Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, June 14, 1917, Image 4

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    limn strikes It Is nut tut-rely to obtain
■ntcrests o f the Individual and where
the liberty o f the Individual will lie enters public service lu time o f peace
»11 iiK iviiHu In bln wage; thut Is wbst
the papers tell us tbe trouble la all
Hlunit »ml llmt la what be asks (or; but
more and more circumscribed for the
In more nearly tbe same spirit that be
wav down underneath what he la really
lieneflt o f the community as a whole,
would enter military service in time of
hi rll<lntr
fur la a larger percentage of
No mere Increase In wages can erer
aalil reeelllly at Cornell I'nlverslf» to
tlie effect that one o f the chief i|uali
fleatlima fur a uiaiiHger of a large Im—I-
ni'ss concern Is rapidly coming to hi*
the hitman i|iiallty ami ablllt.i to a.!
Just differences hetween capitalist ami
lalairer and to understand their relu
I Util recent years little hroad think
iog was given to this problem ami tlif
feremes were settled on the liaalo o f
‘'might makes right.“
All this is rap­
idly changing and we are entering a
period of new Industrial relationship*.
In the long ago the relationship t>e-
tweecti capital and labor was that of
owner and slave, then catue the period
of master and Ulan, then the period of
employer and employe, each
being a decided atep forward
knowledge we have gained from law
hooks which were written in the In­
dividualistic age? I f we do we will
where the tool user^wlll he part tool
r,,sK **f **« w thought and new condl-
tlohs, provided In large measure by
i w ncr and " Here < apltal and liilsir w ill
the s. leutt-t
e.iaie molt- equitably lu llie plot Us of
the business in which they arc Jointly
This advance la Inevitable because o f
Our only decoration— the almighty
the government and that tlielr opera
8ecoml, because in our coiinlry
especially we arw entering upon a new
stage of development
which calls
loudly for men who will render dis­
interested public service
diistriiilly and economically
have been very great, yet I ♦
the educator, tbe tnven- order to survive and succeed we will
require a different
compared to the changes that
O ik * r«»n«<»it why I hiii «iroruriy for
I n it a sad, universal m ilitary triilul'ur is that It
(lesslmlatlc future that unfolds? Poe- <1f>velops in the youth it sense o f all
life hardly seem worth living under
r,.spons|hlllty to his country,
the workingmnn to think for himself
the new eondltlone or doc* It hold out
liot only in time of war tun in time o f
It I' Inevitable because Intercommuni­
au optimistic future, with finer op-
cation hws told tbe workingmnn In one lH>rtunltle* and more worth while
community what the workingman In goals?
Ltd me *«e If I can picture It aa 1
It Is Inevitable, lusause strikes and |>asL
hs-kouts ean never la* settled satlsfac-
Why a New Era Co-opera­
PI ret, Juat a glance Into tbe
arc coming. I reredent makes «
cowards of us all.
tion Mast Succeed Pare
About the only goal w# baVS had
Have tbe men who^ have lived and *
We must adjust our
thought and action to new :
G E O R G E W . P E R K IN S .
ment In our pork barrel leglslatlool
Could we afford to have our railroads
operated by tbe same type o f public
individual can affect a large
worked simply to acquire great for *
tunes obtained peace o f mtnd. happl- t
I f our government Is to endure, if
number of people; therefore
we are to take our proper place among
nesa and honor? How many o f them J
could answer "Y es” ?
that form of freedom which
ilization. tbe mau o f the future must
the nations o f tbe world In the new civ­
the course they have taken? A very J
« for
large majority o f onr countrymen ♦
would answer “ No “
MihrintHurouR to • ai»11 m I hn to lnhor
U ii MiAttnr o f r«. t. a l**u a * or*tag
V»tllV> I«* ItiMn***»’« Mini !*♦•«-misr It la aa
1 is simply another expression
Ha* the country been benefited by J
It I«» in« x luMf lii-HiiM* It »»hr« «ta
the inventor have left ns no
be did for bis community or bis coun 1
cation drawing the
Rut »b a t baa It all amounted to ) $ world together, the m l of an
1m: ii limn > w mio » s
ts. “ How much was be worth?” with !
inuiit i.;, > !•> mrmiy rala-
J educator, the scientist
scarcely a thought as to bow much «
i - h
But the
baa been tbe almighty do'lar.
first question asked when a man dies
torily •••
the laid
believe they are infiuitesinial
What tH« Futuna Hold* Forth
N\ hat I k tbe outlook?
changes of
twenty five years socially, In-
our educe Ilona) system, wbh b teaches
other communities are striving for and
In recent years we have been bearing
a great deal about government owner
ship of our railroads. We are told that
, In Germany
.. _..__
. arj> owned by
dollar— Is receding Into tbe background tion Is most successful. This Is true,
profit sharing
The man o f exceptional ability, of but In Gel-many conditions are vastly
Ry profit sharing 1 do not mean
more than ordinary talent, will here- different.
bonus giving
I mean actual profit after look for bis rewards, for his
The military training of the youth. In
aha ring plans based on the earnings .
honors, not In one direction but In fact- *,le entire trend o f education In
o f tbe business, with s fntr percentage
two:— First— and foremost—iu some Germany Is to Impress upon tbe young
to capital slid a fair |>erccntage to
public work accomplished and sec- me,‘ o t t“ * t Kind that they owe service
lalsir lifter ordinary wages and Inter-
. ... ,
ondarlly, in wealth acquired.
ll*elr country. When a man euters
esl have been earned
In place o f having It said of him at ,he government’s employ In the rail
Profit sharing ran be done satis­
his death that he left so many hundred r°a*i business be Is as eouselenttoo» at
factorily only when tbe business con­
thousand dollars It will be said that he
would be were be entering the guv.
cern makes public Its transactions, so
rendered a certain uinouut o f public eminent's service In time o f war.
that the laborer and the stockholder
service and. incidentally, left a certain
^ our railroads were to be taken
can know as much about the business
amount of money.
over and operated by our government
as does the manager himself.
Such a goal will prove a far greater !'^ 'KIs Gme, how muny of you think we
In the adjust incut of difficulties lie-
satisfaction to him. be will live a more
duplicate Germany's success?
tween ■ 11 it .> I and lalsir I am confi­
rational, worth while life and he will
Government ownership of railroads
dent llial open Issiks will accomplish
tie doing his share to provide a better ,,u,-v *M‘ us desirable in this country as
turn h mote than open shops.
country In which to live.
K Is In Germany, but we must first
Tin m - i ll.inges are far-reaching and
I have two reasons for ladle' leg that *mve pithlle servants who will at least
W h it are we going to
future conditions will he as I have ‘ “ ,l|e somewhere near the standard of
do .iliout it? What Is to In* our men
Germany's public servants In efficiency
briefly sketched them
tal attitude
Mow are we going to
»m l honesty.
handle tbc-e problems?
F ln t because the world is being
Look at the spectacle we are pre-
t'au we approach them from tbe
drawn together In one centruhxed
M'litlng to the world at this very m o
same point of view us did our fathers,
community throngb the wonderful de­
who lived in a strictly ludi' idualistic
velopment in science a n 1 the marvel­
lous work of tbe inventor
age? fa n we apprc.ch them from the
In m> Judgment we are Just now en-
ti ring ii period of copartnership,
and bis fellowmen.
How the Rewards Will Como.
can lie solved only on tbe basis of
challenged, and I most heartily agree
with what Mr. .lohu I> Rockefeller Jr .
for hlmaelf duty and a desire to serve bis country
signs of the times so certain ss this.
satisfactorily solve Ibis problem.
Tbe freedom o f the tniMluesa man to
do as be iili'iisea Is now being seriously
tie war— namely, from a sense of patriotic
To my mind there Is uotblng In tbe
la doing.
o f Capital and Labor.
but for his fellowtnen.
Me m.iy not realise tbla. bat, sub­
consciously tbla Is precisely whet no
R elation
required to he not only
tbe profit* o f tbe hualnesa
whole, tbe
, J pleases can no longer exist.”
Individualistic J
live not
himself slone
*l>eedll.v liecoming a social. Industrial
and economic necessity.
sge has not been a success, either lor *
the Individual, or tbe community lu * ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ •
Centralization is tbe order o f the day.
The telegraph, tbe telephone, tbe a u t»
mobile and the airship are tbe cauaafe
w hlcb he has lived, or the nation.
lie Is tutK'b more apt to be a They bare wiped out not only old prec­
lx e are. , beyond . questlou. entering tveaee
* ■
. . where
.9 welfare o . f . tbe
faithful cons-lentloue servant than if edents and customs but State and B9
on a period
. . . takes
He tlonal llnea as w ell
over tlie he bad
" u not had military training