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NO. 63
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Castro Willing to Meet
Washington, Pec. 31 MInlolor Bow
n tlila morning cnblcd tlio Blnto Do
portmoni Mint President Castro has au
thorised hi in to say ho would in cot nil
just demands of tbo foreign powora.
Tlio foreign nmtatfadors woru immo
modiatoly ntoMisI, nlao thn Amorlcan
ambaniiadors nt Homo, Berlin, London
Arid rri.
Ily Utd agreement Castro has taken
moans to practically comply with the
condition laid down by tho powers as n
preliminary to roforring tho dlsputo to
tbolloguo tribunal.
Yashlngton, Jan 2 Ailmjral Dewey
wired tho navy department today from
(Jan Junn laying tho cotnbinod squadron
had rcassrahlod at Culobrn, containing
tho tactical exorcises. Tho moriuo tor
pcdollotillri engaged in b pedal drill, in
eluding n night attack, Ono coal pancr
was drownd by tho elnklnic of tho Now-
aiks steam cutteJ, iu collisslon with n
torpedo boat.
s;z woes .MBS&fHtecz-' , :
nJt VMTM.M, ' '
.wv. m hii wj ,
' Xbe Dry aoodij Economist eayt of
eo trtoro -with -which It 1 familiar:
TOvery employoo in It seems to be
good naturod. Why should there be
(toy ClfPeronce In fhla reapoct botwoon
this establishment and tlio nverago
atoru? Id not hnman rwtoro nbut
tho saroo tho world over? True, bat
(bora Is n difference Tbo proprietor
of this ntoro Is not only n merchant,
but n gon't Ionian, no treats UIh cm
DloyccA with mnrlced courtCHy and con
Miration. As n consequoneo they
feol no kindly disponed toward him and
hUi business that their (rood will la res
Jlectcd In tbotr treatment of hlu cur;
tamers," Bomo BtorelceopeTU never Und
out wby It la that no few of tholr
casual customers bcoomo regulars, t
Lelrcli TInnt'fl JlrenUfnat Iloaqnoti,
Ectgb Hunt, that early tiny icstbetc
declared breakfast to bo tho tnenl of all
otbnra when tho poetic lnflueuco of a
table poiy was to bo desired. Ho would
bring in n fuw clover heads or sprigs
of grass culled fiom bouenth tho pro
tcctlug Intra of n park railing or city
squuro It hu could find nothing moro
beautiful, und with theso to look ut Ida
fancy tool; him roaming out Into bound
Jces green fields and pnttureii now.
Onve Ulm i OCnrt.
Now, then," mid thu auctioneer,
holding up a pulr of nntlquo silver con
dlestlcUs, "ulo mo u Hturt."
"Twenty-flvo contfi," camo from n
.volco nt tbo back of tbo room,
"Whntl" tixclolnicd tho borrlfled nuc
'All," uald tbo bidder In nn nnJer
tono and with u chucklo, "J thought
Victoria, Dec. 31 Tho steamer Glen
oglo ronchod prut (rom Yokahama'.today
and brought tho nows that tho United
BlatcB battleship Oregon arrived at Yo
kohama thrco doys over duo ofler a
rough passage from Ban Francisco, All
tho boats woro lost, and tho stormy boss
owopt hor dock and carried all tho deck
sear away, resulting In tho death of ono
man, Tho ship was ordorcd Into dry
Cabinet Holds Extend
ed Meeting
Panama Co, Makes
Washington, Jan. 2 Tho subject of
discussion nt tho cabinet mooting today
was tho feasibility of procedure by tbo
United States rogardlng tboconatructlon
of tbo Isthmian canal under tho rights
durlvod from tho Panama company,
whoso proposition Is that this country
go ahead tvlth tho work whon Columbia
Is ready by treaty, to do so.
This Issajd to bo ft concession on tho
parf of tho Panama company, and la all
that Amorica desires at prfltoiit. Poaes
slon will forco tho Colombian Govorn
mont into toncoasion needful. Tho ioe
alon was tho longest hold this wlntor.
Bpoonor and Lodgo, of tho Foreign Ho
lnt'ona Commlttco of tho Bonato, woro
tailed into consultation with tho Presl
dent before the mooting.
MiisimI II I m Up,
"Did yon over oxerclso ,wlth thnt
dumbbell, old mnnV"
"YnnH, old ehapj I did onco, but It
dlsawuiiKcd mo necktie, no I quit."-
Now York Evening Journal,
Would Rather Starve'
Than Work
Vortli Worth, Dec. 31 Beveuty.flvo
desporato' convicts brought from 'the
penitentiary to tbo convict pla ujatlon
to help with tho barvoatlng mutinied
two days ago and secured possession of
a sugar houeo ond barrloaded it.
Tho building Is surrounded by a big
forco of deputies endeavoring to starve
the mutineers into submission,
Tho convicts announced this morning
that they would rather starve than
work, They want to go back to tbo piii.
Soli-lac It,
Patrick, a thrifty tradesman In fc
neighborhood of tho Dublin dorta, vii,
tho Btory rocs, a man who never spest
a penny more than ha needed to tpeod.
but bo was nevertheless as good & bssjs
at the making of an Irish bull as any
.who lived botwecu D&utry and Bally
Having ono day occasion to nend a
letter to a frtaco Bomo distance, Patrick
called a messenger and asked him his
prlco for koIdk such a dlstnnc.
"It 'HI bo n shlllmV said the man.
Twice too much!" said Tatrlck. "Let
It bo sixpence."
"Nlvver," answered the meascirir.
The war Is that lonely that I'A j-ivvW
go It under a shUHn.
"Lonely, Is Itr said Patrick, scratch
Ing his head. "Pnlth, an' yo'ro rlfiht
Now, man, I'll toll ye what wo'M do;
msko It sixpence, on' I'll go jvJd yo to
kapo yo company l"
Cnrrftn Met 1IU Watch.
CJrran, tho famous Irish advocata,
Wjis master of rcpnrteo, but be did
not always score, though ho enjoyed
an encounter none tho less If he was
falrlybcaten. Ono day, In n gay mood,
bo stopped and chatted with a certain
Father O'Lcary. "Ah, futber," said
tho advocate, watting for un opening,
"how l' wish when I dio that you hud
tho key to heaven I"
J'Whyr said the priest, for bo guess
ed a trap was laid.
'Decnuso you could let mo In."
"Ah," said Father O'Lcary, "it would
bo better for you If I had tho key of
tho other place, for then I could let
you out."
TUe Rosa.
Old as tbo history of tho world ltsolf
Is that of tho queen of flowers. Tho
ancient Greeks and Romans reveled In
roses. Tliey woro used lavishly at their
fcuHta. In tlio Umo of the republic the
people had their cups of fnlerntau wins
swimming wJUh tylooms, nna tuo spur.
tau soldiers, nftcr tho battlo of Clrrbu,
refused to drink any wlno that was not
perfumed with loses, while nt tho ro
guttn pf Baku tho wholo surfneo of tho
LucruiQ lalto waa strewn with llowcra.
It HmMlod Hint.
"It gota me," conildcd tho Intoxicated
Individual who was gaelnc Into tho
florist's wludow "It gets me! I d'lcuow
.wozzcr a chr'chr'cbr'enmiemum looks
llko n Skyo terrier or wezzer a SUye
terrier looks llko a ehr-chr-lzzlunnlum."
But tho policeman got hint Just then,
and tho problem ceased to get him for
tho tlmo bclug. Daltlmoro American.
"Willie, did you tlmnk Mr. Speedway
for takliif yon to drive." said tho
mother of u small boy solicitously. No
answer, Tho question was repeated.
Still no answer.
"Willie, do you henr mo? Did you
thank Mr. Speedway for taking you to
"Yes," whispered WMIo, "but ho told
mo not to mention lt."--Llfo.
No man wns ever so much deceived
by another as by himself. Grevllhw
Portland, Deo, 31 A plot by mnrder-
era Holding and Smith to ctcape from
jail hero bus been discovered, A woman
I.tas carrying cayonno pepper and black
j-pr-ka into tho prison with which to
overcome tbo jillor, thereby making
flood the eecnpo, but detectives foiled
tho scheme.
Ban Francisco, Jan 2 Tho steamer
Maru reports speaking tbo nbip Bt
David, which was dismasted after pass
Ing through a typhoan, Tho Mara took
oil a sick sailor, and gave tho vesiel
provisions, The Bt David was dis
abled but tbo captain said bo wonld
reach Yokohama. As tho ship has not
reached there, she is believed to be lost.
Bbo was enroute from Manila from
A Rlmple Brifim.'"
Teacher In what year'.wasi tbo bat
tle of Waterloo fought?
' Pupil-I don't know.
Tuucher It's slmplo enough If you
only would learn ho'w to cultivate arti
ficial memory. " Itomcmber tho twelve
Dostlea. Add half that nnmhor in
ibem. 'Tliat'a Ochten. Multiply that
nyaoa ThafsJUSOa Take the twely
apostles again. Add a quarter of their
numuer to tncm. xnat's artccn. Ada
what you'vo got That's 1315. That'a
tho date. Quito simple, you sec, to re
member dates If you .will only, adopt
nij; system.
Maltlair Sure.
This hunting, story comes from Scot
land: When the beaters camo out of
tho covert, ono of tho suns said to tho
keeper, "IIuvo you got all your bcAters
"Ayo," said tbo man, astonished.
"Aro you euro? Havo you counted
"Counted them?' Bold tho keeper.
Aye, they're all right"
Then," Bald tho shooter, .with a nigh
of Bomo relief, "I havo shot a roe."
The Splttiajr Snake.
'A snako found In Africa Is called the
pitting suuko by tho Boers. It Is be
tween two and throo feet long and Is
especially bold and nctlvo, readily at
tacking overy ono who approaches It
I& contlucmeub It la very savage, open
ing Its mouth and erecting its faugs,
from which the polsou may bo often
observed to drop nud even sometimes
to bo forcibly ejected; whenco tb
uamo given It by tbo Boers.
A lAmehedn Unlutr
If you nre searching for a luncheon
novelty that will bear out nil the de
licious promises of its looks when eat
en, tho following may servo tho pur
pose: Omcletto Dellcleuso Pulverize
twq macaroons and two epongo Angers;
put them in an enameled saucepan,
adding thrco teaspooufuls of apple Jelly
and ouc tcaspoouful of whipped cream,
Stir the mixture with u wooden spoon
and allow It to get warm, but not hot.
Mnko an omelet with six eggs and two
ounces of fresh butter. When It Is set;
turn up first ono sldo and then tho
other, In order to form an envelopo for
tbo reception of tho mixture, whlcb
should bo iminedlatcly laid In. Rovers:
tho omelet upon n hot dish and glazo
tho top with a salamander. Decorate
It through a forcing plpo with a table
spoonful of whipped cream.
flood llcnaon.
Toggs' Old Friend Good graeloue,
innul Do 1 ilud you reduced to playing
n cornet nt thq struct corner to mnko n
Toggs I'm not doing this to mnko a
llvfug. My wlfo wou,'t let mo practice
In the bouse. '
Greatest Bunch of Glue
on record
Washington. Dec 31The United
States troasnry starts the now year with
more money in vaults than was ever be
fore held by this or any other govern
There aro now in thq vaults and eub
trcasnries 01(5 million of dollars, four
times aa much as that of tbo Bank of
England, ono and one half that of Franco
four times that of Germany and twice
that ol Russia. A $7.000,000 surplus
has boon accumnlaUd during tho year.
Clotk IayBte4lrr Clersrv With
' atoo lev Teat.
A public test of tb bnUct proof cloth
invented by be Rt. 'Casimlr Zcgles)
cf Chicago was made tho other after
noon In Brooklyn.
The bullet from a 22 caliber revolver
cloth, saye the Nw fork World. A
bollc"; from a 28 cafclbsr German pockat
revolvsr' merely aaadala dent la tb
tost. A 44 caliber trotvei1. -yfcUk h4
but; ns uujit wrosga xr incaem at
hardwood, made oaly a slight deprea
aton. A S3 caliber bullet pierced the
cloth, bat It was eWmad that it most
havo struck a defective spot Several
other shots fired from the same revolv
er failed to penetrate It
The cloth, which the ftov. Mr. Zeelen
has been working; to perfect for over
Ifteen years. Is made of finery woven
tniro silk threads. Mr. Zeglen porposea
b wear a walateoat of iho fabric and
to offer himself as 'a target ' '
Xoreltr Ver BAfnrooaa.
A novel Idea for the bathroom, com
ing originally from Germany, la fiholng
an Increasing vogue on this aide. This
Is the use of gloss tuba. They are
translucent, about two and a Tiwlf
Inches thick and' annealed, to as to be
durable. The effect producod la aa ap
pearance Of iiaUt CfeaallnaM and
"My Bon plays entirely by ear."
"Is that so? I thought It was by
bruto force." Chicago Record-Herald.
"Br'er William, hero como de aheria
ter level on yo" crop I"
"Lo'm come; hit's all In my .wne'a
"Yes; but 'nuther man dono run off
wld yo wife." Atlanta Constitution,
Difference In Degree.
"What Is tho dlfforonco between a
monologuo rind a dialogue, pa?"
"A monologue, my son, la a man's
wlfo talking to him, nud a dlnloguo la
hla wlfo and her mother talklug to
him." Town Topics,
?T yvc-r " , . T',----,--i
nil i fz i it si v. -
Sent Over Trans-Pa-cific
Roosevelt and Dole
Send Greetings
Ban Francisco. Jan, 2 The first mes
sago from Honolulu over the Pacific
cable was received hero at 11:03 o'clock
last night. The signals were perfect at
both ends. The speed waa fast, but the
operators hove not figured ont tbo rate
at which the earliest messages were ex
The first message waa from Governor
Dole to President Rooeevelt. Almost
immediately after communication waa
t1 ?
established a message of greeting waa
flashed to President "Roosevelt at Wash-
iugton. The message waa from Governor
Dole,' of Hawaii. The text is' withheld,'
pendjng the receipt of the message by
the president in person.
Houo.alo Jan 2 The pooplo ot the
Hawaiian Wanda arc colqbaung the
the com plotiaa of tlio cable which con
nects the islands with the United 8tate.
Severe storms prevented the splicing
sooner. Messages from all parts of the
world havo been received.
When tba land end of the cable wascom
ploted Mrs, Haws laid native wreaths
of flowers upon the end ot the cable ro--peating
tbe Hawaiian greeting "Aloha,!!
and great Jejolcing.
Tbe first message delivered here waa
from President Roocpvelt tp Gorornor
Dole. r'
-. .
Wouibb1! Wy.
Mllly I'm writing to Polly. Hava
you nuy messago for her?
Tllly-Whatl Writing to that horrid
creature! .Well, glvo her my ldvo.,, '
i Hi '-ri,n
Wanted a Duplicate. ' JJ
nd had hla leg cut off. nad whta v.'
He rallied from the shock Si
He jfot another ono In form '7
Of duo bill from tho doc. ' it
' i
Ha hobhlcd tn thn BVIIInl t T ?.'
Whon strenirth he did accrue - s
And said to him. "Dear sir, I have
Another Job for you." -7jo
"Another amputation, slrr ' 5, ,. ' '. ?, t
Quoth he ot knife and pill.
Tos," came tho answer. "If you fd&M
Jujt amnutata thin hill
; Richmond Zkajtch. j
that would ulvo bun n uUirtl"
itttfu-kitaiMiUmM, v .1 i-iT
i a irt.v bt &L ijto& tUiJUki j