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Eagle Valley News
Straight, Trutlital, Direct
C. E. Thorp
Entered as second class matter Due 12. 1912 at the post oilieo at
1 Richland Oregon, undor act of March 3, 1S79.
Momlior Qrogon State
$2.00 Six months
ONE YEAR - - -
RICHLAND, ORE.. THURSDAY. NOV. 21. 1915. Vol. 7, No. 2
Demure Little Goat There With
the Hatpin.
ys a Result a Very Surprised and Dis
consolate Don "Stood Not Unan
the Order of His Going," but
' Fled Hastily.
My Xancy Is ns trim nnd charming
n little goat ns you ever wish to sec.
Sho wears a fnwn-colored cont with
cream trimmings. Jms coulldlns way;,
and yet n gentle diguity, withnl, which
should protect her. Since she dedicat
ed herself to tending the yearling colts
In the barnyard sho has seen little of
the outside world. Indeed she is one
of the least sophisticated of her kind.
I had a right to be alarmed when
a dissolute vagabond of a dog leaped
"oyer the fence and began harrying the
colts ; much more was I troubled when i
bfancy arose from n siesta in the. hay '
loft and lightly dropped from the bay
,jioor to the ground. For that degen
erate collie fastened upon her a lust
ful eye; the twitch of his nostril boded
ill from the start. And yet he should
have misdoubted a creature of such
gymnastic ability, however much she
smelied like a simple sheep.
He boldly approached her; she tried
to discourage his attentions and sec a
good example to the colts by main
taining a cold and unseeing gaze. Ho
came tho closer. Kow she stepped
away, stiffly, very much on her dignity.
IIo followed up. She stood still, ob
trusively turning her back to his ntten
' Hons. This disconcerted him ; he had
planned to cut-ii her by the throat.
Cautiously he edged over tb the side;
she let him come. He gathered him
self to leap upon her. Then as ho
arose, she flashed about; he landed
with Ids diapluugm poised on her slen
der horns.
A fatal" Injury was not within her
power, but it was not needed. lie
sprawled to earth with an anguished
yelp, lit running, nnd cleared the gnto
at his second hup. That was no gay
deceiver, no masterful betrayer, self
confident of his allure, that fleeting
form which spurted gravel behind each
.eager stride.
Nancy watched It go. There seemed
nlmost an expression of regret In her
amber eyes; s'. o twiddled an Impatient
tall, then, primmer than ever, went to
finish her nap. liut u diversion had
been welcome In the virtuous monotony
of her days rnd the good old hatpin
trick worked tig;. In. John Brock in De
troit Free Press.
Insisted Neighbor Was "Devil."
She was a motherly old soul who
.wore glasses and she Insisted, vche
.montly, that "that woman next door
trns n rpf.mlnr iT. vf! "
And when the police conrt com
.plaint clerk as': d her to explain fur
ther she sold: "She's a splrltunllst.
She sits up nil night putting evil
..thoughts into my head. She won't let
jne sleep."
It was a declaration that mado the
-woman next the motherly old soul at
the counter open one eye wide In
..amazement. That woman couldn't
open both eyes, for her husband had
blacked and closed one.
Tho complaint clerk tried to soothe
the motherly old woman, but she kept
on Insisting that her neighbor snt up
nights transferring evil thought from
bedroom to bedroom. She wanted
something done, she said, for, as she
Insisted over and over, "No decent per
son can do that"
The clerk hnd to humor her and It
was a long time before he finally got
rid of her.-i-DetroIt Free Press.
Buy W.S.S. this month.
Udttorinl Association" ,
Stato of Ohio. City of Toledo.
' Lucas County, so.
Franlt J. Cheney makes onth that !,
la senior partner of the Jlrm of V. 0.
Cheney & Co., UoIiir business In the Cltj
of Toledo, County ami State nforeaaM.
nnd that said nrm will pay tht sum o
and even- oa of Cutnrrh tliut eiinnot he
cured bytheuw of HALL'S CATAUUIl
Sworn to beforo mo nnd subscribed In
my presence, this Ctli day of Dembcr,
A. D. 1SS. A. -N. OLKASON".
(Seal) Notary lublie.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine U taken In
ternally nnd acts throuch the Hlood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, tree.
F. J. CHRNKY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all drusrtrlsts. TSv.
Hall'n Family I'ills for constipation.
This picture of Her Royal Highness,
Princess Mary, only daughter of their
majesties, King George and Qucou
Mary, shows her In the garb of a Itcd
Cross nurse.
Uor Royal Highness has commenced
her duties as a Red Cross nurse nnd
Is serving ns a probationer at the Hos
pital for Sick Children, London.
British Aviator Killed in Triangu
lar Fight.
Salvation Army Truck Driver Figures
In Tragic Air Battle at
the Front.
Farls. Dying In tho arms of a Sal
vation Army supply truck driver at
the front In France a British aviator
who hnd Just been crashed to earth
In a desperate trlnngiilar bnttlo In tho
sky had tho satisfaction of witness
ing the defeat of his German antag
onist by a French piano Just before ho
drew his last breath.
The struggle, according to a report
renchlng hero occurred recently Just
behind the allied lines In France, nno
was witnessed by Ransom Oifford,
elghteen-ycnr-old son of Col. Adnr.
Glfford, head of the Salvation Army for
New England, and residing In Iloston.
Young Glfford was hauling supplies to
hutments along the line, when sudden
ly three big planes circled Immediately
over his head and opened up n terrific
In a short tlrao one piano shot down
ward In flames nnd crashed to earth
less than 100 feet from GIfford's truck.
The young Salvationist ran, to tho
Wreckage, and atter jlesperatoeffort4
L'SfrlcAled tho broken utul Mocilhijr uvl
jftor, wjio wis still nllvo. Two French
fcoldlors. who hnd been concealed nenr
by rnn up, ami notlnc tho condition of
tho nvlntor, rnced off In different
tactions for n doctor nnd ninbtihtnco,
j Young Clifford bold the dyliiff nlrimm In
Mr nrinfi, enabling him to llo buck, nnd
with fnst closing eyes pizo ut tho con
Met still rnRlni: Immedlivtely over tticlr
liend.i, Tho French piano put the Oer
nnn to rout, whereupon tho ICukIMi
lighter with n smllo relaxed nnd ex
hired In tho nrms of tho Salvationist.
Clifford states that for u month ho
1ms not hnd Ids shoes off, nnd Hint this
Is no uncotumon occurrence with tho
supply drivers. Ho spent 21 hours utj
der his truck on n uubscqiwnt trip
when It rnp off the rood Into n ditch,
with shells dropping nround It nil day
nnd lmjf tho night.
Chief of Police and Nelnhbcr's Wife
Carry Out Suicide Pact.
Rochester, N. Y- Kljncr Fish, chief
of pollco of Mncedi'ii, and Mrs. Muter
I'holps, who wore found shot (o death
In tho woods nenr Spencorport on
Thursday, loft their homes on July 8.
Fish, his wlfo nnd their two small
children lived opposite to Mr. nnd Mra.
I'holps In Mucedon. Fish represented
the Standard Oil and Phelps is n barge
canal operator. Mrs. Phelps was a fre
quent visitor to tho Fish home, itU
though Mrs. Fish protested ngnlnst her
visits. '
Mrs. Phelps was driving Fish's nil
tnmohllo on July 7 and crashed Inti)
another machine. Fih took the car to
Palmyra nnd wanted to have It repair
ed Immediately. As this could not bo,
done, ho and Mr. Fish returned to
Macedon. He nnd Mrs. Phelps left
there on tho trolley at four o'clock nnd
nothing wus heard from them until
the finding of their bodies.
Mrs. Fish nnd her children have gone
to tho homo of her fa their In Clifton
v ucnrio rnrT ntiinrr
nened uncHi urittuoc
Manchester, conn. James j
Velch has n hen which lays A,
freak eggs once u week. They f
are usually of large slxc. Tho Y
latest one, n doublo egg, mens-
ured 8V& Inches In clrcumfer- X
enco nnd 7I Inches around the f
center. In tho center of tho
larger egg was n smaller one, y
tho shell of which was harder ft
than the one outside. (
Army Terms.
An army corps is G0,00r men.
An infantry division 19,000 men
An infantry brigade 7.000 men
Kcsiment of infantry 3,000.
A battalion is 1-000 men
A tompai y is 250 men.
A corporal's squad is 8 men.
A field battery has 195 men.
A firing sciuad is 20 mTi.
A supply train has 283 men.
A machine gun battalion has
296 men.
An engineer's regiment has
1.098 men,
An ambulance company has GO.
A field hospital'has 55 men.
A medicine detachment 13 men.
A major general heads tho fie'dj
army ana also eacn army c.rps.
A br'gadier general heads each
infat-try brigade.
A colr.ru 1 heads each rgiment.
A lieutenarff co'onel is pext in
rank below a. colonel.
A majV headjB a battalion.
A captain heads a company.
A lieutenant heads a platoon.
A sergeant is next bolow a
A corporal is a squad officer.
Our article in last week's issue
advocating that laws be passed
prohibiting emigration from tho
countries that have been fighting
the allied nations and deporting
all men in the United State3 who
still retain citizenship in enemy
nations, seems to have met with
general approval judging from
the compliments we have receiv
ed. If you believe inI"America
for Americans" help the work
along by talking the matter over
with your friends and neighbors.
Give Thanks
And for your Thanksgiving Dinner
let u$ supply you with
Fresh Groceries of all kinds
Sweet Potatoes
Celery Dates Nuts
Olives Pickles
Oysters Shrimps Clams 1
Cookies Candies
Ike always
n man was foolish to buy
plug of tho Gravely class
when ho could get a big
plug of ordinary tobacco
for the same money. But
one day Bill gave him n
chew of Gravely just two
or three email squares.
Then Ike got the pure, sat
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
each piece, packed in z pouch
Department of the Interior.
IT. 8. Land Office at I.atirando, Oro
Kon, Nov. 8th. 1018.
Notice 18 hereby tilvon that Andrew .1,
Alton, of Durban, Orition, who, on Nov
mnbi-r 5th, 1016, mnlo Additional Home
tt!Hil lintry, No. 01IS1I. or V. BHtjf,
Section Ii8, nnd Wi MVt4', Section 27,
Townxhii 11 Konth, Kuiiku II Kant, Wll
litinutto Moridian, linn Mod nntlooot in
tfiition to rnako tliroo-yeur front, to
tnliliI claim to tho IniidnhovcdL'ncrilX'd,
hcffiro A. Jl. Cornhn, Jr., dork of Coun
ty Court, ut Hiikfr, Oroxon, on tho 0th
dny of January, 1010.
Clitlinnnt nnnioo hh wltnuseitst O. it.
din Imiin and Wrun Criup, of Darken,
Oiiiu'un; William Ooff und William Nor
rln, of linker, Orison,
C. S. Pitmi, Hcslstor.
First publication Nov. .'), 1013.
I.HPt publication Doc Ml, 101H.
Notice of Filing Final Account
Notico is hereby mven that by consid
eration of tho County v'ourtof tbofJtato
of Oropin for Ilakrr County, by mi oritur
in ail (i it nil unlurud therein on tho 10th
day of November, 1018, In tint ruatU-r of
tlm ontatu of ThninaH II, Crunall, Do
coaeei, that tho Una! account of C K.
Ashby, AdminiHtratrix of uald eataio,
will bo heard on tlio'JIinl day of Decern,
her, 1018, at tho hour of ten o'clock in
tho forenoon, and nil peraonB having ob
jeetioub to wild llnal account aro hereby
required to lllo thoHanm with tlio county
clerk of linker County, Oregon, on or bo
foro eald dato or thuv will bu forovcr
barred from beliiK heard thereafter
thereon. Dated this Kith day of Novum
her, 1018.
O, H. AHhby,
Administratrix of tho Kntato of Thomas
II. Comiall, Deceased,
J. It. Mcealck, Attorney for Administratrix,
November, 28 j
tsfying Gravely taste. It
lasted so long, you can't
tell him nowadays that it
costs him anything extra
lo chew Real Gravely.
fet furthtrthot't wfiy ytit X
tan (tt (lie coed llt tf thtt dan
cflolatn vrllhoul txtra (tit
In the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Baker
In the Matter of the ) Notico of
Kdtatu of W Until Hun- l-llin
nett. Deeeimed. ) Final Account
tho undcrKlu'ned ban fllixl her final report
in tho alxivo entitled cauoo and that tho
County Court. of linker County, Oregon,
has not Monday, tlm With day of Novom
her, l'JIB, at tlm hour of ten o'c'ock A.
M., bm tbn tiiiie, and tlm Countv Court
Itoom In Ilin Cnuutv Court IIouho of tlm
City of (taker, Ilakor County, Oroeo'i, nH
the plitco, when and where mild limit roi
port nnd all multern connected therewllh
and with uald entnto hlmll oomc on for '
final hcnricK and diitermluatioii.
All pemons linvlnu objectioiiH theroto
Hball then and tliero appear and mako
thu ftiimo.
Dated thin Kith dnv of October, 1018.
Adminlhtrutrix of tho im'aln of William
lioiuielt, lain of linker County, Oru-
KOIl, DeceaMfd.
Dato of llrt publication Oct. 21, 1018,
Dato of hint iiublication Nov. 21, 1018.
I have installed n new plant
and am prepared lo vulcanizo
anything that it is possible to re
pair in 'that manner (oven hot
water bottles and rubber boots)
a specialty. All work Ruaran
teed satisfactory.
Plant at Uichland Auto Co.-radv
3"' 'J