Cloverdale courier. (Cloverdale, Tillamook County, Or.) 190?-19??, August 03, 1916, Image 2

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    Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals addressed to the
Countv Court of Tillamook County,
! Oregon, and endorsed “ Proposals to
i Complete a Fill or Trestie at the Comp­
ton place in Section 20, Townetiip 4 S.,
R. lO West, on the County Road be­
tween Cloverdale and Woods.” in ac-
.cordance with the plans and specifica­
tions thereof on tile in tha otfice of the
County Clerk, of Tillamook County,
Oregon, w ill be received by the County
Court ot said County, at Tillamook City,
Oregon, until the hour of 10 o’clock A.
M. on the 4th day of August, 19.16, and
at that time opened and read.
When you go on an outing you
Each bid shall be accompanied bv a
need Cups and Plates.
certified check made payable to the
Just step into our store and get a County Clerk, for an amount equal to 5
package of Paper Plates, Drinking per cent of the total of said bid, which
shall be forfeited to the County, in case
Cups or Outing Package.
the bid is accepted and the bidder shall
They’ re just the thing for an out­ fail, neglect or refuse for a period of five
ing trip. Saves bothering with days after which the award is made to
dishes and are perfectly sanitary. enter into a contract and file a bond
satisfactory to the Court as required by
Also take a look at those little
The bids will be received for the
Premo’ s for the youngsters or a Clearing, Grubbing and Grading from
Kodak for the older ones. Y o u ’ll Station 0 |»lus 0 to Station 10 plus 92.8.
Bids will be received also for a Trestle,
certainly need one.
all according to the plans and specifica­
tions on file in the office of the County
The County Court reserve the right to
reject and all bids.
Druggist and Stationer,
Dated this 20th day of July, 1916.
J. C. Holden, Countv Clerk.
L ocal and personal items
and other news of interest
Wise A Massey, Dentists.
P. M. Stiverscm for photo work.
Arthur Foster, of Meda, left Monday
Grand Master Westbrood and Grand Con­
for Illinois.
ductor Wead Here for the
Elbert Worthington and wife moved
to Mohler Monday.
Miss Alida Ray returned to her home
in Portland Monday.
Jennie Ward came in from
mina Tuesday evening.
W illa-
Miss Emma Wilson is visiting home
folk ut Meda this week.
The warm weather of the past few
days has brought in lots of campers.
For sale— House and lot cheap. Terms
to right party. Enquire Courier office.
Plasker Pros, for all kinds of ulumb-
ing, bath room outfits and fixtures. T il­
lamook, Ore.
Elmer W ebb’s family are again num­
bered among Cloverdale citizens. Elmer
is at the Mercantile Co. store.
R. O. Woods, who has been trucking
lumber to Tillamook from this place,
moved back to Portland today.
Adam Babcock, of Pacific City, left
this morning for California, called there
by the serious illness of his father.
Ford cars will be sold by Ackley A
Rosenberg, Tillamook, till July 1st, on
easy payments, Touring car $493.25.
The Cloverdale Mercantile Co. are ad­
vertising a 10 per cent discount on
paints, oils, doors, etc. See ad on page 5.
When in Tillamook and you want a
good meal at a most reasonable prim
call at M. Oleson’s in the Ramsey Hotel
dining room.
The pa9t few days has been ideal
hay making
those who
were late in harvesting feel they have
the best of it.
Stiverson returned Wednesday from a
few days' camping at Netarts.
Kraner reports that Netarts is being
well patronized this season and that it
is with difficulty you find a tent to rent.
They were visited by several of their
Cloverdale friends while at Netarts.
Last evening the Oddfellows and Re-
bekahs were entertained by Grand
Master Westbrook and Grand Conduc­
tor Wead, of Portland. A large number
of the members of the lodge were pres­
ent and several visitors from Tillamook
and Beaver were among the guests.
A special meeting of the Oddfellows
was first held and the visiting officers
were listened to with marked interest,
after which the Rebekahs held their
regular meeting and intiated three can­
The grand officers compli­
mented the Rebekahs for their excellent
After the meetings were closed a
spread was bad and it was at the early
hour of 1 o’clock this morning before all
Have Your Guests Mentioned.
had been served
The meeting was a
It is impossible for any newspaper to
grand success and all report having had get the names of all visitors to his lo­
an exceptionally enjovable time.
cality. Let us tip you off a sensible
suggestion. When you have a guest
"Sissies and Mollecoddles.”
This is the title of a lecture to be visiting you from out of town kindly in­
delivered iu the Presbyterian church form the Courier so that it can men­
Sunday evening by Rev. Snider, of tion the fact. Your guests will appre­
ciate it, and their home paper will copy
more than
Rev. Snider occupied the pulpit last it, thus
Sunday evening with a sermon and it
was one of the best the people have
listened to for some time. His delivery
is good and what he has to say he de­ Don’t wait until the paper has been
livers straight from the shoulder with printed and then get a grouch because
sush earnestness that you have no the paper did not mention the fact that
you had visitors.
The Courier is
reason to doubt his siucerety.
and we
His lecture Sunday evening, August
fith, "Sisjies and M ollecoddles" will be
worth making a special effort to hear. noon. Paste this in your hat and al­
He requests a full house and we believe ways feel that you are doing the Courier
the people w ill turn out to show him and your guests a favor when you send
that his lequest is granted. There is tn an item of this kind.
F. E. Rogers, McM innville druggist, n« charge and all are invited, especially
passed through Cloverdale Tuesday for the young people.
Neskowin, where he and his family will
Made Short Stay Here.
camp for a while.
Cloverdale was thrown into consider­
Mr. Flinshaw and family, formerly of able excitement last Thursday afternoon
Oretown, but now of
McMinnville, when Wilburn Morrison, the colored
autoed in town today They will camp man. leisurely walked into town. Mor­
for a few days at Neskowin.
rison had been sent to the county jail
Mr. and Mrs
W alter Larson, of for prowling around in the night time
Laurel, are registered at the Cloverdale and as he was thought to be demented
Hotel. Mr. I.arson is one of the en­ an examination was made of his condi­
gineers of the crew surveying the Big tion and lie was taken to Salem for
treatment. W hile at Salem be took
Nestucea Drainage District.
leave of absense on Wednesday and
The bridge builders have completed hiked to Cloverdale. Sheriff Crenshaw
work on the Blaine bridge and the came over Friday afternoon and took
County Court is viewing the same Morrison to Tillamook, where lie was
Should the Court decide to met by the Salem officials and escorted
have the bridgo covered the builders back. Morrison is a husky negro 35
will remain another week.
years old, and having the liabit of
Don't mien the picture shotr Saturday prowling around nights the citizens
evening, “ The Master H an d ," featuring here are more less afraid of him,
Nat Goodwin, the leading actor of the especially the women folk. A demented
l nited States. Positively one of the negro is not the safest creature to have
best sbsws ever in Cloverdale. Dane# around and it is hofied Cloverdale is
rid of him for all time.
after the show. Everybody come.
Mr and Mrs. L. M. Kraner anil Arha
O uting
N ecessities
Will Remove to Portland.
W. M. Owen, who has been connected
with the Cloverdale Mercantile Co., for
the past tP e vears, w ill remove with
his familv to Portland the first of next
month. W e regret that Mr. Owen has
decided to make this change as when
the family leave, Cloverdale K»ses *ne of
its best families
Lloyd Peck to Move to Arksnsas.
We regret to inform our readers that
another of our respected citizens is to
take up his abode elsewhere; Mr. and
Mrs. Peck will move shortly to A r­
kansas where they will purchase a
farm. Mr. Peck has been working on
Commissioner Owens’ ranch the past
The Evening Telegram, Portland’s
best daily paper, and the Cloverdale
Courier, both papers one year for only
Crossing the Channel.
What landing at Sandwich was like
In 1533 we learn from nubertus, the
envoy o f the Palsgrave Frederick to
Henry V III., whose story Is given In
Mrs. Henry Cust’s “ Gentlemen E r­
rant.” nubertus was detained for a
week at Calais by stormy weather and
had a terrible time when he finally
hired a ship and crossed. A young
Englishman compelled the sailors to do
their duty by ropes’ ends and threats
o f death, and taught Hubertus, who
was “ middling seasick." to pump out
the water, which he did "till at the
break o f morning the winds fell, and
we saw the mountains of England
spread out before us." They found
themselves oCT Sandwich (that moun­
tainous district) and were taken off
the ship 1n small boats and carried “ on
neck or back" to land.—London Chron­
T h a Moth and the Flam e.
A naturalist spates that a moth—and
for that matter many other insects—
will fly toward a flame for the same
reason that a plant seeks the light.
Insects. It stems, move in the direc­
tion o f the light rays that fall upon
them. But the light must be o f con­
siderable Intensity to produce a mark­
ed result. Tow ard a feeble glare, the
Insect would move but leisurely, but
In the case o f a concentrated light like
the flame o f a candle or lamp the In­
sect travels with great rapidity to Its
T iger Sharks.
When a Hawaiian sees a shark near
the surface with eyes which shine red,
as though they had red glass in them,
he w ill not go In the wuter or even on
the w ater or If he Is on the w afer he
will get to shore, for the red eyed fish
Is the tiger shark, and It does not hesi­
tate to attack. They w ill not only at­
tack a man In the water, but they will
A M onorail Ride.
Butftnsky, who heard some traveling follow' n fisherman in a canoe after he
men talking about the monorail, adopt­ has taken a lot o f fish aboard, and It is
said they will attack and overturn a
ed his usual tactics.
“ 1 rode on one of those once.” he canoe If they are very hungry.
Men who know fish do not want to
pi pis 1 tn.
have anything to do with the rice,*
“ Rode on what?”
“ A single rail.”
A shark does not turn on Its back to
• T il bet yyu did." replied one o f the
as is the common opinion o f those
drummers, “ and I ’ ll also bet there was
who have not lived near shark infested
a man carrying each end o f the rail.”
waters. It turns on its side and when
In tills position can travel almost as
fast and handle itself almost ns well a i
It is speculation if you happen to win, when it Is in its natural position.—
but it is gambling if you lose.
Honolulu Star.
Notice to Horse Owners
E. E. Cross, of Hebo, lias purchased
the Percheron horse “ Liberal” and will
keep him at his barn on the place. Im ­
prove your stock by the use of this
registered Percheron.