The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, September 06, 1879, Image 3

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-i inyfc
T ifii
JHIAV, - - Ht'iil. , IN7.
I.obt TiikmT A nlmrt (lino
Thoniiw Vllm)ii,it minor on llio
fork of Hlxei river, ulnrlrtl lo
eel a dnlni on llio hill lilo
i thoro win1 no hIkii of nny work
invlnR In'Cii loiio. Ho miis on
i in running an "open out," when
)nilirnl)ln depth under croiiml
mil nn old pick, of nil nivkwurd
rn, and worn off nearly to llio
)n llifl Imdrock, At u ilopth of
Ion feet, lie aim) found u nmull
ia llttlo than n dinio up-
tly eoinponod of n inlxttiru of
' gtifcl Will ropper. 11 win Imdly rusted,
bttioH Ixiini; cleiinod, lutterK or clmr
fvctartof oinc kind nro dUllnully vl
Mild. Tlwy nro not CIiIikw nor Kn-
H4ff n44it1io cxporln ol llio oimp run
iridnxtid. Tlioy nro limillu;
Dnnivl" to lU'olplii'i tlio ulutr-
lit Ik evident tlutt tlio unrtli
III coin wan found, had nuvnr
rol ly Hio proioiit Konorntlon
g. and tlio iiueitloii niilurully
Whethor, In tlio dim mid un-
rii.iil, xoiuo otliur people had
ffor old In tlint tinaltrrtotlvu
ln K'X,K",i H"5 'n"l traccN ol
work liavo Ioiik lnco dinnp
ujmiii tlio iturfnio. Tlio ul
it a wide field for conjecture.
JClllMi Hi'ECTaa.K.l.iut Tuet-
ykir uttuiition hm nttrACtud to n
laboiitiiliioyenrn old, nittin on
lioor in the "lirrllF ollko nt the
limno, unite mid apparently
om a now inniiin luenioiifHiui
kTutli.... I.t. Hit ImiiiUi itfit liiftrli.
''rSliJfciit the old Kontloiiun wn Mr.
Wwmy from UifHouiii loricol llio to-
9, nd the rliilit III (Utif'.litor, u
lci idiot, who lim never walked
r," pokeu. Tho mnlliar of tlio
i, who hit lay taken rare of
relied fhort timo fdnoo, mid the
man. Im-Iiij: iMxir. U eiiuiollel to
CH)itt t" hinc the child taken to
ttJHy iiiii Ho appealed (oho much
(fceled hy hit miHftirtiiuoK, and lii
5i)ii' that could not fail to draw
llio nympalhy of all who ww
tWnv in ir?--Tli Aril" Kv vent
Mlita petit up iiullKiiatioit in tho
fCriMtornu when Ono. Caiiimauii
tt htn wife, mid thou uiadu it uiort-
JfAgfl tiH)n ltir property, an It asinmoi.
IMttlic ptirpomiofdefwtiutrthoclalmi
KtJM wife for Alimony; yet whun W. lnmU lilt wife, couiitiiU the
im of adultery, and lunko nn u
b ... ....
gJpiiKMil ol lil property to aviiIiI Hie
iinM cUiiii of hi ininnvl wife, nil of
KStkh ato matter of a& mueh ttotorl
&r; it tho ('niiimaiiu dillhuiUy, the
fjmfu$ l apjiroliiKly illeiit. How I
ksjw that journal n "reopootorof por
f" l H pox'iliio that IrtlN lal
roha eiM-apixl tho noileo of tho
jtamdred oye" of that guardian of
&NI people' rihtur
W'ntr. Ai-aum Wcducmlay a
hlni; heloutiliiL' to Mr. Nnsluiri:.
taHiieillrttely north of nut on
m, Audit tho wind wan blowing from
10k uorthwiMt, tho llaiuo mid axho
lin tho burning hruth catun diroetty
rard town. At one tiino rouxidor-
In alarm na felt for tho Kafoty of
jdeo, and Mr. Onliorii' rotldeueo
the hill cnuhl fire rovnrul llniiw,
It It wa promptly oxtius;iilidiitd hy
w c'itlxeiii. It wa M)muwhnt lin-
prudent tittiuK Mm to tho hruh with
llio wind In that nuartor, and it may
M considered fortuiiatu that no aori-
i damage wa tho result.
i!xrii(HioK. An oxeiirnou waa or-
fPHrilxed hy llio proplo of Newport
lHt Haturdny.aud a lao numher from
4t vlllriK pawtod .i day of roonw
p$n on Coo rlvor. The .Uire tiaik
ilie party from NowiHirt in tho morn.
fog, and all enjoyed tho trip up llio
Nfer. They wont anhoro at the farm
M I)avl, whoro thoy wore ro
npivoil witli uront hospitality hy Mr
tSjgrvU ami hi family, mid after in-
agiiiR in ix Niimptuoii dliiuor, and
Sflou AtnuoineiitH, reliirnod tiud
M a daueo nl Newport in tho oven
htf . Tho occasion wa hiirhlr appro-
P(ol hy all.
fk DiHt'ovKUY, -Tho Anju ha made
dlcovory that I'.mpiro City i
iror Curry county than Mandilield,
tliluku tlio otlicrr of tho Land
9N)c have niailo a mItako in the
iiiiiKeiuent of tho hindooo rolnt-
IK to tho pulilic land outrioa. ThUli
nit'thliiK like tho startliiiK nuuounu-
Dili niado from tho k.iiiio Hourtin
lino linioidiioo, that I.uxe' IokuIiik
Witi h at .Stunner would conned with
ftfio IthmtiH Transit ltallroml, etc. It
mirpriHiiig with what rapidity tho
litor of that paper i learning tho
rogrnphy of U region.
r.vfoiiTl vati:.TIio City oj Dublin
been almiiiloned hy Oitjit. rarknr,
ml tho hull Jin hrokon in two. Cnpt.
likcr ami hi party of energetic
frrKimit HtietHHjdoiI m gottiiiK her
trlyoir, when iiufavorrthln woalhor
1 IhohreakiiiKof romo of tholrca-
4cn fiuioil lier to lnK ftiouud.on
no iieacli, wnoro hIio wa noon do-
iroywl It in iv jrroat iuifortuno to
Cnpt, I'iiikornud hlnerew, and leave
ie former fiiuincliilly ruined.
Contiiact Ij.t. Mr. t'lotiKh, con
rnetoron tho now mail route from
lorn to Myrtlo 'nint,lini lot n con.
fact to Mr. Hchofiold of Dora, lo one.
fe'lho niail. Tho sorviuo U to Im
A Htiianok Cahi:. Ono day lnt
week, Until. Dunham nyoiuiK mini ro-
nldliiK nt Uoaledo, on making n Mid
den movement with ono of hi linnd,
wn cled with a crump lu tho mil'
olo of hi neck and liown iiiiahln to
turn hi head, til laco Miik tumrd
towntd liinaido. Ho hecrtmo middon.
I) almost hlliul, nnd on holiiK ni(cd
lo llio homo, wn conllned to hi
hed for aevornl dnya, HI faco nnil
neck heenmo dlncolorod nml hadly
.wollon, nnil lin auirorod conldernhto
iiuiii. AthmtHCCouiilii )io wn alow
ly rooovorlnic-
A VKNiniiot'H Titli'. A corrcpon
dorllof tho New, writiiiK front Hlir
ahiw, iftyii i Onpt. Cox arrived on llio
2.')d from tho OiKptlllo in nn open
boat, i!iJ feet knot flfcothoam,iiclioorier
rlRKod, mid Indian Chnrloy for a main
cook nud ilownrd. Tho captain had
n plnaftant trip nud 1 well plcacd
with tho river.
1,i:iti: IiiT.I.otlcr uncnllod for
remniuiiiK in Umpire) Oily Pot Ollko
Sept. It187t., V. Hhettcr, V. M.
UriKlit, O.K., Hullnr, II. M., Ilrul
tier, Ml I.ona.Chotco, Anna, Clinp
man, Mix., J. 0. Cotton, Jcio, Oarhl
olfl, JcfT, I'tiuaK, Frank, (irater, Lout
(liuiiinn, (leort'e, I.oueaii, Jhhn, inor
r!, Harri, Hpraiiejr, A. I'..
I.tmxu Liht.TIio following i n
litof letter reinalulnK in tho Ktof
flco nt Marhfield, Hopt, 1, 1870 :
Hull"), Jom-ph; Ilnrotlo, Ccaro;
Iliittcrfield, Mary ; Flanagan, Jnnto J
Kirkpatrlok, J h (2); Kiukdalc, .t
aheth; Miller, Ilel; McCotinclI, A;
McDonald, N M ; Nolcor, J ; Stew
art, John; William, A Y : Wilmot,
V II. A. NAmieno, V. M.
fimi:. Tho Irrofo nailed lat
Sunday, with tho following named
pjw-tiKCMS V. A. Luo, V. L. Daw
wm, W. K. Moore, Mr. TliornipiUt.S.
TmIIuuiii, Jai. ( Miirrcll, H. Zwanij,
Tho. Madon, 0car IvnrNtrom, J. W,
Hadley, J. V. Womack, Walter Max
well, W. II. Adunirf, and ono China
mnii. Own Taxiw Tho County Court
I una wook lOMciia mx, tiiciiuiiiightaio
I ami cehool tnxo. of t!o mill on tho
!. i.. it... r... , i... ..,..... ....- m'i.i-
fiirul1t a market lor n largo amount
of county ordont, nml iKirhap ghc
tho "ritiR" which hna hftcii dincovorwl
hy tho Arytu, a benefit.
Iniusc. Jori.i IMman, a painter,
who ha l,oou living In thi place
joino threo yimr jat, wa pro-
nounord iiisinn lrtt WediiMdny, hy
the proper authorities, and wn iont
to tho Aaytiini. Ho I nlno Miry fcehle
in health.
Auuivmi. Tho Gunir Trlnlr nr
rived on Thurdiy, throo day from
(m Franeiwo, with tho following pan
m-okcm n. B. Wriuht, J. C. McDou
Kfll, Miiw I. 1). Shnrtior.T. Jonet, wife
ami child, Mi M. Joniw.
Wi.vciikhtkii'h now atonumr will
prolmbly lo launohod noxt wook.
Ot;u young friend Cliarlo JacLMin,
of Umpire City, i dork of tho Sum
nor (itoro.
Ciuh. F. McCoiimao ha Imjoohio n
clerk ami tudcul in tho ollko of law
yer Hughe of Portland.
Tin; htenmur J)uucnu unilnd fniiu
Portland ytenlay, nml may bo ex
pected lo morrow or Monday.
Tho attention of Judge Xolor htm
boon occupied tho greater part ol the
wook by coutenUnl probate ipicMlonn.
Peter Deriek nud Jceph Hudou,
from tho Bixe mine, woro in town
thi week.
Wo aokowledgo n call from 0. S.
Wright, Kk., hrothorof W. P.Wright,
aurvoyor, who wa n iac tiger on tho
Tk.mpi.k, the pnlntor, hm bcon giv
ing Hacker A DovinoV building on
Front Hiroet n now coal of paint, thi
w cok.
Frihiv t Itut,t:v'rt now building nd
Joining llio nianco Hotel i nearly
complotod, and will look woll when
Thk nowMchoonor building nt Donn
,t Co.' ahlpyanl, by Cmliiunii fc Co.,
i nearly in frame nud being pushed
forward with energy.
Owikci to thoro being no coal on
hand with wlilch to loml tho Tttitfr
lit will not lonVrt tho Day till Wed
neadny, Mr. T. R. Bhoriilnn of Rotoburg,
I on n visit at tlio homo of her p.t
lent. Mr. and Mr. Patrick Flniiignii
of Xowpoil.
W. P. Wright, tlio aurvoyoi", hn
gono lo Ton .Mile to oo about making
arrangement to comploto Hiirvoying
tho bottled portion of tho country.
Wi: lecoived'n call fiom Mr. Han
Hood, of tho Coipiillo, who inform n
that tho rust ha alloctod the grain on
the river hut little, and the yield will
ho aniivonigoorop.
Mit. Pai.miu:, of Coo livor, loft at
our ollieo n linskot of lino plunifo
which woroaamplod hy tho editor of
tho agricultural dopartuioiit, nud pro
noiincod excellent.
Oi'ii young friond Knloy Motion, of
of Donghm county, niailo our ollieo a
ploaaant cnll on Tuosdny. lie i vis
iting vnriott point on tho Hay, no
coinpaniud by his mothor.
Wi: nro in roooiptof tho Daily Ogn.
CttplUil, (ho now paper Intuiy atnrtod
t Hnlom. It in published by F.Owon
and 11. tj. W. Hninmond, nud will
drjubtlogi logoivo n libornl nuppoil,
which it diMU'i'vw
(no III.)
AAI.OOXA AND HAI.OOH Klini'l'.lta.
Ill the early day,opiiorttinitin for
liquid rofrndinient were not wanting.
Kach prominont corner had It array
of drcnulom nml mytoriou Itottlc,
to induce tho pacing pcdotriiui, wil
lingly tomptod, to take "a llttlo so mo
thing," just becnuso tic wn hot or
cold, thlraty or weary, or for aomo po
tent roiiftou, nud by nn mtant bocnuso
ho riijoi'il tho stimulant. "Walk in
to my parlor, say tho spider to tho
fly," wn tho inviaiblo legend, for po
lite reason, not legibly written over
their door. Now the money ehnn
grr modestly retire to some quiet
room in llio roar, whnro they mnku
exchange through the medium of
"picture" and ''checks." and call in
tlio cheering mixture from tho ox
port nt the liar. Then thoy wrestled
with pokor without a "draw" with
honosl fenrloiiea in tho broad glare
of tlio open bar loom, in convenient
proximity lo the sparkling tempta
tion. .Many of tho staid ami sober
citizen of to day might have lxeu
seen taking n hand in thono froo and
easy oiijoymentti, wtione plcaMiit dig
nified and careful deportment would
repel nny aunpiclon of "ueh foolish
no." Ttnat Hofcr, Hilly Huckhorn
and Charley Hnskoll, are remembered
a general dispenser of "drinks."
Wa so nained in contradistinction
to him Itogors, tho ono siniill nud
tho other bulky, nud both with a largo
capacity for fluid. Ttnai, when in
good rtiuniiit: order, with the proper
uiimlKir of inches of lightning whis
key was remarkably jovial, nud when
woll flred up, the ofJerU oood out of
hi tiM.H, in n perpetual hornpipe. At
IIiiiim, 7Vfin, in company with hi
boon compntiion, Wing, atiUMed tho
community in n prolonged "spree" of
wrek. Witty nml jolly, thoy kopt
the ball of fun rolling night nod day,
nml people wotnlorud whou thoy
Wa dUtiugtiirhod for the wonderful
JMoriwho rolnlod, rendered truthful
by the fact that he wn alway it par
ticipant in the events dccrilcd.
Among lholiiitouor,oiuowerecredu-
Ion, while other had the temerity to
distrust his fidelity to truth On ouoj
occasion Norlhrupwn prevent, when
Hilly wpokeof the landing of tho "Pil
grim" nt Plymouth. In jest, Xortk
rup ntortod thnl tho jiilgrinu laudod
in Virginia; a warm controversy en
sued ttKHi thi piint, nml Northrup
propord to submit tho fact lo Undo
Hon ltrrtllnn. Uncle Hon Milomnly
loudoiod hi verdict, "you're wrongi
Hilly, I hnppeueit to Iki down In Vir
ginia at the time, mid taw the Pil
grim when thoy landed thoro." Hil
ly cullercd for tho drink.
Though pnmiinuiit bttsiue men,
could absorb largo qunntitio of stitn-
uiauu. .Norllirup count consumo
glut oftorgla, and appear "n. ober
a a judge." Tho three often sat
down together with their rations for
tho symposium. Tho result usually
occurred, that tho two wore lloorcd,
and .Vorthrtip wnlkotl out to bring in
n few friends, and ointcd thorn out
n lamoiitnblo examplei of inlcnipor
ntico. Among thobuineii men, who were
early notllors, may 1h included Mer
chant, Hirst, Xneburg, Konyon, Murso,
tho Cnuimauu brothers, nud others
already noticed.
Who wn formnuy year hok-kccpcr
nml general manager of tho largo
lumber nud tdiip building operation
at Xorth Horn!, won for hiuiMilf high
reputation a n thorough, vigilnut and
nctiyo conductor of btuinotw. Tent
pernio in hnbitii, nttontivo to duties,
exorcising prudence nml economy, ho
nccumulntcd capital. Wo find him
now, tho local manager, associated ,tn
tho partnership of E. H. Donn A. Co.
Their husinou at Mnrahtleld, com
prising tho manufacture of lumber,
Milp building, morchnndiiing and
hiiping, give omploymont tonlnrgo
mi in bar of ompIoyeoM, nnd contrib
ute largely to tho wealth nud pros
perity of thi community.
Arc oxninploa of what mny bo accom
plished by persistent industry, accom
panied willi tdiiowductw, economy,
and tompornto hnbitti. Hotli woro
coal minor for many year, working
diligently at thoir occupation, ami
farming on tlio Coquillo for n few in
termediate i, oar. Hnth nro now en
gaged in mercantile pursuit, with
capital, nud Mattering prospect for
tho future. Konyon i now ono of
tlio board of county commissioner.
NAKIIl'ltl) AS!) MOKSi:
Aro examples of a linlhir oharactor'
who hnvo worked thoir way Ironi luiin
paiativo indigence to a position of
liouornblo buino3 mid piospority.
Morao him boon county clerk novum!
terms, ami I now county (roiuuror.
Among tho earliest of our aitliou,
woro ougngoil In vnriou brauoho of
tmilo, nml tcxd tho lead fur tunny
year, in the Importance nnd value of
their transaction, nnd had nccumu
lntcd Inrgo means, In Inter year tlio
volume of their business hn gradual
ly k'ciit'(l until thoy enn hardly bo
Included among tho nctlro operator
of our locality.
thk rtoxKnua or coo ntvr.rt,
Who encountered tho difficulties nnd
annoyance of n new settlement, hivo
prospered, and sea around thorn to
day, tho wealth of plcnsanl homo
and cultivated ncrc. They doiorve
a iHirsonnl notice, which may bo im
proved lu tho future.
There wn ono of our pccullnr whoio
characteristic claim n passing notice
Jo Italic, not Gen. Jo Lane, but our
Jo., simple, clcvor, honest, Jo. Ho
was not particularly brilliant, nor
highly educated or distinguished. Hc
lacked confidence in himself, and Ivy
like, needed some one to loan upon ;
nomobody to cling to; soma ono to
own and direct him. He held a half
share, and a half Voto in tho Coo Hay
Company, but depended on Captain
Harris for guidance. Whnn n criti
cal voto wn taken, Jo would look
noxiously puzzled, until tho inquiry,
"how diil Cnpt. Hnrri vote," wn nn
wercd, nnd then hi voted ditto. Ho
changed hi mnstor from limo to
time, and wa generally industrious
but not thriving. Hi power of des
cription woro limited, and hi explan
ations far from lucid. For a time, he
built boat, which ho deilred to (ell in
tubntitution of the Indian canoe. Ex
plaining their superiority over the lat
ter, ho remarked : "Suppose in going
up Coo river in a canoe, you run on
a sung, where nro you? Hut if you
run on to one of them in one of my
ImmU, there you are." Wo may gun
what hc designed to illustrate, al
though the exK)ition is a little mud
dy. Poor, honest, Jo! "Pity 'lis, pity
'tis, 'tis true," that villninoii alcohol
helped to ferry him over tho dark
river to-hi final Isiurnc.
t'onntjr Court I'rocecdliip.
Estate of Frnnci Frank ; petition
of J. M. Davis for removal of J. W.
Hennett, administrator, and citation
Uucd for hearing nt first day of next
term of tho court.
Hstnte of Ilink &. Grubbc; ordered
that receipt for l'J15 7G given by John
Fliiuuiraii to tiustaf Grubo, be cor
rected by filing a receipt for 1573 37,
tlio amount actually received.
Kstntc of E. Morris ; order for tho
sale of real estnto by ndminutrator to
satifvoouU ol aatil cstale, vis: .
Of XVAj MX. 27, T. ST, H. K. 13 wet.
Estate of Hen Smith ; final report
of administrator approved and ad
ministrator discharged ujwh filing
the receipt of hei
Eitnto John Prewetl; citation to
Eau Pniott to show canto why ho re
fuse to deliver certain twronal prop
erty, heard nnd taken under advise
inent. , r
Estate of T. D. Winchoitcr; final
report of ndmiuihtrator appnivod and
ndininistrator orderctl discharged on
filing receipt of legatee.
Liquor licence granted to John
Xni-biirg, Coquille City; J. 8. Kiloy,
Empire City; Knowlesit Floyd, Em
pire City; John Flanagan, Empire
Citv: Goo. W. llngun, htimner, and
1). L Watson, Coo City. AUwi:i).
In Juticc'fc Court, Coos City precinct.
State of Oregon vs. Wm. and
Lizzie Udor, 130 50
In Empire City precinct.
Coos Co. vs. S. E. Sherwood, $40 40
" J. K. Coojer, 14 GO
State of Oregon vs. M. Glynn, 1CI 0-1
Wilnesse before grand jury, May
term :
Jnmo II King,
W H Noble,
C Moore,
Siglin A Hennett, publishitrii
ing nsoojisor's notice for Hoard
of Equalization.
A Lobroe, 7 M. plank for road
5 20
4 00
2 20
5 00
dthiricl No. 3, G3 00
J P Mocr, keeping pauiwrs 239 72
" clothing furiiiahcd
I) L Steele, M D, county pliy.
J F Moore, county school supt,
1) Mork'O, Jr.. " treasurer
9 35
97 50
50 Oil
75 00
10 00
10 00
5 00
i 4 CO
1S7 00
10 75
l)r T C Mackoy, professional
set vices in examination of in
sane nnd idiotic
Dr C W Tower, do
l)r C H Golden, do
J LSmiiti, making insano pap'r
Alex btaull. county Clerk
Alex Stuutl', stationery
John Lane, assessor 70S 00
Alfred Weidby, for conveying
idiot child to Empire City 15 00
Viewing and locating proposed
road botwocn Chas. NVard'a
place and Coquillo City, 95 00
A. G. Aikon, K) 00
Fred Sehroodor, Noah Tripp and
J. E. Hodges woro appointed to assess
and ifotormo damages by proposed
toad between Chas. Want's placo and
Cotjitillo City.
Onlored. that tho rate of license to
leddlors under Title HI of General
aws bo ono hundred dollaru per an
David Drew was oppointod Inspect-)
or oi salmon, ami (piaunou uy lining
oath and bond.
Tho rato of feos for Salmon In
spector was Ilxod at J I 00 per duy and
Tho California lllcrtlim A Itepubllcan
Xowu from tho California election
which tiwkplnco last Wednesday, is
vory meager. It is aimounced by
tologntph, however, that Kalloeh is
I'loctod iMnyor of Pan FrnnclscOj and
tho whclu'lluniiblictm Stnto tioket
is oh'Ctod. The latest reports bo-
fore going to press fix Torkins1 nm
jorlty at lf,000. Tho inajoritieH on
oiiwr portloiiH oi tno uokcx nro not
given, hut it ia piohnblo that thov
will L'onomllv fall fliort of that uf
tho gujiorniitoritil cmulidiito.
And now Ioiuch tho Han Frnn-
cIhco "Argonnul," following in the
wuko of the "Wnshington Capital,"
with tlio hihtory of tho word "Ore
gon," TJii'h Hiiliject lin hocn ox
plninod through the coltimni of thd
"Hopeburg Plnindcnler," raven or
eight yncTB ngo, hy the undersigned,
in ntiBWor to Ifon. J. Quinn Tliorn
ton's nrliclo in tho "Willamette
Frtrmcr," wlicffin ho took tho
ground that tho word originntcd
from "Orcgntitirn," or, "wild mnjo-
rtim." .My nutlionty won taKcn
from a memlier of the Hudson Bay
OoVnpany, formerly in charge of
Fort Umpqun, M. Gamier.
Having considernblo acquain
tance with the Hpaniwh language, I
paw the appropriateness of the ap
plication.' It i pronounced ''or-a-
own," or, "ora-onc." "urcja" is
"ear:" "Orejon" in "big ear." "Cabe-
za," is"licnd ;" "Cfllwzon," in "big
head." Tlio terma aro vulgar. '-E"
Jh pronouncel "a" in Spanish, as in
hay." "J" is flilcnt.
Now, Sir, this matter ih open Ut
dispute, and, an the editor of the
"Argonaut" once jK)3HeHfed a cele
brated mulo, I have Bomething left
Ui fall back. on.
Where did thy name originate,
Va'tr Inrirl nl lirrrzes ciKill
Alaat 'iwa t&'en thro' cursed fat
From Pixley'a famou mulo.
Ob! Oregon, "big-ear," "Wcbfcet,"
Vniifht ran thv wftrtli defame!
"The roue's perfume smell a sweet,
railed nysome omer name.
The jtoets, still, eholl sing thy praise,
In ruitful fields, iu healthful darn,
o hlnto can tlio excel!
Italian skies ; we have these here,
That none o'rr there can beat ;
A climate that wo hold most dear,
With water pure and sweet.
Tis mild, refreshing, evergreen,
The sirk grow wondrou glad ;
Why, e'en tho dog enjoy tho scene,
None ever yet went mad.
A n-al. invienrritintr halm
The nights so cool do keep,
You need the blanknU to keep warm ;
Incongruence you sleep.
And many thing that I couldnamc,
We have hereto unfold.
The forest aro wet! filled with game.
The mountain rich in gold.
Le Garcon-.
Tin: scow schooner Gmngrr, from
Astoria, bound for San Kranctco, put
Into our harbor of refuge yestorday
to avoid a southerly gale.
As tho time for the exchange of
school book,and for the sale of book
nt introductory price i limited,
teachers and pupil would do well to
supply thenuelvc as soon as possible.
Dr. Golden is agent for thi county, to
whom all onion -liould lc sent.
3InrlBa iHtullls't-Bcc
Scxiut, Stpt.
Schr rrithioff, Mattson, days from
Sau Franciiico ; to Newport Coal Co.
Tug Fearless, Hill, from Umpqua.
Str Gussio Telfair, Uutlcr, CO hours
from San Francisco ; pass it mdse to
F Schcttcr.
Batukdat, Sept. 4.
Schr Premier, Rocke, 11 from San
Francisco; to Eastport Coal Co.
Aug 31 Str Areata, Holt, S. F.
Sopt 5 Sclir C II Merchant, Law
rence, S F.
do C Schr Laura. May, Ackennan,
S F.
Str Alex Duncan from Portland,
due Sunday.
Fiiokt Stiieet, M.vnsuriELn, Ogn.
er: keen contantlv on hand iu
our largo nnd commodious store, a
well selected stock of
coiiMtsing of the beststaplo and fancy
of all kinds, tho choicest
and TOOLS,
Cigars and Tobacco,
A:vrs, oii.s,
ami V.VICMWlir.S,
ami I.Kll'OIIH,
School IBoolss
x,,crx.Nrxssxxxivc- aooss,
Our oxton&ivo show rosea aro filled !
wish thotiuot
N. II. All goodd purelinnod at our
Store will I delivered froo of rhnrk'o
at nny point on tho routu of tho
otoninor MyrtU. TM.'tl
Wm.MeiclicrtjPfopriietor '
Kotis cont.tntly on hnnd.nnd ofTem for Piilo n Miix-rior nrtielo of
So. 1 90rroat View.
Our new Organ, expressly deelgacd for Sunday Schools,
Cliapcls, etc. Is proving a
Bo suro to send for fall descriptivo Catalogno bcfoTO
purchasing any other.
Illustrated Catalogue sent free. .
Asd Grand Xedal of Hoscr.
Economy, Durability asd Bepidity
combined with perfect work,
An Dat&ctrohiag Fatsrcs ct the
Giant Fan anil I arelioose Fans,
Racine, Wis.
fo tilci r-asy Utc iopcoTegmtOir m (vSy
Kyjll to naj demand : tUamcc II ndi of Graia.
rcms. ueacs, uauor iKans. ium kiui cbuu dco.
Tbcjfmit wheat jrfa"lrby ootc tiadSoj. Sep. I
ante 0l froa Wheat, Ixrlej- aed Kyt. Tliejr liars
Trry pcrirct amBteaieBU for deactcs Timothy, 1
Lttrcr. tax zero, irruuuu unn, ua u itukt
SmaU Setdi. They Chaff rxiictCr. wl cocibioe
ererr qoaSfieaooa rcqsirc! la do im beat vetk ia
lh lacruu ttae.
Vaieheoae, at eH ai Fans IHUt, art Urjily coa.
muixtr th deman.!. and civiae&caoacinr cf froei o I
ta ja beubcia per bou, accacmt lo cf niX .
They are (hipped, b Jied far cccai iraotportatioo, j
ud "et p" or "ksccVed dawa" far tonmiat
talaad, aa rrqoesuj; and ia all cases put free ea
beard Cars er hteasscr. Orders tiled same day as
nceired. J I . j
MiQs ihtpprd "Inoeled im" C tit !
trrifht charscd rs when f rwanied "t up." Oc.
(races and (.irru'unscpplKd en acsimuon. nicra
will fc quettd Itr usl en liberal terms. Coma.
mt raost THOROUGHLY couslrueteU
SEWING MACHINE orcrlmcntcO. Jin
tha trearlo juris aro laailo of Uio BEST
It ha tho .1 VT03TA TIO TK.VIO.V; It
ha tha XUMQU&T XtOttBLSt It baa tha
Easiest Throadod Shuttle
Tho DODDIN3 aro "WOUND without
It ha a 8EIiVrCTTINa NSTtDUSl It
ha a 1)1 AT. fur rcsulatloi; tho IcokUi of stitch.
Bt'ACIS uudcr tho arm J It I NOIBKI.KS3.
and lias uioro tiolut nr Kvnm.i -Wfw than
all oltxr luacluuon couiUucd.
.WAflonU wstnted In looUUa
wnoro wo nro not roproaantod.
Johnson, Clark & Co.a
I'ItSKIIti: lur tho I'O.IST
IAII.-4,C5(iiri j car.
EpitoAnj. EiceMlffc.
Taylor & Farley
AIL VSKnCSli ef sry Tklm nay ta food
U these hutrmoena, aid they contain tuny
VtT rJ53 U other Crews.
Abniflsto produce) work which shall ls
Durabla. w will not mcrrfics that whtcft
la not aean. and yt la rltal to n perfect
orzan, in ordar to mnlco a mora fancy
We an nH audited to preseet as
Stylish aed Ajipreprlcto Coses
aa eaa be (bead U the aiAtt, with fiuh which It
Tits rouonsc
AwaH witli Medal & Diploma or Honor
csTtUL EXHnonoa conKisjioaraj:
u Ta Itreur t ffjrlaaaUls, If rasns. tXVXl txi
MrUilld TMC, tslAralt; In rrr u4 (nml
Do eat tail ta nale appEcatisn aa4
XSehn Puchsisng.
CcaalscMa tnt, ta apptkauaa ta tha
Taylor & Farley Organ Co.
Meriden, Cokik V. & A,
"Children's Blow Pedals,5'!
Adjusted or ,etinsiani!y.
Invented and Exclusively
used by this Company.
The most popular
Organs of the day! ,
"The WileMC fc Wkit
Oreas Ijatrctor" i tlfc
la the jURi'Jtet I
ivvi fvr Itiuftntlai fUMcyw. -
iBIbBvEbT wB vvflHvfflY