The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, May 01, 1880, Image 3

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    ?... I TtT-.S
Tlio Coast Mail.
M. K. ClH'iioir. 1hI,2iI and lid Sun
days of each month. Morning at
Empire City,cvonlngs nl Marshlluld.
I tli Huiulny of (Midi iniindi at tho
forks Coos river. Uv.v. It. Yi:om .ink,
HATCllDAY, - J! AY 1,1880.
day, thu County (Murk of thin county
received, to lio placed on record, tlio
deed of marriage Hultluiuunt between
.luscph William llonnoll and Alary
(Jrncollonnnltof Ireland. It is one of
tho longest nml most formal ilocn
menls uvor recorded in thin county, re
iiilrtiiK two hIu'oIh of parcliinunt 110 x l!8
inches in si.o. Tho luvomio Htiimpx on
(lie iiiHtruini'iit iiiuouut to live pounds
sterling. Ily tho tonus of tho con
tract Mr. Ilunuull conveys to trustees
for Ii!h bride one hundred mid six and
four onc-huudredth acres of land on
tho Coquillo (tho Inland property)
one half intercut in lots 7 anil Sin
Mock !I2 in Empire City. Ho iiIho by
a formal hill of wdo assigns to her all
of tho presses, type, inatorial and fur
niture belonging to tho Conn Umj AVir
eMlahlihnicnt. Kho in turn provides
for the payment to him of one thou
sand pound, to he paid in instalments.
CitiinvotiK. Tho engineers mid n
largo force of men luivo been engag
ed for several tlny of tlii.i week in
securing in place tlio third crib in
tho lino of thu breakwater. It was
taken to it.i placo Tuesday, but n
large tide that ni(1it caused it to
drag tlio anchors and it won found
a considerable distance down tho bay
in tho moraine;. It wan brought
back with hoiiio difficulty, Wcdnos
day, and was Hunk and filled Thurs
day. To hi: Ui;nrri:i. ThoHlciuncr Myr
ttr has been hauled out at Mr. Uom'
placo this side of North llend, and i.i
undergoing a thorough remodeling.
Mr. Uoss and Thus. Holland have
leased her and will lit her up in en
liioly different ntylu from that oho
now maintains. It will he several
weeks before she is ready for business.
Nnv i.i'i:it. Wo aro in receipt
of tho first issue of tho "Weekly Led
ger," a well printed and creditable
appearing paper lately started at
New Taconia T. It is published
by Ilndohaiigh it Co. at -fi5 per an
num. Committki). Ceorgo Unrrett was
brought down from Uinpquii Inst
week, and examined before Justice
.SengKtacken on two charges of dese
cration of Indian graves, and was
held to answer; being unable to fur
nish hail, he wiih shut up in jail.
Axotiicr Diiatii. The diptheria is
raging among the children at Co
quillo City; beside tho deaths men
tioned in another column a, little girl
of tho family of Mr. Snyder died on
the 27th and several others aro dan
gerously ill.
Acii.i:nt. Mr. II. Noble cut
one of his feet badly with an ax
Tuesday. One of bin totu was cut
off and another received a terrible
gash; the"axident" will lay him up
for a while.
( Nourii. Win. .Saunders was
a passenger by the Duncan last Tues
day for Astoria; -Mrs. N. Noble and
John Noble were also passengers by
thu same boat.
Tin: Little Annie resumed her trips
on tho Coquillo river last Friday.
(I. W'i.vhati: expects to visit Scot
laud, his native country, during the
coming summer.
It. I). I Iit.mi: arrived hero hy tho
Duncan, and proceeded south over
land for KlIciiHl'iirg.
Snow is gradually molting on the
mountain tops, and if this weather
continues nil danger of high water will
soon ho passed.
Tin: Alex Duncan arrived at this
port .Sunday; sho went to Southport
for coal and sailed for northern ports
S. II. Hazard and T. (J. Owen have
returned from Reaching by tho Coos
Hay 'Wagon Howl (that used to be)
last Tuesday.
Mas. HoTNoit opened school in tho
Academy building last Monday with
a largo attendance. Miss Ida Davis
will act as assistant teacher.
Wouic was commenced last week on
thu narrow gauge railroad from Sil
verton to tho Willamette, thu first
shovel full of earth being moved by
Mrs. (lovornor Thayor.
Tiuti'i: familius, all well supplied
with children arrived in tho Hay last
Saturday on tho Jimma Utter. They
euino from Nebraska, and have gone
to thu Coquille to settle, where they
have acquaintances,
Tin: old trail to Km pi re is badly
blocked with trees that have fallen
during (ho past winter, and wo under
stand the supervisor does not propose
to open it again,
In mentioning (leo. Harrotl in our
last issuo as buing charged with steal
ing money from a saloon, wo vyoro in
error and did tho young man an ii.
j n slice.
Iti'liu Illicit it Nliile lYuiiiliinlluiiM
Tho ltepubliean Klalo Convention
which met in Portland on tho 21st,
passed oil' harmoniously. Hon. J. C.
Peebles of Marion county was chorea
President ami W. L. Wright of Union
county was chosen Hourotury. A
committee consisting of one from
each county (I). Morse, Jr. represent
ing Coos, ami J. W. Crawford, proxyi
Curry) to draft, resolution.
Thu Convention adopted a rcsolu
lion favoring tho nomination of Dliiiuc
for President,
Thu nainos of throo candidates wcro
proposed for member of Congress,
vfz: ItuhiH Mallory, M. C. (Icorgo
and W. II. Odell. Mr, (icorgo was
nominated on the first ballot, receiv
ing 00 voles, to 01 for .Mallory, and 15
for Odell.
For Judges of the Kupronio Court,
J. II. Waldo, of Portland, V, P. Lord
of .Salem, and 13. II. Watson of Jack
sonville, were nominated.
For Presidential Electors, (leo. II.
Curry of (Irani, E. L. Applegato.of
Lane, and C. II. Watson of bako,
The district nominations weru as
follows :
1st District, for Judge.C. W. Kahlor,
Prosecuting Ally., A. P. Hammond,
2d District, for Judge, J. F. Watson)
Prosecuting Atty., J. A. Yantis.
'Id District, forjudge, It. P, lloise,
Prosecuting Atty., W. (i. Piper.
Ith District, for Judge, Italeigh .Stott
Prosecuting Atty., J. F. Citples.
fith District, forjudge, E. L. Olm
stead, Prosecuting Atty., Uobt. Eukin.
Delegates to the National Conven
tion : J. II Mitchell, II. W. Scott, I).
C. Ireland, O. P. Thonipkiiis, Samuel
Hannah, J. Mt'Call.
C'oiii Hay lit it IHncoiiiiI.
Tho Crescent City Courier has re
ceived Mr. Siulin's recent effusions,
nml draws tho following conclusions :
" Coos Hay must bo a nice place to
emigrate to. If wu are to judge the
condition of things from the showing
nude by tho newspapers of that sec
tion, it is not likely that those in
search of homes will be attracted very
strongly in that direction. The fol
lowing extract is from an editorial
in the Coos liny AVn:"
Then follows an extract bom (ho
AVirn in which it is stated that tho la
borer is "not pei milled to bundle his
own wages." "No money is put in
eiiciilation." "Should a laborer de
mand coin, he would soon find him
self discharged and a Chinaman in
his place," and either M-.tcments of a
similar character. It is a misfortune
to Coos county to have such false rep
reseutatiouscircuhited. Hut wu sup
thc sacrifice is necessary in order that
Mr. Siglin may be elected. Persons
abroad who read these things should
take intoconsideration that the writer'
is a lawyer, and is running for office
or thinks ho is.
Tho Democratic candidate for
Joint .Senator ban undorgono a great
change since bis nomination, fie
is fast bocoming a genuine enthusi
ast on the subject of work. There
is probably no man living who lias
as much Hytupntuy for laboring
men as be. He never before took
much interest in tho subject of Man
ual labor, but it would not bo at all
surprising if beforo tho close of the
campaign ho burns up bis ''plug bat"
and turns out nnd actually .samples
some kind of manual labor.
It would seem that bo has made
a mistake nnd estimated the voter of
Coos county a.s an ignorant rabble
who can bo imposed upon by any
kind of shunt issues. In this be
does thorn injustice; tho laboring
men in Huh county are intelligent
and I hoy will not bo caught by any
thing that docs not bear the brand of
.lolul Iti'iiri'Mviitultvi'.
Mr. Solomon Fitrhugh, who was
nominated by tho Democrats of
Curry county for Joint Representa
tive front Coos nnd Curry declined
te bo a candidate, and thu Central
Committco filled tho vacancy by
nominating Dr. F.O. Von dcr Green.
Mr Von dcr Green is u good citizen,
nnd though formerly a Catholic
Priest, has been for some years
past engaged in tlio practise of med
icine in Curry county. There aro a
number of families who depend on
him for medical treatment and for
this and other reasons, his oppouont
Mr.Soolt.willbo called to fill tho
Tin: echooner Premier sailed on
Tuesday with a full cargo of coal and
lumber, and some passengers.
Hour, howi:, who has been absent
from tho county for some time past
in search of better health, returned
last Tuusday.
Si:vi:u.M, of the orihs last made aro
only twenty feet in width, that width
being thought sufficient on account
of the favorable condition of thu bot
tom, A Ivankak paper Nays: On Thurs
day last, two farm houses were so com
plutly swopt away hy a Kansas zophyr
that in an hour's search not a frag
ment of (hum wui discovered.
Iteply l Hie "llltf Hen I. Ion."
Ue. ClUiBK, April 20th 1880.
Km. Coast Maim 1 much regret
to ask sjiaco in your widely circulat
ed paper to answer a communication
which appeared in the Coos Hay Newt
of April Mlh, signed "J. II."
In answer to said communication,
r will simply refer him and all others
interested in my olllcial acts while in
San Francisco to tho articlo copied
front tho S. F. Alia in tho Coast Mam,
during last October.
Now, as to my olllcial acts while in
Curry county, they aro it matter of re
cord and I cheerfully refer one and
all to said records for proof as to my
nets ns an ollleer.
This mass of corruption calls mo the
"Euchre (heek Hull, and tough at
that." If I accept the title, I claim to
bo classed among thorough broils,
and not among "scrubs" of the grade
of tho big Kea I. ion.
I would like to ask this overgrown
and infamous falsillor if hu has any
recollection of what took place when
a certain young woman of Curry
county was arrested for the murder of
her infant child. I would ask the
shapeless brute if ho did notpiotcnd
lobe a lawyer about (hut lime. "Ah
yes "and you went to the room whore
this poor woman was in custody so
frequently that your visits attracted
attention. You wcro watched, and at
the last meeting you requested the
key of tho Deputy .Sheriff, "so ns to
be sure the prisoner did not escape."
(How thoughtful!) Tho door was
locked ; then this noble elephant seat
ed himself besido his intended victim
ami began conversing about her case.
He laid his lecherous paws upon her
person, and told her about her " beau
tiful form." About thii time a keen
sound was overheard; it was the
iuu-nihir hand of tho insulted wo
man coming in contact with llio pro
boscis of her persecutor. The next
niomo:it theuuwieldy mountain of sin
moved out of the door. Another ev
idence of tho superiority of thorough
breds over scrubs. The deputy sher
itr entered the room and found thu
unfortunate woman in tears, and up
on inquiry received a similar version
to tho above.
This was the woman that he says I
selected my brother-in-law to take
charge of, and the statement is false.
The party was in tho custody of tho
sheriff, and deputies, who presented
tho bill for the same which was allowed
Tlio cowardly puppy accuses mo of
slandering him ; hutsiich nlhingcan
not bo done.
And now, bit me say to tlio elephan
tine bilk a word of advice. Drink lets
gin ; play less cards; pay your honest
debts, and above all pay me the
amount of a note 1 hold against you;
movo losomeroinotopartof the world
where you are not known, and go to
worl;, seek salvation, lead tho life of a
Christian, and there is some hopo for
My friend, farewell. Don't ho of
fended at anything I havo said, and
whon you havo finished reading this
don't kick the children out of the
window, hut ho calm and reflect that
it is for the public good. I havo done
with you for tho present, and when we
meet again let us congratulate each
other that wo "still live" and have
plenty to eat, even if you don't pay a
cent for it.
D. Y.
Tim "Chronicle.'
A neat little book has just been
received by us descriptivo of the ori
gin and progress of the San Francis
co Chronicle. The first issue of the
paper was in January ISfift, its size
was 9 by II inches, and it was edit
ed, set up and printed by Chas. Do
Young, whoso tragic death is men
tioned in nuotber column of this pa
per. The Chronicle succeeded be-,
yond even tho hopes of its proprietor
and it now has an immense circula
tion. Tho Do Young brothers have
grown rich front tho profits of the
paper, bast fall the oflico was
moved into n new building erected
at a cost of $205,000. In the base
ment a beautiful sixty-horso power
engine drives tho presses, capable of
printing and folding 0(5,000 papers
an hour, or over 1,000 per minute.
What effect tho death of Charles Do
Young will havo on its future re.
mains to bo seen.
Irulh of Yt'. It. Ou-lcr.
W. II. Carter, Slate Printer, and
editor and proprietor of tho "Cor
vallis Gazette," died at his homo in
Corvallis last Monday of neuralgia
of tho heart,
Mr. Carter enmo to Oregon in
1S52; in 1S(il purchased tho "Cor
vallis Gazette" of which ho has
since been editor nnd proprietor,
Ho was elected Stato Printer in
1878, and his death creates a vacan
cy in that ollieo which will bo filled
at tho coming election, his term
being less than half expired. The
deceased has been a leading advo
cate of thu cause of temperance and
a man who onjoyed tho estcom and
confidence of all his acquaintances
including his bitterest political op
ponents. Ho loaves u wifo and
children, who with his many friends
throughout tho Statu will deeply
fuel llio blow thai has bolnllon thorn,
CIiiim. I:Youii-f .lliit'ilercil,
A San Francisco dispatch of tho
2.1d, brings tho 'following particulars
of tho killingof DoYoungbyKalloch :
"Just before 8 o'clock this evening
Charles DoYoung cntored tho busi
ness ollieo of tlio Chronicle on tho
ground floor on tho corner of Hush
and Kearney streets, and stood talk
ing with hoiiio gentlemen, leaning
against a counter. Directly the door
opened nnd I, M. Kalloch entered,
and drawing a pistol without, as far
as can bo learned, speaking n word,
began firing at DoYoung. Tho latter
ran through a gato in the counter to
a desk inside, Kalloch firing at him
ns ho ran. On reaching tho desk Do
Young turned (o face his opponent
with a pistol in his hand, when Kal
loch, leaning over the counter, fired
again, tho ball striking DoYoung in
the mouth. Kalloch then started for
tho door. DoYoung raised his pistol
as if to fire, but apparently his
strength failed him for tho pistol was
not discharged, and sinking back
ward ho fell on tho floor. Hyslanders
ran to his assistance, but tho ball had
evidently pierced tlio huso of tho
brain, and in a few moments he ex
pired. As Kalloch ran out of the
door ho was seized by a citizen, and
at the same moment an ollleer came
up and took him into custody and
conducted him to tho city prison,
where he was locked up.
News of tho murder flew through
the city liko the wind, and in a few
moments the streets in the vicinity of
the Chronicle office were crowded with
people eager to learn tho particulars
of tho affair. Policemen were at once
stationed at the doors of the ofliecto
keep out the inquisitivo crowd, and
only a few personal friends and re
porters were adinittc I. In the rear
of the office, M. If. DoYoung, brother
of tho deceased, reclined on a lounge
surrounded by friends, evidently over
come by tho tragedy, hut with dry
oyer and calm though strained voice.
He was not present at tho time of the
shooting, having left home after din
ner a few moments later than diaries.
Deceased lay on his back pnthp'lloor,
his face and breast dabbled Tri blood,
his eyes closed and his face bearing
the calm expression noticeable in the
case of thoso (lying from shot wounds
Only ono wound was found on his
person, although at least four shots
wcro fired by Kalloch, two having
ing pierced the glass doors and parti
tion of the office. A third lodged in
a window casing.
Young Kalloch on being arrested
was, as the arresting officer remarked,
the coolest man he oversaw, lie still
carried the smoking pistol in his
hand, which ho surrendered to the
officer. On his way to the station
house he observed strict reticence,
and on being shown to his cell, posi
tively refused to have any intercourse
whatever with representatives of the
In the absence of any explanations
from tho assassin of the causes of the
act, it is generally understood to be
attributable to a pamphlet which has
been recently circulated about tho
city attacking Mayor Kalloch, tho
father of De Young's slayer. During
his recent visit east it is believed that
the deceased devoted a great deal of
attention to gathering up matter in
regard to tho past lifo of Mayor Kal
loch, for tho presumed purpose of
either using it at tho expected trial of
tho deceased on a charge of shooting
Kalloch last August, or of making it
subservo journalistic purposes. Tho-
pamphlet above referred to was a doc
ument of some sixty pages, and re
counted the details of the Kalloch
scandal in Hoston and other matter
of a scandalous nature Tho pamph
let was anonymous, but young Kal
loch evidently considered that de
ceased was responsible for its publica
tion, and acted accordingly.
Further inquiry shows that young
Kalloch fired livo shots at DeYoung,
of which only one, tho fourth, took
efi'cct. Otherwise tho original report
of tho affair seems to bo substantially
correct. It is evident that tho deed
was deliberate. Officer Xoyes states
that a few moments beforo DoYoung
entered tho office ho saw Kalloch
walk along Kearny street and peer
ing through a window of tho Chroni
cle counting room. Ho was evidently
waiting for tho arrival of his victim.
At about quarter past 9 tho coronor's
assistants took the body from where
it had been lying on the floor awaiting
his examination and removed it to a
wagon for conveyance to tho morgue.
Tho crowd in the mean timo had in
creased to a thousand, blocking up
both Kearney and Hush streets. It
was composed of all clashes, evidently
including a great many of sand lot
proclivities, and as tlio body was
brought out, cheers, howls and ejacu
lations of exultation and derision
arose. Tlio coroner's wagon, escorted
hy a squad of police, drove at once to
tho morgue, followed by a hooting,
whistling and yolling mob. Tho de
monstration was confined merely to
words, no action of a violent nature
occurring, (in arriving at tlio morgue
a crowd gathered thoro, for a while
continuing its demonstrations, but I
soon disporsed and tho olllcers rotired.
The conduct of tho mob called forth
many exprussious of indignation and
disgust front the moro rospobtablo by
Htandoro, but thuru was nothing whal
over lending towards any broach of
peace. A great concourso still lin
gered in tho vicinity of the Chronicle
oflico discussing tho affair, hut an
alarm of firo several blocks distant
drow many of them away at about
ten o'clock.
Tho pamphlet previously referred
to proves upon examination to he
simply a full report of the trial of
I. S' Kalloch in the case of the Boston
scandal, with a briuf preface to the
effect that it was published with no
malicious motives, but simply to give
a plain, unvarnished report of tho
trial. It horo tho imprint of " Eber
hen it Co., Hoston, 1857," hut was ev
idently a fresh publication. It seems
to be admitted that tho document was
issued with a view of influencing pub'
lie opinion in connection with tho ap
proaching trial of Do Young, and it
may perhaps have been furthor in
tended to have had some bearing on
more immediate issues.
It will be remembered that the
Chronicle "raited" its office about
ten days ago. Tho Tyographiepl Un
ion and tho Amalgamated Trades
Union took up the fight for tho dis
charged printers, and have placarded
the city with appeals to tho public: to
withdraw patronage from the paper,
and have published advertisements to
the same effect in interior journals. A
mats meeting was advertised for to
morrow evening to denounce the
course of the Chronicle, which was to
have been addressed hy Mayor Kal
loch, among others, and it is possible
that tho pamphlet was designed to
have effect on this present quarrel, as
well as on the coming trial of De
Young. When the coroner's wagon bearing
the body of DoYoung turned from
Kearney street into Market, the crowd
made a sort of rush that had the ap
pciiranco of being directed at the wa
gon. It might have been merely the
natural surge of the concourse follow
ing the wagon on meeting the crowd
gathered on .Market, but the police
viewing it as an attempt at violence,
used their clubs freely, beating back
tho crowd and indicting severe pun
ishment on the most forward. Aside
irom nits incident mere lias been no
signs of violence and no occasion for
the service of the police except in
keeping back the press, barge
throngs still linger around the Chron
icle office, a:td at the main and branch
offices of the Call and at the morgue,
quietly discussing the affair and wait
ing with the usual morbid interest to
hear any further particulars obtain
able. It is as yet too early to gauge the
general expression of public opinion
of the tragedy, but so far as could bo
learned from talk beard upon the
street this evening, its tenor seemed
to bo that the death of DeYoung at
the bands of the son, was tho lcgita
matc. outgrowth of the recent attack
of the deceased upon the father.
Accokiung to the latest reports
from Skagct the snow is still very
deep on IUiby and other creeks
where mining claims have principal
ly besn located. It is consequently
impossible to accomplish anything
in the diggings at present. Some
twenty miners arrived here on the
Chehalis on Monday evening from
the head of navigation. They re
port the river rising rapidly, the wa
ter at present being so high as to
admit of steamers going up as far
as the mouth of Sauk river. Mr.
McCausland, who has a trading
post near the portage, brought down
$200 in gold dust taken out near
tho mouth of I'uby creek, Ono fa
vorable indication is that all that
have visited tho mines so far(includ
ing several hundred men, ninny of
whom arc old miners), are sufficient
ly satisfied with prospects to retnrn
as soon as the season opens, with
out exception so far as observed.
A dispatch from Son Francisco of
April i'3d says : That tho danger of
an outbreak at Colton, antongtho
Shiuicheuvas grows moro serious.
They aro gathoring in force through
the mountains and especially at tho
springs along tho west side of tho Col
orado river. Mail riders report see
ing their signal fires through tho
mountains and along tho river. A
largo stock dealer with his men has
been run off bis ranch, his houses
burned and stock driven oil'. Tho
agent and employes at tho reserva
tion havo gone to Khrenherg for pro
tection, having been warned by the
Mohaves that tho Shimcheiivas intend
to cross the river, kill the settlors and
pillago tho settlements. It is report
ed about L'CO renegade Piutos will join
tho Shicheuvas in making waron'the
whites. Two companies of cavalry
havo landed at Khreitberg ready to
march at a moment's untice.
Tin: Into storm in San Franoisco
has done conio damago in .bursting
sewers and washing- nwny earth on
steep hillsides. Early this morning a
heavy stone retaining a wall about
thirty feet high in tin roar of llobert
Sherwood's lot on California street,
betweon Taylor and Jonos, fell, covor-
ing gardens in thu roar of residences
on Pine streot, smashing hot houses
and outbuildings, and in ouo or two
instances injuring the roar of dwell
ings, No uuu injured,
An amendment is to bo offered to
tho Indian appropriation hill trans
ferring tho Indian bureau to the war
"Don't be afraid to praise your hired
girl when sho doscrve's it," remarks an
exchange; hut the minute tho hus
band tries that on she has to look for
another (situation.
A Mon undertook to stone tho Gray
Invincibles, a colored company, at
the corner of Market and Forty-first
streets, Philadelphia, an the l'Jth, but
tho company, with bayonets fixed,
soon dispersed the crowd.
Ht;x Iln.i, has published a long let
ter in a Georgia paper in relation to
the scandal, saying Jesse I'ayniond
win hired bv the Hcpuhlicans to pur -
sue him, andtf.sho kiil-d him sho iowing ,icw:riijed reai estate situated in Coos
would bo acquitted and provided for at county Oregon, and known and designated
the rate of one hundred dollars ft;l-y ami in the public surveys of iho United
I'oit the oxpenscs of tho Chinese
commission -$21,000 will be appropria
ted, and Swift, of California, will bo
telegrahpcd for to come to Washing
ton and talk it over; Secretary Kvarts
thinks tho new minister, Anzell,
should stop a while at San Francisco
... . ,
aim suiuy me Munition mere ociore
going to China.
Ily special telegram from Pendlo
ton, dated April 20th, we learn that a
most horrible murder has been com
mitted near Pendleton. The dis
patch says : The bodies of Villiam
Ifisham and bis wife were found this
morning in a tent near the Indian
agency, their heads split open with an
ax. Xo clue of the murder has been
The heavy and continuous rains
throughout California have canted a
flood, and the rivers, with "their beds
filled with mining sediment, aro sure
to rise out of thoir banks, and a rep
etition of lastycais damages is prob
able. Hailwav and telegraphic com
munication is stopped. C. J. Smith
11 StOCktOll merchant anU Ul-.. elicit
a San Francisco solicitor, have been claim, rnd secure final entry thereof at the"
,-,.,..,- expiration of thirty days from the date of
U10'U10U- this notice, viz: Luther II. Palmer, home-'
Last Mondav says the Walla Walla stead application No. 3097. for tho SW1-4
ir-icniifiii, Sam Kiec, while out hunt- lofSWMsoo 31 T 27 Sit 11 west loU 3
, ' , , , , , , , ! and 4 sec 3, ami lot 1 sec 4, T 28, Sit 1 1 w,
lllg stock, found the dead body Of and names the following as his witnesses.
Ed. Korke, a boy a little over fifteen! viz: L. M. Pearce, J. A. Harrison and
..., ,.f - ."..- ii. i inJt -.,.. r ' Louis Heller of Dora, and George Norris of
cars of age, and the oldest son of . Fa;rview Cocs C(mny Oregonfon the 15th
.Mr. Pat Itorke. It seems ho was on, day of May. 1SS0, before the Judgo or
the night watch, herding stock, about
100 miles northwest of here at a placo
called Crab Tree Ulufl's. lie was rid
ing along the edge of a high bluff,
when his nude slipped, and both fell
off and down a height of eighty feet.
Wo don't think the poor boy knew
what hurt him, for he evidently fell
on his head and died instantly.
Tun Union Greenback partv ofl"01'". viz; Henry L. Johns, preemption
i .LAA..UA... ....v,a..j- n ooin r i.
Polk county met in convention at
Dallas on the lTUi1 Frist'.r--and after
passing a scries qTj.esqliiliDns favor
Dodson for Scryitor.-and E. C. Keyt,
T. II. Lucas 'and Thomas Stakely
for Representative. The following
central committee w:;- appointed;
I. Van Horn, T. L. Tluiler, D. Y.
Sears, J. Stump, Paul Hilterbrand,
L. Uently and J. J. Bell.
Yazoo City, Miss., April 20. Cnpt.
A. II. Manguin gavo his five year old
child a dose of morphine to-day, mis
taking it for quinine. ' The child died j
in four hours.
Ualtijioiie, April IS. John Potrie,
a farm hand, aged 50 years, commit
ted suicide by shooting himself
through tho head this morning in
Baltimore county. Ho was married
on Tuesday hist.
Rochksteh, N. .Y., April 20. On
Wednesday a gcntlonian living in
York, Livingston county, who bad
been ill for somo time, suddenly ap
peared to dio, and was duly laid out.
While the watchers woio performing
their customary duties, the supposed
dead suddenly revived much to the
surpribo of his friends.
At Koseburg, April 27, 1SS0, to the
wifo of Thomas 11. Sheridan, County
Clerk of Douglas county, a daughter.
."r-wji'tn1 g vnwrft't.Mga
At Coquille City, April 20tb, 18S0,
Carl, son of Dr. 1). L. and Lydia A,
Steele, aged about two and one half
At Coquille City April loth, 1SS0,
Herbert, son of John Amanda J.
Snydor, aged tdx years, livo months
and fifteen days.
BosEiiuim Land Office, April 23, 1SS0.
Notice is horeby given that tho following
named settler has filed notico of his inten
tion to mako final proof in support of his
claim and secure final entry thereof on tho
2tUh day of May 18S0, l.eforo tho Judgo or
uieric oi mo court ot uoos county Ur., J. m,
ll.ivis, homestead application No. 210G for
tho south half of northwoat quarter and
northwest quarter of southwest quarter sco
tion twenty three towushin twcntvilve
south, raugo twelve west, and namos tho
lolluwiug as ins witnesses, viz: llunry .Mil
ler of Kmiiire City, W. H. Noble of Marsh
field, F M Bridged of Coos river, and Cyrus
l.iiul ic tli of Coos river, all of Cuo oouuty
ing Soft monev,- w'omoil'srigbts and J- M. Moore all of Chetco, Curry county,
laa . ;Lx,U,,:-1 M,.Af Oregon, on them, day of May, 1SS0, at
Hrmmiimo On. Lamp Om, .April 23 lSSO;, ,twa
Notice is hereby civen that tlio following"
rmmol settler tins filed notictf 'of -liiiirintni
tion tom.iko fimi proof ia support of his
claim nml eefttr'afitml entry: imWtitCf,)tftArt:iH
;itn nay oi amy ipso, iotorptlie,,JuijBO or
Clerk of tho (!ourt of Coo's county; Or! viz:
.1. A. IJonobrnUe.'liM'rtailomViipplicfttioriNo.'
2.181, for tho novthciuit qiiarter of nortlicat
quarter section tight, lota 1 nnilfJ nnd south
oust quarter1 of northwest quarter section
nine, Unvtithip twetitygix south, range
twclvo west, nnd names tho following n
gSf LO ,4ith au'of MaSld
his witnesses viz; V V Hobs, M J Stock. II
Coos oonntv Oregon.
18 Wji V lir-vjAMiff, Register.
In the matter of tho administration of tho
estate of XM Low, deceased.
Citation to heirs: To Mary Short and
alt other heirs of tlio cstato of N M Low,
You will hereby tnko notice that upon
1 the application of I, K Low administrator
St-nto allots f. C, 7 and 8 of section 1, in
township 20 south of ranee 13 west. It waa
ordered by Hon J II Noler, Probate Judgo
of Coos county Oregon, that notice bo givcil
that on the ("III DAY OF JULY I860, at
tho Court Houm door in Kmpiro City Or.
that ho would hear objections if any to al
lowing tho sale of tho above described proj
ert ..... ...
You win tnercioro appear al sam timo
a,ul J'1", j1"'1 ",ako "''J0'""" U',0" 1,avo
I any to said sale. Alex Stauit,
County Clerk of Coos county Or-
Dated this 1st day of May 1880.
Land Omen, Hoskdcko, Or., Aprils, 1880"
.Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in enpport of his
claim, and secure imal entry thereof at tho
expiration of thirty days from tho date of
this notice, viz: John A. Harrison, home
stead application No. 300G, for tho .SW'1-4
of NEM, W'i of SKM and SE1-4 of SV
1-4 sec 34, T t!7, Sit 1 1 west, and names tho
following as hi3 witnesses, viz: L. II..
Palmer, L. M. l'oarce and Louis Heller of
Dora, and Geo. Korris, of Fainiew, all of
Coos county, on tho 15th day of May, 1SS0,.
lniforo tho Judge or Clerk of the court of
Coos coonty, Or. Wu. F. Benjamin,
10 Kegistcr.
Land OEHQr, Roseec no, Ok., Apr. 5, 180'
Notice is hereby trfven that tho followinc
; named settler has filed notice of his intcn-
tion to make final immf in summrt of hi.
Uerk of tho umrt or toos county, Ur.
10 Wm. F. Bexjami-, Kegistcr.
Lake Office at
BosEnrno, OnEcoy. March 20.-I8SO;
Notice is hereby given that the followiug
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and secure final entry thereof at tho
expiration of thirty days from date of this
WJ of SEJ, SW'i of NE1-4 and SEt-4 of
NVb4, sec. 35, T 41 SK 13 west, and
names the following as his witnesses, viz:
T. J. Stitt, J. F. Marrs, J. H. Stitt, and
tho United States Land Office at Itoacburg,
14 Wit. F. Benjamik, Register.
Land Office at
RosEcrito, OREr.o-f, March 20, 1SS0.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notico of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of hu
claim, and soenre final entry thereof at tho
expiration of thirty days from date of this
notice, viz: Thomas J. Stitt, premption
declaratory statement. No. 3247, for tho EJ
of NWM. SW1-4 of NW1-4, sec. 2, andSK
1-4 of NE1-4, of sec, 3, T 41 Sit 13 wesf,
and names tho following as his witnesses, ,
viz: II. h. Johns, J. I). Cooley, It. ii.
Palmer and J. H. Stitt, all of Chetcov
Purrv onm.t- Ore-nil. fin ihn tTtli jl.-iv
of May. 1SS0, at tho U. S. La-id Office '" . ' '"
Koseburg, Oregon, '.- -!i iC ?UJq-
Wt. F. Bexjamij, rtcgis.terai-01'; ,K7fi-..
t ' ai-..
Laxd Office, ItosEcuno Oit. Apr 1GUIS50 , . . .
Notice is hereby riven that the-. following"' "? ' '
named settler has tiled noticorof his intuition :. ., -
to mako final proof in support of his claim,
and secure final entry thereof vizf" Daiiiel ''
II Cooloy, homestead application No 3 ISO for
the SI of NE1-4, NEW of SEW, NW1-4 of
NEW, section 33 T 40 S, It 13 W, nnd
names the following as his witnesses viz:
Henry Smith, Joseph Enos, William Kirk
and J M Mooro all of Chetco Curry county,
Oregon, beforo tho Judgo or Clerk of tlio
Court of Curry county Or, on tho Oth day
of JunolSSO.
17 Wm. F. Besjamiv, Itogisto
Land Office, RosE-mim, Or.,
pril 3. 18S0,
Notico is hereby given that tho following
named settlor has tiled notico of his iuten-
tion to mako linal proof iu support of his
claim and secure final entry thereof at tho
expiratiou of thirty days from tho dato of
lllis nonce, viz; uaiuvs ii.chui, jiumosiicaii
appltcitiot! No. for tho E of SEW,
section 31, T40, Sit 13 w. NWW of NYV-1-4,
section 2, and NEW of NEW section;
3, T 41, SK 13 w, and names tho following
as his witnesses, viz: John D. Cooley, Pan"
iel B. Coolio, P. H. Palmer, and II. L.
Johns, all of Chctcoo, Curry coun.y Oregon,
on tho 17th day of May 1880, beforo judgo
or clerk of tho court of Curry county. Or.'
15 Wsi. F, Benjamin, Itegistcri
Lakh OniCE, Bo3Encr.ov On., Apr 14, 18S0
Notico is hereby given that tho following
named settler lias died notico of his intcii
tion to mako final proof fit support of bin'
claim, and securo final entry thereof at tho
expiration of thirty days from tlio dato of
this notice, viz: Joseph Enos, homestead
application No. 2t(i0, for lots I, 2, 3, 10
and NJ of NW'1-4 section 5, T 41 S, It 13
w and names tho following as his witnesses,
viz: John Crosswoll, Win Kirk, A F Mil
ler and A B Cooley all of Chetco, Curry
county, before tho Judgo or Clerk of tho
court of Curry county, on tho Uth day of
Juno 18SU.
17 AVm. F. IIbnjamik, Register.
Loiinun's mill is running again.
Ia, Makks 1ms a fino assort
niunt of sping Millinery-.