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ItraullB fur 1)1 II HUH, and will eel
Tonight and Taeaday FAIR
No. 171.
10,000 KepuMicaii C minis Ordered Out IjihI Ninhl to Put
Kiul to Itrrlin Kiolinx ; Itolshcvik Men
Arrive From Russia
NVw Era of Radiculihiii is Predicted; Promises Made I,)
Employers to Workers One Day Arc
Ilrokcii the Next
Orr.MI.M.r.N, )rt.. .,. ihuuund republican guarda
were ordered under atma laal (hi in Berlin, to quell ihr riot- 4)
In. lh lira! Ilolahrvik orKaira are arming (rum Kuaaia
to lrU the Spatlarua (roup. Among llirm la a rrrlain 'Lew In.'
I Una la probably a mlaaprlling for l-eninr.') 4)
I'AUIS, Dec. . 11) Called I'rraa. 4 hanrrllor Kbtrfa (.ovrrn
mrnl la bringing nr Iroopa into llrrlin In an rffurt lo rruah the Spar
larua aiuirmenl, which haa apread throughout the northern auburba of
Ihr rlljr, arcordnig to a Zurich despatch received hrra today.
I'lllaging roolinura, raprrialtln thr popoloua uarlrra. A con
fuard drapalrh mi receded hrra from lirrlin, declaring that karl
l.irbknrrhl'a folloorra had organised a revolution throughout tier I
many. I he Hrirhatag building In llrrlin thry rrpartrd lo he occupied
by lhm-la. I he I rouble appears lo hat aprrad la Munich and I'll
aen. Itloody llrrlin riota rontinur. Another airaaage aaya that allird in
trrtrnlion in I'ruaaia alone may aa the govrrnmrnC
lly J. V. T.MASON
NEW Vollk. Dec. . The aprrad of diaordrr in Urrmany la begin
ning to menace the alability of the prrarnt combination of moderate
aoeialiala. 1loUhriam la not yrt Ihrratrning, but a more radical policy
on the part of the gotrrnmrnt muat eventually rrault.
The Kberl-llaaa group, now theoretically controlling Grrmany ,
haa In practice little powrr. accom lihin( practically nothing in Ihr
way of economic rrform. Thr norarra in Grman Indualrira are alill
Nnegotialing with the employrra, who make proaniara one day and br
rak them Ihr nrst.
Thr prraent alatua cannot be Improved until thr constituent aa
arm lily determine liermany'a futuir form of government. Germany la
now a nation without a head. She la In a condition of formal anar
chy. That Ihr uaual anarchic conliliona do nut prrvall la lo to the
Innate sen of obrdicnrcdrilld for many generatiooa into the Gr
man character an I alao to a frar of thr deal ruction that might br
Grrmany'a fale If Kuaaian condition were duplicated.
If the tiermana wilhatand IlirSparlarua argument, thr prrarnt in
diraliona arr that a modrratr rrform adminiatralion will be eatabliah
rd alter thr conatilurnt aaarmbly mrrtx.
Mayor Curl Issues Proclamation
Calling Upon People for Aid in
Red Cross Membership Drive
WIIKKKAS, Woodrow Wilaon, President of the Vnited States an.l
President of the American Red Cross, haa summoned every citiien of tiiia
country to the comradeship of univorsnl incinlKTship In the lied Cross,
AND WIIKKKAS. Meml.en.hip In the American Kcd Cross is an vi-
dene, of loyalty. . . J
AND W IIKKKAS, The AmericanKed ( runs is on the eve of the jrreat-
. , , . ., . . . a .
est year's work in its history, supplying aid and material encouragement
to American soldiers on duty in France, Russia, Siberia and in this coun-1
trv: taking care of the dependent of soldiers in this country by means of
home service, aiding in the reconstruction of Kurope by assisting the re-
llirinietl t71Hril, aia.mi.niiK
. a. I.C..
ami cnCOUrngemeiH lO wuunuru uhii
world tft recover from the results of
AND WIIKKKAS, It ia desired Hint
ler of the American Kcd Cross that all
the work of the Society.
of Oregon, do hereby proclaim that the
to the purpose of securing
urge every ritiren tn join the Red
versal membership In that organ. rntion.
C.IVKN UNDKIt MY II AND this 7th day of Deccmlier, 1918.
I.. M. CURL,
Mayor of Albany, Oregon.
Nett Wednesday evening. Decemivr
11th, election of enmp officers will be
held, and nil nicinlcis are requostcd
to bo present.
Now the war is over and we want
to make this meeting one to be re-memlH-red.
If you can't come a writ
ten excuse to the clerk is requested.
A victory lunch will lie served.
n, Clerk Camp fJi'd
LOST On Ferry or Mroa.lnlbin he
.n .1.1 and 7lh Sis.. A balls Fleis
cher's srnrlet ynrn. Finder l.lenac
leavo nt Democrat offico or cnll Hell
phono 174. 9.II0
FOR SALE Ijiying hens. Call Mrs.
Norman llin.les, R. F. D. No. 3,
or Home phono 4:192. Ddll
STRUNG POPCORN for l h"tmn"l
tree decornt on, anil popcorn imi is,
at J K Hall iMWlh. Corner rilSt
and Ellsworth. Order early. 9dl4
, ... n ..-.r .
I I. tt.- ....... ...I-tle... t,A
- ib, nun mi wnwi onmimn uiv
the war,
every adult citizen In-come a men.-
may feel they huve a living pnrt !n
mayor of the city of Alhany, State
week of December lfi-i3 Iw devoted
in the American Red Cross and do
Cross and to assist in promoting uni
The 6"th Artillery Is
Listed to Return Home
Information Hint the fiMh Regiment,
C. A. C, of which 25 Albany boys are
mcmlier, has been nnmc.1 by tho war
.lepnrtment aa one of the units to re
turn home for demobilisation In the
near future, Is contained In tne list 01
units slated for embarkation since Inst
Saturday, as announced hy General
March In hi. weekly Interview with,
press correspondent at Washington
The Information d.H-. not mean that
the has already embarked, or
that It will embark for the return to
the United Stntea at any definite lime.,
It simply Indicate, that .inc. last Sa-
turday the With ha. been named for
return. They will embark, prolmbly
in the order In which they appear up-
on the wnr department, lists. I
The 09lh artillery, which also has
, , ,mv. men.lMrs.
"- '
wa. listed week to return.
Son of Wilhclm SayH He Will
Die K Forced to Fat
"a la Dutch"
President Silent as to Propos
ed Trial of Kaiser; Sweden
Breaks with ISolsheviki
AMSTERDAM, Iec. .- V. I'.Tha
former Crown Prime haa decided not
to receive viailura, unleaa permitted
hy llulland tu curry a revolver.
A aptH-ml (icrman cook arrived U
liiy. F rit lerich Wilhelin ia -pioted at
saying he wuu!d die if furred to eat
lucid "a In Dutch."
LONDON, Dec. It. Sweden aevertd
tiplomatir relationa with the Bolshe-
vikl today, a cording to the Exchange
lly K. J. Ilender
INGTON. Pre. 9 -President Wilaon
haa given no indicatiun of hia viewa
concerning thr dispoaition of thr fomi-
er Kaiser. In view of the fact that
the Hritinh official favor placing Wtl
hflm on trial, the I'rraitlcnt'i atlituoe
may i of the ulnuat importance.
Wilson hc-M his first conference to
lay with Ijninif and Ambassador
White ronrrminv America's attitude
toward the specific problem, of the
peace conference.
Albany Men Attend K. P
Grand Lodge Meetinjr
A delegation of Alliany Knights of
Pythias left today for Portland, where
they will attend the annual ineetin
of the Grand Lodge, which convenes
in that place tomorrow for a two day
session. The memlers of the Alliany
delegation are: Mayor Curl, Willard
Murks, Francis Arnold and W. J. Pat
terson. (icrmans Used Twenty
Million "Slush"
r...,m.. in tho United
I nrl 1-snnn nun r.r
conJurtil tm!ir work ,.. itrl,re Hie-
i,Wi toK the Sena invr-.ti -ating
commit tvf:ty.
IIM St .( Call Dt'IlV
W.. IHNGTON. Dec. 9. U. P.
The supreme ;url decided today that
the state of V.'ashinrl n can deny pen-
sions to aba id n.-.l wives with child-
ren while planting; them to widowtd
mnthera. I
Mrs. Rcse Snyder,
Kimr countv
mher of t,irJc ;nill,'r(.n, who claimed
her h..l.i r..l deserted her. nttacked the
widows' cT'.sion lnw of 1915 on the
grounds that it was class legislation.
Stilson Funeral Will
1! Holrl Wlnplav
Tho fun-mi of the late Mrs. llattie
Stilson vii.' I e 1 I I V.'ednesdiiy after-
n.u.n at 2:3. ;.i tl .. grave in Riverside
Cv.netery. P. .-v. C. II. Bennett will
nave rnnrge 01 1 10 acrvicea. ner au..
JasH-r Stilson Is expected to arrive
this evening from the training; enmp
jn Arizona,
(;erans Won't Oppose
Kaiser's Extraditior
ZURICH. Dec. 7. U. P. The
. . ., . ..,. n'WnS l.rOUglH XO l.oniiy n.l.l la I.UW ui
man government decided to, ay not to k r ,nv.,:....
oppose the extradition or tne lormer
Kaiser and Crown Prince from HoI.."n u n,. ... u
tfm Million Pounds
0f fjandy for Iloj'S
Nine million pounds of candy were
bought this week for the army over-
i.-,.;.i... R,:nnnn nll,.n. f nick.
.-. . - 1
Member of Faculty of Ixk'uI
School Makes 1'Iea for
(ireatcr Unity
The annual conference of the presi
de Ma and faculties of the independent
euUegea of Oregon occurred at New
berg Nov. Z'J and 30, with the folio-'
ing college, represented : Alhany, '
McMinnville, Pacific college, Pacific
L'niveraity, Philomath, Heed and Wil
lamette. The conference met in Wood-
mar hull at Pacific College.. The ts-
iona were preaided over by lrea. Pen
nington of Pacific. The papers were
all interesting, informina, inapiratiou
al; and were followed by animal -d
and helpful diacuaaiun One of ti...
brat papers was preaentrd hy Prof.
Mi'Neul of Albany college on "Coord
ination of the Independent Colleges "
It ia hoped that the diacuasion of Ihia
topic will result in bringing the rol
leges closer together on matters of
common interest, au-h as credits
grading, texts, calendar, admiaaion re-
quirementa, intercollegiate activities,
fees and tuitions, legislation ard
Christian education propaganda.
The matter of the Oregon confer
ence scholarships, which have been cp-
jeruteil jointly by thr colleges for three
years wiin me exception 01 rtuuini-
ettr L'niveraity, which prefers to go
alone, was left in the hands of the
committee on scholarships with au-
thority to act, consisting of Pres. Lee.
chairman; Prea. Riley and Dean Aldeu.
This committee will meet after the
holidays and try to get things in shape
to report early to the colleges and
high schools of the state. The elec-
tions for the following year resulted
() jA.yj j .enmn(!tont president;
Wallace Howe Lee, vice-president; K
(I. Frank lin, secretary-treasurer; L.
W. Riley, representative standardiza
tion toard; I-evi T. Pennincton, cor-
rtlromk nt Orepon Teachers Monthly.
The invitation oi rnuomam couec
rnlrTm the colltlrrt next yer
was accepted, and it was agreed that
Frida and Saturday of JhanV savins
week wen? the most acceptable datos
... u MnrHnAA
X' I"' 1 1
Known Linn County
Woman Dies After
LinKerin Illness
Mrs. Maria Quinby, widow of the
lute Newton Quinby, who died on De
cember 11th, l'.17, passed away at
her home three miles south of Albany
nigni ai o o cioca.
The deceased was born on Noveni-
l,or 24tn- 1,;W 111 the ""lte 01 0nl0
h" husband to Linn
.county some 12 vears apo. She was
- , V.. i i
member of the Christian church and
j had a wide circle of friends in her lo-
cality. She leaves two sons, A. H.
Quinby of Hnlsey, E W. Quinby of
. . i . . t ii t..
n.n,l nf Alhanv. to mourn her death.
i-eoria. ana a aauirnier. airs. n. xu-
Ijodgc Holds
Its Annual Election
Ixdge No. 7, Knights of
Pythias of this city, elected the fol-
lowing new officers to lone for the
ensuin term: Chancellor commander,
R. Wnrd Cyrus; vice-chancellor, J. M.
Hawkins; prelate, Kred H. Hough;
master or tne work, oi. can luniiei.i;
keeper of records and seal, L. M. Curl
(reelected); faster of finance, Dan
Johnston (reelected); master of the
cxchequcr, Harry B. Cusick (reelect.
e.1); master-nt-arms, i. .11. ivenonn.
inner guard, Kred Hoflich; oulcr
guard, Charles Dannnls (reelected);
trustee, for a term of three years, W.
c. ......
Ixhanon Man Listed
AS an Army Deserter Carnegie, and J. E. Rolfe, an uncle, ped. My hips and shoulders were in
and several sisters who live in the water, and I couldn't stand it any Chief of Police John Catlin has two
A man by the name of Ford was East. Arrangements for the funeral longer than 2, so got up. We had to families in Alhany quarantined for
arrested yesterday on a chnrge that have not Iwn made, waiting lor wcid pet up nt 4, so I didn't lose much slt. p the "flu," and authorizes the Demo
he is a deserter from the spruce divis- from her sisters. In case they do not at that; a seriocomic side of it was crat to slate that he will rigidly on-
ion of the United State, army. He
1 t . ft It 1 :- !
will prove nimsett innocent wnen a
full investigation is made of his case.1
. I
Servlcea Fjich Evening
Rev. D. D. Dodgo of Grants Pus.
will preach at the Ruisard Hall over
the Farmer.' Feed sheds, beginning
p,.. g ,m continuing each evening
Bt 7:30, closing Doc. 12. F. W. Oliver
i -v 1 i:.l i.,:i.,i 1.
ia III k..ki7. n i,,iuii ,0
extended to all.
War Department Plans to
Maintain Force of Half . .
a Million Standing
National Railway System un
der Federal Charter Pri
vately Owned Urged
The wur department will auon ask
"ngress Ui authorire
tn.iinif army of half
miiliun, Ac
cording to the present plana.
The department does not con'eiu-
plat recommending universal mili-
Ury training. These features of tho(
k". ..,1 itvJKaiiiwu-Jii,"-! uuihi;.jiih;ih
pluns were learned today from and we had to stop once and put on
source close to both Baker and Chief , our masls on account of powder las
of St"f March. Ifrom our own fire. It was a strar.w
The national railway system, under! sensation, not knowing where you
federal incorporation charter but r.ot ere goinir, how far the Bosche lines
owned by the government, is provided were from ours, and the doughboys
'n a bill introduced in the house lo-j'hind. Very few shells came Iiacli
day by Representative Cray. The duughboys passed us and it mule
Use of mounted railway artillery, st me feel better, for I found out la'.er
supplementary to the existing coas:
defenses, was recommended by Gen.
toe, chief of the coast artillery, today
1 ....: c 4 n: r o
u'i""a11 ui "r""1",
ish Influenza After Short
Illness; Funeral Here
Miss Louise Stewart, 16-yvar-old
' , . ,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. rrank Stew-
,. . - n , 1 c , ,
ari, uieu in orxianu oumuty iroj;
pneumonia following an attack of
Spanish influenza. The remains will
ii.i . . ,
bela'd 10 rest R' Cemetery
ine ueccasea lurmeny resioea in
' , ;
Albany and lias a large number of
friends here to whom the news of her
death came as a great shock. Siie
was a niece of Mrs. W. H. Davis and
visited here several months airo.
r 11 - j r
Omen Of OOflcraft
Fleet NW Officers
Mrs. Alice Ki-1.. K s 'en elected
guardian neighbor of the local circle
of Neighbors of Woodcraft. Other of-
ficers named for the ensuing year are
as follows: Mrs. Alice Sohoel, pat
guardian neighbor; Isabelle Beesar.
advisor; Anna Sexauer. magician;
Lanuis jicnesnev. aiienuaiu
' Shelvik. captain of the guards: Rebec-
- . ,
ca Viereck, banker; Kdna B. Warn jr.
clerk; Lola Jutikin, musician; Mrs. S
Benson, inside sentincu, Minnie School,
outside sentinel; Lida P. Van Winkle,
Lila Campbell and Florentine Voss
managers; Anna c-helvik, correspond
ent ; Alice Sohoel, installing officer
Dr. W. H. Davis and Dr. F. E. Beau
champ, physicians.
Visiting Here
Mie. M,i M.Vil off in
MUmy on her way from .ortlnd to
, . .,,:. v,., ia ,,,. t
, . . s;wlir,
jn ,.ort,,nd
Mr am, Mra John Carnegie were
(Med to portland this afternoon ly
lhg (Ullth of the lllttl.r-s niwCi Ml j.
ElocU (U,ffl(,r who UeJ thia moming
of Spanish lnflucnrn. lne ileccaseo; is
'survived by her huslwnd and seven-
'year-old son. besides her aunt, Mra.
come the remains will be brought to
All .. 1 U r..l ...Ml 1. ti.,1. nf
n'"J '"i iv hiihi.i "i. ......
., . ' ,:,, a, that of Mrs. Hnttie
,.. -,.., ,.,..,
. .. .
1 overea msn i.uncneon
Don't forget the all-day meeting and
covered dish luncheon nt the Fast Al-
bany Red Cross rooms Tuesday, Dec.
10th. Bring a friend.
Mrs. Logan Leaves
Mrs. H. S. Logan left last night for
El Paso, Texas, where she will spend
the winter with relatives. She will
1, . r . s i. r...
n. v.. ...u.c . no niiKVir.
a short visit.
Carlton IKan Makes I Trips
to I- rout and Sees Action
Has Narrow Escapes
O, tol.i
I tear Mother: I
that l- tt.-r would I.
ever possible to dm.
r 2X1 h. IMS
told you U-fot-u
written wh.-n-1
hia ia the first
one I have written for something li.
17 or a days. When we were relicv
,.,l lh. "I I....I 1. .
e iiti a ne-uay .
M. e back out. No use to write on'
the way as we were traveling as f;.st
as the n ail would for the same time.
On the da'e of receiving your
letter we had hil,ed it from 7 to 12,
slept by the side of the road till , got
sections of artillery bridges, eight I
men to a bridge (weighing over h.x'
pound) an.i lined up in tne midst of!
t!,e artillery and started forward wiien
the barrage opened up. Passed the
dotitl.boys waiting in the front line'
trenches and on over the worst .hell-
torn country I have ever seen. Holt
overlapped hole, an I it was awful c.
rying those cusv-d things. About
broke me in two. There was a heave
fog and smol-e screen, could not rec
niie a man. S fi-et away. It saved out'
thut we were over halfway to the
'emy's line; then stopped to eat bie.
fiist at 8 o'clx-k. About this time
sun scattered the foir, and the screen
lifted. Was eating, keeping low in a
trench with a big bunch. I am leary
of a bunch of men they seem to draw
fire. When the f lifted Jerrs
hallcons spotted the hill dotted'
nu-n, and started to rake it with ar
tillery fire, in a path a few hundreds
ards wide. After six or seven sni lis
had hit on a direct line, s me over a:id
some si ort of us, I knew it was ti i:e his case set for trial before City Re
for rno to relocate. Waa eating twith er,lr l ewellln tar Deremher 21th.
!ne f m' tentmatc, at Camp Greece,
, , , . , , ,
oia 11 was lime lor us to ir.i.e
distance, but he said a shell was just
n 1 i .- v tn r 1 n u.-'n ro tx-a mrtvrrl ! r.
. . ,,
.as where w-e were. Couldn t see it
1 . . . . . .
. .. - ... . ...
a snell falling as yet, tho that wns r.u
, ,. .,., . ..,,,f
sweet." He stayed, and is out the;e
vpt nnt t'ln Knrinl c.nmil iri
him up. Don't kno wwhat shell pot
him. but one burst on' a shoulder cf
le trencl1 anu" cot one outright; this
!kid died there on a stretcher and t.vo
others went to the hospital. Went
back up there a few days later, and
saw him. Poor kid! He lived in Aia
moso, Colo. Another of the old Ur.t
pang was killod a few days later. Kv-
ery one of the rest of us have had
our little trip to the hospital, all the
way from Huck, who had the
and caused me to go to the detention
camp, to a man just back from beii.g
wounded in Aug.
Old tent No. 12 is
a hoodoo for sure. This is a start of
the first day. and we had about 20
more such days. Won't tell you any
more alwut dodging shells, but believe
! me. it will take a mightv clever w J-
man to land a rolling pin cn me, oi a their attention to duties assigned
plate either. them, but wish to urge the members
Wouldn't miss the last month for a to reserve each Monday night for
hundred dollars, and at the same drill to the exclusion of other en
1 would not go through it again for pagemcnta until it is time for all to
I $10,000. The country is like the val-
t.... ; H..ln. .I.,-;.,.. 1... ...u r.
and here just as we start a drive it
. , ... , .. ......
i ' , ..t .', , ,,.,v. ........i,
L u.t UJ Jrv flur ,,lanVet4 out ,wfrc
the next rain. Slept in wet blankets,
with wot feet and pr.nts for five
,lTOi(,ht niplta. Ve- turned in at 10
me n;ht cl, ,,con mom, and
v,e were on a hill slope. In a nice
steady downpour. I wrapped up in a
blanket and a shelter half, and flop-
that in the dark I saw a row of men
tt I n. 1
i nil; on 10 "in- aiui- nil.. .-. won vi.v
of .he h., to fl., I thon.-ht it a hunch
. ..... ..... -,....., ,.,.,..
.. ..... . .. .... ....
inc water was snanow, aooui. eit
feet from the end of the row. Imag-
ine my surprise to find next day it
was a double row of about f!0 don.'h-
boys the burial .quad had laid out for
burial in one grave. However, sleep-
jng in the water had nb bad effects
on me.
Have not had as hard a cold
over here yet, as I had nt home. A
.v. : .t...i.i... I in tnjf .ikii. dhwuh...
bothers me on the hike, a. the rifle
Members of "Red" American
I Organization to Stand
I Trial in Sacramento
Influenza Kills Five of De
fendants Prior to Date
Case Is Called
SACRAMENTO. Dec. 3.-The trial
of , in,urial worker, of the world,
. . . .
charged with conspiracy to obatruc
American military machinery and tha
war program, started today.
Five of the defendants were not
present, having died of influenza con
tracted in jail while awaiting trial.
One defendant is a woman, Theo
dora Pollock. The charges include ad
vocating murder.
Attorney for Defendant Files
Answer and Objects to.
Court's Jurisdiction
John Warner, released from cus
tody following a motion for nonsuit
which was filed by his attorneys, Wea
therford & Wyatt, was again arrested
this morning on the same charge arid
Attorne J. K. Wyatt appeared this
atternoon and filed an answer to
which the jurisdiction of the court is
questioned on the ground that the de
fendant has already been tried in the
circuit court for the same offense.
In the second complaint A. P. Hill,
a logger, is mentioned aa the com
plaining witness in the charge that ha
sold liliuor unlawfuUy.
Home Guards Will
Drill this Evening
All members of the Albany com
pany O. V. G. are requested to turn
out for drill tonight, and each Monday
nijrht at 7:30, until the boys get back
from over there. The state author
ities have asked the O. V. G.s to keep
up their organizations and efficiency
until such time as state militia or-
ganizations can he formed to tuki
their places, after which our services
will no longer lie needed,
The officers of the local company
have nothing but the highest praise
for the spirit in which the men of :h
company have attended drills and
w mustered out.
r. a. loung nas taxen
charge of a very interesting drill ill
,,Un calisthenics which has been en-
tercd into with enthusiasm by the
mir.l-rs. and we would like all to be-
proficient in these exercise 10
ns ' i ! ready for a public drill about
the first of the year,
. W. C. BAt.LACK, Captain.
. ;
Catlin EnforCWif
'Fill" Quarantine
force the orders of the local health of-
... 1 . 1 tk.t Umm a
i c.T .o Miiy nuiiits vim. .
... r s!.l, !nfb.enM
.... f.-..i n .r. nnf
....,.,., .
111 musr remain away irom nom r
stny in until a certificate of the health
officer shows that all danger of eon-
tagion is past.
-- -r- ----- - m
slun over that shoulder surely make
it ache. This conclude, m fourth trip
to the front, three time, of which hav
1 f k. Ahhvm
i.v.-m vuv ciLn., v. .....