Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, September 03, 1914, Image 4

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    First National Bank, Baker, Ore.
Comtroljefs Call, June 36; 1911..
"SMighti Truthful; Direct
Loans h'n,d p'iscounCs $940,339.10,
Overdrafts : $678.70
U. S. Boncl8.,lV.. $225,000.00,
Municipal ponds ttnd Securities.. $50,348. '19,
Banking House and Real Estate.. $23, 240. 00
Cash and due from Banks. . . ..'$629,471.52
Capital Stock ...... $200,000.00
SnrpluH Fund $100,000.00
tjndovided Profita t $72,397 29
Rational Currency. . $198,500.00
DlvidondB Unpcl'd . -.$4,000.00
Deposits :.. : $1,270,189.70
m $1,875,77.90
V. Flow'ef
Entered aV second class niatferDec.' 12. JL'9'12 at the post oriice at
Richland Oregon, under act tirfareff 3, 1S7"
4 .
Cards of Thanks and Resolutions.05 per line.
ONE YEAR - : - - - $1.50 i SIJj MONTHS -THREE
' .75
&CHLAND, ORIS!, THURSDAY, SEPT. 3, 1914, VOh. 2, NO. 42
UST. what a .railroad
would mean to Eagle
' Valley in dollars afld
cents, is hard to . say
it i-s certain that the
; ! i
great good lhat would , ie?uU
theretrom, is not reanseu uy
cur people. . , , v. , . -
.The parties who recently held
the meeting here was very en
thusiastic over possibilities in Ea
le and we must say that their
scheme sounded very plausible
and from all that can be learned
they are perfectly, able to carry
out the undertaking.
; They vjere very conservative
having Uttle to say for publica
tion, pref erring to wait until
results were accomplished. This
looks good and we hope the great
desire will be realised, of a rail
road in Eagle Valley or who can
truthfully say they know condi-
tipns as they nQw exist and as
Vey would exist, in event of a
railroad. Even the most radical
guesser will fall far short of
actual possibilities.
per cent Reserve
Wm. Pollman - - President
J.H.Parker Vice 1 resident
T. G. Montgomery Cashier
A. L. James Ass'i Cashier
f -
Wm. Pollman
J.N, Teal 7 .J. II. Parker
John Schmitz
6co.' Chandler
Juno 30, 1914 $1,875, 077,.9
Juno 14, 1912 .... $1,802, 748.G8
Increase, Two Years. .$512,32).31
THIS BANK CO-OPERATES with its customers in every con
sistent way and has resources ample to meet their rcqufrmcnts.
We solicit accounts of those who appreciate the advantages of
, association with a strong institution.
4 per cent Paivi on Time Certificates of Deposit
ittle Drops of Water Make a Mighty Ocea Just as
Little Advertisme-ts Make Dig Busmen
f Mill. HI) piMII I, IIIH-Mllllllllf III m-l jpMMMWMM 1
t SamsBsmmrmuamk flu,. 1 M Imini mrrmm 'nmnm n i mw rhi
UTQ iwnoi" hod oKfovcf loon
f L friendly with our sister of
Fine, while at times ?ngag
ing in word battles with our sis
ter valley newspaper, it has al
ways been in a friendly manner.
ifet in spite of this, we cannot
help but notice the natural drift,
and we can see plainly .that Ea-,-gle
and Pine are rapidly drifting
v apart as far as mutual interests
j are concerned.
.Iii spite-of everything Eagle
continues to stick close to Baker
. as a trade center, this despite the
fact that all direct means of com
munication and transportation
have been cut off. On the other
hand, Pine has invaded the trade
centers of Idaho and are natural
ly a part of the territory that
goes to make up the trade for
t'lis district. Eagle on account
of its being nearer Baker,, natur
.al'y le.ns tint wayt there
fore Pine and Eagle are gradual
ly drifting apart and we can see
that in i not far distant . time,
they will be really divided as far
an'mutual tastes and desires are
concerned. . .
WE read in the Saturday, Ev,e
riing Post, lhat women, have
auperior brains t& men, Fhey
jertainiy know how to work a
,'wian, if thats whata meanti
As we say, we would like tb
see the two valleys closer togeth
er, ,but B.aker should and is work
ing to keep them apart, for the"
reason that, Eagle and Pine;unit
ed might make a seperate county
while devided, this could hardly
be accomplished. Asido from
this, however, ..Eagle and Pine
are not natural allies, their peo
ple are not, as often stated, the
same family, they are different
in a great many ways, Eagle peo
ple being as a rule, more conser
vative and more loyal to a given
point of trade, Baker and Eagle
have so long been close to each
other that it would be extremely
hard to change.the disposition to
trade at the county seat. A
great many men, v.ho own valu-
iabje property in Eagle are also
interested in Baker and natural
ly pujl that way.
; So with all friendship toward
?ine, with all hopes for theirad-
vanccment, there-itf yet but 'one
conclusion to draw and that is
that Pine and Eagle as a unit
can never be.
Witnessed the end of the last great
European War
4i i& i
1 SVARl WARl waft whaff for;
One tomato expert, . estimates
that.$l,000,000 wcrth of tdma
toes cpukl be raised in. fhe upper
end of the valley, yetrithere is
sornq who .maintain, 'u. ilrpaq
in Eagle could' nofc bV made' to
's causing an unusual ad
vance in all lines of
merchandise Some have almost dou
bled in price However we will not
make any advance at this time n'or as II
long as our present stock lasts.
Our new fall lines are arriving, some are in
others are on the way, all of these goods were
contracted for before the -war and they will be
priced accordingly These li nes will be very com
plete and we will be glad to have you call and
look them over
ii w