Condon globe. (Condon, Gilliam Co., Or.) 189?-1919, May 17, 1900, Image 1

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....8. A. PATTISON....
tdltor snd Fropriatof.
41 Wantawnk
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Oae-onaiiar flolntan i aft mi anaia
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Ptta u 10 0 m atoatk
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An Vaer (In advance!,
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If nut paid In edvanu..,
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party ordering then, at lata)
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F I taw,
f Lagul
' JMkI al W Pariaglai a Condon, OVaaen,
aawnrl-fUM imMI matt
, O. B. . O. Tlma Card.
asunotom, osaao. '
Naw Km sard, Uklng eBaot Sunday, Febru
ary lath i
ast Sound.
tin. I Via Hnnttngton, leaves.,........! iW a, m.
ko, 4 Via BpntHiie, !, ftt p. ra
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wast souks.
No, I rnrtlaod, ! ................. 1'J 4' a. at.
ho. I Cortland. Irum Mi.iii,
ho. la-Local Irelghl, leave, II :(4 a. m.
J. I. CftaNJt, Agent, Arlington.
yy u. dobynb
Attorney-at-Law, Hotary Talllo.
: ' ' ;; ' ;'"'V -
Will practice In all the courted In Mate.
Collection, aud frobeur. Bualueas given oarelid
, y Attorney at Law,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Collection, and Insurance. Tarme reeenneble
Oflioe In rear til ikmIuOIv uulldlug, alalu iuM
' S ; , OSlo In Olobe Building. .
g A. D. GTKUCT ,
Attorney tad Ooaoislor at Law
Arlington, Or.
n. a fammlulonar and Notary foblle la
tifnm. Ftai'llca In all Hi (taut and llrat
twiiruul Otrfon and Waalilut4il. All kluda
oil), a land aud Ugal buiaaia UanaMla-l.
Offloa eorBar Spring Ureal and Oragoa artnaa
The Regulator Line.
The Dalles, Portland I Istoria
Oatly Lint ol Steamer Balwcm Portland,
Vancouver, Ctxd Lock Hood Rival
and all Points on ll Taabington aide.
Tli attamrm Dailaa rilgrana Rgnlalor faa
I'uriland tYarf nwriilni (aaeani ttunila?) at ;
and TUa Hallaa al t a. m , arriving al daatina
llun la aaipi Una lor ouigolug tralna.
rralgkl Kate. Uraatljr Haduead.
W. 0. ALIJIWAT.O.a. Agt,
root ol Court Muaat. Tba Dailaa, Of.
Chicago Salt Uka. Paarar, 4;Mp.BV
' Parllaiid ru VYorth,Oaalia,
Htclal Kanaa VHr. tt,
.It 1. m. Loiila.ChloagoaBd
A Allantla Bait taka. Danrar, l:Ota,aa.
KiaraM ft. Wurib.Oinaka,
g Kan.a. City, it.
Via lluitl Ixula,Caluaguaud
luglun. Cut.
Allanlla Walla Walla, Uwla- I.Wa.Bi.
Eiprau tun.gpnliaiia.MlB-
A) p.m. iixapolla.rK. Paul,
VlaHpo.. Duluib, atllaaa.
kaua. kaa.CblcagoAtul
iWp.Bt. OeaialWaai.blai. .W p. av
All tailing dalaa
ubjoot to ckaug
For Pan Praaelaoo
Ball avarf t dajra.
Dallr CahaiBli Rlnr 4 00 p.m.
Ji.BuuJar tlaaaiara. Ba. Sunday
lUia. m.
taturdaf ToAltorlaand War
10:00 p. n. Laudluga,
4:00 a m. WMIaaitNa Blar. 4:10 p.m.
JCI. Buadar ' Ba. Buaday
Oregon Cltf, N.w.
twrg. Hal. 111, lmta
liamlrana A Way
' ' Laiidlngt,
1:00a.m. Wlllaiaatta aad Yaai- 1:10 p.m.
Tu.r, Tlmr. Klllll.tri. Man., Wad.
aud Hat. and fti.
- Oregon Cltjr, Day-
Ion, A Way Laud
luga. , 4:00a m., Ulnar. 410 p.m.
T I'wet., Tlmr Hon,. Wad.
A and Bat. Portland to Corral- aud frl.
II. A Way Laud
Inga, It. Illparla Inak Rlrar. Lr.lwl.un
S a. m. bally
ially Rlparla to Uwl.loii t a.m.
J. E. CRANE, Agent, Arlington.
eBral raaaaug ai Agaat, rwtlaad, Ua
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News of the World.
An Intvniatlng Colltln nt Itanta Vrnm
thm Two Mamlahara PniavnitMt ,
In a Cnlual form.
Paioteni and pnpmhanfiera of Tacoma
have woo their atrika fur a nhorter day.
Kninlang and ;hliiom rlnnh lu Man
churia, many biug killed on both
tide. . . ;
Atlmirel Dewey attondad a reenptloa
by the colored pooyla at MumpliU,
Arttorla will ofler a bounty for aual
Bcalpa In order to protect the salmon
The steamer Toaa Mara has arrived
at Seattle from Yokohama with TOO
more Japs.
The bill for Alaskan lighthonaM prob
ably cannot be paarwd at thla session of
President MoKluley sent lilrth.Ur
oongratulatlona to the crown prince of
Two persona were buined to death by
the destruction ol the American hotel
at Oeuessee, N. Y.
New York's naval remrve refused to
accept the navy departnieut'e offer tot
a cruise and practice.
Charles f. Keely fans been arrested
for embeBsilng f 80,000 in the Cuban
poatofllue department.
Three Forest Grove peoil are thought
to have perished in the sinking of the
Dora 1). in Alaskan waters.
Three Americana wore klllod and
seven wounded In an engagement with
rebels on the island of I'anay.
Middle-of-the-road Populists at 6ioux
Falls will hold their convention in a
birf tent. Ignatius Donnelly is talked
of for the presidency.
Martin Slevert, who killed one
Christeuson at Latoya Hay, Alaska,
asked the miners there to hang him
and was accommodated.
The chiefs of Tntolla, of the Ra-
moan group, have formally ceded the
Island to the United States. Ui the
American flag; has been hoUtml d-
Itepresentativea of the Field mnceura
la Chicago will soon be in the North
west for a three mouths' tour for the
purpose of seeking curios among Ore
gon Indians,
Twenty-six hundred street-car mn
ara on a strike in bt. Louis, and every
line In the city la compelled to sus
pend operaton. The police are power
less. War preparations by the reformers
In China are proceeding vigorously,
large quantities of anna belug taken
into the country. The imeriul gov
ernment sees no cause for alarm.
Kx-Oongresnnan David 1). Culbert-
son, of Texas, is dead.
' General Hamilton has captured Win-
burg, the Boer stronghold.
L. Marquis, a fanner residing aeven
miles northwest of Kugeue, committed
Heavy rains in Iowa did much dam
age to property aud caused large losseg
in livestock.
Lord Roberta has crossed the Yet
river and the lloers are still in full re
treat northward.
Ban Antonio, Texas, was struck by a
territlo wind storm, doing damage to
the amount of 70,OO0.
W. 0. Endioott, secretary of war in
Cleveland's first administration, died
at Boston, aged 78 years.
Bclentlsts hope to make many new
discoveries on the event of the sun's
total eclipse on May US.
General Harrison Gray Otis is boom
ing Congressman Hepburn, of Iowa, for
McKlnley's running mate.
Aguinaldo has joined his forces ia
North Luson and has ansomblod con
siderable force in the mountains; Gen
eral Young asks for reinforcements.
Benor Albertl, promineut in Cuban
politics aud editor of a newspaper, was
shot and instantly killed by an un
known assassin at Gibara, province of
Bantiago de Cuba.
Pope Leo will make amends for his
deposition of Archbishop Keaue, who
may be appointed to the position held
by the late Archbishop Hunuessy, of
Dubuque, Iowa.
The output of oil in California has
increased from 1,245,123 barrels in
180S, to 2,293,123 barrels in 1800.
The state now ranks fourth among the
states of the nuiou in, petroleum pro
ductions Rev. Charles S. Morris, a colored
Baptist missionary, recently ruturned
from South Africa, was vigorously
hissed when he championed the causa
of England in a lecture before the West
Bide Y. M. C. A. of New York City.
The counter-demonstrations became so
pronounced that the lecturer a bsudoned
the disousston of the merits of the uou
teudiug nations.
Greece hits forbidden the exportation
of antiquitiea.
A railroad across Gieece, to cost
$11,000,000, will be finished in four
During the present decade the United
Btates produced half of the world's cop
per supply.
The Alaskan winter was the ooldesf
on reoord. The teinierature ranged
from 17 to 60 degress below euro at
A cheese trust has been formed
Arbitration with regard to the Bt.
Louis street oar strike bag failed.
Lord Itoberts entered Kroonstaad,
which had been evacuated by the
Transvaal forces.
Honolulu has been officially declared
a clean port, the plague being efficient
ly stamped out. t
The senate, by a close vote, rejected
the proposition for an armor-plate plant
operated by the government. '
. The towns of Hilongos and Maasln,
In Leyte, have been captured by the
Americans with few casualties. 1
The American pavilion at Paris was
turned over to the exposition authorities
with impressive ceremonies.
A woman and 8-year-old child were
burned to death at South Omaha, Neb.,
by starting a tire with gasoline.
Germany is said to be supplying the
Filipinos with arms to enable them to
continue their fight against the United
Charles Panstein, a murderous ath
lete of Butte, Mont., shot and killed
a butcher, bis wife and then committed
suicide. ;
The Populist national convention at
gioux Falls nominated W. J. Bryan for
president, Charles A. Towns for vice
president. Before leaving Kroonstaad, President
Bteyn issued a proclamation making
Liudley the seat of government of
Orange Free State. '
Middleof-the-Koad Populist conven
tion at Cincinnati, nominated Wharton
P. Barker for president and . Ignatius
Donnelly for vice-president.
The work of the Chioago city di
rectory enumerators for 1900, almost
completed, shows that the population
of Chicago it not lest than S,00 1,000.
- Seven men were killed and 20 or
won firemen hurt by a collision in a
tunnel in Philadelphia. The wreck
caught fire, and the total loss is $140,
000. .
Owing to the alarm being taken in
Amerioa over the influx of Japanese
and the probability of anti-Japanese
legislation, the Japanete government is
making efforts to turn the tit ) of its
surplus population to Formosa. '
The cholera continues to rage in the
famine camps of India. There have
been 400 deaths in three days at Man
dive Bo numerous are the caaM at
fora that it ia impriK to-wiieot
the bodies, Which He " lo? days "in the
sun. The people have fled and cannot
be induced to return. A similar state
of things prevails at Broach.
Plague has broken out at Hong Kong.
Ira Williams, a logger, was drowned
In the Kecanioum river, near Astoria.
The government ot the Orange Free
State has beeu moved front Kronstadt
to Heilbron.
. Republicans of Illinois In convention
assembled, indorsed the MoKinley ad
Two men and two boys were killed
by the wrecking ot a frait train, near
Bawling, Wyo. ,
Excessive customs duties imposed by
the military government are fast kill
ing American trade in the Philippines.
The First and Second Irish Fusiliers
tailed from Cape Town for Athlone,
Ireland, to recuperate from their try
ing experlenoea in the field.
Captain Cnshing, of the revenue cut
ter Rush, which baa tailed for the Arc
tic, will take a oeniua of the inhabit
ants of the Aleutian islands.
President Powell, of the Order of
Railway Telegraphers, issued an order
formally discontinuing the strike of
the Southern railway telegraphers.
During a riot between strikers and
workmen at the Buttonwood mine ot
the Parish Goal Company at Wilkes
barre, Pa., about 20 men were badly
injured, the strikers dispersing the
The British iron ship Sierra Nevada,
Captain Scott, from Liverpool, Janu
ary 16, for Molbourne, Ana., was total
ly wrecked outside the harbor of the
latter place. Five ot her crew were
saved, but 22 others, including the cap
tain, perished.
One hundred and fifty -seven Japanese
immigranta have landed in San Fran-
I cisoo, of which number 75 were admit-
I ted by certificates of landing signed by
the United States immigration com
missioner at Vancouver, 11. C, and 82
1 on certificates from the commissioner
1 at Seattle.
Franklin W. Fisk, D. D., whose res
ignation after 41 years Incumbency of
the office of president of the Chicago
Thoelogloal seminary, takes effect at
the close of the current year, has been
eleoted professor emeritus of the chair
of sacred rhetoric ot the institution.
The election ia for life.
The secretary ot the treasury has di
rected Collector Jackson, at San Fran
cisco, to detail an inspector from the
Chinose bureau to attend to the making
out of papers for Chinese merchants
doimciled in this country who are on
the eve ot departing for China with the
intention ot returning. They will have
these papers on their return to this
country to facilitate their landing.
Louisville, Ky is to have a large
Mormon temple.
There are 0,821 ofllolala on the New
York state pay roll.
Census enumerators begin work on
June 1 and finish in 80 days.
The Alaskan gold output for the sea
son is estimated at over 120,000,000.
Major Arms says he has Vnt nearly
28,000 Amet loans to South Africa to
join the Boer forces.
Experience of Ship St Mirren
Off the Columbia.
In.tramaata Rhoro Show Thar Wtl
DletarbanM Soma Boars Bator
Dlatanoa BookoaadV
Astoria, Or., May 14. The British
Ihlp Saint Mirren that arrived la this
tnoruktg -4tMafckoharnrtenctd
a peculiar phenomenon last evening.
It was about half past 6 when Captain
Cordiner, the bar pilot, boarded bet
from the pilot schooner San Jose.
The wind at that time was blowing
light from the south, and there was
only a moderate swell on. Suddenly
the tea to the southward was seen to
be In commotion, as if a hurricane was
blowing, but the wind did not increase
as an immense ' wave approaobed the
vessel. The ship waa tossed about
for over two hours in a sea that would
bury her in the water and then again
lift her up and drop her down. The
teat frequently washed clear over her.
After this had continued for about two
hours it subsided as quickly as it had
risen, and the wind immediately shift-
sd from south to east, then In a short
time to northwest, going almost around
the compass In a few hours. The wind
from the northwest was toon in tht
nature of a gale, and the ship was un
der lower topsails during ths night,
bnt no injury was done to her. Cap
tain Hamilton and Captain Cordiner
at first thought that a tidal wave was
coming, but the long succession of big
waves leads them to the belief that
there must have been an earthquake In
that vicinity.
Tht self-reoording government ba
rometer in the office of Weather Ob
server Johnson, of this city, shows that
about 4 o'clock yesterday morning
there waa an electrical or selsmio dis
turbance in tills vicinity and the tele
graph wires also gave ' evidence of it at
the same time. While the ship was
experiencing the waves off the mouth
of the river the barometer remained
steady. This would indicate that the
waves resulted from an earthquake
that happened early in the morning.
and as the effect of an earthquake in
Japan is felt hero 10 days later, it can
readily be estimated how far away it
...'t--.Ma-a-atjf4' ' V - v j ;
Efforts to Botilo It failed-A aothar
Bt. Louis, May 14. The features of
the day in the great street railway
strike was the conference between Gov
ernor Stephens, the members of the ex
ecutive committee of the local street
railway employes' association, and the
officers and attorneys ot the Transit
Company, called for the purpose of as
certaining if tome tort of on amicable
understanding could not be arrived at
to end hostilities. The conference
lasted several hours, but at its oonolu
tion Governor Stephens announced that
nothing had been accomplished.
The Suburban Company operated its
system under police protction during
the entire day without interference,
and was patronized liberally by the
public. The Transit Company ran two
cars over one branch of its system, but
attempted to carry no passengers.
Another fatality as a result of the
strike wag recorded tonight. As Flora
Siegfried, a young woman, was crossing
Washington street, carry tag an infant
In her arms, she was bit on the head by
a brick that had been hulled at a
passing car on the Suburban system
Her skull was fractured; and she died
shortly after being oarrled to the City
The street car mon of the East St.
Louis line struck this afternoon.
Still ths Champion.
Seaside Club, Coney Island, May 14,
In the fastest, prettiest and closest
heavy-weight ring battle ever fought
in New York. James J. Je Series has re
affirmed his riht to the championship.
In the arena of the Seaside Sporting
Club tonight he decisively defeated Jim
Oorbett, once champion of the world
himself, after 23 rounds of sclentlfio
fighting. It was a clean knock-out.
that came to quickly that it dated the
tliousanda of keen, alert, intent specta
tors and left them in doubt as to just
bow the winning blow was delivered
It was avowed that it was a left-hand
ed jolt to the jaw, but Jeffries himself
snd Referee Charley bite, who stood
at his side, say it was a right-band
Oreat Flro In Japan.
San Francisco, May 14. Mall ad
vices from Yokohama give particulars
of the big fire at Fuktn, a large town
on the western coast of Japan, April
18, The flames originated in the sub'
orbs of the city, and were carried by a
heavy wind to several parti of the city
at once. The fire rage' for six hourt
before it oould be controlled. Sixteen
hundred houses, inoludlng 80 temples
aud all the principal buildings, were
burned. Sixteen persons perished and
nearly 100 more were injured. The
property lost is estimated at 6,000,000
yen, or about 92,600,000.
Mills Su.pend Oporntlona.
Tifton, Ga., May, 12. All the nillt
belonging to tho Georgia Saw Mill
Association will be run on two-thirds
time after today. This affects thous
ands of operatives and decreases the
output of yellow pine In this state near
ly one-third.
Schroerier Hall, for Guam,
Sun Francisco, Muy 14. Commander
Bchroeder. the successor of Governor
Leary, of Guam, sailed foi his post of
' duty today on the steamer Coptic
ftomlnatad bp Mlddla-of-tba-ltoad Fap-
allat CaarntlMi
For Preiident Wharton Barker, of
For Vice-President Ignatius Don
nelly, of Minnesota. -
- - .
Cincinnati, May 1 J. What it com-
monjy known as the Midlde-of-the-
Rood Poptilist party, but according to
leaders of the movement is the one and
only People's party, placed its national
ticket in the field today. '
Mlddla-of-tho-Koad Platforaa.
The People's party of the United
States assembled in National conven
tion this 10th day of May, 1900, affirm
ing our unshaken belief in the cardinal
tenets of the People's party, as set'.
forth In the Omaha platform, and
pledging ourselves anew to continued
advocacy of those grand principles of
human liberty until right shall triumph
aver might, and love over greed, do
adopt and proclaim this declaration of
first We demand the initiative and
referendum and the imperative man
date. Second We demand the publio
ownership and operation of those meant
of communication, transportation and
production which the people may elect,
such as railroads, telegraphs and tele
phone lines, coal minea, eta.
Third The land, including all
natural sources of wealth, is a heritage
of the people, and should not be monop
olized for speculative purposes, snd
alien ownership of land should be pro
Fourth A scientific and absolute
paper money, based upon the entire
wealth and population of the nation,
not redeemable in any specific commo
dity, but made a full legal tender for
all debts and receivable for all taxes
and public dues and Issued by the
government only.
Fifth We demand the levy and col
lection of a graduated tax on incomes
and inheritance.
Sixth We demand the election of
president, vice-president, federal judges
and United States senators by direct
vote of the people.
Seventh We are opposed to trusts
and declare that the contention be'
tween the old parties on monopoly is a
sham battle and that no solution of
this mighty problem is possible with'
out the adoption ot publio ownership of
publio utilities.
Large Kafeel foree Attacked! Amerieaa
i rj teoaie. Eat Were ltoated.
Manila Ma H. A taW3f"80T3 in
surgents attacked 28 scouts of the
Forty-eighth regiment near San Jacinto.
province of Pangaslnan, Monday, but
were routed by the scouts, 10 of their
number being killed. The Americans
lost two killed.
April 86, tho rebels burned and
tacked the town of Trocan, near Bulu
can, murdering natives who were
friendly to the Americana and two
Spaniards. The Americans killed 87
of the insurgents.
The same date, Major Andrews,
with two companies of troops, attacked
General Moiica's stronghold near
Ormuo, Leyte island. Mojica had
brass cannon and plenty ot ammunl
tton, but after three hours of fighting
the insurgents fled. Their loss it not
known. The Ameericant lost two
killed and 11 wounded. They destroy
ed tht enemy's rifles, powder and stores.
The Insurgents nave suffered a heavy
lost at Tabako, province of Albay,
Luzon. Two hundred riflemen and 800
bolomen were preparing to attack the
town, and Captain Lester II. Simons,
with a company of the Forty-seventh
volunteer regiment, advanced to meet
them and killed manf. The insvrgent
leader, native priest, was wounded
and captured after his horse had been
shot from under him.. Three Aineri
cant were wounded.
At Leaat 81a Poreoaa Killed la
Accident at O'Neill.
Denver, May 12. A special to the
Republican from Cheyenne, Wyo.
The charred remains of two more
viotims of the Union Paclfio accident
at O'Neill sidetrack were found in the
wreckage today. Both bodiea waa so
badly burned as to render identification
Impossible. One of the bodiea waa that
of a boy. Papers in the pockets of one
of the unknown victims found yeeter
day indicate that his name was Daniel
Shay, and that ha had recently been
employed at Rook Springs. The other
unknown found yesterday baa not yet
been identified, and the remains of
Fireman Louis Benta have not yet been
found. When the aooident occurred
a car loaded with aulphur caught fire,
and transformed the wreck into a
of flames. The wreckage is still burn
ing and renders the work ot searching
for additional viotims exceedingly
hazardous. Thus far, the remains ot
three men aud three boys have been re
covered and it is believed other bodies
will be found before the search is 00m
An official investigation into the
oanse ot the awtnl accident discloses
the faot that it was due to the care
lessness of an employe. The last train
to past O'Neill prior to the aooident
was a westbound freight, In charge of
Conduotor Hendricks' crew.
New York, May 12. A dispatch
to the Tribune from London says
Lord Salisbury took the grace out of
the reoeat visit of the queen to Ireland
by the vehemence . with which he
warned Irishmen that recent events in
South Africa proved that theregcould
not be praotloal independence any'
where in the empire with opportuni
ties for arraying hostile foroes against
the Imperial government. It was a
trenchant, but aorid speech, and wat
not well timed
British View of Situation in
South Africa.
Lord Koberts Waa Welcomed to It roe a
ataut Doteb, However. Har. Saf-
fared Small Material Lose.
London, May IS. "The war is prac
tically over," gays the Daily Chroni
cle's Kroonstad conenpondeM, and, in
lest definite terms. tbA isthe View to
be gathered from all the correspond
ents. They picture the Boers as utter
ly demoralized and disheartened by
Lord Koberts' unexpectedly rapid ad
vance, and by bis facile turning ot the
carefully prepared positions of ths
Boers. There was practically no fight
ing and there are no further details to
give respecting the occupation of Kroon
stad. The correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph says:
"The Union Jack was hoisted in the
market place by Mrs. Lock head, the
American wife of a Scotchman. Most
of the horses of the Boers art in a
wretched condition, but President
Kruger declares he will continue the
It appears that the Boers at Kroonstad
bad been reinforced by 8,000 men from
Natal last Friday, and that altogether
10,000, with 20 guns, treked from
Kroonstad on the approach of Lord Rob
erts. The Boer mode on ineffectual
stand at Bosch land, and had elaborate
entrenchment is front of Kroonstad,
which offered great facilities for a rear
guard action. Their only anxiety.
however, appears to have been to get
away safely with all their guns and
convoys, which again they have success
fully accomplished. The few stores
they were unable to carry away, they
bumed. .
The Times says: "The signs point
to military break-down on the port of
the Boers, but after experiences of the
past, we cannot accept the reports of
demoralization without reseive. The
game of war must be strictly played
out to the end."
Lindler, the new Free State capital,
it 45 miles southeast of Kroonstad. bait
way to Bethlehem, and was probably
selected as a convenient rendezvous tor
the command that is now retiring ba
tore General Brabant and General Bun
dle, in the Thsbancbn district. Bra-
bant hag "O own pied . Hoepelolh hall way
on the road from Thabanchn to Lady-
There is not a word ot news regard
ing General Boiler's movements or
from the far western side. Nothing is
known, therefore, of the pro gi ess of the
Mafeking relief column.
More Berioasly Injured Severe
Kloetrlo Dl.tarbaaee.
St. Paul, May 15. Three persons
were killed and two were seriously in
jured during a severe wind and rain
storm this evening. The wind played
havoc with the telephone wires between
this city and Minneapolis. The poles
of the company for two blocks were
strewn over the track of the Inter
Urban trolley line, thus blocking trafflo
for the night. Sidewalks were dia
placed and buildings suffered.
Patrick Sexton, senior member of the
firm ot Sexton & Co., wholesale cigar
dealers, bad been at Como Park with
hit four children and they were driving
home. On Dale street the atom dia
lodged the sidewalk, which crashed
Into Mr. Sexton't carriage, killing him
almost instantly and more or lets In
juring hit daughter and 10-year-old
Pint Republican Convention.
New York, May 14. A special to
the Herald from Washington says:
Survivors of the first Republican Na
tional convention are to be the guests
in Philadelphia next month. Invita
tions will be sent to them next Mon
day. Only 15 survive of all those who
assembled in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,
on June 18, 1856, to enunciate the new
principles and to bring Into existence
a new party. Of these only one con'
linnet a prominent figure in politics.
lie is Representative Galusba A. Grow,
who was the youngest member of the
lower house when he first entered it
and who is now its oldest member.
The guests ot the national commit
tee will be given prominent seats on
the platform.
Wool Pmuggllng.
Boston, May 14. Special treasury
agent, under the direction of Agent
Converse J. Smith, of this city, have
Just unearthed an alleged swindling
scheme, and, as a result, 100 sacks of
wool, valued at $6,000, have been
seized in this city, Lawrence and Bris
tol. R. I. It it estimated 50,000
worth ot wool hat been tmuggled
through the port of Boston during the
past year.
America Ought to Bond 1,000,000,
New York, May 13. Tho Indian
famine relief committee tonight issued
an appeal asserting that despite sys
tematic aid furnished 6,000.000 people
in India, at least 6,000,000 are starv
ing. The appeal aayt that Amerioa
ought to send at least a ml lion dollars
Scotch Banker klllod Himself.
Edinburgh, Scotland, May 14. II,
II. Noro, manager of the Union Bank of
Scotland, waa found dead this morning
at his residenoe. His head was half
blown away by a gun. Apparently hs
committed suicide. His action is attrib
uted to the faot that he had been
suffering from influenza.
Murat Halstead has accepted the
jironiuouur ui wiv uow juiiv,v ui ifvui-
nalism, an Institution devoted to teach
ing practical uawspauor worn,
All Principal Towaa Oaeapled and
Ulvea a Government.
Washington, May 14. The war de
partment has made publio a report
from Brigadier-General Wbeaton, U.
3. A., concerning the operations of an
expedition led by him early in January
into the country stretching south from
Manila to Lake Taal. Hit forces, con
sisting of the Fourth, Twenty-eighth,
Thirty-eighth, Forty-fifth and com pan
lea D and II of the Thirty-seventh In
fantry and detachments of the. Third
and Fourth artillery, concentrated at
Imut and one mile south of that point.
On toe 7th of the month the first en
gagement occurred, in which Lieuten
ant Ward Cheney wat mortally wound
ed while leading aetachment against
fthe tnemy, 500 strong. 'The American
kras was two privates kllld and one
wounded, while the insurgents lost 80
killed and wounded. On this day Col
onel Birkheimer, with a detachment of
the Twenty-eighth infantry and Cap
tain Keilly in command of a section of
the Fifth artillery, engaged the enemy
at Putol, where tho insurgents were
routed with great slaughter. 74 bodies
being counted in one portion of the
battlefield. Our lost waa 11 men
Still another sharp engagement oc
curred on the 7th, when Major Tag
gart, with the Second and Third bat
talions of the Twenty-eighth infantry,
attacked a force of insurgents estimated
at 1,000 strong, near Imns, driving
them from the field, killing 80 and
woundng more than 80. Major Tag-
gar t bad one man killed aud six
wounded. Lake Taal was reached on
the 10th, and several slight skirmishes
occurred on the northern and eastern
On the 16th Major W. IT. John
ston, with three companies of the Forty
sixth infantry, met the enemy at Le ro
aring, 800 strong, with four cannon,
and drove them across the river to
Taal. On the 20th he was reinforced
by three companies sent from Batangaa
by Colonel Anderson, Thirty-eighth in
fantry, and attacked and carried Taal,
dispersing the insurgents and capturing
their cannon. ;
Inventor Explain Haw It ' Pierces
New York, May 14. James W. John
son, member of the firm of Isaac G.
Johnson & Co., of Bpuyten Dnyvill, in
ventors of the Johnson soft-note shell,
explained nut night how the soft steel
eap enables a projectile to pierce ainior
"1 think." -said Mr. Johnson, "that
the action of the Soft steel' cap may be s
illustrated by a simple experiment.
If yon would try to drive a shingle nail
through a piece of sheet Iron, the nail
would bend. But If yon , first drive a
nail through a piece of hardwood, it
will penetrate the sheet iron.
"The soft-nose, in other words, pre
vents the projectile from glancing off.
Ita whole force is concentrated at the
point. In one of the tests made at In
dian Head, we fired a projectile at the
armor plate at an angle of 21 degrees.
No sooner had the soft nose touched
the plate than the projectile turned at
a right angle to the plate and pene
trated It. The cap or soft nose, also
acts as a kind of lubricant to the shell."
Poetlblllty of Wnr.
Washington, May 14. No disposi
tion has been made as yet of the naval
appropriation bill by the senate, but
after an all-day discussion, on agree
ment waa reached. A notable speech
was delivered by Lodge upon the ne
cessity of building up the United States
navy without delay. The speech was
delivered with the vigor and earnest
ness characteristic of Lodge's discus
sion of public questions, and attracted
much attention. Daniel presentd an
extended argument in support of the
immediate construction by the govern
ment of an armor factory, while Alli
son opposed the project of a government
armor factory on the score of economy.
Towne's Advice Not Token.
Chicago, May 11. Charles A.
Towne, when asked for an expression
of opinion regarding the action of the
Sioux Falls convention, said: "I can
only say what I have always said since
my name has been mentioned in this
connection, that I have not sought the
office and have made no efforts to se
cure the nomination, but if the Popu
lists and the other parties think I am
the most available man for the position,
I will accept. It has been my wish
all along that the Sioux Falls conven
tion should name a committee to meet
with the committees of the other two
parties at Kansas City to consider the
vice-presidential question, bnt it looks
as though my friends at Bioux Falls
did not consider that the best course to
Riots In Spain.
Madrid, May 14. Yesterday passed
off peacefully practically everywhere
throughout the Spanish dominion, de
spite the universal anti-taxation agita
tion The only noteworthy diBt urb
ane took place at Valencia, where riot
ing occurred and barricades were erect
ed in the streets, from behind which a
mob stoned the gendarmes. The lat
ter, in tudwvoring to dislodge the riot
ers, were received with rifle shots, and
two policemen were injured. ITbe gen
darmes replied with a fusillade before
the mob fled.
Importation of Contract Laborer.
Victoria, B. C, May 14. There are
over 400 more of the Japanese immi
grants waiting at the quarantine sta
tion, lauded last evening from the
steamer Sikh. These 400 are nearly
all for the United States, but only 200
will be carried through direct. A
large number of the Japanesa are weav
ers under a contract mode with them
by a Japanese firm in New York.
They are engaged to work in some New
Eugluud wills,