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    "Bringing Back" Victims of Shell Shock
Strcnuou Training Adopted at Fort Sheridan Hoipiul to Return
Sanity of Men Afflicted on Battlefields
Tlio mod len I department of the nrmy In entering Into ono of tlio biggest
reconstruction problem tlutt over him confronted It, It Ih tlio problem of
reclaiming "shell shockers" by incuim of physical training ttitil development.
The practice In being tried out ut ln new Fort Sheridan reconstruction hos
pllnl, It In under the direction of I.lnul. Col. Theodore H. Proxmlre, head of
tlio hospital. MnJ, George W, Woodnlek In tlio ulliletle director of tlio
hospital mid Charlie White, lightweight prize lighter, In In charge of tho.exer
duos, dipt. l' A. Walters In In clinrwo of thu shell-shock ward.
Already -10 eases hnvo lieen received from France. All of these men
were In some stage of tempornry Insanity iin n result of xhock. The theory
on which the work In being done Ih Hint physical development first mid inentiil
development Inter wilt bring nliont recovery,
The first exorcise the men nro put through In rnpu skipping. Then comes
handball. TIiIr Ih NtreiiuoiiN. After thnt coiiicn light work In hiiHket mill.
IkixIiik mid the like, Kvery dny the nmoiint of work In Increased until finally
the mttn will lie getting the piiiiiu miioimt of work iin ii boxer In (mining for
a big match.
In oniif"Vnse8 recovery In effected In an short a tlmo iin tea days. TIiIn
Iiiih heen the fact In a number of punch at the now Imihc. The men nru then
Kent homo on a furlough to rent tip,
Of thu 10 punch In the hospital only a nuiiiII percentage aro violent. Hut
even those- work out tinder guard. Homo will only work to munle. Homo
prefer midline, while olherN show a liking for tlio cIiinnIcn.
Meanwhile work In going forward at a rapid rntoon the new buildings of
the lionpllnl, which will he equipped to euro for 1,500 men. The limit capacity
In to ho 5,000. Ilulldlngs--temporary wooden structures uro being built all
over the lilNtorlc parado grounds.
1. Keep accurato reeordN. l.lttlo
progress can be uiiide without HiIn first
hlep. Tho average monthly mid yearly
egg production, cont of feed nnd In
come from the llock should be known.
Feed a properly bnlauced ration,
Huch a ration furnishes iititrlentN for
growth, nuilntenance, fattening and
egg. Tho production of eggs miiNt bo
n coiiNtaut aim.
It. (llvo proper care and comfort by
good housing and iiuiougement. DIs
eomforlH ore: Hxtrcmes of beat and
Early Hatched Darred Plymouth Rock.
cold, hunger nnd thirst, foul air nnd
dampiieHH, and discuses mid pariiHlteH.
I. Keep standard-bred, utility stock.
Thcro nro llvo Rood breeds for tho
farm: Plymouth Hock, Ilhodc Inland
lied, Leghorn, Wyandotte nnd Orplng
ton. VnrlotleH of thcHo have been bred
for heavy egg production. Thero are
other good breeds for those who pre
fer them.
fi. Hrced from the best, both male
nnd female. Thero nro many signs of
vigor nnd high production.
0. Sell unprofitable utock.
.7. Market graded products. Muxl-
tw rctuniH nro secured froia graded
rthjets. MarketH demand n constant
Hupply, and tliiH culls for community
These seven HtepH will lend to sue-
1,500,000 Habitual Users of
Narcotics in Country Despite
Harrison Antinarcotic Law
No report of recent yenra will stir
priHo tho casual render bo much mi
thnt iinulo to tlo United States con
gress by a special commlttco Invcstl
gating the use of narcotics, observes
a writer lu tho IIoiiRtoii l'o.st.
According to that report thero nro
no fowcr than 3,000,000 bnbltunl users
of narcotics In tills country and this
In splto of tho Harrison nntlnnrcotlc
law In forco for Bcvcrnl years.
Tho Investigators say that 1,000,000
peoplo nro known nB users of drugs
mid thnt 500,000 nro Hccretly addicted
to tho habit.
They say that within tho former
draft nges of twonty-ono to thlrty-ono
nro found 200,000 known usera of tho
drug In the state of Now York among
tho men alone,
Thoy Buy thnt thousands formed tho
hnblt nfter thoy wero drnfted In or
der to Insuro their rejection from
tho tinny.
Thoy sny thnt In splto of nil pres
ent laws the uso of niorplilno, co
caine, heroin and similar medicines
and drugs In Increasing more rapid
ly than over beforo In tho history of
tills country,
They say that It Is necessary Imme
diately to piiHs iiioio stringent laws
for the protection of peoplo from tho
"dope" vender.
Salt Lake Is 75 Miles Long,
30 to 50 Miles Wide, and Has
An Average Depth of 20 Feet
Perhaps no unit ponds anywhere In
tho world possess so many natural ad
vantages as the (Ireat Halt Lake, says
Stanley W. Todd, In Popular Me
chanics Magazine. Lying as It does In
ono of the great valleys of tho Heck
les, on tho eastern edge of the great
basin, tho lake extends north mid
south for 75 miles, while Its widtli va
ries from SO to no miles. It has an
average depth of 20 feet and Is 4,218
feet above tho sen level. There Is lit
tle rainfall throughout the year, and
the ever-present sun, together with tho
Hat shores, contribute to tho Idenl con
ditions of summer operation.
Tho lake has no outlet and tho water
Is as nearly saturated with salt as It
can bo without crystallizing. Great
strides have been made In recent years
In tho methods of making high-grade
salt, both by the graluer mid vacuum
pun processes. Solar evaporation mid
gralner methods nro used at Salt Lake,
the mill being located at u place call
ed Sultalr. During tho season when
tho harvesting Is under way, the water
Is pumped from the lake nt the rato
of from 10,000 to 12,000 barrels n dny,
tho pumping being cnrrled on from ten
to I I hours.
And you tlio nmrblo Htntuo nil tho lltno
They prnlao and Klnt ut nn preferred to
Yet lenv'o for tho flrst brtnthlng woman's
Meals for the Family.
It Is a wise plan to have a dozen or
inoro vvnys of using stnlo bread crumbs
where they may be easily referred to,
In order to avoid repeating the snmo
dish until It becomes tiresome.
Any crusts or small bits of bread if
placed In tho wanning oven to dry
mny then bo put through tho meat
grinder and are ready for countless
Crumb loe Cream.
Tnko ono quart of medium cream,
ono tnblespoonful of vanilla, ono tea
spoonful of almond extract and ono
and n bnlf cupfuls of strained honey.
Chill nnd freezo until thick nnd mushy,
then open tho freezer nnd ndd ono
cupful of brown bread crumbs. Con
tinue freezing until firm. Hemovo tho
dasher and pack to ripen.
With tho need for careful saving of
Hour somewhat over wo will still uso
other cereals becnuso wo have learned
their vuluo and becauso they lend va
riety to our diet.
For tho hot grlddlo enko to servo
for tho morning meal thero Is nono
which Is better liked than that mndo
from corn flour. If ono Is fortunnto
enough to have on hnnd plenty of but-1
tcrmllk tho cakes will bo bUU better,
neat ono egg, add enough buttermilk
to mnko n batter with corn flour suf
ficient to sntlsfy tho family, adding a
teaspoonful of soda for cncli pint of
buttermilk nnd t-alt enough to mnko
them pnlatnhle, neat well and fry on
a lightly grensed griddle. Cook tlicm
as thin ns possible.
Queen of Puddlnaj.
Soak ono cupful of stnlo but not
dried .bread crumbs lu tbreo cupfuli
Conservation of Fuel May
Bo Made By Using Furnaco
Fire to Cook Some Dishes
An easy way to conserve fuel In
cooking Is by utilizing the furnaco
fire, Dishes that can bo cooked in n
easNcrolo aro becoming more nnd more
popular mid the furnaco offers an
economical way of preparing them.
Kvery furnaco has, Just within the
rriiillni? ilfinr. ti U'lllo lcdttO ('lltinl)lo of
holding it good-sled vessel. Thin
ledge In an excellent place ror cook
ing dishes which require slow linking
or it sort of stewing. Hcmis as pre
pared In New Kiigland are dollclously
eiioknd on this ledge For them mi
earthen pot Is even belter than a cas
sorole. It should be large enough to
contain an extra amount of water, for
tho oviiporut'on I mom rapid hi so
hlghly-hcnlod a place thon In u stove
or range oven.
A bean-pot, mi earthenware vessel
with it handle making It look almost
II If i ri tilt Iff. IH (ho best kind of uten
sil us It has something by which it
can bo moved.
The shape and nlzo of the bean-pot
I.m.vou iinnni Oil Mill lcdgC for SOIDC
other vessel. Puddings nnd esenllopcd
dishes can bo well-cooked anil soup
can bo made to dimmer If the fire Is
nt u low temperature. Casserole cook
ery also adapts Itself to furnuce prep
aration especially In the tiuglazed for
eign casseroles. Tho gluzed articles
may crude In time under such bent ns
glows In n furnace.
Hieroglyphics to Be Found
In-California Are Believed
Older Than Those in Egypt
Amateur urcheologlsts of Rlshop,
f:al are endeavoring to interest profes
sional scientists of the Kast In the
epigraphs which abound on tho rocks
of Hound valley, not far from thnt
city, and which nro believed to be as
old, If not older, than the hieroglyphics
of earlier Hgypt, to which they hour a
strange resemblance.
It Is believed by many that the
strange markings constituted the
names by which nnclent tribes marked
tho sources of water supply for the
benefit of those of their number who
lived roving lives.
These hieroglyphics hnvo never been
deciphered, although they nre mntters
of record In tho lending museums of
the country, it Is snld. The Indlnn
tribes now living In their vicinity de
clare they nre the work of tlio In
dian of North Amerlcn and thnt they
nntednto nil aboriginal lore.
Some who hnvo examined tho
strnngo markings In tho flinty bowlders
sny the hieroglyphics closely resemble
those of earliest Egypt and may re
plnco tho latter as tho first written
language of humanity.
of hot milk, add two tahlespooufuls of
butter, tho yolks of four eggs beaten
with one-hulf cupful of sugar, nnd n
teaspoonful of vanllln with a cupful
of corn sirup. Pour Into n buttered
baking dish nnd bake forty-flvo min
utes or until set. When tlio pudding
is dono spread It with n lnyer of Jelly
or Jmn nnd cover with a meringue
using tho whites of tho eggs nnd n lit
tlo powdered sugar. Brown nnd serve
hot or cold.
Bread Crumb Griddle Cakes.
Tuko ono nnd n hnlf cupfuls of bread
crumbs, two cupfuls of sour milk nnd
let stnnd over night; In tho morning
ndd an egg, n teaspoonful of sodn, a
half teaspoonful of salt and corn flour
to mnko n tdn butter; bent well nnd
fry on a hot grensed grlddlo.
A few brend crumbs added to chop
ped meat mnkes It go farther nnd
crumbs used with escnlloped dishes
mnko tho dish more nourishing nnd
uses tho wnsto brend wisely.
Anthracite Coal in Use
About One Hundred Years
It Is only n llttlo moro thnn n hun
dred years, says tho People's Home
Journal, slnco nnthrnclto conl has been
used ns fuel, tho first nttempts to bum
it proving unsuccessful. Judgo Jesse
Fell of Fell house. Wllkesbnrro. Pn..
wixa convinced thjit "stonp conl," ns It
wns called, would burn; but his argu
ments wero laughed nt. Flnnlly con
vinced thnt whnt was necessary was n
strong, draft, Judgo Fell built n Ore
plnco of brick with a bottom nnd front
of Iron grating. Piling tho conl In this,
ho built n wood fire under It. Soon
tho conl was n red hot mass, and the
neighbors flocked In to marvel nt the
sight nnd revel in tho grateful warmth.
That was In February, 18081 People's
Homo Journal,
Satisfactory System Has Been
Firmly Established in
Several States.
Recent Report 8hows Status of De
velopment of Organization, and
Olscunes Some of Problems
Which Have Been Met
(Prepared by tho United 8tatc Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
That the county-agent plan of carry
ing agricultural Information to the
farmer is firmly established, us a sat-J
Isfactory system lu 10 southern states
In shown in a review by officials of the
United States department of agricul
ture of progress made during tho last
calendar year. A report of this work
recently made public shovs the status
of this rapidly developing agricultural
organization in tho South during 1010,
mid also discusses some of the prob
lems which are being met In the effort
to increase this service In accordance
with tlio country's emergency agricul
tural needs. The confidence of the
stater, lu tho county-agent plan Is
shown by the fact that most of the
legislatures in the South ure making
liberal appropriations to aid in Its
Number of Extension Workers.
There were employed in the 15 south
ern states during the year 800 regular
county agents, 2S assistant county
agents, 31 boys club agents and CO
One of Branches sf County Agent
Work In South Is Interesting Boys
In Better Farm Methods.
colored men agents for work nraong
colored people. Kacb state also has n
director of extension and n stato ugent
or assistant director In chargo of tho
work of the county agents. Women
engaged lu tho homo-demonstration
work numbered 570. Of these 13 nre
state agents In charge of the work In
their respeclve states, 41 are assistants
and district agents, nnd 013 county
women agents nnd 7 colored bome-
domonst ration agents.
Increase In Community Organizations.
Progress In organizing tlio county
ngents' work In tho South this year
wns gratlfyltiR, ofllclals of the depart
ment of agriculture say. The last
annual report shows the formation of
1,054 community organizations of
farmers, with n membership of 44,548.
Tho report for the present year shows
nn Increase to 2,503 organizations with
n membership of 78,000. This report
docs not Include co-operative organtza
tlons not formed ' by county ngents,
oven though they gnvo nctlvo support
nnd nsslstunco to tho county rcpre
Bentntlve nnd served In the capacity of
a local community organization. Such
tissoclntlous Includo locnl granges,
furmers' unions nnd church and chic
organizations of varied character. It
Is estimated thnt 200,000 farmers nro
enrolled In nil these community organ
One That Can Be Worked at Odd
Times When Other Work Is Slack
Will Boost Income.
A profitnblo stdo lino that can bo
worked nt odd times when other work
Is slnck will go far toward boosting
tho lncomo of tho nverngo farm.
Whcro thero Is n ledge of snlablo
stono a quarry may bo made to fill In
tho gaps In tho labor schedule, or nn
outcropping of llmeatono may bo mndo
profitable, to tho ndvantago of tho
wholo neighborhood by tho Installation
of a stono crusher.
Don't Pamper Ducks.
Do not pamper ducks or thoy will
stay near tho houso waiting to bo fed.
hot them forago for their living and
thoy can bo raised at very llttlo ex
pense. Shelter Will Save Feed.
Tho man who wishes to savo on his
feed bill should provide his stock with
suitable shelter during thu winter.
Izatlons which aro assisting county
HI urn Ihtn renort was mndo tlicro
linx lipen a crcnt Incrnnso in this work.
At the present tlmo tho total number
of agents I opproxlmatcly 2,200, con
slxtfritr In nnrt of 0S0 count v ncents.
815 county home demonstration agents
nnd 85 negro agents (men) nnd 70
Little Animals Extort Heavy Toll
From the Farmer.
Annual Loss Caused to Crops Esti
mated at $300,000,000 Active Co
operation of Neighbors Need
ed for Extermination.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Systematic nnd organized cam
paigns, In witlch the entire community
Is interested, nro suggested as means
of successfully exterminating Injurious
rodent pests on the fnrjn by the bu
reau of biological survey of the Unit
ed States department of agriculture.
There are about 700 forms of rodents
inhabiting tho United States, and tbc
annual loss which they cause in food
nnd feed crops is estimated at fully
$300,000,000. They feed upon crops In
the field and in storage, in some cases
destroying grass lnnd so completely
that erosion follows. In the irrigated
sections of the West some species bur
row through the dikes, releasing tbo
wnter nnd flooding tho crops. Meth
ods of exterminating these pests by
trapping and poisoning, which the in
dividual farmer ns well as the commu
nity can employ, nre told in Farmers'
Bulletin 032, recently published by tho
United Stutcs department of agricul
ture. Any farmer may, by care and Indus
try, freo his own premises of harm
ful rodents, but he is helpless to pre
vent nn enrly recurrence of the trou
ble unless ho can secure the nctlvo
co-operation of his neighbors. Tho de
partment of agriculture urges, there
fore, that whenever possible the de
struction of these pests be a commu
nity undertaking. In the past, Individ
ual efforts often supplemented by tho
payment of bounties by state, county
or township have been only partially
successful In reducing rodent depreda
tions. In many western counties tho
amount paid out In a single year for
bounties on pocket gophers and ground
squirrels, would, If wisely expended, in
poisoning operations such as hdvo
been practiced under government su
pervision on public lands, secure tho
destruction of nearly every such ant
mnl In the county nnd mako unneces
sary much further outlay for tho pur
pose. A few of the rodents which Inhabit
the United States nro not classed as
Injurious ns they llvo In deserts,
mountains or swamps and rarely come
In contact with cultivated crops. Some
nre valuable because they feed largely
upon Insects, some because they pro
duco fur nnd otlrcrs because they nro
useful ns human food. Of the Injuri
ous species nil nro natlvo to this coun
try with tho exception of four tho
houso mouse and three kinds of rats
but these four cause approximately
two thirds of all tho damage. Field
mice, kangaroo rats, pocket gophers,
ground Bqulrrels, pralrlo dogs, wood
chucks, nnd rabbits nre among tho
most destructive of tho native species.
Chickens on Every Farm.
A hundred hens on each farm and
a hundred eggs per hen each year
will glvo Americans Ave billion dozen
eggs. Something to crow over I
Causes of Much Damage.
Lire, mites and fleas nro often tho
causes of serious damago among the
farm flock.
Farmer Can Do Nothing More Patri
otic Than Treat Seed It Is
Inexpensive and Sure.
Preventablo smuts destroy enough
wheat every year to mako 4,000,000
barrels of flour, onts enough to feed
1,000,000 cavalry horses, and barley
nnd ryo enough for 400,000 barrels of
wheat substitutes. You can do noth
ing mora patriotic than treat your
Beed. Simple, Inexpensive, sure. For
Information wrlto to your stato exten
sion department or tho United States
department of agriculture. Do It now,
Hogging Off Corn Crop.
Ilngglng off corn has been tested
thoroughly at several agricultural ex
periment stations and by practical hog
ralsors, nnd tho practlco is strongly
Cool Cream Immediately.
Tho cream must bo cooled Immediate-
ly after It Is skimmed and warm cream
. must never bo added to com.