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By an Innocent Bystander
Tentative Outline
Of Events During
Big Celebration
M HI1KK 31
P. T.A. To
Hold Last
Help! HELP! I
We re guilty, utul may as well own
ui>. We entirely forgot there were
any other offices In this county but
the sheriff, and so put Emmett Nea-
The local P. T. A. will hold their
Ion in as a candidate tor that place.
last meeting for the school year, Fri­
But we humbly apologize for the
day May 4th. A very entertaining
lu the lace of the smallest east­
slip and take great pleasure in stat­
program is being arranged by Mrs.
The first annual dinner of the
ing that Mr. Nealou, who has very ern and middleweetern fruit crop in
Lois Cook Young.
newly organized Jackson County
ably held the position of county com­ many years, indications now are for
The subject of the mouth is Build­ Chamber of Commerce was held last
An official
can expect to see iu Medford and of historical interest.
missioner for the past year and foui | Oregon to produce a normal crop
ing World Understanding. The guest night at the Elk's Temple In Medford
speaker will be Rev. Baird of the and was a complete success in every
months, under appointment of the in most respects with exceptionally
Second showing of O Y E R-U N-
JUBILEE, the week of June 3-9.
former county court, is a candidate heavy crops of some fruits in cer­
Regular entertainment # feat­ First Christian Church of Medford. way. About 500 men and women
With the exception
The Sixth grade, under the direction from all sections of the county were
for election to that position
And ium sections.
Religious observances by all the ures throughout the day.
of Mrs. Bessie Murphy will present seated at the long tables where a
we believe he will win in the coming ot the prune crop of Douglas coun­ churches Sunday morning.
Friday, June N
ty, there is no major fruit crop fail­
a Peace Pageant. Each member of roast beef dinner was served family
services Sunday evening, with na­
Agriculture Bay. Presence of Sec­
« • •
ure in prospect.
the class having prepared material style.
tionally known speaker. Importance retary of Agriculture Wallace is
for their part. As the following week
It has long been our opinion that
of religion in Oregon history will be practically assured. Agricultural and
At the eud of the hall was placed
is National Music week the follow­
the men who so hastily rushed -lie oliice of the extension economist stressed.
itiduqtrial parade during the day,
a long table at which were seated
ing Musical Numbers will be given:
through the appointment of Mr. Nea- ai Oregon State college from re­
with many section represented. Bas­
the honor
the old and
Monday, June I
Glee Club: Rustic Dance and Boats
lon when John Barneburg resigned, ports obtained the last week in April
new officials
hamber. Mr.
Coronation of Queen Mother ol ket picnic lunch in city park. Im­
displayed rare judgment in not al­ irom county agents aud other of- the celebration at the Fairgrounds. portance of agriculture In Oregon of Mine.
K. \V. Kendrick acted as toastmaster
Quartette Estrella, Ruth Haley.
lowing Fehl to slip in one of his co­ tictats m the major fruit regions This honor is to be conferred on history to be stressed. Last show­
and introduced the speakers. First
Roberta Pankey, Kathrine Lathrop
horts and make a still worse mess o f the state.
he introduced the new directors of
the outstanding pioneer woman in ing of OYER-UN-GON. lteguar en­
Geraldine Jones.
of county affairs than he did.
The season in general is fully a Oregon, paying special tribute to pio­ tertainment features carried on thru-
the Jackson County Chamber of
It was like the surgeon's knife— mount ahead of normal, with some neer womanhood. A children’s pa­ out the day.
Commerce, asking them to remain
and Uette Hill.
unpleasant, but very necessary. These kinds of fruits coming on the mar­ geant will be presented in connec­
standing until all had been intro­
Saturday, June «
During the business session In­ duced.
men saw through Fehl clearly and ket ai the earliest dute on record, tion with the coronation, in which
Saturday will wind up the week's
stallation of officers will take place.
look what steps they could to pre­ ihe first Oregon raspberries reach­ over 40U children will take part.
program. A number of interesting
E. C. (Jerry) Jerome, genenl
As this Is the last meelng every par­
vent him from entirely wrecking the ed the Cortland market April 27,
Manufacturer's exhibit, r a b b i * , features have been planned with con­
chairman of the Oregon Diamond
utter local strawberries had been on show, golf tournament, carnivals and siderable activity at the airport. A
A prize will be given to the room Jubilee committee, was then intro­
hand from at least two section ol all entertainment features will of­ big outdoor show and a fireworks
duced and told of the big Job the
having the most parents present.
display at the fairgrounds and a
And when they called In Friend the state for several days. Jackson ficially open.
Refreshments will be served by committee had undert*een and urg­
gland ball will close the Celebration.
Emmett they picked a man whom county growers expect their apricots
Tuesday, June 3
ed every citizen of Southern Oregon
the 7th grade mothers.
The historical pageant, OYER-UN-
neither Fehl, Banks, nor the devil to be ready for market by May 10,
to get behind the great affair. Ho
Symposium on education. Visitors
could intimidate and who with the a month ahead of the usual date.
gave an outline of the program being
will be attracted to Ashland where GON, (Land of Plenty) will have a
aid of Commissioner Billings, held
prepared. At one point in his re­
The prospective southern Oregon I program of intense interest will be cast of 500. It has been specially Governor Asks for
the old ship steady on her course peach and apricot crop is reported presented at the Southern Oregon written for the Jubilee, as has the
marks, when speaking of the coro­
through all the storm of those trying to lie the largest ever produced. Was- Normal School (stressing the inipor- music, aud will be one of the most
Interest in Music nation of the Queen Mother of the
Jubilee, he said over 400 children
co county expects three-quarters of tnneo of education in Oregon history. elaborate ever presented in the State
• *
a crop, while both peaches and apri­
All the special features will be of Oregon.
Music week which comeg May ti to would take part. He told the audi­
Numerous other attractions dur­ 13 inclusive, will be a national event ence If they wanted to see some­
Now the time has come for the cots in Umatilla county were prac­ conducted throughout the day.
ing the week include trapshoots, fly but has been localized by the gover­ thing of what this part of the pro­
Wednesday, June H
people to express their choice again tically cleaned out by frost. This
Trail Bay. Highway associations casting tournaments, state wide ten­ nor of Oregon and the mayor of gram would be like to turn about
and we believe there is no better is tlie only section reporting major
aud look at the stairway. There on
man in the field than It. E. Nealou. trust damage. In Wasco and Jack- uud travel organizations will be wel-1 nis tournament, concessions, exhibits cities through out the state.
And that goes for Judge Earl B. Bay. son counties aud some parts of tho corned in Medford. Caravans from | and band contests.
Gov. Julius L. Meier gave out the the steps were grouped about a doz­
en tiny girls, dressed as fairies. The
too. Appointed by Governor Meier Willamette valley the peach crops different coast points will arrive |
following statement:
lights were turned off In th0 main
¡throughout #the day. Contrast be-
when Fehl was sent to the pen, Judge are expected to be good.
Dr. Lemery Takes
Bay has made good in every way.
"It is a pleasure to remind the room for a moment and the group of
1 he pear crop of Jackson county | tween old and new in transportation!
costumed children was
(Tear minded, careful in his judg­ promises to be about normal, bar-
**e shown. First official Jubi- j
Over Emmens’ Office citizens of Oregon that the annual beautlfuly
this moment the hon-
ments and not to be moved from rtug possible reduction because of a
observance of a National Music week
The beautiful historic pageant,
what he believes right. Judge Bay shortage of moisture reserves. Some
will begin ou Sunday May 6th and ok gu4«t of the evening. Former
Mayor George H. Baker of Portland,
has made, and will make, a good Host tnarkiug on Bartletts may show| OYER-UN-GON. (Land of Plenty) | Dr. C. W. Lemery of Portland, continue through May 13th.
the speaker to speak a
up but the total crop is expected to
* * *
the Isle I>r. J. J. Emmons of Med­ Oregon Federation of Music dubs, word of eulogy concerning this exhi­
equal that of last season. The state at the Fairgrounds, at 8:00 p. m.
Thursday, June 7
ford. Dr. Lemery Is a graduate of which is a part of the National Fed- bition of Jackson County's best pro­
We noted Everett Beeson in town peat crop as a whole may be some­
Governor's Day. The presence of I the University of Oregon Medical eratiaon of Music clubs, plans have duct. Mr. Jerome urged all to re­
the other day, and remembered how what less in total tonnage than last
the governors from several western school with the class of 1927. He been laid for a state-wide celebration member the serious side of the Jubi­
close he came to being sheriff instead year.
states is assured. A pioneer's parade served as interne at the Seattle City and for numerous musical activities lee and to do all possible to sustain
of Schermerhorn. Had it not been
A total apple crop lu the stale
After a few years In gen­ which will stimulate higher musical the reputation of Southern Oregon’s
for the split caused by the write-in in excess of the light crop of last is scheduled for the forenoon, fol­ hospital
for Jennings,
Everet: year is In prospect. Wasco and Jack- lowed by a barbecue for pioneers. eral practice took special training standards, wider musical participa­ hospitality. He stated that fifty to
sixty thousand people were expected
would have won at a walk. And it son counties report increases, and Program activities will lie centered in eye, ear, nose and throat at Tu- tion and finer musical enjoyment.
at Jacksonville Thursday afternoon. yanel University, New Orleans for
"It is my earnest hope that Nation­ during the week of Juno 3 to 9.
ie our hunch he is suing to m a k e Malheur has fair prospects.
Governor Julius L. M^ier will deliv­ 18 months In 1930-31. Since that al Music week will have tho enthusi­
Fortner President W. S. Holgcr of
I he rest of the candidates sit up and
The prune situation is highly vari­ e r a speach on the old courthouse time has been In active practice at
astic interest and support of schools, tbe Medford Chamber of Commerce
take notice this time. A native son
a b le, ranging from a near failure in
clubs, civic organizations and indi­ was then called upon and spoke
lawn. There will be personally con- his specialty.
o f this county, of pioneer parentage.
| Douglas county to a crop at least
briefly and feelingly of the coopera­
viduals throughout the state.’’
Mr. Beeson kuows as few do this
double that of last year in Polk. For
Mrs. Lois Young has been appoint­ tion he had received during the past
county and her needs. And he is the
ed by the Btate chairman for Music two years and thanked all who had
only candidate excepting George the state as a whole the indications
Week to foster activities in this com­ helped make the work of the cham­
Obenehain from outside Medford. are for a crop about equal to the
light 1933 yield.
munity. She asks that the churches ber a success. He urged the new
which may help some.
• • •
Most sections report fair to good
and other organizations give special chamber to go forward always, for­
attention to the presentation and getting past differences and section­
East night we enjoyed the annual cherry prospects, except Umatilla
appreciation of music during that al strifes, toward the goal of a better,
dinner of the Jackson County Cham­ where frost cleaned out most of the
eek— May 6-13.
more prosperous Jackson County and
ber of Commerce and we wish more crop. Wasco and Polk expect less
A student’s recital will be given the state of Oregon.
of the sore-heads about the county than half a crop while the Jackson
by Mrs. Young during the week; and
Toastmaster Kendrick then intro­
could have been there. Assembled crop is larger than last year.
a special musical program given at duced the new president of the coun­
in that room were most of the lead­ ¡quality light crop is expected for the
the PTA meeting the Friday pre- ty chamber, Mr. Ben E. Harder. Mr.
ing business men of the county. And i state as a whole.
ceedlng. (May 4.)
Harder spoke briefly of the plans
a finer lot of men and women we
Among the berries the strawber­
The glee club will also sing at for the future. He said It was the
never expect to see. All that we have ry crop will be well above last year's
some of the schools In the surround­ hope and aim of the organization
In this great Southern Oregon o | short crop, and the raspberry crop |
ing districts.
to aid In the upbuilding of the coun­
things which make life really worth : prospects are good on an acreage
ty, regardless of section lines. He
while, have been brought about by somewhat reduced In leading produc­
asked the cooperation of all in that
these men and those of like spirit ing sections.
who have gone before.
• • •
The main speaker of the evening,
We got a new angle on the Oregon to greet the visitors with a smile.
“ Our George" of Portland was then
Diamond Jubilee from Jerry Jer­ Let's show them our Valley In all
Mr. Baker was the
ome's talk. It is more than .a mere it's glory and make them want to
guiding hand ot the metropolis for
Jubilee— It is an memorial dedicated come again.
16 years and Is now manager of the
• • •
to the pioneer manhood and woman­
state manufacturer's association. He
hood who seventy-five years ago
told of the many ways our citizens
The clean-up, paint-up campaign is
w f
brought Oregon into the sisterhood going forward. Can we not all do
could help in the upbuilding of our
of states. It Is all right to have a bit along that line to add to the
a good time and play a bit, but we beauty of our city and community.
“ Our citizens must become Ore­
should not forget the serious side of The business Men's association have
gon minded’ It the state Is to pros­
the celebration.
And we hope all started a movement to get the city
per,” said Mr. Baker. “ Every man.
MEDFORD. Ore.—(Special)—Con­ union, Jacksonville bore tbe reputa­
our readers will remember that WE. truck to haul rubbish every month
woman and child in Oregon should
structed tn 1854, the Brunner build­ tion of being the richest town in the
ing In Jacksonville, historic gold «tate and Jackson county was tbe
that Is. Southern Oregon, are to be -i a small cost. That is a move 1n
This is not intended for an Indian make It a habit to give preference
mining town. Is the oldest brick wealthiest and moat populous county
the hosts to the entire state during the right direction and we hope to
if It does look like one. Bee to Oregon products, which are the
building In the state still In use. In Oregon. However, the coming of
that week and will make it a rule see it arranged.
If you can place the right tag on it. equal or in many rases, superior to
The structure sheltered women and the railroad, a new town, Medford,
Our staff artist says he la having any sold In the East. Every timH
children during Indian forays tn was established In 1884 five miles to
185«. three years before Oregon wss the east and grew rapidly. Jackson*
lota of fun making these shadow we buy home made or home grown
S I 'M I . U , O f'I lf M »L M E L T IN G
We almost forgot to speak of
admitted Into the union, and today rule, rich In pioneer lore, has con­
and we hope you enjoy products we aid Just that much to­
house« a museum, one of the attrac­ tinued as one of the most Ideal res­
Notice is hereby given to the legal “ Our George” who spoke so ably at I
ward the elimination of unemploy­
them as much as he does.
voters of School District No 6. of ! the Chamber of Commerce dinnei !
celebration next June S to # In Med­
ment In onr state or town
Try at
During the celebration. It will be
Jackson County. State of Oregon, last night. There is no one in this
Mrs. Bessie Murphy was very hap­ bome first.”
ford and Jacksonville.
the attraction for thousands of visi­
that a SPECIAL SCHOOL MEETING «.ate better fitted than Former May- .
Btorlee of yesterday tell of roam­ tors who will be surrounded by pio­
pily surprised Tuesday, May 1st. I
ing banda of Indians spreading fear neer atmosphere as of old. Person­
of said District will be held at the o George H. Baker of Portland to
The Royal Neighbors, met with
when her pupils changed her room
among early settler«
Frequently ally conducted tours will lead them
Hlsh School B'dg. on the loth day spread the gospel of boosting foi !
Into a flower garden expressing their | Mrs. Lettle Gregory, Thursday after­
they threatened the struggling min­ to points of historic Interest, Includ­
of May, 1914. it 7 to I o'clock P. M Oregon-made products It is a worth-j
love and appreciation for their noon. Mrs. J. E. Weaver, of Sams
ing camp of Jacksonville and when ing the first bank tn Oregon, the old­
danger came near, the wom»n and est protestant church building In the
for the following object: To elect while g o s p e l and every citizen In
teacher. They decided to give her a Valley was a visitor, after the busi-
children sought the safety of the watt, old gold diggings and present
'his state should take it to heart. :
flower shower. They came laden with nesa meeting a social hour was en­
a Clerk to fill vacancy
backyard mines yielding numerous
roses, snapdragons, columbine and joyed by all.
Dated this 10th day of April 1911
The hostesa served
After Indian war* ceased and Ore­ ounces of gold dslly. They will be
\ when possible. Only by this kind j
of every hue and during the delicious strawberry cake and choco­
gon wse ready to be admitted to the In operation throughout jubilee week.
4 » • a
»V * » *
Chairman Board of Directors lot spirit can our «tate grow.
noon hour decorated the room.
Oldest Brick Building
Stands in Jacksonville