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    Jgailix democrat.
These are not time when a citizen can
be without his political guide book, 11 we
are to ju ice itom what they are saving and
doing, even the instructors of the people
who have seats in the United State! senats
have forgotten their comprndiums of first
principles. In the bimetallic convention,
which hat been In session here at St Louis
there has leerr.eJ to be a diversity
between every two vie of practical legis
lation. Unlesi the world hai grown wise faster
than it appears to have done, there is no
reason for departure from principles ap
parently well settled in the last generation.
Twenty years before the war 'he Ameri
Can people discove'ed that bad bank money
was one of the surest ways of cheating and
oppressing the masses. So they declared
for hard money.
The; found that a protective tariff taxed
heavily and restricted the trad of the staple
producing stales. So they declared for
a tariff for revenue only.
They found that the meddling of a cen
tralized government vith local interests and
habits produced friction, troubles and evil,
So they declared for noninterference.
They found that giving out special privi
legea by legislation Immediately became
corruption, plutocracy and injustice. So
they declared against special privileges.
Every tangible evil of the present is di
rectly traceable to a departure from those
principles, or to an imperfect application of
them to practical conditions.
Then the simplest aid most effective rem
edy Is to pat. n-J law which dose not apply
the approved principles, and to leave none
unrepealed which violates them,
Hard money la gold and sliver coin and
paper redeemable in sucn coin. uard
money Is property, and ought to be the
only properly of final redempl Ion the only
standard of prices and deferred payments.
Anything eise Is liable to swindle the com
mon people. The government cannot
gratuitously furnish individual citizens
with money and ought never to be guilty
of pretending that it can. Money la private
property. The government only guarantees
its quality and weight.
Gold and silver have been the ac
cepted money. They are still. The ques
tion is whether silver Is to be a standard
money or a token money. No civilized
nation talks of stopping the use of silver.
England never did.
The people relieve that gold is too scarce
to be a safe single standard. It gets too
powerful and Is too panicky. And they are
But it takes a long wandering from the
path of safe money to suppose that a nation
can create a value for the whole stock of
silver or the whole stuck of gold. All the
natiuns can, but one cannot. One can
ascertain conditions and make Us money
standard suit Ha convenience; and that is
what the United States can do. It cannot
make an ounce pf silver equal to an ounce
of gold In value. Therefore it cannot
make 16 ounces of silver equal to one oo.e
of golJ, unless the conditions justify the
. Hold fast to the first principle that any
kind of bad money U morally certain to
swindle the common people. And to the
other first principle that a scarce and ap
preciating money is sure to cheat the pro
ducers of sta U crops. Then we get at
once to a bimetallic currency, and to one
basjd on actual values. We get away from
Sherman acts unrl French systems, and all
botches and cowardly makeshifts. We get
away from thn wild-cat banking that Mis
souri condemned by refusing the privilege of
money Issue to banks. We get away from
the pia'.ec'.tve practice of buying bullion,
not to fix the people's money standard, but
to give a market to a particular set of cap!
They mom y question, like the tariff and
mott other questions, is wofully confused
by the aotlons of the government being able
to guarantee this Interest and that intercs1
a jainst loss and trouble. In the first place
the government could not, if It were saint
ly Ik intent and Solomonlike in wisdom, la
lha second place, the federal government is
nothing but a president, a judiciary, a
house of representatives and a senate, com
posed of men who are like the rest of us
more or less selfish, more or less ignorant.
more or less careless, and more or less
susceptible to influences. The more It
abstains from fooling with the money ques
tion the better money the people will have.
Why cannot the people have gold and
silver coin as money and be done with the
settings, shskings and fevers of the money
question ?
And why cannot they have a tariff lor
revenue.' And why cannot this sggrrgatiun
I. A. Morris & Co,
Flour and Feed Store,
Have removed their store to the Strahai
a tort, formerly occfpled by Dryne t
Kobson, and haye on hand a full stock o
Custom chopping don.
' of men called the governmnt be limited
to the affairs which the people may prufit-
ably surrender to such a central agency?
And why cannot a strong current ot
democratic air be forced through the mui
kiness and miasma of Washington? tt
would end the Sherman act debate and the
tariff hearings I would pass Hie noninter
ference bill, calltd tho Tucker bill. In botn
houses, It would let the people breathe free
ly and go about their business.
That the earth's motion has an appreci
able cfiect upon artillery firr, deflecting the
projectile from a straight course, mav be
news to manyj and as such would probably
seem a novel notion- It has, and the ex
act nature ar.d extent of the effect Is an lm-
portat point of study with artillery experts.
An English army expert told of the results
of many Interesting experiments along this
line in a paper read before the Kojal Ar
tillery Institution the other day. Firing
from north to south there is a divergence
of projectiles to the left due to the earth's
rotation, and firing due noith the diver
gence is to the right. The extent of the
"pull" varies at different points on the
earth's surface, and ' with projectiles fired
at different speeds and elevations. In
England a deflection of five Inches is
found to occur with the projectile of a
twelve pounder in a 4000-yard raogo.
Among reptiles the eggs exhibit great
variety. The epgs of alligators arc elong
ated and almost cylindrical, evenly round
ed at both ends, and about the size of an
ordinary duck's egg. The eggs of the sea
turtle are as large as a small apple, round
ed, and have a flexible shell. Those of
the snapping turtle are much smaller, but
also founded. Those of the terrapins and
other genera are oblong, as also are those
of lizards. In the common black and yeN
lowdotted American freBU-water terrapins,
and in the painted terrapin, the eggs re-
'quire tour years ol groaan before they are
laid. Take ft seven-vcir-old turtle of this
kind. It will contain only very small egg6,
all of unifcrm size. An eight-year-old
tortoise of the same kind will have two
lets of eggs, one larger and one smaller.
One of nine years will have three sets, the
oldest set being the ilze of a small pea. A
tortoise of ten years will have lour sets of
eggs, and In that year she will lay for the
first time, and give birth to the most ma
ture let.
Dr Ernest Hart of the British Medical
Journal dcUre that cholera will become
extinct In the next thirty years, because
of the rapid advance of sanitary science.
Hoyih This!
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars reward for an t
Case of Catarrh that cannot bo cared by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, haro known F. J.
Cheney .or the last 15 years, and believe him
pt xtly honorable in all business transactions
jancially able to carry out any obligations
n j iy their firm.
Whst &Tnr.x, Wholesale DnicrK'mtn.Toledo.O,
WaVLDiNii, K in nan & Mauvik , Wholesale Urug
cists, Toledo, O.
fn directly npen the blood ami miicou surfaces
of Hip system. TRtimoninln sent free. Vric3
too. per uuiue oom uy an 'jmista.
Bath at Vierecks s having and hair
cutting parlors.
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
Ur. X. rtshe
San Francisco.
The combination of excellent stomach
tonics In Hood's Sarsaparilla Is such that,
with proper attention to diet, Indigestion
and even the worst cases of dyspepsi. ars
cured by this medicine Kead this:
TlaTlng for seyeral years been freatly
troubled with Indlceatlon," and harms ins
llood'a sarsaparilla advertised, I MMludM M
glrs It a trial. T. my happiness and great satis
taction I Covad 11 to bo lat ely remedy tor this
eomrlitnL" sins. N. risct, 426 Geary Street,
San Vranelseo, Cat,
Hood's) Pills act easily, yet promptly aao.
MBcleaUy, en the liter and bowsla. 85c
r,"SOR SA I.B. An aswrmient offlowsr
In i plant and shrubs, a'so co lection
of cacti. Mmtieo Younf, corner Fifth
and Jackson streets'.
At. I. natranna W, . Ii. I ,n 1 n 1 -. 1.
note or recount will please pay the same,
the acnunt nmat lo close'" by note If
,11 it 11.1,1 TililA a I 'I . : - . -
your interest to see to this at once. lain
u Hi-ill ii, (-.munii rtinca:
Albany, Or. Sept 1 h, .!:!.
on a Conservative Baat-.
OWING to the present monetary strin
gency and during the existing condi-
tion of the financial mirsci, a mm 11
mn,.uA,v r. run mv business on a very
conservative basis. Sugar, as you are
aware, is nanuiea on a cij
of profit; a 1 small In fa-:t to scarcely pay
for the handling of It, and the terms upon
whh:h It Is bought are very strict (casi.
only. ) line money wu 1''"""'
collections good, I was able to allow sugar
mill m m r.rwiavii' but cordltlons at
present are such that I wbl sell sugar for
cash only. 1 assure vou i very rc-
Mant . n m.l- M flllr? OX till. MIIIU. UUV
the conditions of the market are such as to
: Intnot-atli-o TrilKlInf VOUWill
look al this in the proper light nd also
understand mat inisruieopmcBciicinjr,
I'ebrv Conn,
Do not wait too long. The frrea.
Wro-I.l' Vi'ir will liA r-lnfiml ill ft fl'W WtM'kg.
The truvelinir public nre fully alive to the
fact that the Uii.c-.igo I'uion l'acifTc &
Vnrfliu-.w..ln 1 tito atill l.lll in tlTHA Anil
arconiiunuittiona to tho east, lieineruber
that a whole day may lw raved with its
contingent by taking tho L'nion
laciuc to Lluciif'O.
Wheat, no cts: oals. 2tc; liay.SS baled
wood, ij3 to $3.50, taken In exchange for
sewinrr machines or organs on hand at E
U ill's music store. Also on all book
accounts of 6 months standing. Sewing
machines from $25 to (35, witn my per
sonal guarantee for 5 rs.
Albany Market.
Oats, 2lo.
I lour, (4-00.
' utter, lido.
Efgs. I83.
Lard. 11! to 15c.
Pork-bams 12tolSL-,shonlurs 9 to lOJj
si im. 1 1 to 13c
Hay, baled, 7
vo atoes, s"0o.
Apple. , 40
Bopa, 10a.
Dried fruitplums, Ho, applet, &
Chickons, (4 00 per dozen.
Beef, on foot, 1X
Uogs, dreased. 6j.
Bargains for fanners In both riding and
walking plows., disc harrows.lron harrows,
etc. Prices lii proportion to 50 cent
wheat. It will pay you to call and see us,
Stationery, Toilet Arti3les, Musica
Instruments, Etc.
Eodijes k HcFarlanfl,
The Cornel Drug Store,". Albany, qi
Star Bakerj
CorltriHilttln and First Hi
Mulled seruitH.
OrleU Frulln.
I'nnne'S .Ilea
10 that la kept In a eener
vuiety and irsocery stor, Hlffheat
nwket price paid for
To. Farmers
Mill warehonso and will have it in gcod
order for receiving the present orop. The
wsrebouse is first class and conveniently
located Contains ,wo good clesners. No
delay in unloading. Sacka will be on hand
for delivery in due tin e. Give me a call
before making arrangements to eore your
crop. U. F. SIMPSON.
Albany, Or., July 15:h, 1S93.
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore .slating be
n U O Hayne and C h Buck, doing
a general contracting and cement work
buslne. In Albany, Oregon, under tbe
firm name of Hayne Buck, I. this day
dissolved by mutual consent. Those
knowing themselyea tj be indebted In
the firm will please call end settle TJ O
Haynn will continue the business.
September 19th, 1503
Ornyrs, laintn. OiU
(Jin, Jit c
to the dealer w ho
is bent on bijrger
profits. 'flio
' thing tliat ho
wnnla veil to
u i '
r.sll for Doctor
ri rce's Fitvorito
isn't " just as
good." I'roof of
tl.U w onsv- The
l a ill I 0I1'y guaranteed
'IS fi ll' remedy for thej
ailments of wj-
manhood is tho " Favorite Freacrip-
tion." If it ever fails to benclit or
cure, in making weak women strong
or suffering women well, you liavo
your money back.
Anything "just as good," or as
sure to bring help, could be, and
would be, sold in just that way.
This guaranteed medicine is an
invigorating, restorative tonic, es
pecially adapted to woman's needs
and perfectly harmless in any con
dition of her system.
It builds up, strengthens, regu
lates, and cures.
For periodical pains, bearing-down
sensations, ulceration, inflammation
everything that's known as a
"female complaint," it's a remedy
that's safe, certain, and proved.
Everytliing catarrhal in its nature,
Catarrh itself, and all the troubles
that come from Catarrh, are per
fectly and permanently cured by
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Uemedy. No
matter how bad your ease or of how
long standing, you can be cured.
CM At KEY. 51. D.,
Physician anil Surgeon, Office Upstairs nver the
Bnk of On-gon.
Residence, comer lOtb snil C'alanooia et.
Opkks Skpte.muer 27
The Speciat. Features Will Eclipse Those op any Previous Year
Comtrncted it a cost of $10,000 and throwing
rainbow will beautify Music. Hall.
Containing He h of all varieties found in Oiegon waters, have beca constructed tt gnat
fx pease,
Will ocnUin a col.ection of i)iDtinsa pclected from the World's Fair. Among theni
Ellrburg's ceUb rated piiUii.?, Caster's Lsst iht. To vUit this great Exposition and
iew its wordem iu every depvitment of Ait aod Sjitinco, will be the next thios to a
.1 Ai'r..l J' I. n... a
vifit to the World' i'iir at Chitaeo
Redocfd rstenon ail TrapporUtinn Linea.
For fulhtr information addrei
advantages not found elsewhere in this
Beautiful rotation.
Suitable Buildings.
Effiriont Teachers,
Five courses of stiuly Clnssicnl, Scientific Normal. and Musincss, with
sret'ial ndvantfiffM in Vocal and Instrumental Music. Ihisiness "course of two yrars.
Graduates of the Normal course rue entitled to a State Diploma, and are in demand to
fill hifrh positions." JIi-Minnville is aoresille ly rail from all parts of the State, on the
main trunk of the Southern Pacific R. It. West Side; fifty miles south of Portland
Fall Tern Begins
(tor Catalogue.
PoaTUMD. 0M))l. A.
Open n the yew. Smdenu may enter at any time. Catalogue free.
fv.?r j.r)Ve?WaV7l
D Altaiir.Ore.,lr J. A. CIMM1.NU
bajuaa .m i
-sO - yTi
.f F. F0Bri), teplisl,
Of Ilea' Molne iow, vritHi under dale f
March 23, 15'J-l:
S. B. Mku.. 51,,, Co..
Oufur, Oregon.
dentin, m .
On arriiiun home last week. I found all
I well and anxioukly availing. Oor little
I :.l ;k ..J---li.lli-.,r,nlil whn hid
wa'ted away to 38 pounds, is nw well,
strong and vigorous, and well tleahed np.
H. B. Cough Turn haadr.oe its work well.
Both of the children like it. VoJr S B.
Cough Cure lias cured and kept away all
hoaraenrss from me. So give it to every
one, with greetings for all. Wishing you
prostieii y, we are
Your., Mr 4 Mks J F Kobu.
II vou wi.h n fMl it..n anil t-htwrful. antl reaily
lor tint Spring', work, cluanw your system Wth the
llmlt.hoaiid l,lv Curo, by taking two or llirue
cents rmr b-ittlo by all
S Sol 1 utiilcr a positive itiora.itco L-
Or-N 3 Monday, Sxptkmbkk 18th
Just clospd the most prosperous year in
Us tiisiorv. Wide range ot studies. Tho
ouch instruction. Business course rdded
fuliion free. Entrance fee, $10, Board
and lodging at reasonable rates la the
elegant new dormitory and boarding hell
on the eampus.wnert; students will receive
personal supervision.
1893 Closes Octohe'r :S.
a t loatand jetr of water la all colors of the
Puperiu tend cot aud See C ary
McMinnville, Oregon,
Kxxns-C8 Lipht: a .oonlintr hail in the Collejre
Imihhngon the club plan. 1 'resident Urownwc
steward, thus (r-i.iranteeinff pood Itoiinl at tli
least possible cost to the student. Hoard can als
1 hail in private fmnilicft at Si.oO to ii.00 pC
week, including lodging.
'Hie fine Telescope recently lnonnted in tin
Xcw Observatory and the extensive Iabmry
to which students have free access, offer.
Thirty Acre Campus,
'Healthy Surroundings,
Thorough Work.
September 19th.
Address; T. O. BROW XSO.V. Presides.
Or A J Hunsaker, Solicitor and Financial Agent.
P. AiMTni P..r..t
andbr UOUOaa Jlcf AlllNU. Urairsiauw
Cabinet photos from $i.5oto4.oo
dozen. E.nlaiEins pictures a
i'ttio craron: framed
0.00. e rarrv a large stock
of tS and steresccplc yiews of Or-
mi. mbiii.-. i-i pi'wrrinurnrrsiiTeiinrsn. rr either rracaii'rd
f nrereirrUon. rraltral emr eirenlre B ol !-&--.. union, Tor turn-aiant.htrblrsdlolnermfrT.onamptu-nor
In.anltr. -n Ve carDrd 11
ale a wrlf.rn ArrefnnW the esnnew. Sold br all
At the stole formerly owned by
Allen .Bros,
for which I will pay the best cash price
Send for
Address, REV. E X. COXDIT,
Albany, Ortgon
Ao ents Wanted on Salar' n"'-! ConmiUsion
Bioppliy of JAMES G. BLAINE,
By Gail Hamilton, his literary executor,
with the eo-uperatinn of hia family, and for
Mr. liiaiDbs ComplMA Work., '-iwENry
Years or Conokess," and hi later boot,
Political Discossions." One prnspccloi
for thete 3 best sellino books in the mu
llet. AKF Jordan of Me.ftook 112 orders
from Hrat 110 call.; agent's proflt glOti.M.
Mrs Ballard of O. took IS orders. 13 Seal
litifaia, in 1 day; profit $26.25. E N Rice
of Mass. took '27 orders in 2; profit
$47.23. J PatnHpe of Me. took 43 orders
from 36 calls; profit $75.25. E A Palmer
of N. Dak. took 53 orders in 3 day.; profit
898.25. Exclcsivb Territory si'en. If
yon wish to make LARGE MOltV write
immediately for terma to
me Henry lini rub. lo.,l.orwieh,loun
rs. Dr. PaUerMoii Uallac
Th? Xoted Otilnojant srd Lite Rtlcr, Is now
here, and can be found tt her restdvucr, next d or
J B Couffill. ISlie tvn alx-ut nil luMectri. p&f
present riiU futnre; lovij tmutle, slent (riends ud
bu.ln?M. You dun lieu from xur dead filei..1s.
Notice of Assignment.
NCTLKF is hereby civen tht Isiao I earn
of Albany, Oregon, has duly at.iined t the
anderaitfued issiiiiue til his propeitv and
elf. ct for tlio benefit of hii creditui. nndr
and by virtue of the geatTil anniKinneDt
lawa of the state of Ureon, and the under
iizned hasheretnfo e h.-wit on tl.n 25th dav
of Augutt, IS 93, duly quaiilied such
All ierrona navuif ciaimt :atoHt raid
insolvent and thn estate tlie-tof i ra hereby
reo aired to uresent the same to the onHer-
RiKued at the tlorhone bnildtiii; of Iataa
Beam, in tbi city of Albany, O eaon, under
oath within three mouths from this date.
Dated tnis Sod dv of 8eptpxlver. A D.
Ats'tfuee of Iaac Uuain,au insolvent.
Rnhy very lrk with rczenia when
three uioutliMoltl. Had hoiueiltM -torsantl
lists. (Jot won all
the time. hole IkhIv raw m beef
steak. Ifnlr pone. xotel him
todie. Pick nix iiiontli before we
trlffl ri'Tli l Dla Va fnisVa In
them but In two month he wan entirely cured.
Jiot a not on hi ni now antl iilentv of hair.
3Utt. Ir'ICANK UAltllKTT, iiilleltJ, Mich.
Baby Bad with Eczema
Our baby bov, fotir months old.
hail had caw of eczema. Head
I WES a Holitl tum. Vaiw .nl ttniiv
Jl . badly affected. Itching terrible.
- i mree uortora flid not help nim.
tetim on ha hnmls tn iiMnf hist
rTatchlnjr. Crnn-RA Kemeihkh cured bim,
and we recommend them tn other, J. 11A1IK1S, Webster. Ind.
Baby Itched Terribly
Baby three months old broke
oat with white pimples on red
surface. Itching terrible, scabs
on head anil face. I'sed every
thing for fire months. Grew
worse, inircbased CcTtrifRA
Kemedies, used them, and in
thrre weeks there was not a sore ot pimple,
Hot ereti a scar.
Mrs. OMAB JAMES, Woods ton, Kan.
Baby Suffering Agony
nabr bad erxema, worst form.
BafHetl the bet dortors here.
Mas In a iron r eight months. Be
pan withO'Tiri RA Remepies- In
two months the awful disease bad
ceased Its vengeance. o trace
eon Id he een,niTiUrlin(r nor was
J. A. MC4 LES, Hunker Mill, Ind.
And Its enres are the most re
markable perf'Tuted It sny btoort
sn-1 skin r-nteilT of" modern
times. Iari'nt Yememhertn
cures nuifte in infancy are ieay,
lermanent and economical.
Sold thronehorit the world. Prlrr.rmcTK. (
r-Oc. eor, lie. PoTraaPai.
sxd Cos.. Corp.. itole lTnii... Botoa.
a-'Tlow toCorr Skla Dlreirf.," free.
D I D V'C Skl" rid 3mlp parUlrd and trsml''
DAD I 0yC.lic.nsgo.p.AtirOlawlylar.
IS r l 'AM 'KKKURT. ,
AMinneecf . B Heara. '
J. A. Comming
nn i.r.AniSG rnoToKtpnr.R9, (SOn-
-Albaay areaaa