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    Til UOilOOIl GLOBE.
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1894.
There has been developed an ini
perfection in the flection law that j
ought to be remedied. Formerly a j
ninety days residence in the county j
was required of every elector; but j
under the new law nothing but a j
precinct residence is required, and j
this residence may have been of
only one day'6 duration. For in
stance, says the Corvallis Times,
any man after living in Linn coun
ty all his life may move with his
family into Benton county the day
before election and thereupon he ;
becomes a voter; or, any single
man six months a resident of the
state can vote in any county he
pleases, provided he sees fit to:
laim it his residence and swear in j
his vote. Under this provision !
t ramps, travelers or any other loose j
persons having the right to stop !
over night in a county and help its
residents to decide who their coun
ty officers are to be. The law is an
incentive to fraud, for it encourages
the importation of foreign voters.
It tends to corruption and sets at
naught the ballot of good, bona fide
citizens. The remedy for it is a
county qualification of at least
ninety days, and to render it per
fectly effective our constitution
should be so amended that we can
have a registration provision. That
places every voter on record, lo
cates him definitely, and is a sure
safeguard against fraud. Added to
the Australian law it would give
the state a healthy ballot system.
According to the latest election
returns throughout , the state the
republicans will have 71 out of 90
members in the next legislature.
They will be divided as follows: In
the senate, 19 republicans, 8 demo
crats, 3 populists; in the house, 53
republicans, 0 democrat, 7 popu
lists. Since the republicans have
such an overwhelming majority in
the legislature, the governor and
all the other state officers, they
must be responsible for the state
government, and if anything goes
wrong they can no longer blame
Pennoyer for it. It was a mistake
about one democrat being elected
to the legislature at the late elec
tion. The official returns headed
him off and the repub. candidate
won by a small maj ority.
Salem Democrat: The Orego
nian has now eight machines which
will be used to set type for that
paper and the Telegram. They
will probably be in full operation
by the first of the week. This will
throw at least 28 printers out of
employment, which will come hard
on them. Most of those who will
lose their places are men who have
grown old at the case, and it will
be hard for them to find employ
ment. The Oregonian will save
from the workmen thus disposed
$600 a week, and in a few months
will have money enough to put
another story or two on its build
ing. The result of this movement
on the part of the Oregonian will
probably be the establishment of a
big morning daily in Portland.
Will there be any advance in
the price of wheat is a question
that appeals to every citizen. Tha
Tciedo. Blade says that the low
price of wheat shows no feature of
possible improvement. It is offer
ed in Europe, by other countries
than this, at prices which render
competition impossible. On last
Friday,. Argentine wheat was offer
ed in London, including cost, in
surance and freight, at 54 cents.
The world's stock of this cereal does
not decrease enough to materially
improve the outlook for holders.
The new crop is near at hand, and
there is nothing on which to base
Xhe hope of a rise. On thecon
f rary, 50-cent wheat in Chicago is
confidently predicted.
The present term of circuit court
will be an inexpensive one to Lane
county. Not an indictment was
;und. This speaks wrell for our
,"60 pie, considering the county has
a population of at least 25,000
3:ilrf. En"-n' Guard.
Crossing a field one day Abra
ham Lincoln, it is said, was pur
sued by an angry bull. He made
for the fence, says Life's Calendar,
but soon discovered that the bull
was overtaking him. He then be
gan to run around a haystack in
the field and the bull pursued him,
but in making the circles around
the stack Lincoln was the faster
and, instead of the bull catching
him, he caught the bull and grab
bed him by the tail. It was a firm
grip and a controlling one. He be
gan to kick the bull and the bull
bellowed with agony and dashed
across the field, Lincoln hanging
to his tail and kicking him at
every jump, and as they flew along
Lincoln yelled at the bull: "Darn
you, who began this fight?"
The strong facial resemblance
which married couples often acquire
after living together a long period
of years, harmonious in thought
and feeling, and subject to the
6ame conditions in life, have often
been commented upon. The pho
tographic society of Geneva recent
ly took the pictures of seventy
eight couples for an investigation
of this subject The result was
that in twenty-four cases the re
semblance in the personal appear
ance of the husband and wife was
greater than that of brother and
sister, in thirty cases it was equal
ly as great, and in only twenty-four
as there a total absence of resem
blance. A statement from the United
States mint gives the amount of
money in the world as follows:
Gold ..$3,582,605,000
Silver . . . ... ... .-. . . 4,052,700,000
Uncovered paper . . . . 2,625,873,000
Total . . .... . .... ..$10,271,178,000
The populaton of the world is from
1,400,000,000 to 1,600,000. Admit
ting that the population is not
over 1,400,000,000, there is only a
little over $7.30 per head of all
kinds of money. This per capita
is divided about as follows: Gold,
12.60; silver, $2.90; paper jnoney,
$1.90. -
A lady in this city who is oppos
ed to female suffrage has long been
pestered to sign a petition circula
ted in favor of extending the suf
frage to women. In despair she
appealed to her husband what to
do and received the following ad
vice: ''Tell the person when she
calls again that you will sign her
petition when you no longer have
any confidence in your husband,
your father, your brother or your
son; then, and not until then, sign
the petition." Pittsburg Post.
A newspaper whose columns over
flow with advertising of business
men, has more influence in atteact
ing attention to and building a
town or city than any other agency
that can be employed. People go
where there is business. Capital
and labor will locate where there is
an enterprising community. No
power is so strong to build up a
town as a newspaper properly pat
ronized. It always returns more
than it receives. Rev. De Witt
The Living Issue, of John Day,
has suspended publication, making
its final appearance last Thursday,
This we had predicted, but had not!
expected the event to happen quite
so soon. There is more about get
ting out a newspaper than one has
an idea, and just because'one can
dish up a racy article is no sign he
is a newspaper man, or knows any
thing about making a success of
tiat business. Long Creek Eagle.
Senator Mitchell, of Oregon, has
secured the passage of a bill pro
viding for one additional judge for
the ninth judicial circuit, which
includes California, Oregon, Ne
vada, Montana, Washington, Idaho,
Alaska and Arizona. This district,
if this bill should become a law,
will than have three circuit judges.
The appointmentment is expected
to go to some prominent California
There is a bullet-proof coat on
the market. Now, if there were a
ballot-proof coat on the market
some office-seekers would make a
good investment by buying one or
more. Exchange. ,
A contributor to the San Fran
cisco Argonaut has drawn attention
to the term nom de plum as being
an erroneous one, and not convey-
gingthe true meaning. He states
that it should be, tiom de guerre,
and that the former term is an ex
ample of London French, and or
iginated with "cockney"journalists
j there, once upon a time just how
I long ago is not stated and has
'been persistently followed ever
since. ' " '. -
A famous scientist, after careful
experiments finds that when pota
toes are cooked without removing
the skins they lose onlv 3 per cent
i of nutritive quality through ex
traction of the juice. V hen the
skins were removed before boiling,
the loss was 14 per cent, which
makes the process of cooking the
potatoes without their jackets an
exceedingly wasteful one. '
The republicans and populists
have fused in Tennessee. What do
I the republicans and populists of
Oregon think of such a combina
tion? It is only one in a thousand who
is worrying over the income tax
The trouble with the other 999 is
to get the income.
"Many of the citizens of RatjiBville,
Indiana, are never without a hottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in the
house," says Jacob Brown, the leading
merchant of the place. This Remedy
has proven of so much value for colds,
croup and whooping cough in children
that few mothers who know its worth
are willing to be without it. For sale
by nil druggists.
Land Offtci at The, Ob., June 2.r, ISiVt.
Notice in hereby Riven that the following
nameil settler Ims filed notice ol hi" Intention to
mttkefimil proof in support of his claim, ami that
said proof will be made before Jay p. I.iichk. coun
ty clerk, at Condon, Or., on August io, loy4, via.
KDWARD DUNN, tld. 3.W,
for the nwVf sec 22 rp 8 of r 20e. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous res
idence nnon and cultivation of, snid land, ria:
Cbaa. Wintteld, Ernest Seekamp, Ralph Froman
and Jeun UtBoHS, all of Condon, Oregon.
jyJS-'JO John W. Lew iN.Reglirter.
Lanb Office at The, Ob., May 14, 18iH.
Notice is hereby (riven that the following-named
settler bus filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and thai said
proof will be made before J. P. Lucas, coanty
clerk of Cilliam county, at Condon, Or., on
June 30, im, viz:
forthew'i nwf4and w1 swlsec 12 tpisof r!9
e. He names the following witnesses to prove
his emit! mums residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: W. 11. Smith, Kxlpb ! Ionian,
Chns. Brown and 8. V. Moore, all of f'onrionOr-
ml8-14 JuhnW. Lewis, Keitistcr.
By virtue of an execution decree nnd
order of sale, issued out of the honorahle
circuit court of the etate of Oregon for
the county of Gilliam, on a judgment re
covered on the 11th day of April, 1894,
in favor of the American Mortgage Com
pany of Scotland, plaintiffs, and apainst
William Wheeler and Elizabeth Wheel
er, defendants, for the sum of seven
hundred and seventy-seven dollars and
twenty-five cents ($777.25) with interest
thereon from said 11th day of April,
1894, at ten per cent per annum; and
sixty-two dollars (?62) attorney's fees,
and forty-nine dollars and forty-six cents
($49.46) accruing coHts. I have levied
upon and will sell at public auction on
Saturday, June 30, 1894,
at 2 o'clock p. m. at theconrt house door
in Condon, Gilliam county, state of Ore
gon, all the right, title and Interest
which the said William Wheeler and
Elizabeth Wheeler had on or after the
11th day of April, 1894, for cash in hand,
in or to the followingdescribed premises,
towit: The southeast quarter of section
thirty in township onp south, of range
twenty-one east of Willamette Meridian,
containing one hundred and sixty acres,
all in Gilliam county, .state of Oregon.
Dfited at Condon, Oregon, this 28th day
of May, 1894. W, L. Wacox,
Sheriff of Gilliam County, Oregon.
By virture of an execution duly issued
by the clerk of the circuit, court of the
county of Gilliam, state of Oregon, dated
the 16th day of "May, 18!)4, in a certain
action of the circuit court of said county
and state wherein J. G. fctevenson as
plaintiff recovered judgment against W.
L. Barker, defendant, for the sum of
eighty dollars and 'costs and disburse
ments taxed at one hundred and two
dollars and thirty-eight cents on the1 20th
day of April, 1894.' Notice is hereby
given that I will on
Saturday, June 30, 1894.
at the court house door in Condon, in
eaid county, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon
of said day, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, the following
described property, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, 6
and 6 in block 28 in the town of Condon,
Gilliam county, Oregon; also lots 5, 6,7,
9 and 10 in block 30 in the town of Con
don, Gilliam county, Oregon, as the same
appears by the recorded plat on file in
the clerk's office in said Gilliam county,
Oregon, together with the improvements
thereon, taken and levied upon as the
property of the said W. L. Barker to sat
isfy the said judgment in favor of J. G.
Stevenson against eaid W. L. Barker,
with interest thereon, together with all
costs and disbursements that have or
mav accrue. Dated at Condon, Oregon,
May 22, 1894. W, L. Wilcox,
Sheriff of Gilliam County, Or.
I have two little grand children who
are teething this hot summer weather
and are troubled with bowel complaint.
I give them Chninlierlain'sColic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and it acts like a
charm. I earnestly recommend it for
children with bowel troubles. I was
myself taken with a severe attack of
bloody flux, with cramps and pains in
my stomach, one-third of a bottle of this
remedy cured me. Within twenty-four
hours I was out of bed nnd doing my
house work. Mutt. ' W. I,. Di-naoan,
'.on-aqnn, Hickman Co., Term.. For
sale by ail druggist.
The Bast Medicine.
J. O. Wilson, Contractor and
Builder, Sulphur Sprinps, Texas,
thus speaka of Ayer's Pills i
" Ayer's Tills are the best medicine I
ever tried; and, io my judgment, no
better general remedy could be devised.
I have used thura In my family and
racoiumeudod them to my friends and
tmployes for more that, twenty years.
To my certain knowledge, many caaee
.of the following complaints have been
completely and
Permanently Cured
by the use of Ayer's Pills alone: Third
day chills, dumb ague, billons fever,
sick headache, rheumatism, flux, dys
pepsia, constipation, and hard colds. I
know that a moderate use of Ayer's
rills, continued for a few days or weeks,
as the nature of the complaint required,
would be found an absolute cure for the
disorders I have named above."
"I have been selling medicine for
elsht years, and I can safely say that
Ayer's Pills give better satisfaction
than any other Pill I ever sold." J. J.
Perry, Spottsylvania C. H., Va.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. A yer & Co., Lowell, Ibn.
Every Dose Effective
Sometime ago I was troubled with an
attack of rheumatism. I need Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and was completely
enred. I have since advised many of
my friends and customers to try the
remedy and all speak highly of it.
Simon Ooldbavm, San Luis Rey, Cal.
For sale by all druggists.
Books of nil kinrt. L, W. Darling & Co.
DtAheg and Klusnwnre at L. W. Darling & Co.'i.
We are jut hunting forrbronic coaghi to cure,
"S. B," for Mle by L. W. Darling A Co.
Cleanse your blond with Dr. Grunt'. 8anmp
rllla. L. W. Darling 4 Co.
The beat lemon extract! for flavoring. Just ar
rived. L. W. Darling Co.
Have you iieen our new diaplay of toilet nonpn?
Something new and nice. L. Vv. Darling & Co.
The 8. B. Cough Cure ii (Imply perfect Spend
We with L. W. Darling, and yon will lw ready to
Buy choice bird need, now reduced to 10c
package, from I W. Darling t Co., and your bird
will aiug tweeter.
The German-American Inmiranee Co., of Kew
York, hai entnblinhed an office at Condon with L.
W. Darling as agent.
Aik at L. W. Darling & Co' drug "tore for the
8. B. Headache cure, and you will be given the
bout headache medicine known.
The famon "Willlami Barber Bar Shaving
Soap" the beat In the world for the toilet and
lor havlng. For nale by L. W. Darling & Co.
The fresheat, purest and bent ttork of preacrlp
tlon medicines In th country can be found at
the drug store of L. W. Darling 4 Co., Condon.
One thousand dollars in county war
rants. Will pay at the rate of 90 cents
on the dollar for same. For further in
formation inquire of Ellis, Dawson &
Lyons, Condon, Oregon.
Flourl Flourll
For the cheapest and bent flour on
earth apply to Btnith & Koyal of the
Fosisil mills. a27
The Midwinter Fair.
If yon intend vmitinj; the great Mid
winter Fair, call on the nearest Union
Pacific agent, and he can tell you all
about the exceedingly low rate and ad
vantages offered by this line to Ban Fran
cisco and return, or addretm W. II. Hurl
burt, Afet. Gen'l Fang. Agent, Portland.
Choice Confectionery.
When you want anything In the line
of real nice, fresh confectionery of all
kinds candiea, nnts, bananas, honey in
comb, celery, cigars, etc., call at my new
store next door to Barker's store.
Mrs. A. Bkandknhueo.
Of Dee Moines, Iowa, writes under date
of March 22, 1803:
8. B. Mfg. Co., Dufnr Oregon. ,
Gentxbmkn: On arriving home last
week, I found all well and anxiously
awaiting. Our little girl, eight and one
,half years old, who had waited away to
38 pounds, is now well, strong and vig
orous, and well fleshed up. 8. IJ. Cough
Cure has done its work well. Both of
the ' children like it. Your fi. B. Cough
Cure has cured and kept n way all hoarse
ness from me. So give it to every one,'
with greetings for all. Wishing vou
prosperity, we are yours,
Ma. '& Mkb. J, F. Fokd.
It yon wish to loci (rculi and dierfiil,anl ready
for the KirinK' wnrk, clennra your HVKtem with
tho HeiKiiiche nnd Liver Cum, hy taking two or
threo loi each wek. 50 cent tt bottle hy ail
(InigKiitN. BuUl under a pimitiva guarantee by
G. S. CLARK, Prop'r.
General Blacksmlthfng and
The only firHt-cJaRS blacksmith and
' horse-shoer in the county.
Main Street, Condon, Oregon.
Lone Rock Sawmill,
J. S. HcKINNEY, Proprietor.
Situated 22 miles gouthcant of Condon, on tho rulg road.
I am now prepared to furnish, on short notice, any kind
of lumber at prices to suit the times, and on terms that
will satisfy any honest man. My prices are as follows:
ROUGH, $9 ; DRESSED, $ 1 6.50 TO $22.50
With a Liberal Discount for all Over Two Inches Thick.
I have also established a lumber yard at Condon with Mr. Al Hen
shaw in charge, who will be pleased to wait on you or take your order.
mi.iii.uua unuuLi.ii i y mm v5 vi vuv uum wf
Repairing a specialty. Call and see us when you are at the county seat.
I have had twenty years experience in this business and
A jeweler of six years experience is prepared to do all kinds of repair
ing in a first-class manner and at very moderate rates.
taken, also engraving done to order by a
Francis Improved Engraving Machine.
All Work Guaranteed for one year.
Shop in Smith's Harness Shop, Condon, Or.
Please Send us Your
The only way you can afford to run sheep,
Why pay freight on all your dirt?
Pendleton, - - - Oregon.
.II GO !?.vJn J'1'"" .tu deo'W V"fll. W r thi
with pr ylleuetoexnnilntt tuvfwn any money la
paid. We pur frainht both wn.ylf not nuttMnr.
Uitat OTHrfnrjwi Wrltn jrunr own nnlor.
' "'WHOLESALE prices. ,
Spring War,ona, S3 l 830. onrantwd
nam a. oii ,fwww Surreys, to SlOO
aiD hm tell foriu to tun. fop Sureien.
$3?,,fSO, at tin u Mil for r. f htetorii,
to JjlOf). Farm Waon, Wiu-.onot!ef
Wagons, Delivery V.fnp;ori'"l ffoad
Carts. )ik vcuji t on Kimta ihiiuiua.
No. 37, Barrer llurneiuk
No. 1W4, Top Buggy.
$43.03 SV,
ftrntoM&i I tt
BJMNtt kmn,i
bo. i, mrm
n jwri'raf. orr rnr rwh
'ami tt tiny io.tain
Mill I-
Name and Address.
: i
N0.R7, Uo(l Wbhou.
ut PMf NET.
Kldhnrt. HIjr!lfl,2tilo.i
with rt Sew! 4e. In pnmiiiinliw lira. wli1lo
on 1 ltf-iwje ituiiou. .uicil Mtilutl. drtio forulnKK.
No. 78J, Surrey.