Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, May 06, 1927, Image 6

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Talent Narratives
Mr. and Mrs. R. Larsen have p u r­
chased a new C handler sedan.
Mr. Dillon of Sacram ento arrived
in Talent last Thursday for a visit
with relatives.
Miss Lucile Holriridge was a Med­
ford visitor last Friday evening.
Miss Madeline Hill of Ashland was
a guest of K atherine
Estes last
Friday night.
Richard P etrie of Eagle Point
spent W ednesday and T hursday of
last week with his parents.
T alent m arried men vs. unm ar­
ried men played ball last Sunday,
the single men winning the game.
Mr. and Mrs. K. S. N ysw aner re ­
turned from Tillamook last Friduy
where they visited Mr. N ysw aner’s
The high shool baseball boys went
to Gold Hill Tuesday evening to
play the Gold Hill team . Score was
10 to 4 in favor of Gold Hill.
Mr. Stacks, of the M edford fores­
try office, spoke before the high
school last F riday afternoon.
J. S. Spitzer has sold his grocery
stok to Will Childers.
Mr. and Mrs. S tacker and Fred,
left Monday for Chicago where they
have a politcal position. Mr. S tack­
e r has been employed ut Sun crest.
Mr. Kirk McGrew was employed
a t the pool hull lust week while the
proprietor, Mr. Dix was confined to
his home with rheum atism .
Mrs. George Sands is selling o ff
her household goods und expects to
leave for Rifle, Colo., n ext week
where the doctor has established u
The Sands have many
friends who re g re t their leuving the
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lamb have
moved over the week-end into their
new home.
Lum ber trucks are busy alm ost
night and day hauling lum ber from
Cogan’s mill on the Greenspring
m ountain. (I w ant to explain here
th a t this is the real G reenspring and
not the one on Klam ath highway.
Most every one thinks this is on
the Klamath highway but it is not
I t ’s one the old road to Klamath
Falls. If you acu pu t th at in some
way I wish you would.)
n o te: The correspondent describes
the Green Springs road location so
well th at we run it as w ritten. We
agree with our efficient corres­
pondent th a t m ore people should
know these two roads.
G randpa Dosier, who has been
quite ill most of the winter, is im­
proving slowly. •
Mrs. Hom er Graw, who recently
underw ent an operation a t the com­
m unity hospital, is home and we are
glad t osay has fully recovered.
The play “ T reasure F arm ” given
by the Soda Springs com m unity nt
Bellview was playe dto an appre­
ciative but small audience.
----------------- * -----------------
0--------------------------- 0
0 ------------------------ 0
Mr. and Mrs. George Bishop, who
have lived on the H arvey and Yeo
fru it ranch fo r the past year,
moved to M edford last Saturday.
Mrs. W. F. DeFord spent last
F riday in Sams Valley and near
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Montgomery un 8 pound baby boy Reuse Creek. While in Sams Valley
she visited her daughter Mrs. O. R.
last Tuesday m orning.
Tresham s and family.
Mrs. N. S. O atm an and family
moved to Medford Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. C arter and
W. C. Williams und fam ily moved family of Ashland were dinner
Sunduy into the P atterson house,
near Suncrest, where Mr. Williams is guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jam es Len­
nox last Sunday.
— Deering McCormick m owers and
rakes ut P eil’s C orner, Ashland ¡It
The seventh and eighth grades
and freshm en and sophm ore classes
enjoyed u picnic u tt he forks of
W agner creek road last Saturday.
A fter lunch they visited the mill
pond and while pluying about
Murtha Breese, Frank Good and
Hunnu Sandlin fell o ff a log into
the w ater, ilunnu and Frank swum
out, then seeing M artha was not g e t­
ting out they swam to her assistance
She, in her frantic effo rts pulled
Frank under and both came near
Mr. Evans was with a
group a short distance down the
path nnd by prom pt action was able
to go to the assistance of the all
but drowned children and rescued
E. E. Evans and family motored
to Wolf Creek last Sunday.
Mr. und Mrs. H. W. Keesee re tu r­
ned Tuesday from M arshfield where
they spent the week-end.
Mr. Earl Simmons and Mrs. Oil-
lion were quietly m arried last F ri­
day at Jacksonville. They are the
proprietors of Pum pkin ce n te r and
have the best wishes of a large circle
of friends. A crowd of young people
gave them u charivari Monday night
C. C. Bond is erecting a Stucco
service station on his corner on the
highway. It is alm ost com pleted and
he will handle Shell products.
Among those in Medford to a t­
W ednesday
evening of last week were Neil
Spiers, Richurd P etrie, Verne Spiers
Opal Dernmar, Annabel Learning,
Cleta Honeyman, Elvis Cochrane
and Fred H art.
Mrs. G. L. llullen m otored to
Portland Sunday night, re tu rn in g
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Kenneth Pellet is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bond
Mrs. R. C. Logan and Mrs. J. F.
W ebtser were in M edford last F ri­
E. C. G urdner has a crew th in ­
ning pears by nicking a part of the
blossoms o ff the trees.
Ada llackter was a Medford
visitor Thursday of last week.
J. E. Barton is quite seriously ill
and under the doctors care.
Burtons are staying at present with
Mrs. B arton's m other. Mrs. Parks,
who lives across Bear creek.
M. 1. Provins. who has been
spending t i e w inter in Los Angeles
has been visiting his niece. Mr*.
H ade W allis the last few days.
Someone went over the grade
again! T raffic was blocked for some
tim e Tuesday at the foot of the
Green Spring m ountain, caused hy
a car going ovar the grad*.
— Get your m ow er repairs early
and avoid the rush and provocation
when in the field and your mower
breaks down. All kinds of repairs
for most any mower kept a t Peil’s
Corner, Ashland.
George Mason of Ashland is doing
the orchard work on the Harvey and
Yeo place nt present.
Miss Frances G allatin, who was
one o f the lucky typists to eb sent to
Corvallis last Friday, returned home
on Sunday evening. While in Cor­
vallis she visited her sister, Rosina
who is a student a t O. A. C.
Among those from Valley View
who attended the poultry produiers
m eeting in M edford last S aturday
were Mr. nnd Mrs. R. N. Chaney,
Mr. and Mrs. F red C arle, L. H.
G allatin and J. R. McCracken.
ONE REASON FOR HIGH TAXES the P ear Pickers last year, Em ery
Davis, the man who heaved Ashland
Educated of California Take News­ inot place in last y ea r’s lea­
gue race, Davey Blum enstein, the
paper to Poll» to Vote. •
half-pint 0 - 0 tw irler, and Ivison, a
The S aturday Evening Post, com­ reputed southpaw whiz from the
m enting on the absurdity of long Portland city league.
lists of propositions which voters in
There is also plenty of talen t be­
many states are forced to pass upon hind the bat. Bill Forde of Ashland,
a t general elections says:
old team m ate of Em ery Davis, and
“ In
one state”
(C alifornia,) Charley O rr of O. A. C. are sched­
“ th ere were 28 measures on the last uled to work as catchers. McBee of
ballot, and one of the large cities the Owen-Oregon is the first sack-
had 11 additional measures. Though er. Childers of the 0 - 0 and Hughes
a few were trival or even ridiculous, of O. A. C. will altern ate at second. |
most were of extraordinary fiscal Morgan of Ashland, and Lye of
complexity. The voters were asked Crescent City are short stops, Rob­
to pas» upon rival m easures for bins of Ashland will be third sacker.
highway taxation and finance which
In the outfield will be F rank
the most competent legislature, em­
Foley, fo rm er Pearpicker, Speiss of
ploying experts and holding exten­
the P ortland city league; Miller
sive hearings, could not hope to pass
who tried out with O akland; Rob­
upon intelligently w ithout months of
inson of the 0 - 0 and Logan of Bend.
debate. Well-informed voters reach­
Rated as strong b atters are Iv-
ed a decision only a fte r painstaking
Childers, O rr, Speiss, Miller,
inquiry, while the mass of citizens,
and Robbins. Hughes, who
if they voted at all, m ust in the
a t Gold Hill, has a
very n ature of the case have been
moved largely by such light or dark­ reputation as a heavy sticker.
Spud M erriman of O. A. C. is
ness as local and sectional prejudices
m anager of the team and Doc Bow­
threw upon the question.
“ In general the voters were puz­ ers is financial secretary.— News.
---------- * ----------
zled and benumbed by such an a r­
silverw are
ray of measures.
One newspaper
kept six men at work fo r months
studying the question, and, of course
publishing the results. More than SCHOOL CHILDREN TO
one educated and intelligent voter,
unable to form so many opinions
The school children of the state
beforehand, took the new spaper to
the polls and voted as therein in­ are going to name the state bird.
Oregon has many birds but has
stru cted .”
The situation in C alifornia is no never adopted any certain one as
exception to the rule, but general the “ state bird.” From all indica­
tions, and we hope indications are
in m any states.
correct, the children of the schools
--------- 4»---------
AGRICULTURE IS A BUSINESS will name the Meadow Lark. W hat
music is m ore welcome as you
Farm Organization» May Meet at sta rt o u t of town in your car to
Corvalli», Oregon, June 12.
The state grange and farm ers’
unions in Western states are adopt­
ing the slogan, “ Make A griculture
a Business.”
In some Western states farm or­
ganizations are represented in the
legislatures by men who speak for
the producers from the soil, entirely
from n business standpoint, such as
b e tte r m arketing of crops and co­
operative and pooling arrangem ents
based upon business practices th at
pay actual dividends.
One ofthe g re at big questions be­
fore the American people today is,
W hat should the national govern­
m ent do to help ag ricu ltu re as an
Sound suggestions will
undoubtedly be offered a t a four-
state farm conference, with the
above slogan as its watchword of
held a t Corvallis, Oregon, Ju n e 12.
Radical m easures like state ow ner­
ship nnd operation of g reat hydro­
electric power plants and socialistic
en terp rises based on enorm ous bond
issues have been rejected by the
people of the W estern States, who
favor policies along practical lines
in the in terest of the producers and
-------- * --------
Mrs. L. II. G allatin will leave to­
day (F rid ay ) for Corvallis to spend
the week-end and M other’s Day with
Upton Close, noted in terp retato
her daughter, Rosina, at the Oregon
of oriental life and culture will dis
A griculture college.
cuss the subject, “ An America
B arbarian in C hina," at the so u th er
Mrs. John «P tterson of Chehalis, Oregon Normal school auditorium oi
W ashington, is visiting her sister, the m orning o f May 11. There wil
Mrs. Don Lowe fo r a few days.
be no admission and the people o
-------- + --------
Ashland are invited to h ear Mi
As well as being an au th o rity oi
the subject of the orient, Mr. Clos
The trial o f Hugh D’A utrem ont is also an au th o r of repute, corres
brings to a clim ax one of the most
pendent, lectu rer and explorer o
noted crim es in the history of O re­ many foreign countries.
gon. involving the m urder of four
He recently retu rn ed from Chim
men nnd the endangering of the
and is prepared to handle the sub
lives of scores of others.
ject from a first hand knowledge o
On O ctober 11, 1923, a Southern the chaos conditions th at now exis
Pacific train left the little station in th at w ar torn nation.
of Siskiyou, n ear the Oregon Cali­
fornia line and rolled into a dentn B. O. A. TEAM LOOKING
trap. E ntering Siskiyou tunnel, a
bore in the m ountains half a mile
long, it was held up.
W orking in the dark w ithout pul
Three trainm en, resisting attack, licity, until they had developed
were »hot down in cold blood.
A full-grown team , the B. O. A. teai
large charge of dynam ite was I of the southern Oregon leagu<
placed under the mail car, the car which has Jackson Springs as it
was wrecked and th l mail clerk was home grounds, looms as a stron
contender for the championship, i
A uthorities and special investiga­ pre-season dope.
tors assumed at once th at the crime
According to C. A. Thomas, or
was the work o f am ateurs. It was of the d :recto rs of the B. O. A. ou
too bloody, they said, and the over­ fit, the lineup is now decided.
charge of explosive denoted a lack
The team is composed of th
of experience. Had the train car Beaver*, from the Gold Hill cemer
ried valuable loot, which it didn’t, plant, the 0 - 0 stars, and the As)
it would have been to rn to shreds land club. For pitchers, the B. 0 . /
hy the fore* of th* blest.
boy» hav* Harry Fol*y, heavar ’vtt
h ear the call o f the meadow lark
from every field you pass. Winter
and sum m er in Oregon you hear
th e m eadow lark and the music
gives one a p leasan t feeling and
m akes the re s t of th e day brighter.
Oregon is surely th e home of the
m eadow lark, and let us call it the
“ state b ird .”
-------- * --------
Get y o u r jew elry , silverware, cut
galss and durable presents during
the sale a t Jo h n so n ’s Jew erly Store
---------- * ----------
At The Churches
North Main and Laurel Sti.
H. F. Pem berton, Pa»tor
-- 0
M crning worship at 11 o’clock.
Serm on su b ject: O ur M other’s Re­
lig io n - H a v e we as Good? Mother’s
day progrum . E vening worship at 8
S u b ject: “ Why do we think Evil in
o u r H e a rts? ” A n o th er question Je­
sus asked.
Sunday school m eets at 9:45.
T here is a class fo r every one. You
will enjoy this fine school and its
high ideals.
E pw orth L eague fo r all young
people a t 6:45. This is a live hour
full of inspiration and enthusiasm.
P ray e r m eeting W ednesday even­
ing at 7:30.
You are cordially invited to at­
tend all the m eetings o f this church.
Its doors are open fo r you. You will
enjoy the fine fellowship, the Gos­
pel serm ons and th e excellent music.
S tran g ers and
welcome. Come as are to this home­
like church.
Vicar, the Rev. P. K. Hammond
o----------------------------------- —------------ 0
Holy com m union a t 8 a. m.
Sunday school a t 9:45 a. m.
M orning service and sermon at 11.
Good music.
A helpful service.
Everyone .cordially invited.
We carry a full line of
ROLLED BARLEY for rabbit and cow feed».
GARDEN SEEDS of all kinds
We deliver to any part of the city
Herbert’s Grocery
Phone 59.
19 East Main
Special Services
Full Gospel Temple
J. E. MURPHY, Pastor.
Mr. C. J. Foster, Superintendent
In our Sunday School we have suitable departments
and classes for all ages. Mrs. Arthur Hardy, superin­
tendent of the Primary department, with her corp
of teachers, is doing splendid work. Any parent will
do well to send their little ones to this department.
Mother s Day will be observed in appropriate way,
with special music and sermon. This will be the time
for you to remember your mother. Don’t fail to
be present.
A cordial invitation is extended to all young folks
who are looking for a place where thev can do some
real work for the cause of Christ.
v.m^oif^ f ii? sIH*c*al service for all parents. Avail
/ o V Hi ° PIiortunit>' t(> Join in this service to
mntVth! «ea SOU, stl'Tln£ time in helping to pro-
» ife ° f cght; *ou are cordially invited
i hAP’Pyi S,Vn<lay evening with us in the
worship of God. Special music at all services