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    Public Sales.
In public sales there is a difference
Live stock auctioneers are not all
alike. The better the salesman the
bigger are your returns. Tlier" is
proit. security and satisfaction in i'
ing business with a good auctiom ".
For dues and terms write me a
Jialsev, Oregon.
B. T. SUDTELL. Aucti-eer.
MENT. Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned executor of the lost will
and testament of J. W. Cusick, de
ceased, has this day filed his final ac
count as such executor with the coun
ty clerk of Linn county, Oregon, and
the county court of said county ha
fixed Monday, the 16th day of Octo
ber, 1911, at the hour of one o'clock
p. m. of said d:iy, for the hearin
obiections to said final account and
for the settlement thereof.
Any and all persons having objec
tions to the same are hereby required
to be present at the said time and
place and make same.
Dated September 13, 1911.
Executor of the last will and testa
ment of J. W. Cusick, deceased.
Attorney tor Executor.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Linn county.
George Pearce, plaintiff, vs. Tessie
Pearce, defendant.
To Tessie Pearce, the above named
In th Name pf the State of Oregon,
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint of the above
named plaintiff in the above entitled
cause, now on file with the Clerk cf
the above entitled court, within six
weeks from the date of the first ptiD
lication of this summons; and if you
fail to appear and answer said com
plaint as hereby required, for want
thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in hi
said complaint. The relief demanded
in said complaint is a decree dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony now ex
isting between the plaintiff and de
fendant, and such other relief as may
be meet in equity.
This summons is published once a
week for six successive weeks in the
' Albany Democrat, a weekly newspa
per published in said county, by order
of Hon. J. N. Duncan, County Judge
of Linn Co'untv. Oregon, made thia
5th day of July. 1911, and the date
of the first publication of this sum
mons is the th dav ot July, lyil.
Attornevs for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Linn County.
In the matter of the application of
Minnie Young and W. H. Voting, her
-husband, and L. C. Alexander to reg
ister title to the land in this applica
tion described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the Southeast comer
of the D. L. C. oi S. P. C. Fleener,
Not. No. 1609, and Claim No. 66, in
Tp. 10 S. R. 2 W. of the Will. Mcrd..
Oregon, thence South 89 degrees 4S
minutes West along Soulh line of said
Claim 20.72 chains, thence North 17.25
civiins, more or less, to the center of
the main channel of the Thomas
Creek; thence Easterly up the center
of the main channel of the Thomas
Creek to a point due North of the
place of beginning, thence South 22.45
chains, more or less, to'the place of
beginning.' containing 46 acres, more
or less, all in Linn Count', Oregon.
Against I. G. Faltus and Charles
Faltus, and all whom it may concern,
Take notice, that on the 18th day of
July, 1911, an application was filed by
said applicants in the Circuit Court
of Linn County, Oregon, for initial
registration of the title to the land
above described. Is ow, unless you ap
pear on or before the 21st day of
August, 1911, and show cause why
such application shall not be granted,
the same will be taken as confessed
and a decree will be entered accord
ing to the prayer of the application,
and you will be torever barred trom
disputing- the same. ,
Witness my hand and the seal of
said Circuit Court this 18th day of
July, 1911.
County Clerk and ex officio Clerk of
the Circuit Court. of Linn County,
Seal) By R. M. RUSSELL,
Applicants' Attornevs.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duiy appointed by
the County Court for Linn Countv.
Oregon, as the Administrator of the
estate of Ed Zeyss. deceased. Any
and all persons having claims against
said estate arc hereby notified fo pre
sent the srvnc to my attorneys, Wcajh
erford & Wcathcrford. at their office
in Oregon, within six montns
from the date hereof, duly verified as
by law required.
Dated this 20th dav of September
1911. ED L.'A. ZEYSS.
AYeathcrford & Wetl-.erfnrd,
Attvs. ior Admr.
MENT. Notice is hereby given thnt the un
dersigned mlministr.'itor of the estate
of Katherinc Miller, deceased, ha.
lileit in the county court of I. inn. coun
ty. Oregon, his final account as such
ri'Itr.-ri-tr.-mir. r.nd that aid court has
fixed Monday, the 9th day of October.
1911, at the hour of one o'clock in thr
afternoon, as tl:c time for the hearirjj
cf objections to said final account anc
the settlement 'thereof.
I!. H. H F.WITT.
The Jefferson high school foot ball
team, of Portland defeated the Albanj
high, Saturday afternoon 17 to 0.
In the first quarter, wit!) Oscar ana
Jack Day, Jefterson's star half baeiis
cut of tne same Albany was decidedly
tou much for the visitors, and was due
tu score twice, but a penalty of fifteen
.ards ut just the. right lime, .add u
tumble on a forward pass, it was said
due to a foul, etoppea the ball and held
me tine until the second quarter, when
;h-DoV3 were out in. changing the tiue.
Jack Day got the field and lore for
torty yards pas' the goal. In the third
quarter regardies3 oi tie Days Albany
neid tteiu. Then three or four Albany
men were put iut for slugging, thcuch
r'oiiland was slugging her oest, and
one lei ow kicked Abrams when djwn
a vicious blow, but no', a Portland man
whs sent out
In the fourth quarter, with the
veakeued line, Jefferson scored twicu.
It this quarter Carson Bigbee, the
pluckiest qb in the state, was out of
me game, with a broken Knee
Jefferson haa a ,,.,! team. Allmnv a '
Hter one the two Days, 190
pounds and verv fast
Abrams is one of the best half backs
in the state. Carson Bigbee is nut
.eaten at quarter and Sanford Arch
ibald is very strong at full. The Alb
soy line has a couple weak places.
Antony Austin went to the Bay this
Another verv readable letter from
Rev Elliot.
The Imperial Restaurant, on Second
street has closed.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baker this noon
returned from Cottage Grove.
Geo. Hardy, an old time Albany oper
ator, was in the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brandeberry went
to Portland this afternoon
Hallowe'en tomorrow night. Wonder
if the kids can't be made to forget it.
Geo-. Hovendon, a pro ninent Portland
business man, once of Corvaliis, was in
the city today, the guest of J. H. Simp
son. ' v
Mr. Ed. Allen, of Saerwocd has beer.
in thi city today on a visit wi'h his
Mrs Lewis, daughter of W. F. How
ard, t. day left for her home at Walla
Walla, accompanied to Portland by Mr
Hon. F. A. Walls, of "ortland, a
former Linn county man, passed throuch
tne ci y vesterday on his way irora
Hon. V. A.' Carter and family, of
Benton county, spent Sunday in the
-ub city, thi guests of J. S Robbins
and family.
.Tnspnh Pillitzpr. thfi trrpat pditnr nf
the New York World, died yesterday
frnm hunrt ImnhlA H h.ul l.linrl
and nnt well for years.
Phil Swank of Tallmr.n, and son J.
W. Swank, of Albany, returned this
noon from Newpo: t, where they caught
some salmon with silver hooks.
Judd Ross to took a Salem spin vfs
terday in his auio Coming back he
saw spven jack labbits along the way
An -.lbany man also saw cne on West
Horace Ritchie, who is 13 today had
a birthday party Saturday evening, a
fine afiair, with lots nf fun by the iivn
young crowd present at Feiry and Fifth
Vr. and Mrs. p. A. Henderson, of
Nnrfolk, N b , after a visit with their
son. C. M. Henderson, for several
months, this noon left for home. They
may come back to remain.
According to the Portland papers,
under a new arrangement of affairs
along th" S. P. Albany is liable to be
the end of a division, making this a
railroad town, as well as the hub.
' Hi Rirhards has sold a lot at Ninth
and Hill street to Mr. Glasgow, re
cently from Oklahoma, and a residence
will be en etc J on the corner tor a home
for the latter.
F. W. Power, secretary of the state
Horticultural society, is lather ot a
movement to establish a correspondence
school in fruit culture. Mr. Power is
an Alhanv College graduate, and has
done much for th fruit interests of the
The j: ry in the case f the Orpgn".
Elfctric Hgt.-D . Cfoper for condem
nation of a right nf way. voted on the
first badnt all the way from J600 to
S8U00 damages. The compromise was
finally made on $2500 It is said there
be no apoeal.
ii. iv- r, .i,:. ... j
Ur. VV .A. Cr.x th s noon returned
nm u hunt nn thp Alcoa luttinnsnnia
from a hunt on the Alsea, getting some,
ind hringirg home -cne. Some of his
friends had his do,. r decorate! in honor of
he event, and when he finds who did it
'here may be a dea I Elk, regardless of
he season
S. H. Martin, of Spokane, has been
in the city to attend the funeral of his
hmther in law, Mr. A. Kyle, which was
held yesterday afternoon, at the Pres
lyterian church, Rev. Geselbricht
ireaching the sermon, the ordr of
Masons having charge of the burial ser
vices. Mrs. P. H. Raymond, Mrs. A
Vioores. Kenneth woores and Rollo
xlev. of Salem, were in the dity today
n the Moores auto, on their way home
'mm a trip to Eugene. This side of
Harrisburg the gasoline gave out and
hey naH to come to Albany on the bat
teries, which auit iust as tho auto
reached the garage. E. A.: Edward Kee , the
PoMland contrac.or who secured the
contract to build the new Presbyterian
cnurcn in Lebanon, and also ?o do the
woodwork on the new Presbvterian
chur. h r.f Albany, is in the city and is
-.v...K .... ... k.uumu iu. un:
Lebanon church.
Washington U. O. thinks it his th
best shaped co-eds in the eouptry. Tif
physical director has bcn measuring
hem, and this is their average: aire
9 2 vpam. weight 121 nnnnrli hoioht
i ft. 3. across shoulder 14 inches, chet
10 4, waist 8 2, hips 11 3, depth cnei S 9. girth chest 27 6.
waist 25 4.
Ux Ea iy
Teachers arrived- on nil the trains
from Lelanuii, Brownsville, down from
Sweet Home and -'oster, from Cor
vallis, and other Benton county towns,
headed by Superintendent Mack, from
Tangent. Oakville, Shedd, Halsey,
Harrisburg, and the country districts,
men and women, old and young, all
vivacious, enthusiastic over the big
S A. DeVaney, of Philomath, re
turned from Lebanon, where he had
been to attend a birthday party in honor
of his father, just S3 ears of age. F.
P. DeVaney is one of the pioneers of
the county, prominent for many years,
and is said to be the oldest Elk in Ore
gon. Mr. and Mrs F. M. French left for
Poitland to see the new grandson
George French Williams, the second
child in the third generation of the
r ranch family.
H. M. Stone, of Corvallis, raiser of
prunes, and gravel and stone dealer,
ent to Salem on prune business. He
reported 8' cents now for the product,
- several .ei-u.ucu i "..u
'Serf "M "
. , t..i. r.,..-.i,a-r.... '
cam edown from'their countr'y home
Dk;i (a PAriinj no
spending Sunday at
the Worrell
Mr. and Mr John Hood went to
Portland for a visit with their son, now
residing there. ...
Col. Bob Miller, of Portland returned
home after attending court at tor-
Miss Agnes Gibbon returned to Shel
burn, where she is now residing.
Cecil Cathey left again.
Judge Kelly went to Salem to try an
Or. El. condemnation suit.
Chus. Leonard, with J. R. Penland,
left with a helper for Sweet home to do
some surveying.
Miss Violet Nutting went to Browns
ville for a vacation vi-it at Rev. Par
ounagian's, with her friends of Casca
dia experiences.
A Successful nsh.
K,''lv 'ru d 7 " Horskv returned Sat
Clifford Walker. Fred Darbv, E.i.
gone eight, days, nsnin-.? lour, ana
caught 25 salmon and many salmon
trout, fishing from a boat, two men
from a.boat. Clifford Walker caught a
four foot chinook, besides a silvcrsides.
Two Portland business men were there
citing tne limit.
The Benedictine Sisters wish to ex
tond their hp.artfplt and Rincerest
thanks to all who have labored so zeal-
hikIv lit mnlip III. Futi- n (rrpnt fliicrsl.
sind Parlofor tneir generous donation
of many gallons of ice cream. Those
who contriouted to the enjoyment ot
tne evenings by tneir splendid seiec-
tions, also deserve our special thanks.
. . i
An' Octogtr.arian.
The eightieth mh :h-j..v of Mrs. Chris-,
tine Morueiili w.i . reineninered Salur-1
diy afternoon and even nif. with a J
party, in which manv old fricii '3 enjoyed
the evpnt with her, at her home at Kerry where she has resided furl
fifty or more y-ars It was a pleasant
affair, greatly appieciated by all.
The wctther.
Range of temperarui-e 60-40.
The river is 1 foot flat.
Prediction: fair tonight and Tuesday.
A paper railroad h is been begun from
Asniano to tne fucilic
f In a Dost-series of base ball vamps at
San Francisco Portland played like a
lot oi oaoies.
Cleta PpiH Aliska. of Portland, has
sued her husband's lather for $150,000
for alienation of affections.
James Evars, cashier of the Philo
math bank, has been arrested, charged
with making fale reports.
Mrs. E. A. Parker, of Cmage Grove
returned home this noon, after a visit
with her Albany children, Waller and
Miss Fola Lafallett. the actress
aaugnter oi senator L,ataliett, was
married yesterday to George Middlelon,
-i . ..iu.ii...ii,
a piaywngnt.
Several U. S. battleships will be sent
to the Chinese waters to natch pro
ceedings there, and perhap with a
view of intervention.
The new J10O.0O0 theater of the
Peoples' Amusement Co. will he opened
at Portland on Wednesday, said 'o be
the finest moving picture house in the
Senator Gore, of Oklahoma, is to be
in Oregon this week. N'oth withstand
ing his blindness he sees better than
most of the U. S senators, particularly
c irruption
Eugene high defeated Sal?m hieh
Sntuiday 5 to 0 Tne penalties were
all against Saiem. one of 45 yards.
Jamison of U. O. fame was one of the
Valley papers generally are helping
to boost the apple show to be held in
Albany '.Vednts iav. Thursday and Fri-
day of next week, giving eerier)
space to its promotion Apple boosting
neips tne wnoie valley.
I Tho no a Prinovillo .hnnl h,,ll,l; :B
' nearely completed. It is 71 by !'l feet
a cement, uoor n'.s-iment, and IWO
I stories nh ve. Ralnh It Wh-ninn
I who built the Schmitt block, in this
cit), b.3s done the work.
At Brownsvil! last wek a Pco:ch
. entertainment was (liven that pre'ved
I ...i.l. u . i .- .--
; The cotter's Salur lay night was givn
several Scotch sonzi -uns- and a nan
trim nrevn ed It m a lihrori h. r,.
News from Albany's
There is a big thing in Albany this
weeK people should take their hats off
to, the joint institute oi the teachers of
Lam and Benton counties, being held
at iht high school building.
Trie opening exercises ware begun ai
9;o'eiocK in charge of Superintendents
Jackson and Mack.
President J. H. Ackerman, of Mon
mojm, 'one of Oregon's solid men, gave
tne assembly address, as always good
D-nanmnr wnrir .!,..' ,,n, 1 , .
ana continued until 11, primary reading
h w to begin, by Miss Maude Laugheao
r 1 I
of Albany; intermediate, language, by i
Miss Oiive Davis, the critic uaclier of I
the S. N.; advanced drawing by Mis:
Cameron ot the Albany schools; rural. ,
thj teacher and the supervisor, by -President
Actterman; and the high
schooi, from a rural standpoint, by Rev
M. i Gilchrist, of the Oakville school.
After a short recess Prof. Montana,
Hastings of the U O. spoke on the
teacher for improvement, and methods
lnis hi lei noon atler the opening as-
'"n,lTrtment V""k W" conduclcd
Primary, blend dril',, Miss Luughead;
intermediate, language. Miss Davis;
advanced, English classic.', Prof. E F.
Carlton, assistant state superintendent;
u,ti. supervisory, rroi. uoun, suuerin-
8 j"
's'"00!. itiethods of instruction. Prof.
The second section as follows: pri
mary, classics, by Helen T. Kennedy, of
the library commission: intermediate,
geography, by Miss Davis; advanced,
nistury and recitation, by Prof. Carlton;
rural, agriculture, Prof. Ressler, of the
O. A. C. ; hign school, problems, by
rroi. u. u
Baker, of the Lebanon
I The address of the afternoon was by
f resident brooks on the development o
a strong personality by the teacher.
Tonight there will be a session, onen
to all. our oeonle ah.inld take advanta a
ot to meet some very bright and enter
taining people.
ine commercial club ivill go in a body
and our business men. as well as others
should show their appreciation of
institute as an event,
Rmnbaugh Returning.
! . '
all over the country, water standing in
v.urn fields in III., but in Iowa they are
husking the eon, now. The crop is not
verv good, and the country is not im
proved as it is In Ohio School houses
looic small through the country. In
Ohio they have fine school houses,
taking great pride in them. Iowa is
i quite rough along the C. B. &. 0 R. R.
Some extensive ma ufacturing plants
, are seen at some places. Monmouth
claims to have the largest pottery plant
in tne u. a.
There IS ouite a lot of fruit hero and
trees are in fairly good shape. Same
scale in nlacca. A hiiriyer crOD this
, but not much
of one though.
Am visiting a brother of L C. Stm
ton and cousin ot mine. tomorrow
j win go to umina ior u uay or two ana
lllt-n to uregon.
This mori ng is cold, with quite a
brec-z-. but n3 frosts yet to amount to
Kt .....
all in all, dry at. I h-.a ir the spring and
.,rr.f J.. "? A'" ""?'";
summer, heavy rains since .-.ept 1
A Maccabse invjRer.
The Maccabees hod a big smoker Sat-
urday evening with u large crowd prea
ent; and something doing continually.
Gaines were Dla- ed. cigars smoked.
sweet cider and wafers served whenever
wanted, several live' boxing exhibition?
given, in wni.n some laueu lo Com-
back, and others did and a program of
talks enjoyed. J. ft. ahtiwuu.,
popular slate commander made a live
address, also Frank Motter, an.iher
live wire from the metropolis, and s'.me
from the Hub. Then there was ir.usic
that is music, some bv the old timers,
who rubbed the rust of their instru
ments and sawed out some good old
fehinn.4 Minpn M...r. pnv nn ,k.
fiddle. Spooner on the banjo and Philips
on the Diano; the Maccabee quartet in
some good songs and Mr. Sherman, the
Moose organizer, on the piano and in
vocal solos, a good one.
The Man Wh . Whipp:d Him
At the same table at the Hotel Revere1
this morning, with President Ackerrnan
z A.onmoutn, was a young man Prof.
AcKerman gave a good wnii ping when
u boy of 14. in one of ths Portland
schix'ls, where the I'rot. was then
teaching. Ihe buy was named Aayne
Sluan, now a popular cornmerciil
traveller. He admits he go' ahuul
what was coming to him, and continues
to have a great respect for tne able
presidrnt of the normal school.
Edmund Vance CocKe Next
The p-onI ninriier of the college
.ourse -ii'l be IvJinund ance 1ks,
(he poe. ,.:id l-'i-mrer. who will appear
tt the LV church Nov ;t at 8 p m.
is a pt-et liiurcaiti f-r Ihe little lots,
ind a di-ii:hr u) en ertainer, with life
.nd l.tu' -i.-r.
Torre a e liv- mil " numbT, all for
H. Sinir'e ii'lrn-s-ii,i to Oo'i-e 5oc.
ents r-3:rve.l hr ihe course ut by
-tnis tn sale Ihursday m-
The P 0. Corner.
The oecup-nts of th - post o rc
ijvill hallo till lVi. Orfcl'lr r. tnttua
Ni.v. bfin the limit, and will get irto
new quarters. Negoliationi Bre n rd
ing fur some of the buildings, which
will be moved, and perhaps torn dowri.
Next week will see the lot cleare I.
ready for the n.w P. O. As soon as
cleaced the department will be notifiii
and then bids Will be advertised for.
Two Hunters Discover Body
Nathan Rogoway Near
The body of Nathan Rogaway, of this
c"-v- was u.una " "ay, a tew miles
snutneast ot Ashland
near hingshurv
oy two hunters. It has betn identified
by people Knowing Rogoway.
Rvguwav left Albany over four months
ago tor Southern Oregon on a hide buy
ing triu for Sternberg & Co. He
bought some hides of a butcher in Ash
land, staling that he was coming north
and would he there later to ship the
hides, and this was the lust heard of
The body was in some woods, under a
pine tree. The theory advanced is that
he was murdered.
R. Rogoway this morning received a
letter from the cjroner at Ashland
closing a piece from the clothes worn
by his brother, his for sure. There was
also found a ring with his name on the
inside, N. Rogoway, making it sure
that the body is that of N. Rogoway.
Arrangements are being made to have
it shipped here for burial.
There are five candidates for chief of
police so tar as known:
Petitions are now out for W. H
Daughtry, John Catlin and Fred Heck-
8Pler- J: " Baker is also prominent-
rotc nas aireaay ueen nominatea oy
No other petitions are out. There is
a strong feeling in favor of Dr Wallace
to remain in the mayors office, ana
continue his good work. F. M. Redfield
can undoubtedly remain in the record
er's office, an efficient official. For
councilmen there is nothing definite
No lefinite candidates have beennamed.
The city treasury is in good hands.
S. 0. Rice was here from Gates.
H. T. Dow, of Eugene, has been in
the city.
Mrs. Guy Thompson went to Halsey
this afternoon.
Richard P. Landis was a Eugene
visitor yesterday
A new cigar factory is being opened
just soulh of W F. office.
Commissioner Butler left this noon
Inr- PAnrio In Link nftor tho fo.-ru
.w. . . . .v -- - - ..... J .
Mrs. C. H. Burggraf and son have
returned from a foreland and Salem
Dr. Jones of Sodaville, a pioneer Linn
county physician, has bean ii the .city
m.. t t r ,,inl
her new 'quarters just wet of the Dem -
. ...!:... "
i Pr?m,n'n' "ehriod ?' ?L ? ? r
9?? " ad ut iMllma Iur
umii ni.-i,nii iw vui.bhib una
nuon. wyerci yoiing mum wciu ni. mo, i- - ...
train to see him off. turer, will appear at the Methodist
KM. French returned this noon from tl tol TS 1', ?
tor""!""- ''"-!'
" vwi.
The contract has been let for 62
blocks of pavement at Mc.Vlineville, the
Warren Co. getting It.
There is to be a new hardware. str,i'f
under the A. ( U W. hall, at Unit
and Washington streets.
I A new restaurant is that of Hatfield
"or"!'u:'Ii ,n le new Hl" bnek j"8'
east of the ttuss House,
A. C. Schmitt has returned from his
Southern Oregon trip, getting a couple
ueer, ana naving a good nunc
O OI Tok.ll... ,' Jf
v,. . .... icuiwu iium
Inn na lap flu I lnitl I .r tn. il.'
a trip as lar as opal Uty, ever on the
, Deschute.', between Redmond and Mad
The Pendleton round up films. It t
reported, are an independent property,
being shown outside ut the regular 11 m
Six car loads of race horses were ta -
ken through the city yesterday on a
special train on the way from Montana
t0 Mexico.
Miss Bertha Davis, domestic science
teacher in the high scnuol at Corvallis,
is in the city 'the guest of a luruter
school-mate, Mrs. J. J. Collins.
I The Chinese emperor has granted a
c nstiluiiMii, upon tne demand of the
I people, who aie entitled to one, and
I more than tnat.
Attorney Geieinl Crawford U in
Washington to arcue the initiative and
referendum case, and A. 6. Uenneu
will be there later.
The reorganized indoor baseball tour
nament will begin tomorrow night with
a game between the Knights ot Jo-urn-bus
and Alcj team, that promises to oe
a warm number.
D W. Kumbaugh last night re'urm-u
from his Iowu trip, slopping at Om ,im
on the way hum, 'ihe Democrat huh
kept its renders po&led about his wan
dermis already. I
Rev. E. L. Jones, recently officiaiine '
us past' r ol tne Preabyiou-tn ciiureh u
i'ill.imook, has returned lo Portland,
and is with the Nurth West J'ruu Co
selling real estate.
Mr and Mrs J J. Lingren, of Leba
non this nuon, lelurneil on Ihe .tnusii.
Limited from a visit ot a me tune at
Oiitner, Neb., having u fi.,e Lime amor
their relatives and old friends.
All of the Marion county right ni wu
caies with the O. K. have been a tiled
hu; one, that of C. K. Scauiin Lu ribe-
(.0 . which wnn'.B H'iaXM for right ol
way through its mill property.
! John Jacoby, of Jasper, anJ Miss Ada
Stalzer, of PleaHiint Hill. Lane county,
were married yesterday in the middle
of the road near the S. P., in the
suburbs or tugeno one way tu get a
good wedding notice,
J. F. Powell, vice president of the
North Fairvicw Mining Co. of the
Bohemia district, has received notice of
a Kpecial meeting of great importance
to the stockholders on Nov. 6, a. 2..W
n m., at Eugene. Some rich depoiils
are reported uncovered.
Present President Eastbu'n, i o
President Tebault, Shinn, Gilbert, r.-. .
millet, Sox, Hsmmei, Hawkins, No ting,
Collins, Winn, Van Win -I.
Letters were read fro.u ofiM. .
Bourne and Chamberlain and Curirfi
man Hiwley olf. ring to do t e iest
possible, for the prupused $i00,vOO road
in Crater Lake Park.
Tne Chapman ad Agency asked for
a contract. 'I'ne secretary was directed
to correspond with the agency.
A letter from D. C Frejintn repjrr
ed a united ad. in Omaha papers for
Albany, Lugano, Corvallis .u.d S Jem
following up tne show.
An enteusiaslic letter w-ts read from
J. C. Huibrouk, with a good report of
the Oinahi show.
J. M. Engle, of Long Beach, pro
posed a promotion of fruit land districts
at that place, he matting uis mauey out
of real estate sales.
The manager of the commercial club
was directed to have the extension
petition circulated within two -.lays, as
prepared by the committee and form
erly adopted.
ine club them went to the in.v.r.utj
reception badged tor the occasion.
News from Albany's Six. Early
Mr. and Mrs, L. T. Mackey, parents
of Mrs. D. Bussard and Mrs, Judge
Duncan, left for La Grande on a visit
with Claud Mackey for a few months,
previous to returning to their nome in
Akron, Ohio. They left there in April,
intending tu be gone just a year. They
like the Wi'lamette Vailoy, but want
to see some more Buckeys.
The gas plant man went north. By
the way Albany wants a gas plant. We
need gas particularly for cooking and
heating, and it is o be hoped one ma
terializes here the coming year.
Col. J. B. Eddy, S. P. right-of-way
man, one of Oregon's best Colonels,
returned to Portland, after seeing a
man. It would be interesting if the S.
P. would put the Col. to work getting
rights of way from Detroit to Madras.
Mrs. Flo returned from Lebanon,
where she has a good class in vocal
Lawy t r Newport returned from Leb
anon. Among the drummers leaving were
Del Bogart and Sam Goldsmith.
Fath r Lane went to Portland.
W. B. thance, mill inspector, went
n Stnlom
' . "ev- "OOdS, oi orvuius, wt-m. iu
, lnanOn.
Mr. Moore, of Corvallis, a cyclopedia
of information there, piiBscd through.
Cecil Cuthey left again.
' Scott Hart, of the O.A.C.
I Corvallis. Lust evening he
left for
e .. '.
' wnrthv character .
1" J wuuiwvvi...
No. 2 in the College Course.
. ,v si. l 11
'thBlmnortlnrni'lPoot. th. 1Mtn.l nf
the Little Tata, cto He has Mitten
pitrht vnlllmpn nf nitfmfl Una I. f.tnrprl
I for seventeen seasons for hundreds of
the- courses, giving his evenings of
lit'e aitfl lautfMor in everv atato and t-.r-
! ritory except four. He lias mftuJ eight?
lyceuni tours from ocean to ocean. Ho
has written for over eighty magazines
. and weekly papers and for hundreds of
newspapers, lb is tho author of hu
mor that has tickled the ribs of the
I world, such as "Tho Young M .n Wait-
1." I'TU Mnt C'nttr Ann,r fllf iind
. . '. . .T . .
m duto-, iou Bnorton your lire it
. t dj .1 t
' vmi mia hnarlnir him. Rdmund Vance
- 1 Cooke was at Corvallis last we-k and
cantured the town with his readings
' and his fun,
. There ate five mora splendid numbers'
in the course all lot $1 IW. The single
admission to Cooke will bd lift Cents
1 wl'n "Nerved seat. Seats can be re
served at Woodworth s for fifty cents
for the entire season beginning Thurs
day morning.
The date has been changed from Fri
day to Saturday night by request of Mr.
Gooke, unable to reach here befjre
then. Boy Run Over by a Bicycle,
Nels Wheeler jr , yestorday was run
down by a bicycle. He was going along
First street with Mrs. Wheeler," near
tne Magnolia laundry, when a young
mtn on a bicycle came up behind, and
without any warning run into him and
over him, bruising him considerably.
He was taken to a physician and cired
'nr. i,ert.iinly a very cureless accident.
Ridcra neeJ to be mure careful.
215 Fet Above the Ocean.
Thrpc young men were in the city,
making elevations for U. S. Two of
ihe government medals were left, ce
mented down, with a penalty of d'ioO
for disturbing them, marked thereon..
One near the depot in 211 fe t, and the
other is nn tho court h(,uic steps, near
the nirHnce, and will be 215 feet ubove
o d Pacific.
A Musical Treat Coming.
I rrhap! the highest class musical en
tertiiinment of Ihe season will he the
Ruyal Welsh Choir at the M. E church
on l-ridav night, Nov. 10. Though
generally receiving as high as il h per
formance, only $1, 75c and 50c will hs
charged here. A musical treat
The Weather,
Range nf lompcratuie 59 40.
The river is 1 foot.
Prediction: fair tonight and Wednesday.