Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, November 30, 1916, Image 6

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If ' • v:vi
■ H M
H ! JA D O W N
L IG H T L Y .
•' <$
“ You should l>e playing half-
£ back instead of end.” advised
i> Tom Keady to one of bit! Lehigh
• ' > extremity men who had just al-
lowed ari opposing back to skirt
$> his position for u touchdown.
“ How is that. Toni?” inquired
♦> the player.
“ Why. if you could dodge op-
^ laments like you ducked that
v play you would be the greatest
* halfback o f all time.”
Dadniun over a minute, e’yed his broad
shoulders and said:
< 8 >
“ Pay! You big feller! You ought to
go out for football with that build of
yours. And when you get on tlie squad
<*> you will want to see your picture in
< f 8> j the Illustrated.
Better subscribe now."
[idniun looked him over a moment
’ %iiid said he was already “ out for the
< 8 »
“ Well, you will surely want the mag­
azine, then. Perhaps your picture is in
<8» this very copy You will want it. you
<*> km w. just to send your picture home1
< 8 >
and let the folks see you in print."
Dadinun smiled blandly and signed
<8> the proferred blank.
But no light
dawned, ttie freshman thanked him
and walked out to try Ids luck with
the next man
Record F o r A. L. Strikeouts.
The best American league strikeout
records are these o f Glade o f the St.
Louis Browns in 1904. sixteen men.
and o f Babe Waddell of the St. Louis
Browns In 190S. also sixteen mem
(?* »//*\v ^,/T
Brandegce-Kincaid Clothes
Our Clothes-
CroecI in
Battling Nelson, one time lightweight
hampiou, intends to resume his for­
mer normal looking appearance. The
Durable Dane, «h ose beauty was all
knocked to smithereens during his riqg
lareer and whose ears were shaped a la
.•nulidower, wants his classic features
Nelson announced recently he signed
ontracts with a few beauty special
ists to start to work on his face. The
reason for this sudden desire to be-
rauio handsome is ascribed to tlie fact
that Nelson Is anxious to once again
lump into the marital ring.
V eteran Long Distance R u n n e r
H a ng Up His Spiked Shoes.
To tcJt the (rath
in print and act it
in the store.
W ill
Sidney Hatch is going to retire. The
veteran long-distance runner, who re
cently made the remarkable run from
Milwaukee to Chicago, n distance of
ninety-live miles, in 1 t hours f*j min
utes 30 seconds, says he inis had
enough o f it. so will hang up his spiked
Athletic sharps are still talking of
Hatch’s feat. Ilis average was only
slightly slower than eight and a half
F re s h m a n Told H a r v a r d C a p ta in
O u t f i t to T r y F o r Eieven.
How Captain llarrie II. Dadinun o f
the Harvard foot twill team was told
that he ought to go out for football by
a freshman candidate for the Harvard
team Is now going the rounds In Har­
vard football circles.
It happened the other evening when
Dadinun was studying in his room in
Thayer ball. In answer to Ids “ Come
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» *
A. A. P E N N IN G T O N
T illa m o o k ,
Photo by American Press Association
Photo by AmorlCiin Press Ass >ctat1on.
Photos by American Prosa Assoctstton
V A I .K
K uvm
rillN C R O X
In!" ncrastoned by a knnck on his «loor,
a simple yet boisterons freshman np-
poared In the doorway. fresh froni
lüngfown higli soniewhero ITp looked
“ Who was Hie best halfback? In my
opinion,” says a New York football ex­
pert, “ Osgood of the Pennsylvania
team back in 1^94 was in n class by
himself. At least lie never has been
excelled, so many football sharps be­
lieve. Osgood played at Cornell before
be joined the Quakers, who were projc-
tically invincible with such stars as
George Brooke, Carl Williams. Wood­
ruff, Wharton ami others.
“ I remember the Pennsylvania-Har­
vard game of ’04, In which Osgood
made several sensational plays, includ­
ing a run the whole length o f the field,
lie caught the ball on the kick-off be­
hind his own goal line and with im
pregnable interference he went through
the whole Harvard team for a touch­
down. Osgood was a ten second man
and an all around athlete. lie was
killed in the Spanish war."
1. To make Quality
and Style the cop­
imi stone.
2. 7V> ,sr//
/nicest price consist­
ent tri/h the small­
est projit a hoce cost.
miles per hour. And stea lug along
at an eight and a half mile an hour
gait for fifteen hours is some strain
on the human engine.
Since ltKV| Hatch has a
world o f Marathon running into Ids
•steer. In fact no man in the history
of athletics has ever (em ptied in as
many grueling long distance races.
When it comes to stamina, endurance
ami I n l H i n t toughness Sid sure is sec­
ond cousin to a western broncho ami a
near relative to the Alabama untie.
Coach’s New Football Play May Revo-
Jutioni^o AM Kinds of Kicking.
George Foster Sanford, football sur­
geon and inventive genius of the grid­
iron, lias evolved another wrinkle. In­
cidentally the secret o f his visit to-
Pennsylvania a short time ago is out,
for it was to teach Boh Colwell's dis­
ciples the knack o f a new trick.
Sanfoi'd and Fohvell belong to the
new thought school of football, in
which the old conservatism lias a!>out
as much standing as the old mass play
has in the 1910code. They areas thick
as peas in n pod and always let each
other in on their gridiron secrets.
Sanford's latest invention is dubbed
by him the multiple kick, but it isn’ t
anything like that. It's only one kick,
but the play requires the services o f
the center, the quarterback and the
other three backs, so that tlie multiple
part refers to the handling o f the pig­
skin. It's a trick that may revolution­
ize the kicking feature o f football* but
as yet it is a rather hazardous stunt
at best and In some inarters* might
he classed in tlie category of "shoe
string” plays.
Here's how it works— when it does
work. From a kick formation the half­
backs lie down on the ground, facing
each other. Bight above them stands
the quarterin'.! k, ready to receive the
ball front tlie center. Several paces
behind the quarterback is the fullback,
i’ iie pass is made, the quarterback
[»laces the hall in the bands o f the
halfbacks, they | ut it in position for
the kick, and the fullback proceeds to
boot the pigskin into the next county.
It is very easy to see how farreach-
ing the effects o f this play might be
and wtint a tremendous bearing it has
on punting and the kicking o f place­
ment goals. Itutgers has worked the
play for kicks which went for seventy
yards, particularly in tile tie with
Washington and Leo. Bill Quigley of
Pennsylvania has kicked several goal»
from thi> fifty-five yard mark with the
aid o f the multiple play, and Derr.
Light and Berry have hid almost
equal success.
The play requires a stone wall line,
and the development o f first class lino
men is sort o f second nature with San­
ford. He may show, through It's Rut­
gers team, that his newest play is the
real goods. It was Sanfonl who evolv­
ed the legal mass play, which the rules
committee recently had to declare in
keeping with the spirit and the letter
o f the code. The new kicking play
on paper sounds like a remarkable
stunt, and it may iu reality prove to
l»e one.