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    cMj Qemonat
ublii'nl ovMr lay ia tha week
except Sumlay.
;Tms i SITTISO, Bditori and Fror'
Entered at the Post Office at Albany
wregou, as second om-ta man uiatier
Jill ARY: Itt IS94
Pennovek Kn do its eh. A meeting
helil in Lebanon Saturday evening to con
sider uovernor l'ennoyer mlifress to presi
dent Cleveland. Dr j S Courtney presided.
(J b Montague wiis the iiriiicipal speaker.
uusouuiona were passed endorsing 1'en
noyer'a Christmas letter, ns well as the
Governor himself, as a gentleman of unim
peachable veracity; demanding freo coin
age aua denouncing all law looking to
wards a concentration of tho currency, ask
ing for a volume of Bound, circulating
medium of gold, silver or paper, based up
on the credit of the government, of not less
than fW) ptr capita, repudiating the action
of the Portland Chamber of Commerce and
the taxpayers committee of 100, advising
them to attend to their business us Governor
l'ennoyer ia to Ids.
A Lubanon man in sending the resolu
tions, received too lato for publicationtoday,
Allow us to suggest that tho citizens of
each state should meet en mass and Html
delegates to Washington and demand of
congress such legislation as will give relief
to the people, or request them to get down
and out, and go as Judas did to their own
place, and let the people by an election till
their places with honest men that will rep
resent the people and givo them what Al
mighty God designed they should have,
their daily bread. The Idea of a free poo
tile and sovereign people in a hind of plen
ty, starving to death for no other reason
than that they have been robbed of their
rights, and that by those to whom were en
trusted the legislation which should have
secured those rights. Arouse my country
men and come to the rescue. t
Yours for justice.
Don't Kked Eithkk A paper was cir
culated today on the streets, asking for
signatures to the proposition, in substance,
"which do you prefer, atoll for the bridge,
or a specitic trade tux.M Under the repre-
Ecntution that it was a ground hog case,
and that we had to have one or the other, a
good many signed. As a matter of fact
the city government can bo run without
either. The toll would probably be illegal,
and tho trade tax is tho worst Kind of an
injuatice. The proper kind of a retrench
ment alone will be sufficient, as a little
ficuring will convince any one. Go slow,
Mr Council men.
Tne Military ball occurs at Ihearmoiv
tontgh. 1
The Sheriffs office wat full of CcllcttiaU
to day, registering, about v'xty getting
Subscriptions for all leading newt
paper and magazines received oy F L
A cordial in vat Ion is extended to attend
the evangeiUttc serlce at the Congregation
al church tonight.
Arrangements are being made to intro
duce the live gatre of basket ball In the
Y M C A gymnasium.
The Altona is expected from Salem
about 6:31 10-ntght with forty couples
bound for the Military dance.
The adjourned meeting of the city
council tonight promises to be a live one.
It will have lis bands full of finance.
The hour of meeting of Beulah Rebek
ali Lodge this evening is at half past seven
instead of 7 o'c'ock as published in a
morning paper.
At Washington yesterday" Senator
Dolph's bill granting right-of-way to the
Albany & Astoria railroad over the Grand
Konue reterva'lon was favorably reporttd
Yesteeday mornings overland is expec -ed
to pass through Albany tonight. The
trouble as usual is in the Cow Creek car
bon, famous fur its land slides.
Before the opening ;of the ball at the
Armory tonight there wl 1 be a concert
gfvrn by the orchest:i from o to 9 o'clock.
McLvman's orchestra has a hne reputation
and all should attend.
By using Hall's. Hair Renewer, gray,
faded or discolored hair assumes the natu
ral color of youth, and giows luxuriant
and strong, pleasing everybody.
The Willamette this afternoon was 25.-
3 feet above low water, ond was at a stand'
still. At Eugene and llniriaburg it was
fallinggiadually, and it was expecled thii
would reach Albany to-.ugnt.
The U P trains are having a hard time
these days for 100 miles or so eost of Pen
dleton. There are nine or ten landslides
between there and La Grande, while
snow in large drifts bothered the engi
neers in a number of places.
Provide yourself with a bottle of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, and so have the means
at hand for contending successfully with
a sudden cold. As an emergency medi
cine, It has no equal, and leading physi
cians everywhere recommend It,
The continual succession of boils, pim
ples, and eruptions from which many suf
fer, indicates an impure state of the blood.
The most effective remedy Is Ayer'e Sar
saparllla. It expels the poison hamlessly
through the natural channels, and leaves
the skin clean and clear.
For pity's sake, don't growland grutrble
hecause you ere troubled with indigestion.
No good was ever effected by snarling and
fretting. Ee a man (unless you happen to
be a woman), and take AVer's SarspaHlla,
which wtil relieve you, wnetner man or
Petition of W K Savage and others for
.li virion of road, district Xo 9. wo mauled
and Jul in Jenkins was appointed super
visor or uio new tusiricl.
alter S II. vile wiih Lvunted a f've schol
arship in tho Oregon Ayciculti'ral college.
Petition of J G tiros and others for a
county road was grante I un l viewerj un
Hi 'Is allowed;
X P Payne, fees i&22?
H.Hi'iflhurg Lumber Co 11.E4
F H Meninda, aect ioor 2.75
.Fas Millbanks. aect roads 5.00
M A Miller, ucct roads 3.00
Slate agt IJamford (S.CD
Mark Curtis, jusct roads.
John Moriison. aect nor 4.00
G S Mikado, witness 10.00
W A Thrift, a. ct roads 20.00
K I. Bryan, aect roads 4.00
Portland hospital, aect poor 31.00
R L Downey. acA reads 10.00
I H Wyatt, exam, insane 5.00
SU'to agt Spaight 36.00
Following ii the jrry list for the coming
The Faki-eys Heumltkd. Mrs F A
Farlry. who left Sulem in a n.ther melo
dramatic manner last lhursduy, is now
staving with hei cousin, Mrs Judge Kelsev,
at Corvalis. Mrs Farley walked to tho re
form school and from their went by train to
Albany. Mr Farley caught the next train
lit Turner and followed on to Albany. There
both took the Oregon Pacific train for Cor
vullis. Mrs Farley is now; staying there
and Mr Farley is skirmishing for a job.
Mrs Farley admits that she was half crazed
when she left here and that her course wr.s
unnecessary. Salem J 'emocrut.
Lost. On First afreet between. Jack
bou and Ferry, Monday evening, a dark
tan jacket cuff. Finder leave at this
The way to do It isti take your wash
!ng lo the Chinamen. Ifyou want vour
work well done at living prices take It 10
Richard V Ph'llin't bteam Laundry
They know ho.v without banging them
around a poie.
An Aldany
Jewelry Siors
Worth patronizing Is that
nf Wilt Jr Stark. They cany .the finest
lineof silverware. wa'Che, c ockn and
jewelry generally in the valley, and si'
isfac'oiy prices are always given for (he
supeiior quality of goods they keep in
soc!;. Nev.'r buy without calling cn
Please Keiurk. Will th person who
left his umbrella at tin Presbyterian
church last evening and took another in
place of it, please call at the drug store
of Foshay fc Mason and make proper ex
change. V. P. Mason.
'If religious beliefs perplex you, and
you desire a faith at once reasonable and
uplifting, send for free liberal relieions
reading to postotfice mission, 346 Yam
hill street, Portland, Or.
C E Hrowne'.I, the grocer, is in his ew
and commodious marters in the P O block.
where he is prepared to give satisfaction to
he first class trade of the city, call on him
for pure groceries and good treatment.
Mr Wnllaeo Nash is in San Francisco on
0 P Business.
Mr ond Mrs H M Beall went to Port
land this noon.
Mr Louis Viereck and son Lesley have
been in Portland, where thoy went
to have one of the eyes of the latter ex
amined. The infant dautrhtor of Mr Claud Mans-
feld, who has been ill for several days with
brain fever, was reported dying this after-
C A Laughoad, the confectioner of Sa
lem, was in the city today on bis way to
fan Francisco and the east. This is not
tho well known engineer, us some thought,
hut Ins orotlier.
Mr F S Winslow arrived in Albany from
f'hicniro vsterdav anil left 0,1 the overland
for San Franciseo. Mr Winslow is the
su:ce-wor of Mr Ed Kedeker as representa
tive of ilibbard. Spencer, liartlett & Co, of
Chicago, the leading hardware firm west of
Now York. His route is somewhat changed
from the old one. Jle will travel from tho
Oreiron line to San rrancisco, with head
quarters at that city, while tho northern
representative with headquarters nt Port
land will iro south to the Lamornia line
Mr Vv insluw and Mr Hedcker were at one
time in the head office together.
There are 34 federal ofhVo holders ia Ore
gon, while the state is entitled to 75. The
appointing power should do some rustl
ing. The O P men take thinErs good naturedly
One of them remarked to-day that to-morrow
the road would pay up all past in
debtedness and three months in advance.
Ciood news.
Ppofcanc has a social sensation. The
Chimes of Normandy" is to le snnjr bv
local talent. Miss Alice M Hurrah, a well
known vonng society lady is to bike a male
part. The Iteview in a lengthy editorial
called in question tho delicacy of her inten
tion and warned hpr not to make an exhi
bition of herself . The Chronicle denounces
the editorial as a venomous and vulgar at
tack. The tight is still on.
Don't you know to have perfect health
you must have pure blood, and the best
'way to have pure blood Is to takr Hood's
SarsaprlMa. the best blood purl tier and
strength builder.
Hood's Pills may bt had bv mal for 2
of C I Hood & Co. Lowell, Mass.
Lebanon. WTDavennoit. K E Keebler.
M A Miller. A T McCu lv. Joint Cnu. J
W Wilson. W L Moore. Z T Truelove. C S
Leaver, J W Bnrkhe-t, H K Savage, 1 An
drews. A J Adams, J C IWyeu, J W Eland.
J G Boyle. J K Charleton.
Cniwfordsville. J II Edwards, Ci W
Glass, Win Ireland, T A Morris.
Rowland. 1 II Pierce. M Philpot, 0
Albunv. John Fox. Wm Frv, Win S
Foster. A J Hunt, M Hyde, C E Hawkins,
Ci V Hochstedler. II A Heeker. W T Jor
dan, L C Marshall, J A McFeron. H Marsh,
Mart Miller, Frank McKnight. H It Hyde,
Pete Kiley, Ed Chambers. M H Willds, II
t Merrill. Henrv Settlemier. A Wolverton
J M liulston. 1 F Conn. W H Millhollen,
A B Matthews, li W Clino. I) D Hackle
man. Sam Mullen. Frank Tries. T J But
ler, Ubbo Peters, Morg Henshaw. II Shel-
ton. Mat Scott, H 1 Lwlle. Thos Hop
kins, W W Crawford. A B Morris. C W
ates. J A Fuirh. John Proust. M V Daw
son, Jessie Archibald, D II Bodine, N
Bridges. J H Caldwell, M B Case, W S
Churchill. John Clclun, Smith Cox.
Shedd. Henrv.Freerksen, H R Litrcett,
T A Mcriridn. V L Pnrfur. J H Cnrnntt. .1 It
ivis, W B McCormick, J C Davis, B W
uounett, J ai liiirton.
Halsev. Fmnk Frisbv. D T Haves. Alex
Kirk, M V Koontz. S S Luper, I M Miller,
H Mi Mahun, J A McCulloch, Marvin
Smith. H S Owen, G W Palmer, John
Pearl, H C Davis, John Miller, John Cum-
mine. A A Crisn. Wm M Allen, N H Bate-
man, Jas Bond, C Allingham, Chas Bran
don, 3 Brock.
Center D F Hardman.
Lawwood A Coins.
Fox Vallev E A Hester. W E Potter. W
j? Hammer, w 1 lurnrmge.
Jordon C W Richardson. Calivan Mad
ison, A M hheiton, rl H I'hilups.
Scio 0 E Holdridire, ClAorire Harris,
F Miller, G McDonald, Henry Ray, Job
Compton, John Cvrus, HT Stanley, B
roimiexter, Lr M iSelson, ti w hunps, m
V Uilveu, Jaa A Kiehanlson. .1 vv uiunea,
John Curl. G W Morrow, H D Calavun
rrank Crabtree.
Lacomb J M Hosier. M Downing, Wm
Brownsville J B Irvins, L H (I rover,
II Cable, Henry Blakely, John Montgom
ery, h A Evuns, I) ii Ambrose, V
Peori.i J yd'on! Ie.
Syracuse A FiHow, L C Statton. Wm
Hale, ST Crooks.
Holly-G W Puyh.
Waterloo O C rerguson. w A dleason.
.T M Limllev, O P Cards, MiWin Ryland
H Whitney,
Hnrrisburg T E Grimes, E E rpmeyer,
W 6Uoftn. bamueLNixon, .1 L willoughijy
II Bishop. J B Huyworlir V'm M Davidson
Fmnk Dempsey, J E Bossman. D S Busey
Sweet Hume J K Green, A V Hamilton
h J Philpot, Jack McClure, J yo, Hen1
Shelbum-0 T Coin, H I Follis, W
Wn hbu-n, B V Titue. M M Anderson, C
Eiowti, A C Clirisman.
Sodaville. M Jackson, It W Fisher, Wm
Ingram, A K. Waters.
Tcngent J E Jenks, Goo Cochran, L
Lujwr, Jos Simpson, A J Blevins.
Plainview Scott Ward, A P Blackburn
Franklin Butto A T Powell.
Orleans J V McCune.
No better pi eparst ion for the hair hat
ever teen In en ted than Ayer's Hair
Vigor. It restores the original color to
faded and eray hair, and imparts that
natural gloss and freshness, everyone so
much admires. Its reputation is woild
See the Hew Improved Singer sowing ma
china. The b.tiis alwyt tlm cheapest.
W Swdent asent. Office at K M French
jewelry store
Eeirare of Oiniwent for Catarrh thuX
contain Mercery,
ts mercury vilt Hetroy tin Lti.Fo of
smell and ccrap. of rr.iic:c the who.o systens
whtn enteriox 4iirrJ5n tfa'; nucous suifrice?.
Euch artirls r-'imi";; r-?vor hi career,;
prescriptions fr-.i.i rr r.tus bV? tib. sic. '.cf , as i..c
ran fc'Iv rit . m v i;c,r. iL-.t'. if. ..'s Cnfrrh
T'udo. O.. c- 'r r .-i fl"'l
int Ttialiy, - .-nr. '; Mlv r. t'n? ! i "
Mvfn lino of MVCINTOSHEH sod
30S 5AMERS, iuolodtng many novaltie
for IadiR misiei "-d children, h now
ale, h K lobog. Jl 'r
Chattel Mortgage Sale
By virtue ef chattel mirtaB eitocnred
by MstTord DickMin to CqsmII & Co. hy
Alien Seidel, attorujy In fct, rJted Jaly
11, 1893, and filed in th rffiwof th conntv
recorder and eonrty clerk, cn July it, iS93.
snd npon which deficit has bten made, I
shall sell the property thrrin mentiop'-d o4
described, nameiv! iinix horsj Pnnll
traction engine, No. (i-220. we No. 7 Distnn
& Sons sw mardrel, one 30 inch schd fsw
Ld HO feet nf 7 irch bcliinp, ,t r.uh
nc sncltoo, forcnh in hand, at S.ewtrt A
gnx's former place of haxinsa fct tr e orper
rf Fi'St ac.d Ferrv streets, Alr-anv, Or, on
Fridav, Jsn 10. iS04 at 1 o'clock p m
Date 1 at Albioy, Jun 10, iS94.
IltM-F.LL Ai f'O.
by Ailrn Stidel ttorner in Uc.
M rt tirade?.
Sewtno Machines neatly repaired l
wurruntpd hy thinuthly crmj t-tcr.t drk
airto, atr1 M I HiK't's jewch y torr, Al!n
N'iii5 her'jhy fiven Co the legal vote
of Sthtf I District No. 5, of Linn County.
SUte of tieon, thnt a upecial ichool n-oet
ipg ot tho .Alii ili.trtct be hold m thi
'Joint Hou.r, All'in', Ofcon, outhe 30
day of Jnnnarv, 1891' t 7 o'olook ia thi
f:rrooli, for tiie followinif obj-fct,:
To levy tai for t).a.anioitof tneichooli
of difl'riut for the eoru:n yoa-( und to
pty the interest on the dial( io- dett.
Da'erl this lo'th day of Jd, 1801 .
A H Stiwart
D.-Mrict Clerk. J K Weatiiebfobd
Cba rtnin Board of Pirectorr,
Xew York, January 5. 1894.
The now legislature having oriraiiizt'll at
Albany, the txlitical tontfues are wagging
in a uiost active manaer. The republican
elected John A Malty speaker of the As
sembly, acil have a substantial working
majority in the srnate also. Already many
dark horses" are looming up to view, for
the gubumatorhl election this fall. The
problem which the democrats are trying to
probe lies in the advisability of again nom-
nating Governor Flower. The friends of
the governor, of couise, believe that his
faithful services, will be rewarded by an
other term; Flower by the way has presi
dential aspirations. Other democrats gen
erally that so called"Cleveland Democrats,1'
argue that if Flower is again the candidate.
he will meet wuu the same internal uuneu
Isaac H Mnynard last year, lher also
claim the Flower is Hill's figurehead, and
of course anvthing that Hill advocates the
friends of the President. tak it for granted,
theyinustantagonize. The "anti-snappers"
or independent democrats, who revolted
unstt io Hi machine nave started an
r.inization of their own, and some of the
best democrats in New York havei itecomo
identified with the movement. l'A-Mayor
Wi R (irace and hx-fcecretarv Charles
Kniivhi d nm the nrime movers ot the
new democracy. It is a good thing for the
leniocrats of Now oris; it is a bad thing
for Tammany Hall, and thus it becomes a
prood thinif for tho citizica o New York.
liwausfl the niilenemlent. ciranization, is
pledged to light Tammany. Persona ly Mr
Plait is a man ot aiuiity aim consiuerauie
wealth, being president ot the United
States Kx.iress Comnauv. and receiver for
tho New England railroad Considering
those fads it seems hardly like'v, that Mr
Piatt will attempt to ."ollow in the footsteps
of the high handed and fearless gang of
politicians, caning themselves democrats,
who run the legislative mill at Albany lad
winter. Since the election of republican
'.atn officers, (the first in eieven years.
muiy candidates for the governorship have
appeared. V ice-prcsiucnt l-evi r morion
is advanced uy some ns a prouauinty, as
well as Kdward H Haiper, J Bloat Fassett
and Cornelius M Bliss.
The result of the irreat six day bicycle
race decided at Madison Square Garden
last Saturday night, was a great surprise
to the many wheelmen who attended tho
race during the week. The world's record
for 142 hours go-ns-yon-please was 1464
nines, up to last Saturday nigni. m. ien
minutes before midnight, where Schock
completed his long ride with just 1(100
miles to his credit, me second, waner,
was credited with 1781 miles and the ex
rhamiiion Martin had travelled 1430 miles.
The wildest enthusiasm prevailed in the !
massive amphitheatre whtn Schock rode his
Inst lap, carrying n. huge American flag.
Fully 7000 people were in attendance at tho
close. Financially the affair was fairly suc
cessful and the men who finished among the
first six received the following divisions ot
the purse of $3-150. Schock. 81200; Waller,
$800; Martin, $500; Albert, SfoO; Van
F.mburg, $550; Golden. $150. The winner,
Albert Shock, has established a new record,
which bids fair to remain for many years.
Schock's endurance and speed has gained
for him the well deserved reputation, ot be
ing the Jong distance champion of the
During tho last, few days we havo lost
several prominent citizens. Adolph L
Sanger, president of the Board of Educa
tion, died at his home. Mr Sanger was
very prominent in Hewbrew circles.and the
public schools were closed today, as it is the
day of his funeral. A lit o apoplexy
carried off Orlando B Potter yesterday af
ternoon at the Union club. Mr Potter was
a prominent business men.
Wm. F. 1 1. KoKi.Kt'it.
the ladtu drnji
wobiii (uktiDFUinu
Will & ClKik, leneltr.
If you want a ttae .mok call fcr Josib
white labor cigar,
The beatoaat noBee in the city at tYniftd
!oyer a.
Hodgei 4 MoKtrUQ-l,
tore, Albany, Ou
Will & Stark' large line of .ilver ware
haa created a great deal of talk.
Pa.roniaa home indu.try by molin( the
celebrated white labor oicart, manufactured
by Tuius Joseph.
The O K Grubber Is told on trial. To
try one does not mean ou are compelled
to buy. Mfg'd by Jas. Fi.,-ey& Vohs,
Tub Things We
very largely make us what we ate.
N'o thought can pass through the
mind without leaving some effect,
however slight. Manr Blight Im
pressions, In time, make mighty
changes. It's the same with the
body. Abuse It with poor food
and take the consequences.
For purity and certainty In groceries
nnu naked goods, go to Parker
ing but buyers. They will
Iconic. 1 hey will be satis-
fried. They will buy at
Visitors are not asked to
BELIEVE but are shown
goods to CONVINCE them
that wo aro leading the trade
SK0ES etc.
Ifyou want VALUE FOR
YOUR HONEY call on us.
Miss llattie Warner a graduate of the
conservatory connected witn Gates Col
lege, Neb, Is prepared to give lessons In
vocal and Instrumental music to single
pupils or classes, at reasonable terms.
Miss Warner has had a thorough cduca.
Jon and is an experienced teacher Her
fcfeiences are; Prot H A Shorey, William
4 Trow and Mrs Jennie Lee.
Clean towels to every cuscuiner at Viereck
tniviog parlors.
The nnde-tigne.l, pro
priiter of the Pioneer House desires to inform
ine public that he has reduced the price of
boird without lodging to $3 per week, wiih
The public is invited to call as I keep cond
u. rub a piowu laoie. nave tir wood tor
sale. Corner i of Broadalhin and Wattr
tret- J H AIeranda.
Yours Truly
Kkad, Peacock
Cab. at
tli: i.'li-i
Vierecks shaving and hair
I. A. Morris & Co.
Flour and Feed Store.
Have removed their itore to opposite
the Kues House, and have on hand a full
ttock of
Cmtom chopping done.
New Advertisements.
ICST. A. .TorRPv ctfvhac,k with whit
ucar A I biti y.
WANTED,-A cood Un Uy who will
take a irlrl 12 years rf nn und rear
as one of the feint y. Call at thU ofllce.
triclit'lit s'oc1? ih bi dlvldood
pnvinsr stoj'ft la Ihin ulti , Enquire at
WAMTEt). A family in town or
country who will taxoa hoy twelve
years offtn who wants to R' to school
and docboring tnkinur caro cf cow or
horso to jtay pa t if him V eit ' p. A
rpBSORnble iin'-tiint In adfiitton will lw
pai:l bv his frtther for hi f irr an I kep
iiiK Pariioa will m!i at thi i otHij.
Jewel Stoves
and Ranges
Best On
Matthews a
J sold by H F Msrrlll.
Bought una
I P p Hum, CMl-ir. pim I, Hi tu rtt te
fi tfor Hale I 'uont a po.e. Cill at Perry
Stationery, Toilet Articles, Musics
Instruments, Etc.
lodgs k McFarlanfl,
The Cornet Drugstore,". Albany ,01 J
EXECjTQRS notice.
imdcrif oed txecntor of tho lant will
and tf ttatnent of Frank Shtd'1, drcpafM, has
rltd wnh the e'erk of the Cynoty Court far
Lino Cv-onti, Orrnn, ht rial accnunt, and
th court h iix-d the 5th rtay t,f March.
IS'Ji t the hour cf 1 o'clocli p m, for hear
ing oljpa'icnt to laid account, if any, and to
"til- in etit:.
This Jauatry 15, 1S04.
JK W FATiiEitrorn Eierutor.
Attouey foiI.
mkiiifi .On t, jfi.lRnn
I 'Ell WEEK. F. pifcferTfd nu cu
furuith a horsn sua trhvel through the coun
try; a team, though, is not necesaarv. A
fw TacaDO! in tewnnand ciuwi. Hnara
houri may I e card to Rood advmtage.
H r Johnjios ft Co.
11th and Main Sti, KichmmH, Va,
House Cleaner Garfleneranrl
General Jolilier.
Carpet Laying ard Cleaning, Chim:iey
vicanin, w rmrwasmng ana
Window cleaning a
Call at Boot Rlarlt K'anH .1 I..n,lrr.tK'.
anavmg pariora.
Ponltry aiii m Market.
BmatiAlbin, Ijetween Second anJ Tliird Sts.,
Poultry, Fis!i, Oysters, (Ia.ns,
dame in Season.
Eventhing nk anil fre,li. Oivt ns a cull
W--Tji.ji',"'!&i "CB WW B Ball
m i J' ' m mmr . . . Mttu.J, In,!-, - . Wt
, S4 and 83.CO Dress Shoe.
S3. CO Police Shoe, 3 Soles.
S2.60, 82 for Worklngmen.
82 and SI.75 for Boys.
83, S2.50 82, $1.78
CAUTION. tf any !!
fn-rs yoa W. I.. llouKlae
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lealers who push the sale of W. L. Douglas Shoe, gain customers, which helps to
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For .ale by the L E BLAIN CLOTHING CO.
Is the Best
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Also a fino line of crockery
Perry Conn