Albany daily democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1888-192?, December 30, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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lril '
nd wflV
o do 111
"'ublishtd every tiny in Hie week
except Bunuuy.
Siiri', EilitonauJ PropT
l! tlhn Pokt Ofll" At A!hnv
1- !., ii
bias man inaiier.
..1E Ktlltl B :w II93
!ki Lk'iai. FkivS.- K;iy & Cle.t, tlie 0 P
rtvw nave !. .iuha liiiiif etui for
,0.i nnmint-nmuii for Icipil nerviios
l June ISilJ loilay. This is ,i Kimt.Uj of
k not often witiiLwcd. AlUmv is full
lore eompntont luwtvni who would do
wcrk for a tontu of th- sum. Sjiiij of
are huuuirtu-:
fo nrrvkiM uf Pay & d-st. oU;iinin;r
ival of 1 K llojrir as rucimvr. $10011,'
l'iises ot joiin r fay m ,ew Wk
Una in removal or lloail'l ohhiiiiui"
options to SIU.I'UU worth ol evrtllieules,
" l'ur oWailiil'ir a ei-liliimancn of n
oftlieroa.l from .March 1 to 7
amount claimed is SJMO. Another
.00 is tlt'iiiaiul"il for Konirinr a woud
twin mieut of the sale to Mureli 14, and
tliiru eoiiuiniaiu-0 till Juno 2S a dim
.mi is eliar'-ecl. John 1' l'av's kerviei-
resist in the altemiitof rcrtiiirati-hold
to remove C II liest, r k 1'einlleton ami
u r 1- ay its attorneys for receiver are
ni'dat 82000, with $180 extra for ex-
i.'3. anil the price of his work in re-
iiff i-laiins of tallis Isash and William
oair for larj-'o saianea and takin' of
muiiy before lteferee Iliiflord in regard
iae is ciiioteil at fMioo. 1 lie servue:
A; (lest in attemlinir to alteration of
letenns of sale in iikin.loiiinjr the "uwei
rice" ami olTerinir the nrooertv In t "no
ijHiest bidder for insli are listed at flOOll,
mi nn ailMr.ional item ot $ JS.
Mr Caleb Cray, of llulsey, U in Ui3 city,
Mr and Mr Arch Allen went to S:,l,.,n
this noon on it visit.
so Miinsli. ld. one of the old time and
popular drummers, U in the city.
Mr Pred l'eebler, of I.ebannii, now
fireman on the Lebanon braneli.
Miss Holtorts, of Kiiyene. is in the city
the (tuest of Airs Sarah Haltiniore.
Iairnse has been issued for the uiarriaire
of W M Malone and Mary p. Lake.
Prof and Mrs J M liloss. of (VviiHia.
have been in the city the guests of Mr Win
Mr I-ake loriis and Miss Kthel Bellin
ger lire to be married in Indejieudence ou
i eun ay ui next we ;k.
K K Mn'.cibey, ex-Minerintenili-nt of fhe
i- raiiroan. was u jriiM at the Motel " ll-
lamette jxster.lay. Salem Statesman.
mxoh, one or me most nrosnerons
farmers of this viclniiv, went d iwn to Al
bany Wednesday to transact business.
llarnsliur-r Courier,
Mr Kd r ronk left this noon for Portlnnd
where he will attend the Portland Busing
L.'ol!ecre. lie will slop at Independence for
rew nays on a visit with u sister.
Mr llobcrt of the inspectors
under Collector IShu-k, passed throu'di the
,-ity this noon on his way to Portland from
il visit with llalsey relatives and friends.
Koscoe Price, of Tolo. has been doin
Ashland this week, the hoiidavs beintr a
xeuse for Ins extondi'd visit to this eitv.
.Asniauil Keconl. I ormei-ly of Alljanv.
Mrlleollarl. of (Irants Pass, who has
heen in the city, tlia truest of his brother
ft nan, relumed nonie todav. lieorse. was
shiuinir Ik'ht in tlie Irish booth at the
C irnival.
Mr Kelsey. of I'banon, is in the city to
day with the model of a revolving harrow
which for nmeiiuity surpasses any thin:
t peetuin the Jiairow hue. It looks as i
AllOl'TA PlKIT liAI.I, I IAMB. Several
s apo t 10 lir.MoritAT (rave its opinion
t in the trreat foot ball jraiuo to tae
cc in Portland on next Monday the Mult
ilist will not score. lodav the lKMn-
at received the followinir dispatch from
.lbauy Pemociiat: How much money
i you to bet wo don't score.
Wll.I. Lll'MAS.
,lie Dkmocuat never bets; but the Man
it 1 own lias watched pretty closely the
year or two the foot ball history of the
and often forms an opinion on a eoiu
iraine. Ho believes Multnomah will
score because of u lack of training to
t so well a trained team as Stanford,
f is not enough. Foot ball is a science,
.iford lias some of it: but Stanford could
score airainst Princeton, Vale, Harvard
'ennsvlvaniu. Second, athletic teams
inferior to college teams; third, the
k athletic team of San Francisco, lietter
u Multnomah s, coached bv Heffelhnfrer,
.) also played, could not score against
dori-totanroru does team worK, niuit
cnouLjh of it. Foot ball is some
?jncertuin and there are sometimes
:ttaie Mnn about 'lown will
vac.wior mo iaci unu nfiain iru
' ''tiromah does not score.
nut - V"l
it would ilo the work in an c-llective manner.
Mrs W K Chandler nee Miss Kead, who
has had chartre of the store of liead, 1
cock V Co, at this place, left Monday for
Corvallis, where she will mako her future
home. Mrs Chandler has made many
friends -hile here who regret to see her
leave. Lebanon Express.
MissCiblin, daughter of Mr Jno Ciblin,
proprietor of the St Charles hotel of Albany,
is in the city. The younjr lady has been
very ill for a loiitf time and was brought
down Py her Inenils some six weeks uo
for treatment by lr L J lienneux. Cnder
the doctor's treatment Misstiiblin is rapid
ly improving und her friends will be pleased
to learn that she will soon ho herself again.
Salem Independent.
Yesterday n family gathering was held
at the residence of S p Young, of general
interest from tho fact that there were four
generations present. Had n child in the
east been here it would have been five gen
erations. Those present were: Mrs Alt
house, agecl 114, Mr nnd Mrs J VV Althousc,
Miss Sarah Althouse.Mrs Samuel Althousc,
Mr and Mrs L K lilain. Mr and Mrs K P
Sox nnd two children, Mr and Mn H F
Merrill and four children. Misses Annie
and Kate Altliotise, Mrs W S Miller. Mr
rhi! tioodwin, Mrs Rebecca loung, M
Hettio Miller, Mr and Mrs Young, Percy
Young, and Mr and Mrs Kutting and two
One effect of the present times is t.i brimr
trade closer to u cah basis than ever before.
The records of college foot ball show that
one nioro man is needed to complete the
equipment of a team. It needs a chanlain.
All men in danger of death are entitled to
the benefit of clergy. Kx.
The nanera nn. i.lon s,r nMrw,n
Pacific advice. The Salem Journal savs;
the only wav to rim th llr..., I'a. ili.-
r.iilroa.l is for the government of Oregon to
Uke hold of it, with a receiver who will
treat it in a public thoroughfare conducted
m the irt. -rests of the people.
Attorneys (lest nnd Fv l,iv. 1,m
Implied from thn II P 1-.JI flnnd
The comnan--' will mn llw'tlmunn fl...
Willamette, and everything will he dono at
bed r.s k rates. Mr lln.ll.,,- I. .. t ,l-u 11..,
animal by the boms, and if he keens tin
what he proposes lo.ik iut for good results.
it v.iu uuve ruaiin
Saturday was the livest dav wo lm-n t.s.,1
for six months. To cut if short we -will iv
that over difficulties, Messrs Samuel An-
lerson and l-.lias Peiiland had a good old
Fashioned fight and it came ni-ir l.eiiir ,m
all-around one. but it ended with blood.
Mr Anderson is an o'd nian, Tl yjars old,
but if you think he aint bloodd, do not
tell him so. llairisburg Courier.
I ne city council of Ashland lias passed
another tramp law bv which certain neonle
known as trampsjshall 1 worked in the
......ii, .iiiK, .urn in no iciiise lo won,,
to bo "kept iii close confinement in the city
jail on a diet of bread and water until he
shall be willing to work." Ashland
liecord. Kven tramps now a davs are en
title.'! to something better than" bread and
ox 2V-A-TXxo:rxrt3. ;
he v i iiElt oidk. At a meetincr ot bohig
rkinirmen in S;ilnm (Jovoniorrennover's
ttr to C'lovcliiiid was emlon-eil nnd tli
nt resolutions nriiuist it conJemned
: following live rosolutions were ulso
soil :
i'hat it is the tklilicr.ite judgment of th
.tintr that uixes, nationul, state, county
11 city, are nnjnstitiuuly and exorbitantly
Lli nncl tliat a total yearly tax ot 4 per
it in Salem is especially extravaennt. nn-
I titiahle nnd destructive of the industries
1 1 commercial interests of tlie city. 1 hat
city council should at once lieirii) the
rwss of retrenchment und reform, not by
.lilv on 40 to 850 per month, but by
Ircilessly nuttinir the pruning1 hook to ex-
ivuaut and exorbitant attorney fees, and
Lit the marshal s salary of ?I.5J0 should
t reduced to 01000, and that tho monthly
iryof H)lieemen of to $"0 without
iiry to the tone, ami ail tee- aim colli
sions k1 ion hi bo turned into the city
1-VCi.kas Kkcohij. Oregon tan justly
4 of as clean a financial record nnd as
1 a ritundini? as anv state in the Lnion.
th a debt doscribable by the use of ci-
I rs alone, she ha $K,77;.y'2 moutstand-
; warrant issued the pre?ent year, pay-
-'of which is provided by state levy.
i redeemable nr nnv ximu. iurniK i.u
rereivpd S7tl'.57H.47 nnd exiendel
t:J4Jnchidintf $7,lnlj.Ifidetiiiency.
"Twlucationel funds are in a moit
y mndition, and in all other re4iects
doinj? vorv well indeed I'acihc
IlKLiuious Seuvices. It will bo Mis
sionary Pay at the Con'TewUional church
tomorrow. .Services at 10-.:!0 and 7 i-iO. In
tho morniiiL' there will he an address on
-Missions ami in the cveuintr on Hawaii
Past and Present. At the fcabbath school
the lesson being- Hevi.-w paiers will be read
uy memuers ot the scr.ool. Llinst'an J:
deavor st 0:45. You are welcomo.
IieLiilarsen'ices at tho United Presbvter-
lan church tomorrow mormnprand evennij
conducted by liev Hiley Little. C'hristii
r.mieuvoiers meet at ;i:;;u and 0:0 and
habbath school at 2:'.Q.
14 f religious beliefs pern'ex vou, and
you desire a faith at once reasonable
uplifting, send for free liberal religion
reading to postomce mission, 346 Yam
hill street, Portland, Or.
A packed house
W'iM tho result of tho fourth niirht of the
Carnival of Nation. It h:u taken the citv
by storm and scored a success not antici
pated. Last night over asO tickets were
sold for the galleries. Kvery reserved seat
was taken. Thore must have been (l)0 eo
ple in the building. The program furnish
ed by the Americans was of an entertaining
nature. Columbia resounded through the
hall. The colored trio were encored unon
prnsenting gomo live Southern melodies.
Hugh Kislier declaimed humorously alxjut
a courtship scene, liert Chamberlain and
Hemi Swart did tlie War act in great style.
The guitar quintet. Mis.-e Hattie
Hall, Amolia Senders, Frank Powers, lv K
Ooff ami O C McKarland, were heard in a
choice selection. The most wonderful thing
of tho week was the whistling
solo by Mr Walter Kllis.donc in the throat.
It was n marvel of skill as well as a great
natural faculty. A double encore resulted.
Mrs Langdon was heard in n patriotic solo.
Of course it was good. Justice Newport
road an original ili cr.initi n of niacin
dence that contained some tharn ioints
Krom Feudalism to Freedom, a series of
illustrated tableaux was one of tho prettiest
things of the week. Miss Nina tlalbraith
as a school girl m studying her history
went to sleep assisted by the soothing wand
of tho tioddess of Sleep. Mrs licd-jker, who
incited with nno eiocutionarv ellect the m-
eidonts which brought out some beautiful
tableaux scenes of tho dar ages, America
Hscovcred, John Aldcnand Priscilla.Kinir-
ing for Litn'rty, and !eorge Washinpton,
when the sleeiuntr cirl awoko ami Jl
Hattie lialbraitli as the t tcthless ot Liberty
in a modern scene tock tho wand. The
grand march of the carnival cf nations
losed tlie program, ami a hvo market
ceno followed in which tha different booths
vied with each other for supremacy.
I he total receipts were swelled to nrprox-
mately fifOO.
A ballot was taken d. r the evening
1 the best renrescnte'l booth, ami
while it was somewlnt of nn electioning
,iffair, the result is satisfactory, for patriot-
cally we all like to see America 0:1 top.
Vote, America, 15S; Japanese, fil ; Ger
many, oJ; Jnuian, 00; J ret and, 4b; i.ypsy,
f trhita ).vVutr Pln.N
Thk Things Wis Eat
Tho bekt'rnut ootlca in tha eitv n.t
ttloyer il
alt On Will & S.ark fur h.ircfnln In
Holiday jewel. y.
Will & Stark's laree line of il VAr ware
ha, crtatcd a grt deal ol talk.
Get your holiday poods at llodgea A
HcFarland. The best atock to aelcct
Motor niakea five lrin dailv in ViivL'a
addition. Lotr there 03 inttallmeota of SI
per week.
The O K Grubber Is cold nn trial. Tn
tiy one does not mean ou are rcmpclltrd
lo buy. Mfil'd by Jas. Fixnky & i-;oxs.
13 rooks.
In sclecilne vour holidav rnni' iln nnt
fall to call on Hodccs McFarland.
Tney havi- a fine line of roods, emhr.irln,.
a larye slock of plush goods,lncluding an
elcf;unt line of perfumeries, etc.
Oet tour ho Ida V I'Oods ol Wlll.t Slnrlr
Their stock. Lecausv it is lnrire and vill
ed, and their prices because they are low-
will make it an object. Besides ihcy will
Rive away 10 Ihcir customers $75 worth of
.i ci w aie .
Uenulne pait for all eevlnp machines,
also the best oils, needles, etc,, for all
sew'ng machines, bicycles, ct:., at E U
Will's music store. Sewing machines and
orjjtns repaired leasonable, nnd all work
warranted,, Needles prepaid by mail 40c
a dozen.
ing but buyers. They will
come, lhey will be satis
fied. They will buy at
asked to
are s&own
Unonrofiuest of manv the Carnival will be
continued one night, ami n program has
been prepared, selected irom the turee
niffhts. for to nitrhts Carnival, to which 15
cents will admit one: reserved so.its. at Mc-
r arland x Hodges, t ollowmg it. the sub
stance ot t..e program :
Duet bv Mr and Miss Swart.
Bowerry Grenadier, by Uert Van Clevo
ami AwKartl bqiirXl.
.lapanese boIo, by Slella Porter.
Umbrellad drill by Japs.
Carnival tableaux, .Carnival of Nations,
Comic declamation by Hugh Fisher,
fiuitar (Quintet.
The Italian bear.
ijaths at Vic.ecka shtvinR
t iit)(f parlors.
id ha
Visitors are
goods to CONVINCE them
that wo are leading tho trade
SHOES etc.
If you want VALUE FOR
YGUBfflQNEY call onus.
Yours Truty
Keap, Peacock A Co
and Investor.
How does this sound
Imi'iiovemivNT. The faro to the
mter Fair has been redneed to f Sf j.SW.
inir live tickets of admbion. I'pon
station of tho ticket a return ticket
be KH'timd to nnv i!aee in California
)la rates. These tickets are good for
instead ot 1U as heretotore.
'!' line nf MACINTOSHES na
'5AMEUSt ino oding mtny noveltta
'dint miMei d childrpn, i now
h E Vobog.
To-morrow dotes the record of iSy3.
A lot ot household "urniture for sale
enquire at the Ladies Uazaar.
Feed for Bale. Uran and chaf. at low
prices. Call on A II Mcllwain.
Call nt A B Mcllwalns for bargains in
b Kts antl shoes. The best men's shoe in
Albany for $1.25, rlso In ladler, for the
same price.
Thin or gray hair and bald heads, to
lispleoshig to many people as maiksof
age, may be averted for a long time by
vising 1 1 allS Hair Renewer.
Jefferson mills (lour Is the best fancy
patent roller process,- Every sack guar
tnteed For sale bv A B Mcliwain at
7o cents a sack.
The state board of equalization hpre
Increased the assessment on town lots la
Linn county 10 pci cent; that on horses
and mu es is decreased 10 per cent and on
cattle increased 5 per cent. We are get- j
ing tired .
The Albanv Democrat says the Oregon
Pacific Is the all adsorbing topic. So no ,
doubt the bondholders, whose money, to ;
the aggregate of sow fifteen millions, It
absorbed, thlnn. S'lem Statesman
B bid revival has been be (run at the M
E Church in Eugene. Ijist year It
lasted several molhs, resulting tn 262 con
versions. In a cat d the paster says "No
one can tell how long they will continue
till 4 year.
One tsfesment in the A O U V order
for the month of January, Whole num
ber tn Orepon 776, 'increase during
month of November 172. Whole number
ot members in good standing In the order
October 1, 1893, was 32J5
A B Mcliwain sells four one pound
papers ot fresh roast coffee for 81.00, a .id
iS pounds of granulated sugar for St.oo,
and 20 pounds of exlr C sugar fur $1,00;
5 gallons Fear) coal olt for 75 cents; sack
of best paent Hour 70 cents. All goods
guaranteed first class.
very largely make us what we are.
No thought can pa:s through the
mind without leaving some effect,
however slight. Many slight im
pressions, in lime, make mighty
changes. It's the same with the
body. Abuse H with poor food
and take the consequences.
For purity and certainty In groceries
and bjked goods, go to Parker
Zccal and Instrumental Music.
MU& Hattie Warner a graduate of the
conservatory connected with Gates Col
lege, Neb, is prepared to give lessons in
vocal and instrumental music to single
pupils or classes, at reasonable terms.
Miss Warner has had a thorough educa
Hon and is an experienced teacher Her
rcf?ences are; Prof il A Shnrey, William
A, Trow and Mrs Jennie Lee.
Hoctees & McVunan t,
tore, Albary, Oi.
the leading dm
New Advertisements.
Y1TANTED.-A kW to do peneral
IT ho us work. at this oilioo.
TOST. valise containing several ar
iiicies with names on. If found please
return to H Parker or leave at 1'arker
Bros, wilt pay a reward.
'I-:day Crockkry. I am closing
stock of fancy crockery. I do
'ntend to carry such goods longer
" Put a price on my stock to sell
- - 1 oung.
rciiDAv Handkerchiefs. Largest
l:ofiiikand linen handkerchiefs In
Ml;,! S E Youngs.
eisq (Machines nestly repaired and
'orefi i a thnrnotfhly competent work
"' St F M French'. S.nlfU AlSmnv
r. '
1 1. V: Q7 ne uf of that potent remedy
"tS In n..!L . i J
Ie v. "WR, uer araui, miwu
. Chow chow, rranhrrloi Irmnn.
The wav to do it is n laae your wasn-
ing to the Chinamen. If you want your
work well done at living prices take It to
Richard & PHIlipV Steam Laundry.
They know how without banging them
around poie.
No Shrinking. firing on your fine
winter underwear. We guarantee not to
injure them, as we take grt care to wasn
them In soft water. Gentlemens starched
work a specialty. The white laundries of
Alhanv are getting the Chinese cornered.
Give us your work an they will soon
Mrs C Simpson, pioprietor.
Wdl&8Urk iiwelr
H 1,
I ntiv
mlny, and new raisins at C E
I Price's Cream Baking Powder
anderained pro
pri iter of the Pioneer House desires to inform
the public that he has reduced the price ot
Ixwd without lodging to $3 per we?k, with
lodtriop $4 per weok. Sinule mli25 cents.
The public is invited to call t I keep good
pads anl et a good table, nave or woof ior
sale. Corner of Broadalbin and Water
streots. J H Meranda.
We ore sl!lt selling Dress goods and
Ca eand Jackets at greatlv reduced prices
for cash. We Invlle you to examine the
Red, Peacock & Co guods and prices.
Eruption of Ihe kln Cnrrtt.
Ed Yenney, BrockviHe, Oi'.tario, Canada,
I have used Brandreth's Pills for the
past fifteen years, and think them the bett
catliantc and anu-niiiiuus rcmcoy anqwn
For some five years I suffered with ai
eruption of the skin that gave me great
pain and annoyance, I tried different
blood remedies, but, although gaining
strength the Itchinir was unrslteved. 1
finally concluded to take a thorough course
01 uranuetn'i nn. 1 iook six eacn mgm
for niuhts. then five, four, three, two, les
toning each time by one, and then for one
month took one every niaW. with the
happy result that now my kin is perfect
ly clear and has been so ever since."
Carnival! carnival!! CARNIVAL!!!
I lein towels to everv customer t Viereck
h virg parlors.
See the Kew Improved S'.ncef S"wirg tt tj
hire. The rt is alws the chpwt -w
.n. Office a: P M rreoeh s
jewelry store
P11 urinn''ais'chtiarlbrttT!P".,""?i
House Cleaner Gardener iu
General Jollier.
Carpet Laying and Cleaning, Chimsfj
UieaninK. wnu?wainwg ana
Window clearing a
Call at Boot Black Stand near Lfcndreth',
.having parlors.
"imt ANTED. A famil in town
country who will take a boy twelve
yeaiaoiaga wno wants 10 gn to bcuooi
and do chorine taking care cf cow or
norte 10 ray part 01 mn Keeping, a
reasonable amount lu addition will le
paid by his father for his rare and keep
ing. Parties will call at ihholflja.
sold by U F Merrill.
AGENTS make f" a day. Greatps
itftcheu iitennil ever Invented- Ko
tails 35ets. 3io6 sold at every hottA
San.p e, poetagi paid, live conLi, Mc
MA kin df Co, Cinclunati, Oh'i.
TOR REN T The opera bouse More,
1; splendid 1 oration. Cal on the
secretary at tho Democrat office lor nat
V V thus in kin .00 $35.00
PER WEEK.. Patties preferred Mho can
furnish a horsi and travel thrcugh the coun
try ; a team, though, is not necessary. A
ftw vacancies in tewnsind cines. 8 pare
nours may I e nseri to good advntige.
B K JoHkSo-) & Co.
11th mod Main Stt, Hichmoni, Vj
day selling the greatest kitchen utcr.
sl ever Invented. Retails for thlrty-flve
cents. 1 wo to six can be sold tn every
nouse. iUHiionRiGiu m mis country atone,
Won t miss the greatest opportunity ever
known to make money, raid v and quickly
Sarr pie sent, postage prepa'd for five cents,
iwcuAKiN X. Co., Cincinnati, Unto,
Poultry ail nut MarM,
Dronila'.Uin, letween Second and Third SU
Ponltry, Fish, Oysters, Clams
Game in Season.
Everything oiot and fresh. Giv ui a call
Stationery, Toilet Artie'es, Musics
lnstnimen's, Etc.
Houies i IttiM,
The Cornet Drugstore,". AlhanT.oJ
I. A. Morris & Co.
Flour and Feed Store,
Have removed their itore to opposite
the Ktus Mouse, and nave on nana a full
stock of
Vustom chopping done.
htm meal, mrm, BUCK
Matthews &
Is the Best
Good Enough?
Then call on tho undersigned forjj'our
and produce, for they aro the best in tho market
Also a fine line of crockery and toys for
the holidays.
Perry Conn
Good Times.
The way to have them is by getting your
lit Im. A fine (lock of cold and' lilver men'i an.l kulim !,.!,.
headed cunr. an elegant line r.f tilverwarf. nml inJr f nn
11 . . i-. 1 . . r. . v. n.iinB iv 1-ict.i, iron
tall on hit or reliable goccU at tiricei I auit the time.
rintn, god '
$75 Worth
Of Silverware
Will be jire-ented the customers of
genuine HOLIDAV gifts, and it wont cost
you a cent. They have tho finest stock of goods
in the valley in their an inspection will
convince any one. Call and eeo for yourselves.
rears tlie Standard.