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    TH U R SD A Y AUGUST 17, 1907
W h ile
tio m l
commenting on the interna*
oiitical mud-slinging these
past .months, a friend of ours back
iron' occupation duty in Germany
thought this story would give us pause
to be a bit happier we’re in the States
despite the victor.
Seems three prisoners in a Russian
work camp were talking:
T h e first asked, "W h y are you here?"
His co-prisoner replied, " I was for
Siansky. W h y are you here?" T h e first
said, " I was against Siansky." T h ey
then turned to the third and asked,
"W h y are you here?" H e confessed.
" I ’m Siansky.”
Mrs. Newlywed: "N orval, my dear, 1
know something is troubling you; and
I want you to tell me what it is. Your
worries are our worries now."
M r. Newlywed: "W e ll, dear, we’ve just
had a letter from a girl in Boston; and
she’s suing us for breach of promise."
Missionaty: "W hy do you ludk at me
so intently?"
Cannibal: " I am the food inspector."
"Sam stopped looking at television
ages ago, but he still loves to turn off
the commercials."
PO R TLA N D - Oregon has one
automobile fo r every 1.9 p e r­
sons In the state; in fact, there
are m o r e
automobiles than
telephones In the state.
T his Inform ation comes from
the latest edition of the “Oregon
Fact S u m m ary,” a four-page
c o m p i l a t i o n o f Inform ation
about the state, Its economy and
resources, Issued by the Econo­
mic Developm ent D ivision o f
Departm ent of
C o m m erce. Some highlights
from the folder:
Oregon has 39 colleges and
u n iv e rs itie s , 54 banking firm s
and 40,500 fa rm s . It is served
by 10 a irlin e s , 5 ra ilro a d s , 22
bus lines and 54 re g u lar motor
freight c a r r ie r s .
O ther data Includes county-
population figu res,
state labor force and em ploym ­
ent, personal Income and farm
Confucius say: “Man who
get holes In pants, instead of
shoes, making contact in wrong
C O R V A LLIS - A new pest, the
face fly, has Invaded Oregon and
bids to become a serious p ro ­
blem In the state, according to
D r . R. L . Gouldlng, associate
of entomology at
Oregon State U n iversity.
In Oregon, the face fly was
firs t noted and collected in late
June in Wallows County, Gould-
ing said. M ain areas of infest­
now are east of the
Cascades in Wallows and Union
counties near E n terp rise, Elgin
Im b le r, and LaGrange.
An Oregon State Departm ent
of agricultu re survey entomol­
ogist has also found the face
fly In Richland In the Powder
R iver area and at Durkee and
Baker in the Burnt R iver area.
Goulding said that the most
recent rep o rt Indicates the firs t
evidence of the face fly west
of the Cascades has now been
noted in P o rt Angeles, Wash.
The face flv is about the size
of the house fly and gets the
name from Its habit of clu s te r­
ing on the faces of cattle, horses
and open-faced sheep. It feeds
on eye secretions, open wounds,
and saliva deposits.
Face flie s are bothersome
to humans only because they
hibernate In homes and barns
during fa ll and w inter and be­
come active during w arn sunny
days, Gouldlng noted.
Anim als bothered by the .’ace
fly seek shade, thus In te rru p t­
ing norm al behavior and feed­
ing habits. T his causes poor
pasutre u tiliza tio n and results
in loss of production. There is
also the p o ssib ility that the
spead pinkeye
to cattle,
pointed out.
The OSU entomologist said
that presently there is no com­
pletely effective and p ractical
methods o f control. Some r e lie f
may be obtained by the careful
use of Insecticide baits, sprays,
and self-tre a tm e n t devices such
as back and face rubbers.
Goulding explained that the
face fly infestation now Invading
Oregon Is a European im p o rt,
from the northwest
European m a ritim e areas to
Canada in the e a rly 1940’ s.
It showed up In New Y o rk state
in the 1950’ s and gradually
worked westward. The face fly
was firs t noted In western Idaho
and eastern Washington in late
Although there seems to be
some c lim a tic lim itatio n s to the
face fly , Oregon’ s conditions
are most favorable, Goulding
said. The fly appears to be
following the Grande Rhonde
R iver System , moving slow ly
from herd to herd and ranch
to ranch.
The fem ale fly Is the most
troublesom e,
scientists say,
and p refers to bother the liv e s ­
tock In bright sunshine. Eggs
are laid only In fresh cattle
droppings and em erge as adult
flies from 10 to 21 days la te r.
Gouldlng forecasts a gradual
Increase In the face fly through­
out the state each yea r. He
expects it to show up In other
r iv e r drainage systems since It
may be following the lush I r r i ­
gation areas of the
p rese n tly, OSU scientists a re
accumulating Inform ation on the
fly ’ s control. Gouldlng said that
Inform ation on control w ill soon
be released by Oregon State
U n iversity.
indie Fables
resting superstitions have
1 out of the flickering of a
i light.
flame bums blue, there
tost in the house. A spark
es th at a latter is coming
person sitting nearest the
S A L E M -W ith only 17 days left
until opening, the Oregon State
F a ir Is cleaning up and leveling
off this week the ground on
which buildings stood which
were destroyed by the July 31
fir e .
T h e re ’ s no doubt that a ll w ill
be ready for Gov. Tom M c C a ll’s
big opening at 11 a.m . Aug.
26 fo r the 10-day run, Robert
L. Stevens, fa ir manager, said
The carn ival w ill be moved
to the ground fo rm e rly occupied
by the buildings and w ill stretch
across 17th street ( closed
during F a ir week ) into the
parking lot on the West side of
the fairgrounds proper.
Huge tents offered by the
Rose F estival A s s o c i a t i o n ,
county fa ir officials and individ­
uals w ill be placed on the fo rm e r
carnival area to house many of
the exhibits losing space in the
fir e .
Stevens and his “borrow ed”
assistant, Dick Maul from the
State Finance Departm ent, a re
measuring available tent space
against space needed for county
commodity com m is­
sions, farm organizations, the
horticulture show and other ex­
“ It looks like we’l l be able
to accomodate everyone,” says
The a rt exhibit w ill occupy
two huge tents placed in a
“U ” shape with a fountain In the
Courtyard center.
The International Photo Salon
w ill move into the second story
M ineralogy building.
Portable wooden booths and
cases w ill provide a solid back­
drop for the exhibitors showing
in tents.
In the m eantim e, work on the
rem ainder of the fa ir goes on
uninterupted. Auditions for the
A ll-O regon T a l e n t show, of­
fered free daily at the f a ir ,
continue on the outdoor stage a
short distance from where the
big bulldozers are clearing the
fire area . Livestock en tries
closed Thursday and while final
tabulation had not yet been com­
pleted, a c c o r d i n g
to M r s .
Harold Hauk, livestock super­
intendent, the show w ill be as
large as e v e r.
Some national labor unions
have become so powerful In the
United States that whole Indust­
rie s and the public a re v irtu a lly
helpless In try in g to cope with
r e a s o n a b le
opposes the rig ht of people
to organize and bargain with
th eir em ployer on wages and
conditions of employm ent. But
m ore and m ore people are com ­
ing to resent monopolistic union
power callously used to d e liv e r
ultim atum s ra th e r than Im p le ­
bargaining. T h i s
policy has
reached a stage where the find­
ings of federal mediation o r
em ergency b o a r d s a r e a r ­
rogantly Ignored. Apparently,
some labor o fficials fa il to see
that th e ir high handed dism issal
of the public interest can lead
to but one end — a rb itra ry
control of the bargaining pro­
cess. A l a b o r d i c t a t o r , an
Industrial dictator o r a p o litical
dictator have no place in a free
No one wishes com pulsory
arb itra tio n , but labor policies
threaten o r cause strikes of
Incalculable cost regardless of
th e
national security a n d
w elfare w ill not fo re v e r be'
to le ra ted.
N e w s re p o rts f r o m Yugo­
te ll
how a one-man
nation’ s communist system has
led to a four and one half year
prison sentence fo r a 32 year
o ld
Intellectual convicted of
spreading propaganda hostile to
the government.
The Judge said freedom of
by the
Yugoslav constitution does not
give freedom to express ideas
against socialism (com m unism )
o r ideas aimed at undermining
the government. The t r ia l lasted
about 30 minutes.
What would happen to repub­
licans, dem ocrats, socialists,
Negroes, lib e ra ls , pacifists,
conservatives, college students
and others in the U.S. if a
communist one party system
was in control. The Yugoslav
system shows you.
Dissenters b etter be glad they
live in the U.S. and do e v e ry ­
thing in th e ir power to uphold
the freedom they are privileged
to enjoy here, Including free
speech and a fre e press.
Medical ID —
Card Or Band
A Lifesaver
All over the world a simple
six-sided figure has become (he
symbol of identification of personal
medical problems.
The symbol was adopted by
the American Medical Association
some four years ago and three years
ago was adopted
by th e W o rld
M edical Associa-
tion as the univer-
sal indication that
the individual dis­
playing the sign has personal
health problems that might re­
quire emergency attention.
Who should carry identifica­
tion? Everyone, says the AMA. A
card, such as the AMA emergency
medical identification card, is use­
ful to identify an ill or injured per­
son, to help locate family, friends
and personal physician, and to give
inform ation that w ill im prove
emergency care. People with spe­
cial health problems should also
wear a durable metal or plastic
alerting signal device on their
wrist, ankle or neck, indicating
their need for special medical care.
The emergency medical iden­
tification card should note special
problems that need immediate at­
tention in an emergency or that
could cause an emergency. For ex­
ample, diabetics must be identified
so that a person in diabetic coma
will get proper treatment prompt­
ly and needed doses of insulin will
not be overlooked during treat­
ment for injury. The need for cer­
tain medicines must be known.
Heart patients taking drugs to pre­
vent blood clots may bleed pro­
fusely if injured unless they receive
special care. Other people are sen­
sitive to certain drugs and must
never take them.
E pileptics could be saved
much trouble and unnecessary hos­
pitalization if they carried • card
indicating that they may have seiz­
ures. Neck breathers (those who
breathe through a tube surgically
inserted below their “Adam's ap­
ple’*) must be recognizable to pro­
tect them from smothering.
An emergency medical identi­
fication kit may be obtained by
addressing Box C, Emergency
Medical Identification, American
Medical Association, 535 N. Dear­
born St., Chicago, 111. 60610. Single
kits are free on request. The kit
contains two identification cards, a
pamphlet describing the universal
symbol, and a list of manufacturers
of signal devices bearing this sym­
STANBACK gives you FAST relief
from pains of headache, neuralgia,
neuritis, and minor pains of arthritis,
rh e u m a tis m . B ecause STANBACK
contains several medically-approved
and prescribed ingredients for fa s t
relief, you can take STANBACK with
confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed!
10* 25* 69* 98*
F a rm e rs throughout Oregon
soon w ill be required to c a rry
workmen’ s
c o m p e n s a tio n
Insurance fo r the firs t tim e in
the history of the 54-year - old
On and a fte r January 1, 1968
farm e rs with a y e a rly payroll
of $1500 or m ore, and who
h ire one o r m ore workmen,
must have workm en’ s compen­
sation insurance.
Non-com plying fa rm e rs are
subject to severe financial pen­
alties under Oregon law .
To help those In agriculture
protect them selves by insuring
their w orkers w ell in advance
of the January 1 deadline, the
Oregon F a rm Bureau has neg­
otiated a money-saving group
insurance plan with the State
Compensation Departm ent.
G arth Rouse, assistant sales
manager fo r the Oregon F a rm
Bureau insurance company in
Salem , said the F a rm Bureau
has launched an a ll-o u t publicity
campaign to a le rt farm e rs to
th e ir
insurance requirem ent
under the law .
Rouse warned fa rm e rs not to
workm en’ s compen­
In s u r a n c e
w ith
em ployer’s lia b ility insurance.
The law required workm en’ s
compensation insurance, Rouse
W orkm en’s
provides injured workmen with
compensable claim s with uni­
form benefits under the law ,
while at the same tim e protect­
ing the em ployer against any
lia b ility fro m the employe.
The F a rm Bureau analyzed
available Insurance plans since
the revised workm en’ s com­
pensation law was passed by the
1965 le g is la tu re . Study revealed
the Oregon State Compensation
Departm ent was the only source
which could give the Oregon
F a rm Bureau a group plan with
a special group ra te to r general
farm ing.
F a rm Bureau m em bers w ill
receive a low er ra te through
the group plan, Rouse said.
Agents throughout the state w ill
be working d ire c tly with m em ­
bers in underw riting policies,
C laim s processing w ill be hand­
led by the State Compensation
Departm ent.
F a rm e rs a re asked to Inform
friends and acquaintances in
agricultu re o f the January 1,
1968 w orkm en’ s compensation
coverage requirem ent
F u rth e r inform ation may be
obtained by calling F a rm B u r­
eau headquarters in Salem, any
county F a rm Bureau insurance
agent o r the State Compensa­
tion D epartm ent, Rouse con­
The annual soft drink con­
sumption In the United States
la estimated at about 16 gal-
kds per person.