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Oif Your Food
You don't and cant if your itomach is
weak. A weak stomach does not digest
ail that in ordinarily taken into it. It
gets tired easily, and what it fails to di
gest ia wanted.
Among the sifrns of a weak stomach
are uneasiness after eating, fits of ner
vous headache, and disagreeable belch
ing. Hood's Sarsaparilta
strengthen and tones the stomach and
the whole digestive system.
A Variety of RtatOM.
"Why is she going to the mountains
this Tear?"
"Oh, she has several reasons. The
doctor has ordered her to go, her hus
band has ordered her to stay at home,
and she is sick of the shore and the
- la a Higher Patitioa.
"Me darter Nora is goin' t' marry
Casey, that wnrrucks ia the basement
of that buildin'. B't Oi do be tillin
her that she moight her looked
"Vis; she cad hor hod Marphr, that
wurrncks on the top story of the same
The well-posted drnggist advises you
to use Hamlin's Wizard Oil for pain,
for he knows what it has done.
Cat HI Shara.
"I am sorry, doctor, yoa were not
able to attend the church supper last
night; it would have done you good
to be there."
"It has already done me good,
madam. I have just prescribed for
three of theparticipanta.
It Cures Wfclle T Walk.
Allen's Foot-Ease makes tigt and new shoes
tsel easy. It ia a certain cure for sweattnjrcsl, aching feet. Try U
oday. AtaUdmreist,25o. Trial package mail
ed FREE. Adress Allen 8. Olmsted, LeKoy,
A Compantoav
Grandpa I had a fellow out walking
yesterday and well I guess I tuckered
him out. But then he is old.
Bobie Why, grandpa, you "are 82
Well, maybe lam; but this fellow
was at least a year older."
riVA PemanentSv Cures- ffo fits er
(119 after 6retiaya.r.or Tr. Kliee'eGnet Nans
Xeetorer. 8rorFRBE9XMtrialbottiaadtm,
H, VSutl.&UIia.uaaM areaaiuriuiHnpiwin
Out at First
Scftleigh I aw had a most de
lightful dweam lawst night, doncher
Miss Cutting Indeed!
"Yaws. I dweamed that we were
mawwied doncher know."
"Had I dreamed that should have
classed it as a horrible nightmare."
Mothers will Gna Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth
ing Svrup the best remedy to use tor their
Bhtldren during the teething period.
Wanted Moneys Worth.
Mr. G rump That confounded doctor
charged me 5 for telling m that
there was nothing wrong with me.
Mrs. G rump Outrageous 1
Mr. Grump Yes; if he had discov
ered dangerous symptoms I shouldn't
have minded it in the least.
lie Had One.
"Do you guarantee a fit," asked the
anxious man as he entered the tailor
"Oh, yes; you'll have a fit all
right," said the obliging person with
the tape measure. And when the
clothes were delivered and he found
that the trousers were cut too short,
the anxious man had one as he gur
gled: "How true them words was
Taking No Chance.
"Doctor," said the fair invalid, ap
pealingly, "don't you think you could
conscientiously advise my husband to
send me to the sea shore for my
"Madam," replied the far-sighted
physician, "I cannot conscientiously
advise him toi ncur any additional ex
pense until my bill is paid."
An Urgent Necessity.
The were on a pleasure trip. Sud
denly a thoughtful member of the par
ty paused and said:
"Surely something is wrong. I feel
that something is amiss. O yes! It
has been almost two hours since we
had Mr. Coe Dakk take a group of
And immediately the matter was at
tended to.
BlQBiS Pole an
There is no noison so highly contagious,
o deceptive and so destructive. Don 't be
too sure you are cured because all externa
aigns of the disease have disappeared, and
the doctor says you are well. Many per
sons have been dosed with Mercury and
Potash for months or vearo. and Tjro-
ttounced cured to realize when too late
that the disease was only covered tip
Uk0 Beget, Uke. ffiZ.KS
out again, and to their sorrow and mortifi
cation find those nearest and dearest to
them have been infected by this loath
some disease, for no other poison is so
surely transmitted from parent to- child
as this. Often a bad case ot Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Scrofula or severe skin disease,
an old sore or ulcer developing in middle
life, can be traced to blood poison con-
life, for it remains smoldering in the sys
tem forever, unless properly treated and
driven out in the beginning. S. S. S. is
the only antidote for this peculiar virus,
the only remedy known that can over
come it and drive it out of the blood, and
it does this so thoroughly and effectually
that there is never a return of the disease
to embarrass or humiliate vou afterwards.
cures Contagious 2100a
Poison in any and all
atagea; contains no
I mineral to break down
your constitution : it is
g 00
purely vegetable and the only blood puri
fier known that cleansea the blood and
at the same time builds up the general
Our little book on contagious blood
poison is the most complete and instruc
tive ever issued; it not only tells all
about this disease, but also how to cure
yourself at home. It is free and should
be in the hands of everyone seeking a
Cure. Send for it
The new sewage disposal scheme ot
a German chemist, Erica sprtngDorn,
is the conversion of the solid matter
into blocks for fueL This fuel Is re
ported to be smokeless and to burn
without disagreeable odor, and the cost
of the process would be covered by the
sale of the blocks at a moderate price
for burning under steam boilers. The
sewage Is so thoroughly sterilised that
the liquid portion can be safely dis
charged Into any river.
Some Interesting additions to our
kuowledge, not only of geography but
ot anthropology, may be expected from
the expedition of W. Fltahugh White
house, an American, and Lord Ulndllp,
an Englishman, Into Abyssinia and the
regions of the Upper Nile. Among the
curious places to be explored la the dis
trict of W alamo, reputed to be Infested
with devlis. Mr. Whltehouse Intends
to spend a month In Walanio with the
intention of discovering the reason
why the natives of the country believe
that It Is possessed by demons.
Father Schrelber, of the Haynald Ob
servatory, at Kalocsa, Hungary, has
invented an electric apparatus for recording-
distant thunder storms. An
electric ware, set In motion by a flash
of lightning. Is registered by a detector
resembling In Its action that osed in
the Marconi telegraph system. The J
Impulse ia communicated to a pen con
nected with a disk moved by clock
work, and when the pen makes Its rec
ord a bell Is rang whose vibration re
sets the coheher. Storms raging invis
ibly twenty miles away are thus re
corded, and on one occasion, on a
bright day, the apparatus made known
the prevalence of a violent storm in
Budapest, sixty-eight miles distant
An example ot the dramatic effects
in which nature seems sometimes to
indulge is furnished by Professor Hugo
De Vries' description, in a recent lec
ture on the mutation of species, of the
appearance sometimes presented by
the large-flowered eventng primrose In
Holland. This plant was Introduced
Into Holland from America about a
hundred years ago, and has now es
caped from cultivation. The plant at
tains a height of five feet or more, and
Is thickly covered with flowers, whoso
size and brilliant color attract Imme
diate attention, eren from a distance.
The flowers open shortly before sun
set, "and this so suddenly," says Pro
fessor De Tries, "that it seems as If a
magic wand had touched the land and
covered It with a golden sheet!"
The biological stations of the New
England coast has solved the problem
of lobster culture. Several thousand
of the young fry are put into a cylin
drical scrim bag about three feet In
diameter and four feet deep, and the
water In the submerged bag la con
stantly agitated by a dasher driven by
gasoline engine. This prevents the
fry from smothering or devouring one
another, at the same time keeping their
food of soft clam fragments within
reach. In nine to sixteen days from
the eggs the creatures are able to take
care of themselves, this stage Detng
reached by sixteen to more than forty
per cent of the fry, although no pre
vious experiment had one per cent of
survivors. The fish hatcheries can
now save the lobster Industry.
Girl Jnst Fetnrned from Europe Car
ried a Nutmeg;.
She bad just returned from Europe,
bedecked with any number of little
trinkets she wouldn't have dreamed
of wearing before taking a trip abroad.
In all this wealth of strange adorn
ment there was one ornament that ap
pealed with especial force to the curi
osity of the visitor. This unique dec
oration was a little ball, oblong In
shape and grayish-brown In color.
It was partially incased in gold fill
gree work and was worn suspended
from the belt by a tiny gold chain.
There was a gold pin at one end 01
this chain, and every little while the
girl from Europe would unharness the
trinket and apply It to her nostrils with
deep whiffs of satisfaction. The vis
itor watched this pantomime for sev
eral minutes with growing Interest
and finally, alter an unusually pro
longed inhalation, she said:
"I do wish you'd tell me what that
thing Is."
The girl from Europe laughed.
was looking for you to ask that" she
said "I was trying to arouse your
curiosity. Here, take a whiff yourself
and see if you recognize the perfume.'
The visitor raised the little ball to
the tip of ber own nose and drew sev
eral long breaths. "Why," she said,
"it smells for all the world like a nut
And that's Just what It Is," said the
girl from Europe.
The visitor sat down In a state of
collapse. "You don't mean to say,
she Interrogated, "that they are wear
ing nutmegs over in Europe?"
"Well, no," returned the girl from
Europe. "They're not exactly wear
ing them In loads, but they do have
them. They are rather exclusive as
yet The fact is I am reviving an old
custom. I always did have a knack
you know, of doing odd things. When
I go Into strange places 1 don't go
mooning around In a sleepy kind of
way, but I keep my eyes and ears
open, and the consequence Is I see and
hear a good many things In the course
of a week that other people wouldn'
find out in a lifetime. One of the
things I discovered In England was
the old nutmeg custom. There are
number of them In museums that were
used by fine ladles of past genera
tions. Those nutmegs were Incased
In gold, just like this, but the casings
were set with jewels and were natural
ly very expensive.
"I haven't the Jewels, but I've got
the nutmeg and the gold filigree for
starter, and when I go around taking
refreshing whiffs at this fragrant lit
tie knob I feel as If I had been just
resurrected from a seventeenth-cea
tury mausoleum and was tickling my
senses with the odor of a nutmeg of
long ago. I always did like the smell
of nutmeg, anyway, even In custards
and apple pie. I knew a number of
people in England this summer who
followed my lead by coming
with gold nutmegs."
The visitor returned the gold case
with Its 5-cent ball of perfume.
"WelU she said, "of alt the fada I
ever heard ot that Is the most ridicu
lous. Do you suppose it will take?"
"Quite likely," said the girl from
Europe, according to the New York
Times. "History has already repeat
ed herself In all other customs, and
I'm doing all I can to push the nut
meg erase along."
Ho Did Mot Look with raver oa Kr
vloioa of tao Bci-tptarea,
la a paper la the Century James D.
Hague records these recollections of a
visit to Thomas Carlyle In company
with Professor Tyndall and Rear-Admiral
Raymond Rogers.
The talk touched mainly upon topics
of the day. I remember that there
was some discussion concerning the
Revised Version of the Scriptures, In
which work a commission of eminent
scholars and theologians was at that
time engaged. Carlyle seemed to re
gard the undertaking with but little
favor. He thought It useless, and said
he believed the old familiar version
would retain Its place with the com
mon people. Little good was to be
hoped for from the new. "One thing
Is certain," he aald: "every man who
helped to make the old version be
lieved that unless he did his whole
duty he would be eternally damned.
while not a single one of the new lot
believes anything of the sort"
Early la the conversation Carlyle ap
parently, Interested in the personality
of his visitors, turned to me with an
Inquiry touching my vocation and ca
reer. I told him I was a practical ge
ologist especially concerned In mining
"What do you mine forr he asked.
"Gold and silver." I replied.
"Gold!" he exclaimed. "You mine for
gold! That's a good-for-nothing pur
suit The biggest gold nugget ever
found was never half so useful to the
world as one good, mealy potato."
I sought to defend my position by
saying that many a good, mealy pota
to and many other things of equal val
ue had since grown In California and
elsewhere, which never would have
grown at all If the way had not been
opened by those who went there first
to seek for gold. This did not seem to
change his mind; but when we came
away he went with us to the door.
asking after Beveral friends In Amerl
ca and sending personal greetings; and
at last turning to me and placing his
hand on my shoulder, he said, as
nearly aa I can now recall his words.
Young man, don't let anything I have
said to you to-night change your mind
about your work. Do your work In
dustriously and stick to it faithfully,
and all will be well In the end."
Hie Persistency la Making a Bale Wit
Bnltably Rewarded.
Sir Thomas Lipton, the famous
yachtsman, and bead of what Is prob
ably the largest retail provision bus!
ness in Great Britaain, Is. one of those
men who believe In personally keeping
an eye on their employes.
To this end, when in London, be oft
en pays a surprise visit to one or an
other of his large establishments, and
departments, noticing everything but
saying very little.
As might be expected, among the
many thousands or men ana women
whom he employs there are some who,
never having seen the bead of the
firm, possess but a very hazy notion
of his personal appearance.
Sir Thomas chanced upon one of
these a week or two ago, and for
few minutes the bystanders enjoyed
little quiet fun.
This particular clerk was In charge
of one of the cheese-counters at one of
LIpton'a huge establishments in the
city. Seeing a gentleman about to
leave the shop without having made a
purchase, he immediately seized upon
the supposed customer and began to
extol the virtues of "LIpton'a cheese.
Sir Thomas, for it was no other than
he, listened with well-concealed
amusement for a few moments and
even went the length of tasting sev
eral samples. Then he tried to shake
off the assistant by saying that he was
not requiring any cheese "just at pres
But the clerk was not to be got rid
of so easily; and, before bis employer
quite realized what had happened, he
bad paid for a pound of his own
cheese, and the assistant was inquir
ing to what address It should be sent
The young man's amazement when be
realized the Identity of bis customer,
made his fellow assistants roar with
laughter. But a few days later the
laugh was on the other side, for Sir
Thomas, ever quick to recognize and
reward merit Instructed the cashier
to give the persistent clerk a substan
tial Increase in salary. Saturday even
lng Post
Honest Mistake.
The story is told of a little New Eng
land girl the workings of whose Pur
itan conscience involved her in dlfticul
ties on one occasion.
She was studying mental arith
metic at school, and took no pleasure
in it One day she told her mother
with much depression of spirit that she
had "failed again in mental arlthme-.
tic," and on being asked what problem
had proved her undoing she sorrowful
ly mentioned the request for the addl
tion of "nine and four."
"And didn't you know the answer,
dear?" asked ber mother.
" "Yes'm," said the little maid, "but
you know we are to write the answers
on our slates, and before I thought
made four marks and counted up, 'ten
'leven, twelve, thirteen;' and then of
course I knew that wasn't mental, so
I wrote twelve for the answer, to be
The Place to Show It.
TesB I suppose she'll go to the moun
tains this summer, as usual?
Jess Oh, no. She has become quite
plump and has developed a good figure,
Tess Well?
Jess Well, she'll go to the seashore,
of course. Philadelphia Press.
A man told three lies this morning to
save a dollar, and then put up the
How Sac a Case Wo old B Ha ad 14
Before, a J ltd a aad Jary.
If the "water cure," aa practiced la
the Philippines, were Investigated la
open court by our Judge, Jury and wit- (
neaa ayatem here at home, aaya to
Ohio State Journal wt might expect
dialogue between the plaintiff and his
attorney, who begins the couversatloa
something Uke the following:
"What is your Daniel"
"Joae Emllio de Songtaslmo."
(Of course the defendant would at
once object to the wltuesa having a
name like this and the objection would
be noted.)
"What la your nationality r
"I am a Filipino,"
"What la your business T"
"I am eugaged In the Insurgent busi
How long have you worked at that
"About three years."
"Did you ever hear of the remedy
known aa the 'water cure 7 "
"Yea, air."
"From whom?"
"The United States soldiers."
"Did they recommend it highly T
"For what maladies?"
"Insurgentltls," ; t
"Did they prevail on you to take the
water cureT" ,- 1 .
"Yea, sir; six or seven of them pre
vailed on me."
Will you state plainly, Jose, to the
Jury Just how this water cure' wa
"The soldiers bound me securely ant
while five held me the sixth Inserted a
hose nosxle Into my mouth and turned
on the water."
Ton mean to say, then, that this
'water cure' Is an Internal remedy?"
"Both Internal and external, sir; you
aee, when my capacity was taxed to
its utmost the water overflowed and ran
down my neck and over my person."
"Why did you not protest?"
"I was too full for utterance."
"Will you please state, for the benefit
of the jury, how much water you awal
lowed, as near as you can Judge?"
"I should say about two barrels."
(At this point the defendant would
object and an expert specialist ou the
capacity ot the human stomach would
be called on to testify.)
"Will you kindly atate to the Jury
what discomfort this caused you, It
'I experienced a moist sensation and
feeling of fullness that seemed to
border on the point ot explosion. This
was probably due to the fact that I
am not accustomed to taking water In
such large quantities."
"Did the soldiers hold any con versa
tlon with you while they were admin
istering the 'water cure?"
"Yes. they asked me to tell all the
secrets I knew."
"Did you do It?"
"Certainly; I told tbem all 1 knew,
and more, too."
"Did the operation impair your thirst
for water?"
Yes, I drank enough water on that
occasion to Isst me all summer."
"That is all Call the next witness."
The Carp Nuisance.
An Influence that seems to have 1
very material effect upon the bass fish
lng in Lake Erie is that of the German
carp, it is very generally oeiievea
among sportsmen and fishermen allka
that the carp Is to our native fish
as the English sparrow to our birds.
No one accuses the carp of having suf
ficient enterprise to eat other fish even
mall fry but It roots among the
spawning beds and Is believed to de
vour eggs by the million.
I have heard this complaint about
Lake Erie, at the St. Clair flats and
along the bays of Wisconsin, showing
that everywhere In the lake region the
carp Is held in the same disrepute. How
much truth there Is In the stories of
his spawn eating would be bard to
say, but it is certain mat carp are to
be found by thousands all about the
great lakes. Some of them are mon
sters In size and all root about the
banka of bay and bayou and the bot
tom of every shallow place.
Many small lakes have been entered.
says a writer in unting, ana their wa
ters turned from crystal to mud color
by the rooting. There Is no doubt that
they disturb spawn beds and do an lm-
mense amount of barm, whether they
are egg-lovers or not
Office Honrs of Reed.
Hon. Thomas B. Reed goes to Maine
occasionally and occupies his summer
home near Old Orchard Beach during
the warm months. He has become so
much in demand In New York that be
la often asked If he Intends to become
a permanent resident of the city. The
way he parries the question Is Inter
esting. "I find," be said to a group of
friends, "that the financial Importance
of a New Yorker Is gauged by the earll.-
ness with which be leaves the city o.
the lateness of his return; his riches
are measured by the length of time he
stays away." y
"But how about yourself?" asked one.
"Well, he said, slowly, "I am still
keeping office hours." Pbilaaelpnla
An Efficient Officer.
A man who was -"wanted" in Russia
had been photographed In six different
positions and the pictures were duly
circulated among the police depart
ments. The chief of one of these wrote
to headquarters a few days after the
issue of the set of portraits and stated:
"Sir, I have duly received tne portrait
of the six miscreants whose capture
Is desired. I have arrested five of
them and the sixth is under observa
tion and will be secured shortly."
Photography In Business.
The camera promises to become as
indispensable In business affairs as the
typewriter. It Is now being used in
the reproduction of documents, statis
tical tables and other papers whose
duplication by hand would be laborious
and expensive. In a very brief period
the camera reproduces these with ab
solute correctness and with much labor
saved. '.. : - 1 ' '
About six weeks after the wolf ap
pears at a man's door, It looks to him
as If It were holding a family reunion.
People shake bands on mighty small
Palpitation of the heart, cold hand
and feet, sinking feelings Pa-ru-na
cures catarrh wherever located.
a k-lM-. oifto Thi-tv.
.ftaSST' tSSf 1
Mrs. X.
seventh Place, Chicago, 111., writes
After taking several remedies
without result, I begaa la January,
1 9oa, to Uke your valuabt remedy,
Parana. I waa a complete wreck.
Nasi palpitation ot tha heart, cold
heads and foot, female weakness, no
appotita, trembling, sinking foe Sing
serlnVwith ryst.mkT.UrrV.nd I
w.u 7t.. --.i.-t vnur hein la
eanv au ine time, voei mu 1 wm
tho nick of time. I followed your
HVOfT ... . . ww - w - r
directlooa carefully ana can say to-oay
that I an well again. I cannot thank
you enough for my cure. 1 will always
la your debtor. I have already recom-
sadoded Parana to my friends ana
Mlghbora and they ail praise It. I
whA that all suft.ririg women would
tn m 1 tiHfv this accordina- to tna
truth." Mrs. X. Schneider.
If you do not derive prompt and satis-'
factory results from the use of reruns
write at ones to Dr. llartman, giving a
full statement of your case, and lie will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad-
vice gratis. '
Address Dr. llartman, President of
the llartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Perfection. God endowed humanity
with Its Infinite capacity tor Improve
ment in order that at last It may attain
perfection. I do not believe any human
being can be perfectly happy aa long as
we aee men condemned to suffer with
out a single moral thought without 1
perception ot the noble meaning of life.
Rev. K. C Worcester, Epslcopallan,
Philadelphia, Pa.
The Mystery ot Life. Constantly !
men ana women or me most serious
nature and of the most devout spirit
are asking, "Who can solve for us the
mystery of life?" Some killing experi
ence cornea Into life; some sharp up
heaval of conditions unexpected; some
sorrow wa did not procure and so have
no means of knowing Its remedy, be
cause we had no preparation for Its
coming; some unnatural death. These
are things before which we stand.
There la no explanation. The gate la
shut And it Is wtse and good. Such
experiences of life are a part of the
discipline of life, In which we gather
power and strength, not to explore, but
to believe. Rev. T. R. Si leer, Uni
tarian, New York.
Hit Question of Faith.
A religious old darky had his faith
badly shaken not long ago. He Is sex
ton for a white church In a Fayette
County town, and one afternoon as he
waa In front sweeping the pavement
a strong wind arose, tearing a piece ot
the cornice off and taking a few bricks
out of tha wall Realising that a good
run waa better than a bad stand, the
old man sought shelter In the station
house on the opposite side of the street
Several minutes later a member of
the church ot which Uncle Ishsm Is
sexton came by, and noticing him In
his retreat remarked that be thought
tha station bouse a strange place for
man of faith to seek shelter In a
storm when a house of worship was
"Daf so, but wbut's a man gwlae ter
do when de Lord begins to frow bricks
at 1m r Memphis Scimitar.
la Pralts of the Mosquito.
Mrs. Crimsonbeak 1 see by the pa-
p, that tha mosquito eggs are hatched
j fnm f01ir to seven days according to
the warmht of the weathei.
Mr. Crimsonbeak Well there is one
thins- to be said in favor of the mosqni-
1 to. She does'nt go about making quite
aa tnneh noise as the hen after laying
an egg.
Can't Dodg Them,
First Credit Man Does he meet his
Second Ditto At every turn.
sjaji hi' iP
The Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the signa
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger tho
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
Gastoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil. Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium. Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
The EM You Have Always Bought
Bears the
In Use For
TMt eoaiMri. tt
w r i. 1 11
rti wish echoed.
"I would like something with a
check in It" said the alow-paying
customer to the tailor.
"So would I" replied the tailor
coldly with an unmistakable meauiug
In the words.
When it comes to baking powder,
every manufacturer says what ho
makes is the best. The reason we say
it ia that an analysis of all well known
brand, including the Monopole, made
by Jas. II. Flak, Portland, proves that
Monopole is the strongest and pure of
ail those whose Ingredients have been
put on record. Our custom Is not to
put up goods under this brand unions
we can produce better goods than any
others on the market. Ask for them
from your grocer.
Reform Movement w England.
"Tha Girls Letter Guild" is the
name of a unique reform movement in
England. Women ot cultuie pledge
themselves to write letters of friendly
tone to the girls ot the lower classes,
to aid them in their mental and moral
uplifting. The object is to win the
tlrls friendship, encourage them, and
dtebsu.. them" of falsa notion, and
class prejudices. Good results are said
to be already noticeable.
, OatUng Rtckitss,
She I am surprised at Jane'a star
log out in the boat, all this time with
a comparative stranger. A woman of
80 I. old enough to know better,
He Aren't vou afraid alia la toe old
to know oetterr
Born Wtlcomtd to tht Northwui
The arrival ot a little party of Boars
in the city in quest of homes in tho
'"'" thm
Northwest gives ground lor tle
that there will be more to follow.
,. ,v ...t. t
the sturtiv mannoou 01 me i-uu-n isrm-
era ot South Africa the world has had
ample evidence in the last three years,
and aa many of them as may come to
the Northwest will be gladly welcomed,
.Minneapolis Times,
Took No Chsncu.
Mr. Grimes" said the rector to the
vestrvtnan "we had better take up the
collection before the sermon this morn
"Yes. I am going to preach on
eoonom y."
DR. 0. BEE ViO
TtaU wotuWfU) Cbl
HM doctor ' esllwl
r-l Ihkkum h rut
iwopl without owr.
tlon Uist wt lvn MP
Iodic U our wllb
lltuM wondrrml till
11 w brrtM, root-, hud.
itf-ST Drs ua iitii
Jkt iut r rnllrrljr urt-""-
known t aimllrsl l-
nuc In lh country. Through lh uwol mom
biu-mlMi. rvtunllm thht ftuuous dw-utr know
trw actlou of ovw SOS di"rnt t-mtl. whli'h
hriuamafully umrm In dilftrvnl diMnwu.
guarantr- to rura rauarrb, aathina, lunjl,
throat, rhoumatlam. nroun , atouiwh.
Ilr, ; baahundrMta of tl!moi
la Is. Chant, modaraia. tall and him.
fatlanta out of lb our wrlia fur blank, and
ctrrulara. Hond i cent in "tainpa. CUfiHt !
tilH Third St.. Portland, Ont
eeMnttoi pa par.
One Second Hand Klrhola A Hhepsnt
Separator, alM 0-u, with wind alaokof.
only run 40 dajri; a bargain. Inquire of
Fast Morrlaoa St., Portland, Or.
! Opiums
Tkear 00 Third
Sta loiUppar Al
blna. Pnona, flak
UM Oregon.
i Using
Old Indian War Pensions
ConrrcM has lint psaied a Uw granting pen
eeaaed soldiart ol tha Oregon, Washington and
sions to the lurrlvors sod to tha widows ot da-
, California inq lan wars 01 miw ibui.
Kull In
Wilson. Ho. 728 tfevsntoenth Street, Waahlngton, I). 0.,
or Branch oltteo No. 42 Parrot! building, Han
Francisco., CaL Fees limited bjr law.
Apply to Nathan Bicaronn,
Signature of
Over 30 Years.
MuaaM oracrr, errv.
My Hair
"I had vary severe stcktttii
that took off all my hair. I pur
chased a bottle of Aytr'e Hair
Vigor and it brought all my hair
back again."
ir. D. Qulnn, Marseilles, lit.
One thing is certain,
Ayer's Hair Vigor maici
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair food.
It feeds the hair and the
hair grows, that's all there
is to it. It stops falling
of the hair. too. and al
ways restores color to
gray hair. status, an
If your droiritl canitol inpptf yoa,
aml us m dollar and) wo will aiprwao
yoa a bottt. m aura and rtra tha uaino
Ot your DMiroat exrtrwaa oalra. Addraas.
J. C A kit CO., I4atl, atass.
Aunt Hannah But how do you
know you love him Carrie?
Carrie Whenever he says some
thing nice about ma I am willing to lei
him believe I think be is saying just
what ha meant.
Clara Was it a case ot love on hor
part, do you think?
Maude U certainly was. wny,
she gave up a position paying a salary
ot lift a week to marry him, and ha ia
only getting ten. '
Follow! laatructtuaa.
"Now, Mr. FlnulNhtxide," aald Prof
Teachom, "I hope you have selected
your graduation subject In accordance
with my suggestion that It deal with
something that has helped to uplift hu
manity." "I have, sir," answered the graduate.
"I have prepared an elaborate theala on
the 'Rise and Fall of the Elevator.' "
UaUtniore American.
"We are making you lota of trouble,"
and "This Is the beat I ever ate," con
stitute tho sole CinvtTHMtliu of tho
sveraite giienu wt n
roitlaud, Oregon. FotiadeUla'A
i Hotni Scbool (or Bon.
Military tod Mmatl Tnhhj.
Writ lot lllmtralrd falalofae.
Si. Helen's a!i
A Hoarding Mini ly tor Ol' la.
!la a Nntmal k Imlnruurrn Training m-narl-went,
which ha ae-i'teii rvahlrnra lor Kin
dergarten ctauaa. I'be Hoarding lartnrot
firovlde rhetrt"! and writ arranged hmne
or jroiing led If.. For Catalogue or oilier lu
formal ion amilr lo
MIKrt tU ANOIl TKBBRTTS, lrlndal.
I'areril ileatrlng hnnie Inrhienrre, heatitllttt
turrnundlnga, perfact climate, rereful uttper
vision, and thorough mental, moral ami ihr.
leal training lor their bora, will flud all lhea
wqulrementa tull met at Haiti's School. Meulo
fan, Kan nawo louoij, .a.
MM lor vawiogim.
TweJia rr begins August 12th.
" IRA U. HOirr. fh. I). Prlnolpei.
I Columbia University 1
; Boarding School for Toon: Mas
I Finest situation on 1'aclllc Coast. Kg-
i) cellent Faculty. I-argont Indoor college il)
' sthletio Qell In tha world. Over half J
an sera under an arched root.
j Catalogues F ree. j
Address g
University Park, Oregon
Mitchoil Wagon,
Dost on Earth
Serauae II la made of the beat material poaalMe
to tin j. The meniifarturer arwolutely par S
to 14 per cent above the market price ot brat
grailea of wagon timber tut the privilege of cul
ling over and skimming off the rream of the
wagon itm-k, whlrh la carried for I to I yeara be
fore malting tip, which mean, en Inveatmeutla
wood .took of nearly one million doltara.
Ml Till KM. Wagon, are un.urueeaed for
quality, proportion, Hnlah, alrenglh and light
Why take chances on any ntherf
Why-nolgetthebeRiT-A MITOHKM. ,
Mttohmll, lewat 4 Strnvr Oa.
Portland. Seattle. Spokane,
Agents Everywhere.
"VV .1
$3 & $3.23 SHOES SS
W, L. Douglas shoes are worn by
more men in all stations of life than
any other make, because they are the
only shoes that in every way equal
those costing A00 and $0.00.
XA $1,103,8201 SKSSL, J2.840.000
Bttt Impnrtid ami American leathtrt, Htyl'i
Pattnt Calf, innmtl, Box Calf, Calf, Vlcl Kid, Corona
Colt, Mat, Kannaroo. Feat Color Eyelets used.
Caution I Tt anulne hare W. T,. DOUQIiAS'
, nilrne .nd price atamped on bottom.
Shnei by mail, 25c. extra. Jllut. Catalog rt.
v. r. ST. V.
BBK writing; to advertisers pleas
BBgnuosi sow paper.