Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, February 15, 1917, Image 2

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We’re Prepared for
Spring with a Full
Line of
Are You Prepared With
a Kodak to catch the Beu-
ties of Spring? If not,
Come in and let us show
you our line of Kodaks and
how easy it is to use them.
PRICE $6.00 UP.
Win. A. HIGH
It pays to advertise in the Cloverdale wagon was so badly used up th at it will cost you nothing. Dring a bit of
C ourier and its advertising space is would not pay to have it repaired it was change with you in case you feel th at
bought by successful, up-to date m erch­ som etim es m ads useful by w iring the his lecture lias been good, so th a t you
ants. A perusal of its advertising col­ broken parts with hayw ire, of which can help to defray his expenses in com ­
there was an abundance in every ranch­ ing to Cloverdale.
um ns will verify this statem ent.
e r’s yard. Hence when an article of
A griculturist .Tones, of Tillam ook, any discription hail been badly broken | For Sale—One com plete set of m edium
phones us th a t a big silo excursion will it was a com m on expression to say th at weight farm harness never been used.
m ake the Nestucca Va'ley Monday m orn­ it had gone “ hayw ire.” It is presum ed Twenty per cent below cost. Geo. R.
ing, passing through Cloverdale en- th at ths com ing logging cam p evangelist \ Schaefer, Meda, Oregon.
route for Pacific City at 10 o’clock, lie had at some tim e or another allowed j
Church Notes.
requests all those having m achines to him self to get into a hayw ire condition,
or had gone “ hayw ire” so to speak. He Sundav schoel at 10 a. m. Classes for
bring a load and m eet th e excursion.
to speak in the P resbyterian church / all.
It may lie som ew hat out of the ordi­ is next
Sunday m orning and evening, and ! Preaching services at 11 a. m . and
nary to title a man ‘‘H ayw ire” and y e t' besides telling of his experience will talk 7 ;30 p. m. All are cordially invited to
it mav he highly appropriate. In one to the people regarding tho salvation o f 1 these services.
section of the country when a buggy or | th eir souls. Come and hear h im ; it
Rev. Jos. A. M cVeigh, pastor.
The Hew York Clothing Store
Tillamook’s Greatest Bargain House
For tin* next few (lavs we are srointr to otter you the
most exceptional bargains you have heard of in many a day—
.hist received hundreds of dollars worth of good staple mer­
chandise consisting of Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Clothing,
Shoes, l nderwear, Furnishings, etc., which will go during
tins sale at prices far below actual wholesale cost. The few
items below give you an idea of the great bargains wo are of­
fering. “Note tin* Prices:”
C j
\V. A. W ise, dentist.
Hr. Wise will be at Cloverdale Tues­
day Feb. “7.
Hr. Wise cannot come to Cloverdale
next Tuesday, Fab. 20.
Fresh country cured bacon at 24c per
pound. C h a rla n d o Heuel, Woods.
W anted Will pay highest cash price
for your calves. A W. Franklin. Phone.
I ncle llenrv M iller and Mrs. P otter, k
of Braver, were Cloverdale visitors W ed­
nesday of this week.
J . B. Gillam and fam ily enjoyed a
visit from hts m other, of Tillamook
from Friday to M onday.
Mrs. Oscar Bodyfelt, accom panied by
buy now at per pair
8 1 1 .4 8
in* this sah* special
her mot her, Mrs. lb R utgersand d au g h t­
$20.00 M en's Suits now go-
xj —
er, were Cloverdale visiters W ednesday.
in* a t ............................... . . . ' ’ 'H '1 O .00 M en’s ’s W ork Shoes to O O X
* ’ **
Mrs. A. W att, of Tillam ook, arrived
$20.00 Ladies’ Suits «»in* u f ü To $7. f»0 Bovs’ Blue Serge X i s> go at |ier p air...................
in Cloverdale this afternoon for a short
;11......................................... 0 , 1
Suits. 8 ,^ .1 at .....
’, | S
visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. A.
H igh.
M ira ’ I «m ra »K..K>va|. ,| ( ) s
3 , 4 8 , Bov9’ School Shoe, , t « c t io n , 1
Clam s for Sale—Delivered at Wood*
Low Prices during
o(> cents; Clover Tale <>h cents per live
this sale.
gallons. Claren»’« 'I Babcock Wooils,
All Ladies’ Skirts to go at
t begun
ext’eptional low prices.
I- nvoy O G underson, of the Salvation
I n $4.IK) M en’s H ats, good
Your choice a t....... 2 . 4 8
Army, P ortland, was in Cloverdale
•fl r>0 Values at .........
ve«ter»lav. W hile here he m ade a trip
Lined F nderw ear ex tra
|< )
$1.00 Values a t
68c To $2.50 M en’s H ats E xtra (k *
to Woods
special, per garm ent .....
big values Special a t ....... *
llen rv A ltrnherger, of Blaine, was
Men’s Fine [Tress Shirts in
brought to Cloverdale todav on account
•T-V M en’s Wool Sux at per ,) • > .,
a lot »if Neat Desirable
»<f badly lacerating two of his toe- while
p a i r .........................................
Suits. It il \ now at the 1 j( k
Value to
1. 1«
W ashington's birth.lav danea will I>«>
Ladies’ and Children’s Hosiery
Ladies’ Suits Men’s Suits
....................... ’¿.8»
l»ovs’ K nickcrhockci
held at
H« ho
I huradav evening, Feb.
22. Music will he furnished hv H ea­
to n's orchestra
Gllie Woods, of Reaver, was operated
on at the Nest le, a Valiev Hospital
l'ueedav m orning lor appendicitis, lie
is reported a» »hung nicely.
\ repot t reached Ch>veniale Sunday
th at J«*e Baxter, of Polph. was »piit«
badly injured hv a fractious horse His
injuries wi re quite serious, hut he is on
the menti.
V M en’s W ork si iris during | ( t
this sal«- at
I «*(‘
Special at
85 c
at very low pi ices for the
Remember the Name
next few davs.
>1. CiMGhM-’XM. P r o p . TILLAMOOK, OKL.