
ui liic Dllu r n inipnn cinciils.
i'rof. I 'iik !h iiitruiluccii liy A. L.
i i Iut, prc-nicilt ul Hie I'illh street
I iiipnn ciii.'i l clllh, ami spoke fur an
ahilK' Ills talK wan lauu
a pictures, all eastern
i-iiiK pcaker, thoroughly
lionr, illi:.''.i
l$u: .11
a pic
;.i cam. -:.
lie t (,.,iji!itlicnliil Alhauy "II the
.-plenili I Mart alon ci;c lines, al
reaily uciliK one ui the prillic-l cities
in l!:c -tali'. I'iflh -Heel, wilii ils elec
li. e i:, e pieMiils a line appearance,
hut n. cds sunie Iriininiiin al places.
'I ke mpul Modi may In uilc very
atli.'ii liie nr ruincil liy I i" iiianaijc-
n ii i : i . I he Filth I'lul ui llie euurt
hur-c -liulihl have an attractive ell
lr: ce, one with a", iioitin,' appear
au c. IIciIkcs shuiihl nnver mi nearer
llie -iilewalk than llie line ui llle
hi.u.c. left hack In make llie view
iru.-c upen, ami il is well tu keep
ski ;ili':ery ami plants hack. Al the
l.l t cnil is a hluck about opposite the
Maili nil slreet s, huul hnihlillK thai
would make a tiood Harden iur stu
dents, with po-sihilities ui a pretty
place. The hiith self.ol hilihliiiiK he
Iweeii Third ami Fourth strci'f
wimlil he improved by some lluslun
or ,,ll cr ivv nil llle stiles anil Mow
ers ami shrubbery, now jil-t set clown
in ii lawn.
Alunu ueneral lines speaker cla
sifieil lamlseape nanleiiiiiK as urinal
ami natural: llie former showine, lines nr curves in the setting
of shrubhci v ami plants, the latter
lllinij- ill KloU-.. Simplicily is 111
kevuole ui the be-l results.
Aulullil the ivie. he considers til
ll.v.'nu llie he -1 llie l-.nhsli ivy
caiinol he controlled. Ivy shoiihl mil
iiu on wonilcn btiihliuvts, lint up wire
frames mar the hllihluur.
I;ussincs in settings is always oh-
jeciiouable. Ihc mass plot is tin
tu :i Mi lliiliit, with proper iletails ii
t lie It inc. of shnibbcry.
It wouhl be a koiI thine; if tree
eoiihl be conlvollcl by .1 cily. Anv
wav sireets should he ore.inicd anil
a uniform tree -chvteil. lie consul
ets the X'orwav maple, becau-e ol
ils slow K"owth. :ce best. Horse
che-lnuls .uc a poo irec for paikinu".
but nice set lurk. A luiMllre of
Irces in the pai'.intr has a bail effect.
K;eiisi e ho.i'cs arc nol necessary
fie- a prc'.ty .iilsl common
ko'i-cs niav he in iile cry oretly ly
proper oi n.imcm.ilion wilh such
ll,it"is as uiotnine. i;lorir. cerlinit cu
cu'iilurs. vines, even hops, etc
Cattle Market Is Steady. Hog
Trade Surpassed AH Records,
Sheep Business Slow.
KerriM- for l lie week have l f ii
Omli: 1525; cnlvcs 27 X, lion-, -'.sc.,
("a i tic market steady to strong all
u'i-k. The general run ol stci-r- ha
iccii altovu the avt-rage in ftiality, the
ritlk -elling $7. 75 Ifi SH.25. Several
llai it (.ah iur ina t,'ra- cattle sold
1 1 hit;! i er price . 1 he steers in tin-.
Lipii.eiit brought 5.S.7.1, the litiicr:
S.(i) an the calves S'J.fXI. Outlet has
H'cii very goud and the market .seem-.
in In- (iii very sound hasis. There is
i poor demand lor stockers and lecd-
on account ol the high w;uer,
hicli condition will he eliminated in
ihc near future.
The hog trade surpassed all record
ince 1 0 1 f V for a single week. Prices
made a Oiear gain of 80c m seven
;v-. Market ripened strong Monday
l $K.60, which was a 20c gain over
the previous week, ami hy i-'riday lop
pualilv liLdtl swtne was celling -trontr
;ti S'XVO. Receipts have hien very lih-
ral hut huymg has heen on n large
al'- and the supply was quickly
T:-n'"-;icihms in the 1wcd hou-e
have heen very feu due 1o the Tttrlit
receipt s and slow demand for mill
ion. Kxlra clioirc yearlings are wnvlh
4 75 lo 5c and ewes $4.50. The Inmh
trade U in vcrv fair -hane and nrime
-nrii-ir '-lock h" had a irnwl on!
hi, pric-v ranging f-om $o.00 to ?r75.
Will Take Active Part in Pro
gram for Corvallis Day,
July 17.
Missall and Knapp Will Leave
Soon with Their Families
to Make Their Home.
Secretary Murphy of Corvallis
Commercial Club Writes
Interesting Letter.
It v:i? learned this morning that
Mtr-, .M i.-all and Knapp, who for
several years conducted a grocery
store on Main Mi'eet and who sold out
ahout a year ago, have purchased
jointly a clothing store in KeUon,
Wa-di. -Mr. Kjiapp is in Washington
making i lie neceary arrangements
to take over the store and within a
few day- Mr. Mi.-sall and his family
will leave here to make that place their
future home. The Knapp family go
Me-irs. M is sail and Knapp have
heen previously occupied in the cloth
ing hti-iness. having operated a simi
lar store jointly in Minnesota before
coming here.
If Weather Permits the Largest
Crowd of Season Will As
semble at Athletic Park.
If the weather permits, the largest
rowd that has attended a hall game
ihi seauii will witness the content
it Athletic park tomorrow afternoon
it o'clock between Salein and Al
Several hundred tans will accom
pany -ihc "Senators to Albany if
threatening w eat her does not eaue !
anci llatiou ol the special tram en-;
,-ed over the Oregon Kleetric lo
bring the crowd here.
ISaker, who is considered I he be--pitcher
in the Willamette valley and
the main strength of the Salem team
will be in the box for the visit firs
while. I'atlerson will pitch for Albany.
Miekcl, one of -the heaviest hitters
on the local learn and I.. Higbee are
buth out of the game on account of
field for Albany and Kennard will
lielhl tor Albany and Kennard will
lie placed in his old positiion at short,
.is Cornell who held down short in
ihc first game with Salem is playing
wilh hv Si. Paul team.
Albany will have the following
players:" I . Patterson, c; W. Patter
son, p; Colbert, lb; Swanu. 2b: Ken
nard. C. Higbee, Kyals. It;
Motison. cf: Hughes, rf.
Cbevne of Portland and Salisbury
of Albany will umpire.
The Corvallis people are entluiMas
lic over the Albany Chautauqua and
that they will take an active part in
the program ct aside as Corvallis
Day, which has been designated as;
July 17, is indicated in the following;
letter received this morning by Man
ager Stewart, of ahe Commercial
"1 am in receipt of your letter of
the Jbth instant stating that the 17th
of July will be '"Corvallis Day." Our
local daily papers will give 'that fact
considerable publicity and we will do
our part to advertise your Chautau
qua. A committee has been appointed
lo arrange a program for the Corval
lis day exercises. As soon as the
committee is ready to give tiie matter
.'uy publicity the program will be sent
to you or llie Albany papers so that
pi:hl:city may be given to it there.
"I presume that you have read that
Co! a His and Kugene were to assist
Monroe to selebrate the arrival of
llie P. K. c' K. from Eugene to Mon
roe. The date set for this celebration
was indefinite but about the tenth to
llie t'if'.ee'ilh. Believing 'that the Al
bany Chautauqua is worthy and that
Corvallis l;ould plan no events dur
ing that period, I took up the matter
with Mr. Mark Woodruf. publicity
agent of the P., K. & P.. and quote
herewith his reply : 'I have had the
M on roe eclebrat ion matter up wilh
Mr. Strahorn and can assure you that
we will not fix the date for 'hat af
fair until after lulv 31 when the Al
bany Chautauqua adjourns. We are
glad to co-operate with you in this.
;p-d I will try to take in the show al
Alb'Miy myself.'
"1 trust you will be able "to prevail
upon the railway company." cont ni
ne Mr. Murphy's letter, "to delay
the departure of their late trains to
Corvallis so that the evening pro
grams may be witnessed."
Mrs. E. McPherson left t'm? moi n
imr fur Garfield. Wash., where she
will visit with lricnds during the n; tu
rn c r.
Dr. W. B. Cook Responds to
CalA at Plainview From
Winfiled Churchill.
But for the prompt response of Dr.
W. II. Cook, a veterinary surgeon of
this city, a valuable colt belonging to
Wiiield Churchill, a pro-perous far
mer residing near Plainview, would
have bled to death yesterday after an
uiiMiece.-sful attempt of a neighbor
hood doctor to perform an operation
on the animal. Noticing that the colt
was suffering, Mr. Churchill consult
ed a doctor residing near Plainview
who upon examining the equine de
cided that an oreation was necessary
but was unsuccessful in his attempt
to perform it. Mr. Churchill then
called Dr. Cook at Albany who hur
ried to Plainview and by prompt ser
vice saved the colt's life.
William Ritchie returned last night
from a protracted business trip to
mint in California.
Deal Closed Yesterday; Busi
ness Will Be Moved to New
Location in Sixty Days.
Closing the deal yesterday for the
piircha.-e of tile Spauhling corner, for
merly occupied by the Spauhling Lum
ber Company, the Albany Comiuis--ion
company propose to move their
place of business to their new location
within the next sixty days. The lot
is HiO by 156 feet and will give the
commission men ample room for con
ducting the large business which they
have already acquired in Albany.
While the consideration for the prop
erty has not been given out it is un
derstood that Messrs Eastburn and
Austin paid a big price for the property.
George S. Sandstrom and son Bert
went to Lebanon this noon, where Mr.
Sandstrom will attend business matters.
I i
tlmsc to1 tuiiaii
the -eitthucnt
le mmiu: tu i.
:i rre-CPled I"
A le- -o-oii-iderinio
Exercises to Be Conducted in
Sunday School; Music Suit
ed to Ocassion.
County Clerk Marks staled this
n.iruin'! thai thus far 25 widows have
n':ed application for pensions under
the pio is ions ! the recent law
I a--ed bv the la -1 legislature, provid
i' 4 ; - for those who are in
I'-.etl. Ti.e rminiy court is r.ow inves-
suiiiL :he applications and will re-
.:! up"ti them sometime within the
ct lew days.
Cecil I 'nun is acting as Southern
'Pacific 1 rain director during the ah
-;'!-e of Hub Fletcher, who is visit
: ., c. k end in Portland.
lVVf.'ii- sJU,
With practice exercises, Flag Day
will be observed at the Christian
church tomorrow at both the morn
ing ami evening services and during
iug the Sunday school.
Special exercises will be conduct
ed in the Sunday school and at both
of the regular church services th
pa si or will preach on patriotic top
v It . (. . i'.::n: oi pa-tor ol '
the church enjoys an emiaMc iA.pu-1
:.iiion here as an orator with a wide;
scope of knowledge at his command.)
With touching pathos ;md refined hu- !
r.ior. Rev. Fiuci son as a patriotic ora- !
tor is hard lo excel ami iho-e w ho J
attend the er:ce- tomorrow may ex-
pect a strong and forcible message :
,w one that will be intensely iutet-e-ting.
i T!:e choir mti-:.c is e-pivi.tlly ar
I'.r'id for the occasion. I'he utrn
i ing w iVsl.ip w iil conrncK'c a: liKd
I o'clock and the evening -erices will
! commence at S W o'clock.
They Want Your Orders
M:-s Maigarei S'uith. a popular
viMing sterographer of litis ci:y, who
wciii to Kin-tiui receutU tor a i-r.
with her parent'. i cpec:c i hick
July S.
F. Shuntiman. of :';e Oregon Pocr
So., let-, this noon for Com all:- on i
brief hu-ru'-s err arid in the'c-l
of tl-.c company.
'iiinin;i:-,ed tl'ionh t!;c
noon ior Portland. lie
row re-ili;c in - tvciic a:M tormci'iy
d here.
o o-- t. - V'u- he-:. W.'s1.- .
ffl Hugh Cu
1 citv WA-
Mirtsurol and Tilted If Desired
Two Big Specials in
Children's Dresses
Children's Dresses in ginghams,
percales and tissues, sizes
2 to 6 at 98c each
Children's Dresses, sizes 8 to 14
Special $1.19 each
No need' to nuike the children's clothes
Thess styles ;re distinctive and
Agents for
Agents for
Kalm Reducing
At the Time This Ad Was Written
Today, the First Day of Our
eady to
The store was packed with women buying Suits,
Coats and Dresses as iicer before in the history of
this store. No such price reductions were ever
made at any Clearance Sale. NO RESERVE,
every Suit in the store at the following reduced
prices, less than half :
$9.70 $12.45 $16.80
1 .;- ,uy -nil -eiiiii;; up to ?1.(X1 Por any Suit sclliny up to $23.50 -.r nny Suit elliny up to $34.I"1
$14.60 $23.40 $25
For any Suit sclliri; up to JJS Al For any Suit f clliti ir up to S4S.IX1 For any Suit cllins up 'to $73.00
Visit this' store for Shoes, Oxfords,
Pumps, Hosiery, Gloves, Knit Un
derwear, Muslin Underwear, Cor
sets, Waists, etc.
Buy the Best Brands for Less !
F'k-' 'lYmpIe. l :t :ri.l l.y.m Streets. .Viluny, Oregon