Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, May 24, 1917, Image 3

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A vote for the road bond bill will be
a vote for a state wide system of good
roads without Increasing direct taxes.
Don’t forget this when you vote June
Whether the road bonds are voted
or not the auto license and the mlllage
tax will have to be paid just the
Many automobile owners are of the
Where would ’ there be any
Discussing the $6,040,000 good roads ■ame.
opinion that the law increasing the bond bill at the state-wide rally in economy in voting them down?— Mc­
license on motor vehicles is included Portlana, Governor Withycombe em­ Minnville Register.
and made a part of the $6,000,000 road phatically indorsed the measure in the
bond bill. In this they are wrong.
| following language:
W ithin the last few days It has de­
The automobile license was doubled
“ This is the greatest measure ever veloped that some of the largest in­
in the motor vehicle law which was contemplated by the State of Oregon. terests of Oregon are opposing the
enacted by the last Legislature. It is It means more to this State tuan any road bonding act.
now a law. The increased automobile measure in its history, not barring the
Their fear is that construction of
license will be in effect and w ill be Constitution, because the one thing we highways will withdraw from the
collected regardless of whether or not need is highways in Oregon.
labor market men who will be needed
the road bond bill is approved by the
" I have just returned from a trip for other occupations incident to war­
voters at the June election.
through the interior country. When time operations.
Furthermore, the motor vehicle law you realize that great expanse of coun­
Without questioning either the pa­
contains a provision that the money t r y in the interior— the need of set­ triotism or the wisdom of their atti­
raised from automobile licenses shall tlers, the need of men and women on tude, there is no doubt but that It will
be available for road construction un­ farms— yoa appreciate the need of have a big Influence In reducing the
der the plan outlined in the $6,000,000 roads in that locality. Then go along vote of the road bonds.
It is therefore squarely up to the
load bond bill if the bond bill carries. !down through our beautiful Valley
In other words, if the road bond bill W ith its need of roads. It is time for progressive citizens of Oregon who
is defeated, the automobile license us to get out of the mud. This meas­ want roads Improved to use every
money may be used for other purposes. ure will give us good roads— it will be atom of their energy to bring out the
I f the road bonds are approved, the a highway of prosperity. We should vote at the special election June 4.—
automobile owner has the positive as­ stand as a unit for the whole State of La Grande Observer.
surance that the money derived from Oregon— there should be no sectional
the increased automobile licenses will interest.
This happened right in Portland. A
be expended in building good roads.
“ These roads are not only for home householder telephoned a fuel com­
Hemember this:
The automobile consumption. M ilitary necessity and pany to send him a load of oak wood.
owner will have to pay the increased patriotic duty should make every voter The prospective customer was Inform­
license any way, regardless of the fate get out and vote for these bonds. Good ed that the dealer did not have any
of the $6,000,000 road bond bill.
roads later may Bave Portland, and all such wood on hand and would not be
A vote for the road bond bill by the the State. We need and must have able to fill the order until the roads
automobile owner is a vote for the good roads. They will add to the had “ dried up" so that the farmer
expenditure of the automobile license wealth, thrift and happiness of our could haul it to town. Is It not about
money, which has to be paid anyway, people and our State. This measure time, Mr. Farmer, Oregon was getting
in building a system of state-wide per­ does not add one farthing to our taxes; Into the road building business on a
manent highways
outlined in the it Bimply capitalizes waste. It is a practical and result-producing basis?
road bond bill.
most splendid measure. No sane man Such a plan of road building Is pro­
In voting for the road bond bill, the or woman should offer a single word posed in the $6,000,000 road bond bill
on which the people will vote at the
automobile owner will simply pave the of opposition to this movement.
way for the expenditure of license
“ It is placed in the hands of three special election June 4th.
money that he will be required to pay. as good business men as Oregon can
in building serviceable hard-surfaced ever boast of and is properly safe­
Californians have found bonds for
roads in all sections of the state.
guarded in every way possible. It is road building a profitable investment.
Every automobile owner is directly a step in the right direction. Every Six years ago. by a bare majority, they
and personally interested in the road good citizen should take o ff his coat voted bonds to the amount of $18,000,-
bond bill. In voting for that measure and work for this bond measure, with 000 for road construction. Last Fall
he will merely be asking that the his friends and his neighbors. Every by a 4 to 1 vote they authorized a
money he will be required to pay any­ citizen should keep his coat o ff until further Issue of $15,000,000 for the
way shall be spent in building roads. election day, for the passage of this construction of more roads. Evidently
The automobile owner has everything measure means so much to civilization they were entirely satisfied with their
to gain and nothing to lose by voting and the welfare of this great State.”
Initial investment. Pretty good argu­
ment for supporting the $6,000.000
for the road bonds.
road bond bill in Oregon at the J' nc
It is safe to bet that the $6,000,600
I don't believe In going in debt for election.
state bonding measure will carry four j something that we don't need, and I
to one. and that the county bonding don't think bonding is the best way.
The people of Oregon have reason
measure will go through with a whoop; Hut. there you are. under the system to congratulate themselves upon the
for the people of this county are over­ that this government is run it is the selection of Herbert Nunn as State
whelmingly in favor of a hard-surfaced only way to get what we need, and Highway Engineer by the new High­
highway through the county. And why, we all agree that we need good roads way Commission. No better appoint­
shouldn’t they be in favor of these and we know that macadam will not ment could have been made. Ills se­
measures when the highway can be 1 stand the traffic. Will we wait until lection happily eliminated the possibil­
obtained with state and Federal aid? we have the money, or go in debt, for ity that an unfit appointment might
Tiliamookers know a good thing when what we all say we need? 1 have be made through political favoritism.
they see it, and no one need be sur come to the parting of the ways, and —Coauille Sentinel.
prised that they are all Jumping on say. 1 believe those men who figured
the right side of the fence. We an on the license paying for the bonds
ticipate that those who are opposed to know what they are talking about.—
the bonding the state and the county C. A Schuebel, Clackamas County
for good roads will soon be advancing! farmer, in a communiieitiou to the
the argument that we should go glow Oregon City Enterprise
e * *
on account of the war, so as to scare
In arriving at a sensible conclusion
It will not work, however,
Dsnnis Eucalyptus
as regards the road bond issue it Is
for everybody knows that good road
are the first step to preparedness.— '
T u b e s 2S c
j a r s SO c
along the line of a twentieth century
Tillamook Herald.
resident. Do not harken back to the
Every automobile owner should vote days when our grandfathers crossed
for the $<T,000,000 road bond bill. The the plains In a prairie schooner drawn
lief nse on all motor vehicles has been by a yoke of oxen, but just remember
doubled by a law passed at the last that this is an age of rubber tires.
Cwv CuAffuA'tl
Legislature and will have to be paid Permit a few present day arguments
ItÀ/nA <n CAUViûyvvvvû
anyway. If the road bond biH carries ; to confront you. then look them
That ia the
at the June election, the money raised squarely in the face.
(XA aa J jo M *| o ( c U a ¿,
from automobile licenses will be ex­ only way to settle the matter honest
pended in building good roads. I f the ly. That being the case we are cer­
( tw I v Í a ÍA o A caCaiotLA.
bond bill is defeated, the money raised tain that every voter who has not
OVl -itoüYvcl ■(ra/cii t(vo
from automobile licenses may be ex­ already become convinced Ifiat Ore
pended for other purposes. For the gnn should be pulled out of the mud
uu j v aovol - ^ c A w o c .
very same reason those who do not will resolve to do his bit by casting
bis vote for the first real sensible
own an au’ omobile should vote for
measure ever placed before the peo
the road bond bill. In doing so, they
pie which v as Intended to do a real
will insure the expenditure of the
good tor (he state and not make s
automobile license money in road
few grafters rich —Coo» Bar Harbor
building'without adding one cent to
their taxea.
To Insure Read Construction Says Road Bond Bill Most Im­
Automobilists Should Vote
portant Ever Submitted to
For Road Bonds.
Voters of Oregon.
* *
* + + * + + + + ♦ + + * + ♦ + ♦ +
Vote “ Y es" on the $6,000,000
road bond bill at the special
election June 4th.
Because Oregon needs good
Because a dollar's worth of
road Is assured from every dol-
lar expended.
Because every favorable vote
is a vote to help pull Oregon
out of the mud.
Because the state Is now
spending $4,000,000 annually
without getting adequate re-
Because all sections of the
state will benefit directly from
the roads to be constructed.
Because good roads increase
real estate values both in the
city and throughout the state.
Because proposed bond issuo
will provide good roads at no
greater cost than state is now
paying for poor ones.
♦ ♦ ♦ + + + + + + + + + + + ♦ ♦ ♦
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