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More Rad News
in New Budget
IXOW 1 iL a y M e
P r e s id e n t ’ s F ig u r e s A r e
Startling: Hidden
Taxes Rise.
The Roosevelt A dm inistration will
have collected m o re th a n sixteen
billions of dollars from the ta x ­
p ay e rs by the end of the present
ftscal year, J u n e 30, 1937. It will
have spent all of t h a ’ huge sum
since Ju n e 30, 1933 and alm ost fif­
teen billions in addition. The fifteen
billions will have been obtained
la rgely by signing the ta x p a y e r s
n a m e to promissory notes, which
will have to be paid by the ta x ­
p a y e r ’s children, and children s
The plight of the ta x p a y e rs is m a d e
no less serious by the fact th a t
m ore than one-half of his F ed era l
taxes have been hidden. Incom e
taxes a re direct and visible. The
hidden tax, however, is one th a t
has been imposed on m a n u fa c tu r ­
ers, m e rc hants, etc., and is passed
on to consum ers by adding the
am o u n t of the tax to the price of
This child was hurt when a tornado struck Tupelo, Mississippi, necessitat­
the goods sold to the public.
ing medical and nursing care for hundreds—care which In many cases could
F a m ilia r sam ples of such taxation
not have been given without Red Cross assistance. It Is a fine tribute to the
a re the 2-cent tax on a loaf of bread,
organization that the young beneficiaries of its health and relief services in­
the 6-cent tax on ea ch p ackage of
variably place themselves in the hands of the Red Cross with a completely
cigarettes and the total of 40 cents
confident, “ Now I lay me—."
—taking the a v e rag
of Federal,
S tate and local taxes—th a t the ca r-
owner pays every tim e he buys a
dollar’s worth of gasoline.
Hidden Taxes Increase.
This list m ight be extended to
hundreds of items on which the buy­
An indictm ent ch a rg in g Maurice
er pays the invisible tax. The p a y ­
m e n ts a r e small, but they a r e con­
J. ( Jim m y ) F rench w ith m a n sla u g h ­
tinuous and the a g g re g a te a m ounts
1,000 Funct'on i t Key Points Tc ter, in th e death of Miss E dith B a r­
so collected a r e enormous. In the
ry, 21, of I-akeview, Ore., in an auto
G've Emsrfjency Care To
fiscal y e a r 1936 the miscellaneous
accident on the Pacific highw ay near
internal revenue taxes, m ost of
Tratt e Hurt
Jackson Hot Springs, on th e night
which a r e of the invisible kind,
| of S eptem ber 19, was r e tu r n e d late
am ounted to a total of slightly m ore
Highway arm aid stations set up n> ¡yesterday by th e Ja c k so n county
than two billions of dollars. In the
the Red Gross to give emergency care grand j u r y . c la r e n c e F. Noe, Med-
fiscal y e a r 1937 the total will be two
to victims ot trame accidents, are sav ford foreman
billions and two hundred and thirty
ing lives, according to James L Ties* r ;
millions of dollars. In the last fis­
vice chairman In charge of domestic
cal y e a r 60 cents of the tax dollar
Miss E laine Brophy a rriv e d here
c a m e from hidden ta x es and only
"More than 1,000 of our emergency F riday evening to spend th e w eek­
40 cents from income taxes.
posts are already operating in 47 states end with her parents, Mr. an d Mrs.
W riters on national ta x m a tte r s
and thousands of others will soon be V. D. Brophy. She is a s tu d e n t at
point to these facts to show how
established at key points slong Amer Oregon S tate college in Corvallis.
foolish it is to accept the often-
lea's highways Mr Fieser stated.
heard s ta te m e n t th a t “ soak-the-
She also visited her gran d m o th er,
The Red Cross highway posts sre
rich" tax m e a su r e s take the g r e a te r
I Mrs. Mollle Holmes. F rie n d s in Med­
p a r t of the tax load off the backs of
areas where medical aid s not readily ford en tertained her a t a luncehon
people of m o d e ra te o; sm all m eans.
available The importance of this cov S atu rd ay afternoon.
They m a y ea rn so little th a t they
erage of the open road, the Red Cross
a re not required to pay any in­
National Girl Scout week set aside
holds. Is given sharper emphasis by
com e tax. But every m a n and w om ­
the fact that there has been a ISO per so that the public may become fam il­
an who buys food, clothing, m edi­
eent Increase In rural traffic fatalities ia r with the activities in wlatcb Girl
cines, furniture, automobiles or any
during the past twelve years.
of the necessities or conveniences
Scouts habitually engage, began yes­
The project was Initiated last year
of life pays the hidden tax.
terday and will continue until Oct.
P re sid en t's F igure s Startling.
proach to the highway accident prob­ 31. This week is scheduled to iu-
Mr. Roosevelt on Septem ber 1 is­
lem The Red Cross felt that It could clude the birth d a y of J u li e tt e Low,
sued a s ta te m e n t on the budget for
best apply Its strength by succoring founder of th e organization, which
the p rese nt fiscal year. While ac­
those who continue to be njured pend­ occurs Oct. 31.
countants h a v e found the P re s i­
ing a reduction in the highway accident
den t's figures puzzling and New
rate through legislation and safety edu­
Deal critics have ch a rg e d th a t the
BEND, Ore., Oct. 27.— A new
revised budget w as given out as a
roadside a ttra c tio n was discovered
“Out program brings first aid skill
“ ca m p a ig n d o cu m en t” everybody
to tbe scene of accident in an effort to on the W a rm sp rin g s highw ay near
apparently h as been sta rtled a t the
reduce the number of oersons killed Madras when a blast opened a lava
huge totals. T he revised e s tim a te
and maimed In automobile mishaps." cavern directly u nder th e roadbed.
for the c u r r e n t fiscal y e a r m a k e s it
Mr. Fieser said “Our highway first aid
The cave was covered w ith a min­
possible to review the totals of the
era are not medical men in any sense, eral salt deposit.
four y e a r s of spending u nder the
but It ts their Job to turn tbe Injured
Roosevelt Administration.
The celling of the spacious c h a m ­
over to the medical profession In the
The P re sid e n t estim a ted the gross
ber is so firm it is not expected *o
deficit for the prese nt y e a r at slight­
Tbe Red Cross highway posts are es weaken the highway. T he blast was
ly m o re than two billions of dollars.
tabllshed at gasoline service stations set off d uring construction opera­
He indicated, however, th a t th e re
tourist homes, rural police and tire de tions.
would be a reque st for an other a p ­
partments. The personnel of the poets
propriation of $500,000.000 for work-
are trained by tbe Red Cross In first
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 26.— Re­
relief and drought-relief. This will
aid, standard first aid equipment la In­ gistration at 11:30 a. m. F riday will
bring the deficit to m ore th a n two
stalled at each station, and identifying m a rk the opening of the annual
and one-half billions.
signs for tbe benefit of motorists are
C a n 't B lam e Bonus.
erected beside the highway at both ap meeting here of the Oregon League
Including the additional $500,000,-
of Savings and Loan organizations
proaches to the station.
000 the totals for four y e a r s of New
Tbe attendants of these roadside with W. R. Robertson of Eugene
Deal taxing, spending and borrow ­
units who qualify as first alders volun president in charge. S p eak e rs will
ing a r e a s follows: receipts, m o r e
teer their services through tbs Red include eGorge H. F o ster, Baker,
than sixteen billions; expenditures,
Cross and may under no circumstances and J. H. Fletcher, Medford. Dele­
m ore than thirty-one and one-half
accept pay for caring for the Injured
billions; deficits, alm ost fifteen bil­
To complement the highway first aid gates will play golf or a tte n d the
lions. T he huge am ount e s tim a ted
ihe Red Cross has announced O regon-W asbington grid gam e Sat-
for this fisca. y e a r ’s spending c a n ­
formation of mobile nntta. Several thou u nla y to conclude the session*
not be attrib u ted to the bonus pay ­
«and trucks which regularly ply the
m ents. for the reason th a t ail but
highway In the course of routine work
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 26 -Tbe
$560,0u0,000 of the bonus obligations
will be equipped with first aid kits career of an Oregon farm boy who
w ere paid off in the last previous
Drivers and crew* will take course* tn
fiscal y ea r
both standard and advanced first aid. advanced In th e legal profession to
F ig u re s for 1936 and 1937 show
and each truck will be Identified as a become one of Oregon's tw o federal
th a t if the bonus p ay m e n ts w ere
Red Cross mobile unit More than a judges ended here with the death in
elim inated entirely the total spent
tundred trucks are already operating a hospital Sunday of J o h n H. Me-
would still be well over seven bil­
‘The highway police of eight states Nary, 69, b ro th er of U. S. Senator
lion dollars in each year.
who have finished first aid training wtll Charles I,. MoNary. He became ill
The P re s id e n t's S epte m ber s ta te ­
loin this army mobilized to cut accl
m ent also disclosed that increasing
tent fatalities snd prevent complies several weeks ago and u nderw ent an
costs of govern m e n t a r e not all due
non of minor injuries through mlshsn operation
tc relief expen d itu res The sta rtling
Ring at the scene of accident.” Mr
fact is th a t while ce rtain r eg u la r
Fieser said.
2 6 — Police
d e p a r tm e n t s of the governm ent,
"We receive reports from our first Chief Ja m es E. Davis o rdered a
which hav e no relation to recovery
aid statlona dally, telling of essential blockade today aro u n d th e city of
and relief, cost the ta x p a y e rs only
care given to traffic casualties on the I.os Angeles to keep unemployed
$.'<29,501,937 in 1935, the expenditures
•pot and of Uvea actually saved “
In the s a m e d e p a r tm e n ts for the fts­
This and many other Red Cross pro tran sien ts out d u ring the winter.
cal y e a r 1937 will be $991,735,300.
Last year, th e chief blockaded the
grams of equal value sre supported by
R e g u la r or o rdinary expenditures
the people of America during the an en tire sta te b order a n d extensive
for the civ 1 d e p a r tm e n t s and agen­
nual Roll Call for members. This year controversy arose over th e activities
cies and the judiciary thus have
the Roll Call will be held from Novem of lha "foreign legion.”
alm ost doubled in two years.
her 11 to 26
T a x p a y e r s who have been waiting
for econom y in g overnm ent a p p a r ­
- = T ~ r -----
T H IS and T H A T
ently will have to wait so m a more. p,
1ÜC GilC’SS HIGHWAY News ,he Week
Phone T h .^ N e w ,p a p e r
From H ere an d T here
Socialism in Utilities
U n fair to T axpayer
P re s id e n t Roosevelt said in • re­
cent speech in Washington th a t the
huge pow er and elec tric en te rp rise s
of the G o v e rn m e n t would not injure
p r iv a te pow er an d electric c o m p a ­
nies, with which the G overnm e nt
w as in com petition. The priv ate en­
te rp r is e s deny this. T a x p a y e r s in
all p a r ts of the country a la ) have an
in te rest in the m a tte r, as they a r e
com pelled to tu p p t rt the G overn­
m e n t's pow er p r o g ra m s so that con­
s u m e r s in favored s r e a s m a y en­
joy red u c e d rate s.
Gets Married
Has guests
Goes away -
Ha* a party
Has a baby
Has a fire
la IU
Has an arcldant
Huya a home
P ractically ail th e cottonaeed
oil used for culinary purposea is
strained th ro u g h pres* cloth made
I of hum a n h air T he supply of human
i hair has continued since th e Boxer
Rebellion, because both th e men and
women of China have got Into the
habit of clipping th e ir h a ir when It
has obtained a salable length
Among th e recom m endations mad*
hv th e 40 “ safeAt" autom obile driv­
e rs sssmalikU in c c s v r a i ioo u New
York City were insurance for every j tom er as a receipt for hia o r her de of Oregon who a r e wavering between
Landon and Roosevelt are
automobbile, rigid exam ination of posit.”
every applicant and reporting of I The improved system has been in-j bom barded with one th ree -letter
poor driver» to public auti*>rities. «tailed for a growing u u m b e r of word— “ w hy” ?
They also plau each y ea r to select j persons who som etim es find it incon-
“ T here can be but one way for the
jven len t to visit the bank in person. veteran to volj, alld th a l ,a the L an.
a representative of safe drivers.
j U nder this plan they can mail th e ir don_Knox w a y *. states Creed C
New York is planning to follow deposit safely at any tim e of the ' H ammond, s ta te chairm an of the
I the footsteps of Alabama and mak« day.
Landon-Knox service league.
j an experiment of "cotton roads."
“ Development of b etter facilitiei
T he sam e sentim ent is voiced hv
j The " c o tto n “ resembles burlap bag- for banking by mail is in line with P e te r L auritsen, president of the
I ging m a teria l and comes in strip.:, modern improvements adopted
for United V eterans Political league,
j 82 inches wide. Six bales of cotton many phases of financial service in who says:
[ a r e required for a mile of road. A recent years,’’ said Mr. Frey.
“ W hen th e Economy Act of 1933
[ t a r com pound is rolled on top of the
“ Progress in financial service
slashed veterans only by 70 per cent
keeps pace w ith progress in o th e r |,
and th e president then b e g in the
fields of business a r d in d u s try .”
gre a te st spending spree known in
A jury of 12 picked citizens wl'l
American history, the citizen-veter­
decide the solemn question of how
ans felt they had been 'rooked'
loud a taxicab born should toot n g U rge V eteran s to
Now York City. T he ju ry will find
R em em ber B uddies ple“'v
’ 0 ,
Rooson said th a t the world war
tw o taxicabs w aiting for its verdict.
e first m a jo r conflict of the
They will listen to the horiiS, then
States that had not produced
decide w hether th© tone of the new
modified siren is sta rtlin g enough the radio talk of H ugh Rosson, E u­ a president, an d th a t both Landon
Knox had honorable records in
to w arn pedestrians yet quiet enough gene atto rn ey an d ex-service man, and
fresh in th e ir minds, w a r veterans the army.
so th a t they w o n ’t be scared.
Available for th e first tim e this
year to visitors of Yellowstone Na­
tional park is a 160-page illustrate d
handbook rela tin g to plants found
in the region. This handbook has
been published to meet the constant
dem and for botanical inform ation.
Because E urope is bored with art
an d artistic personalities, th e best
artiste a r e coming to America where
they a r e received with an open
heart. As a result, according to Paul
Doguereau, young F re n ch coucert
pianist, the ce n te r of the musical
world has been shifted from E urope
to America.
A survey m ade of the dry spell of
1936 reveals a total of 1092 counties
in 23 sta te s on th e federal e m er­
gency list.
Metals w hich will absorb ink like
a blotter o r can be used for tvicks
in a kerosene stove or lamp, are
am ong tbe novel investigations u n ­
der way in th e G eneral E lectric re­
search laboratories.
Girls em ployed by the British
postoffice six years or more are eli­
gible for a dow rv in the event they
leave to get m arried.
Bank by M ail
S ystem Is A d op ted
George T. F rey, m a n a g e r of the
Medford B ranch of T he United
S ta te s National Bank of P o rtland,
recently announced the adoption of a
new Bank By Mail system of the
T he new system which has proved
very successful in the E a s t is unique
in th a t it has been sim plified to tbe
point where one u nit ta k es care of
every operation in depositing by
mail, said Mr. Frey.
“ A single envelop serves as de­
posit slip, c a r rie r and receipt form.
T he flap of th e envelope is detached
by th e bank and re tu r n e d to the cus-
For Preside««
For Vice-President
For U. S. Senator
1st District - JAMES W. MOTT
2nd District— ROY W. RITNER
3rd D istrict-W M . A. EKWALL
Attorney General — I. H. V an WINKLE
Stata Treasurer-RUFUS HOLMAN
R ep resen tatives :
W m . M cA llister
G len O. T aylor
Frank J. N ew m an , D istrict A ttorn ey
R alph B illin gs, C ounty C om m issioner
G eo. R. C arter, C ounty C lerk
J. B. C olem an , C ounty A ssessor
A . C. W alk er, C ounty T reasurer
Frank P erl, C ounty C oroner.
P ai d *4». ■ dtpubliiin S t i t t Ctmlrtl Coamilttt, I j n Bhdint. Sec’,, 101’ fa illit# Bldg., Porf/jsd, 0r«g»»
Advance Hydro-type
O IU N a
Only One Moving Part
A nd that is above ground and read ily accessib le
Phone 252
2 1 4 W . M ain St.
M edford, O re.