The Times. (Gold Hill, Or.) 1952-1953, May 15, 1952, Image 1

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    (E ditorial)
The Time» recommend» to the
voten on the Republican ticket:
W a lte r Nunley far district attar
Bob Brantley for county Judge;
Bob Fowler far county assessor;
Carlos Morris for county coron­
G. A. Dlerdorff, D. O . , far State
Representative, and;
E .H .fE d ) Mann for State Repre­
The Tim es believes that If W alt
Nunley is elected district attorney
that tome Of the high
which has been so evident in the
county courthouse w ill com eto an
Volume I
Gold H ill voten w ill go to the
polls today (Thursday) and again
In today's electio n , up for app­
roval of the voten Is the c ity bud­
g e t and charter changes.
Slightly less than 300 are e lig i­
ble to vote and only a small per­
centage of those were expected to
MBB their ballots la the c ity e le c ­
tion although considerably more
were expected to "he an hand ft*
the presidential prim ary Friday.
In the c ity election, the C ity
H a ll w ill be the location for v o t­
ing but la the Friday election the
H a ll and Brownell's motel w ill be
No d ifficu lty In winning appro­
val of the voters to a slightly larg ­
er budget was anticipated Inasmuch
as the Increase was okehed by the
citizens co m m ittee, and because
much of the Increase was brought
on by need far mare fire eq uip ­
C h ie f Interest In the city e le c ­
tion seemed to center around one
change which would consolidate
the offices of C ity Recorder and
C ity Treaswer making a paying
job that could take the fu ll tim e
of one person and make opening
of a c ity office feasible.
Other changes proposed are m in ­
or In nattue and Interest of voters.
In the Friday prim ary, however
a number of county offices as w e ­
ll as s a te positions are contested
and presidential electors w ill be
chosen with a battle between p le ­
dged and unpledged In sight.
Elsenhower supporters, pledged,
seemed to have the slight edge.
Here are the places In Gold H ill
-Rogne River areas where you go tc
Sams V a lle y , No. 74 -Sams V a il
ey school;
W im er. No. 75 - Enterprise G ra­
nge H all;
Rogue River east. No.- 76 -Live
Oak Grange H a ll;
Rogue River west. No. 77 - VFW
Gold H ill north. No. 78 - C ity
Gold H ill south. No. 78 - Brown
eU m otel residence;
Foots C reek. No. 80 - C om m un­
ity H aU .
la life or their financial backgro­
In selecting Bob Fowler far the
nod far county assessor, we dug
as deeply as was passible Into his
past. We talked w ith many peo­
p le. Including Fowler, and we
have »elected him for endarseme
It Is probable that the gambling
syndicate w ill go under ground far
Nunley has promised to enforce
the law equally for ALL the peo­
ple. •
To e lect Bob Brantley at county
judge Is to bring to an end the re ­
ign of snubs far this end a i Jackson
county that has been the lot of
the m ajority of citizens under the
present Incumbent.
The election of Brantley, like
the election of Nunley, w ill bring
to an end a government far a few
of the privileged a t the expense ot
nt oecause we believe he Is the
best man for the position.
Fowler knows and like» tne pe­
ople In this end of Jackson county
and under his term , we believe
we could expect fa ir treatm ent.
Carlos Morris for coroner was
not d iffic u lt to select. He Is a
native of this end of the county
and he has shown It tim e and tim e
again by his generous use of his
tim e and equipment. But above
of the many.
Brantley has promised to hear
and deal fa irly w ith a ll men and
women, regardless of their station
■■■■ ■ I -I.— — .
a ll he has fu lfille d his office w e ll
and fa ith fu lly .
D r. Dlerdorff has the backing
of almost everyone In this sec -
tion of the county from a ll we
have been able to learn.
He Is fu ll of Ideas, good Ideas
and If he can carry out any of
them , the county as a whole w ill
benefit. We believe he deserves
the support he has been getting.
Jackson county elects two re ­
presentatives. The other one we
recommend Is E .H . (Ed) Mann,
who has a good labor record, and
who has promised to follow the
dictates of the people In legisla­
He has promised fa ir treatment
far a ll.
S im es
Gold H ill, Oregon
May 15,1952
10 Cents
No. 20
Workmen far the C ity of Gold
H ill this week put the finishing
touches an the 8 7 ,0 9 0 addition
to the sewage disposal plant that
pas been under way fcr the pan
two months.
Councilman M ilto n Stelumetz
was die designer of the Improve­
ments and worked In close cooper­
ation with the Installation.
Noted among the Improvements
Is an autom atic flow metering sys­
tem that registers the actual amou
nt of sewage that the lo cal plant
handles every 24 hours.
W ith this Information, It w lU be
possible to check the amount of In
filtra tio n water In the sewer lines
during the winter months and w ill
be the basis far correcting leaks In
the »ewer system,
After two months work. Gold
I 5»«ln«netz. d « « * operation Is
H ill's reconditioned sewage system !
to b * * * * n
latest Improve
Is put Into operation.
Deslgned by Councilman M ilto n
ments to bring the system u p -to -
O te
ahead at any other city
Mrs. Delos W alker Is the newly
elected president of the Gold H1U
H ealth U nit.
She was chosen at a meeting In
the home of Mrs. Arthur Boye, Nor
th 99 from Gold H ill, last week.
She succeeds Mrs. J. G. Kofahl who
has been president far tp w years.
Mrs. W illia m S. Dickinson was
elected vice-president and Mrs.
Roy Cameron was re-elected secre­
To retiring officers, corsages
made by Mrs. George Dorman were
Preceding the business meeting,
the annual luncheon was held.
Flans were made for a delegation
to attend the annual meeting of
the Jackson County Hearth Associa­
tion Thursday, May 18. at the G u i­
ld HaU In Medford. The Gold H U I
unit w ill furnish cakes far refresh­
M n . Melfard Hood, clin ic
chairm an, announced that a sum­
m er child clin ic would be held an
June 9th In the basement of the
Com m unity Methodist Church.
When a generator at the cement
plant la Gold H ill shorted about
10 p. m . , Monday night a week
ago, the whole countryside was a -
lighted, scaring some people Into
thinking an atom bomb had bunt.
The plant was running fu ll shift .
when the generator let looae but
no one was hurt.
B rillian tly lighted one minute,
the next minute the plant was p lu ­
nged Into deep darkness.
Power was shifted over to Copco
and work went an but questions re -
gardlng what had happened cootlz
ued far days.
The Gold H ill HEU met
at the Scout HaU with seventeen
members and one visitor present
Miss Eula Winter mote, county
extension sgent, Installed the
new officers for the coming year.
There w ill be a picnic lunch
second Friday In June at Irene
Johnsons Please bring a prosp­
ective member
E .R .D rake and R .E .D rake of the
Lazy Acres M otel. Gold H ill, snd
R .G . W itte, owner of the American
M otel la San LeanAo, C a l i f . , a ll
caught lim its of trout the opening
day of the season.
The location. Rogue River behi­
nd the M otel.
Returns from Rogue River N ation­
a l Forest during the first nine mou­
ths of 1951-52 fiscal year, totaled
>924,543. It was announced last
week from the forest headquarters
The entire disposal plant was
ot sim ilar size.
An automatic device w ill tell cleaned snd drained prior to the
ot water seepage and make checks improvements, which was a con­
siderable task due to Improper pre­
of pipes practical.
vious maintenance, and lack or
proper working space w ithin the
plant itself.
W ith this condition now canect-
ed. and with the Installation of a
communutor In the future, the dis
The new off leers of the Gold H U I
p o u l plant In Gold H U I w ill be se­
FT A were Installed May 8th at a
cond to none far a c ity of its size.
meeting In the Gold H ill Gym . The
new officers In su lted by Fast Pres.
M n . Norman G a ll, a r e M n . A lb ­
ert Harrison, Pies. ;M rs.C arl Mays.
Vice-Pres. ¡Mrs. M arie Brianock,
Gold H ill had one very proud
Treas. ;M n . C e c il Johnson as proxy
c itize n this week. H .D . (Bud)
for M n . George Turner, Sect.
Farce, postmaster.
M n . Albert Harrison gave a re ­
He was proud of his son, BUI,
port on the FTA convention held
who had been awarded the Ore­
a t Pendleton.
gon Press Club honors far a series
M n . M elfard Hood was present­
of u x articles he did last year
ed with a past president pin by M n .
the M a ll Tribune, w hile a
Norman G a ll.
member of the s u ff.
A 4H clothing exhibit was dis­
He Is now employed by the U n ­
played by the girls In the classes
ited Press In Portland.
of Mrs. Adah Jane» snd M n . Irene
BUI started with the Medford
as a correspondent while
The eighth grade mothers pro­
still a high school student in Gold
vided the refreshments which were
H ill.
served by M n . Floyd Lance an^
After a b rief trip to the U n iv ­
M n . Lee Malone.
ersity of Oregon, and service In
World War II, B ill returned to the
university, majoring In Journalism
and In 1948 he oradnared and re ­
Mothen were honored on M o th ­
er's Day during the regular Sun­
day qparnlng services at the Gold
H1U Com munity Church.
Rev. li . A. Dlerdorff presented
his sermon to a large gathering of
mothen and their istnllies,
turned to southern uregan and
the Tribune.
He was on the staff far fore .
years before accepting an advau
cement with the wire servl'-»
DeMolays ana their mothers were
special guests and M n . Dlerdorff
was presented with a yellow orch­
id far being the oldest mother pre­
test. AU other mothen were g iv ­
en small potted plants.
The Rebekahs are sponsoring
another of their p o p u l a r *quere
<U m . cs in Gold H1U, S atvday May
17th at 8 p .m . The ladles are aak-
ed to bring either undwlchua or