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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1894.
La Grande Chronicle: It is
practically settled that the next
legislature will be republican, and
the election of a republican as Uni
ted States senator is practically as
sured. The question arises, will
Senator Dolph be elected to succeed
himself? Ab an advocate to the
uiuiuiuie ui pruicuuuij lucre is uu
r r
doubt that Senator Dolph is ac
ceptable to his party; that he is
not in line with a large proportion
" u: v, . ...
ui u.. F i, u u. uu., 4
..ijr cv.u,n, v
. wie wnu.uui un tu
' k"c aoc "C?T
-were openly ana avowedly p ea -
s ltw -uv i-Kitice might have been obtained.
4 4 . . . V. : . 41. 4 o
to a pledge to vote for some repub
lican besides Dolph for senator; if
the expressed wishes of a large pro-
portion of the republican voters j
amounts to anything it amounts to j
senator other than Dolph.
Postal notes will not be issued
after July first. The rate on the
new money orders that take the
place of the old postal notes and
money orders will be as follows:
.ov or uimer, o cus; up 10
Sets; up to $10.00, 8 cts; up to
$20.00 10 cts; up to $30.00, 12 cts;
up to $40.00, 15 cts; $50.00, 18 cts;
$60.00, 20cts, $75,00,25cts, $100.-!and iae provisions oi me
law under which the new postoffice
money orders are to be issued, are
that all offices shall begin the new
issue July 1, 1894, except in cases
where the old forms of money j
orders are exhausted, then to begin '
the issue of the new forms at once, j
Roseburg Review:
Oregon has ,
gone just as every keen political
observer believed it would go, when
Governor Pennoyer started out to :
make populists of the democrats.
He has succeeded in splitting his
old party into two warring factions,
resulting in a sweeping republican
majority. If Pennoyer really hates j
the party who elevated him to j
power, he no doubt feels gratified, ;
while he will have to give up all ,
hoDes of beinor elected United States
Governor Flower has vetoed the
bill passed by the New York legis
lature prohibiting the display of
foreign flags on public buildings.
The reason for the veto is that he
considers it small national and
clannish legislation. Gov. Flower
is a broad-minded man who thinks
there can be no harm to American
interests by an occacional display
of foreign flags on American soiL
Still, there are those who think
that everything ought to be done
to Americanize America.
The NorthweBt flood is general.
On the streams flowing into Puget
Bound, water never was known to
be so high; the Frazer river is
wreaking unheard of destruction
along its banks, the floods on the
upper waters of the Columbia have
risen above all previous high-water
marks. This probably is due less
to excessive snowfall during the
winter than to the late spring and
the sudden arrival of summer,
which melts and discharges all at
once. -
Portland Telegram: Oregon is
a republican state. It is more re
publican this year than usual. It
is amazingly republican. Yet it is
not a republican triumph, because
there was practically nothing to
gain a victory over. It was mere
ly a republican walk over. The
r? publican vote went rolling up to
fabulous proportions for the same
reason that the water pours over at
Niagra. There was nothing to ob
struct it.
The total vote of the state will
be about 86,000, which is about
evenly divided between the demo
crats and populists on one side and
the republicans on the other.
B. P. Watson, formerly of the
Sunday Mercury, has begun the
publication of a new paper at North
Yakima, Wash,' '-entitled a "New
Union Scout: Theelection Mon
day demonstrated the fact that the
republicans who joined (?) the
populist party did not stay with it
while the democrats did. The re
publicans voted straight in nearly
every instance, and have a plurality
of 300 or 400 in the county. So
long as the three parties remain as
they are, neither the democratic
nor popnlist party can hope for
success in the future.
A strong man wrestled wun a
linn in flan T?ro nifivi f Ka nth Aav
j . it l(
lanil mmn out victorious. It nncrht
' " - ----- - - 3" -
i be well to explain, however, that
the lion was strongly muzzled and
had his feet padded so that he was
" -
",aimoet incapable of action. The
public iike8 noveity but conte8t8
Bhould txrmade even. The lion
I should have had at least two feet
1 barethena wel(jome obituary no.
A number of our exchanges are
attacking the Australian ballot
system, and demanding either its
repeal, or radical change, so as to
make H legg gecret The te .
a llttle. complicated, but voters are
Decommg accustomed to it and are,
j as a rule, satisfied to let it remain
as it is. It is a safeguard against
j vote buying and fraud, and this is
what the honest
Ochoco Review.
voter wauts.
The ftn onHln:t;on :n pnrt.
knd and other citie8 of the state,
the object of which h fc 'B
J, the reWiction of
criminftl forei emigration.
ft ehould BUCCeed and pr08per.
Were it not for such emigration we
would not have our present labor
troubles News.
Joe Simon and George Sears were
born under the same planet. It is
a star known in polititcal astron
omy as the dead-sure-thine. When
Judge Bronaugh's final day comes
it will find both Sears and Simon
running for office and leading the
ticket. Telegram
Wool is strong and the price has
advanced considerably. This is
sad news to those politicians who
have been telling the people that
the free wool tariff policy of the
democratic party would destroy
that industry. Eugene Guard.
The Tucker bill providing for the
election of senators by direct vote
of the people, which was passed by
the house during the last congress,
has been again favorably reported
to tne nouse, wmcn it. will pass,
;The 8enate does not take kindly to
j the idea.
The New York constitutional
convention proposes to adopt an
eductional qualification for voters.
This ought to be done in every
state. With our free schools in
full operation, there is no reason
why any one should be illiterate.
An exchange says, "Some people
could trace their ancestry back to
Adam if they only knew his last
name." We are inclined to believe
in those cases Adam's last name is
Phule and it is well to put the ac
cent on the first letter of Adam.
While Gilliam county has a "hot
wind" now and then, a "dust
storm" occasionly and a "dry spell"
semi-occasionally, it is never inun
dated and swept' away by raging
torrents. That is one consolation.
It is a year of downward tenden
cies. Pennoyer has gone down,
the river is going down, democracy
is on the decline, and the whole
country is riding a greased tobog
gan on a downward grade.
Will some democrat move to
make it unanimous in the lower
house of the legislature? With
draw the one democrat who was
elected, for it will be awfully lone
some for him. '
Along with the rest of us the
Missouri river valley is having its
flood experience. Now if the old
Potomac would take a arise and
flood congress out we would call it
A miss is as good as a mile. To
the candidate who didn't get there
the size of the other fellow's ma
jority is of very little consequence.
S ' ' ;-..'
Heppner Gasette of Jane 9th; "The
election passed off quietly in Uilliam
county and resulted in a clean sweep for
the republicans for every county position
except sheriff, W. L. Wilcox, Dem., who
has held the office two terms, defeating
his Rep. opponent, J. D. Livingston by
97 majority. Mr. Wilcox has uiHdean
ideal sheriff, and his acommodatiug dis
position and leniency with the taxpayers
accounts for this remarkable victory in
a county having200 republican majority.
The democratic candidate for justice of
the peace for Condon precinct, S. P.
Shutt, of the Clot, defeated his re
publican opponent, Geo. Tatom, by a
majority of 24 in a precinct having a re
publican majority of that number."
Among the Jokers.
A minister may not be a hrakeman,
but he does a great deal of coupling, all
the Bame.
The man who was to publish a news
paper to suit everybody fell out of Noah's
ark and was drowned.
Visitor Do yon regret the past?
Convicted Counterfeiter Oh, no I . It's
what didn't pass that I feel bad ,bout.
"You think my boy is bound to make
his mark ?" Teacher "I am afraid so.
It seems impossible for him to learn to
write." ; , .
"Say, pa" asked Freddy,, "why is it
that when you or Uncle George tell a
story you always get laughed at, and
when I tell one I get a lictin'?"
Money and time are the heaviest bur
dens of life, and the unhappiest of all
mortals are those who have more of
either than they know how to use. '
"My husband is a peculiar sort of a
man." "How so?" "Before we were
married I couldn't get him out of the
honse before midnight, and now I can't
get him into the house before midnight."
Her .Proposal.
Harold Ethel, do you love me?
Ethel (deeply agitated) Ah, Harold
forgive ma I cannot tell you. Please
excuse me, Harold, while I find the ar
ticle in The Ladies Parlor Journal on
'How to Behave When Proposed To."
As I have made arrangements to leave
Condon about July 6th, I must request
all who are indebted to me to settle
their accounts immediately, as I want
to square up with my creditors aUo be
fore leaving. C. F. Pkrkim.
To restore gray hair to its natnral
color as in youth, cause it to grow abun
dant and strong, there is no better pre
paration than Hall's Hair renewer. -
"It has cured others and will cure
you" is true only of Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
The motto suits the medicine and the
medicine the motto. What better as
surance could you have that a remedy
will cure you, than the fact that it has
cured such multitudes of others?
When the blood is loaded with impar
ities, the whole system becomes dis
ordered. This condition of things can
not lht long without serious results. ' In
such cases, a powerful alterative is need
ed, such as Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It
never fails, and has no equal.
"Many of the citizens of Batnsville,
Indiana, are never withont a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in the
house," says Jacob Brown, the leading
merchant of the place. This Remedy
has proven of so much value for colds,
croup and whooping corigh in children
that few mothers who know its worth
are willing to be withont it. For sale
by all druggists. ' '
Sometime ago I was troubled with an
attack of rheumatism. I used Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and was completely
cured. I have since advised many of
my friends and customers to try .the
remedy and all speak highly of it.
Simon Goubavm, San Luis Bey, Cal.
For sale by all druggists.
By virtne of an . execution decree and
order of sale, issued out of the honorable
circuit court of the state of Oregon for
the county of Gilliam, on a judgment re
covered on the llth'day of April, 1894,
in lavor oi tne American Mortgage Com
pany of Scotland, plaintiffs, and against
William Wheeler arid Elizabeth Wheel
er, defendants, for the sum of seven
hundred and seventy-seven dollars and
twenty-five cents (1777.25) with interest
thereon from said 11th day of April,
1894, at ten per cent per annum; and
sixty-two dollars ($02) attorney's fees,
and forty-nine dollars and forty-six cents
((49.46) accruing costs. I have levied
upon and will sell at public auction on
Saturday, June 30, 1894,
at 2 o'clock p. m. at the court house door
in Condon, Gilliam county, state of Ore
gon, all the right, title and interest
which the said William Wheeler and
Elizabeth Wheeler had on or after the
11th day of April, 1894, for cash in hand,
in or to the following described premises,
towit: The southeast quarter of section
thirty in tow nship one south, of range
twenty-one east of Willamette Meridian,
containing one hnndred and sixty acres,
all in Gilliam county, state of Oregon.
Dated at Condon, Oregon, this 28th day
of May, 1894. W. L. Wiwox,
Sheriff of Gilliam County, Oregon.
T hnvH twin lit.t.lo crntiH rhiMran
and are troubled with bowel complaint.
I give them Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Reraedv and it acts like
charm. I earnestly recommend it for
children with bowel troubles. I was
myself taken with a severe attack of
bloody flux, with cramps and pnins in
my stomach, one-tbird of a bottle of this
remedy cured me. Within twenty-four
hours I was out of ted and doing my
nouse worn. iubs. vv. u Dunaoan,
Bon-anna. Hickman Cn.. T..n
sale by all druggist. V I
A Little Daughter
Of a Church of England minister
cured of a distressing: rash, by
Ayer'a Sarsaparilla. Mr. Richard
Birks, the well-known Druggist, 207
McGlll st., Montreal, P. Q., says:
I have sold Ayer's Family Medicines
. tor 40 years, and have heard nothing but
good said of them. I know of many
Wonderful Cures
performed by Ayer's Sarsaparilla, one
In particular beiag that of a little
daughter of a Church of England minis
ter. The child was literally covered
from head to foot with a red and ex
, ceedlngly troublesome rash, from which
he had suffered for two or three years,
In spite of the best medical treatment
available. Her father was in great
distress about the case, and, at my
recommendation, at last began to ad
minister Ayer's Sarsaparilla, two bot
tles of which effected a complete care,
much to her relief and her father's
delight. I am sure, were he here to-day,
he would testify in the strongest terms
as to the merits of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Prepared byDr.J.O.AyerftCoLowell.Mus,
Cures others, will cure you
Bv virtue of an execution duly issued
by the clerk of the circuit court of the
conntv of Gilliam, state of Oregon,
dated' the 16th day of May, 1894. in a
certain action in tne circuit court oi said
count? and state wherein J. G. Steven
son as plaintiff recovered judgment
against W. L. tsarker, detendant, for the
sum of eighty dollars and costs and dis
bursements taxed at one hundred and
two dollars and thirty-eight rents on the
20tb day of April, 1894. Notice is here-
oy given that 1 will on
Saturday, June 30, 1894,
at the court house door in Condon, in
said county, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon
of said day, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, the following
described property, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, 6
and tt in block 28 in the town of Condon,
Gilliam county, Oregon ; also lots 6, 6, 7,
9 and 10 in block 30 in the town of Con
don, Gilliam county, Oregon, as the same
appears by the recorded plat on hie in
the clerk's office in said Gilliam county,
Oregon, together with the improvements
thereon, taken and levied upon as the
property of the Baid W. L. Barker to sat-
:(.. ..,1. t a
loiy ttiiv bhiu juuguivuv iu invur ui u. VJ.
Stevenson against said W. L. Barker,
with interest thereon, together with all
costs and disbursements that have or
mav accrue. Dated at Condon, Oregon,
May 22, 1894. W. L. Wiumx.
Sheriff of Gilliam County, Or.
Anyone desiring a first-class, bran-new
wagon, back or buggy, at about one-third
less than the price usually charged, will
find it to their advantage to see the
Globe man.
Booki of all kinds. L. W. Darling 4 Co.
Dtiliet and gluMware at L. W. Darling lc Co.'i.
We are Juat hunting for chronic cougui to cure.
"8. B," (or aale by U W. Darling A Co.
Cleanne your blood with Dr. Grant's Saraapa
rilla. L. W. Darling 4 Co.
Tha beat lemon extracts (or flavoring, )ut ar
rived. L. W. Darling & Co.
Have yon seen our new display of toilet aoape?
Something new and nice. L. to. Darling & Co.
The S. B. Cough Care la limply perfect Spend
50c with L. W. Darling, and you will be ready to
Bay choice bird seed, now reduced to 10c a
package, from U W. Darling A Co., and your bird
will ling aweeter.
The German-American Inmrance Co., of New
York, ha eatabliahed an office at Condon with L.
W. Darling as agent
Auk at L. W. Darling & Co.'a drag itore for the
S. B. Headache cure, and yon will be given the
beat headache medicine known.' '
The famous "Williams Barber Bar Shaving
Soap" the beat in (be world for the toilet and
for shaving. For aale by L. W, Darling Si Co.
The freaheat, purest and beat stock of prescrip
tion . medicines in the country can be fonnd st
the drug itore of L. W. Darling Si Co., Condon.
; Notice.
I have leased my barber shop to
Sylvan faimer and 1 would like lor all
owing me to settle immediately, as I
need money to carry on tny other busi
ness. A. Brandenburg.
Condom, June 13, 1894.
One thousand dollars In county war
rants. Will pay at the rate of 90 cents
on the dollar for same. For further in
formation inquire of Ellis, Dawson &
Lyons, Condon, Oregon.
r Flourl Flour!!
For the cheapest and best flour on
earth apply to Smith & Royal of the
Fossil mills. a27
The Midwinter Fair.
If yon intend visiting the great Mid
winter Fair, call on the nearest Union
Pacific agent, and he can tell you all
about the exceedingly low rate and ad
vantages offered by this line to fcian Fran
cisco and return, or address W. H. Hnrl
burt, Asst. Uen'l Pass. Agent, Portland.
Choice Confectionery.
When yon want anything In the line
of real nice, fresh confectioner of all
kinds candies, nuts, bananas, honey in
comb, celery, cigars, etc., call at, my new
store next door to Barker's store,
Mrs, A. B(UKDEKv?y.
Lone Rock Sawmill,
J. S. McKINNEY, Proprietor.
' Situated 22 miles southeast of Condon, on the ridge road.
I am now prepared to furnish, on short notice, any kind
of lumber at prices to suit the times, and on terms thot
will satisfy any honest wan. My . prices are as follows:
ROUGH, $9; DRESSED, $16.50 TO $22.50
With a Liberal Discount for all Over Two Inches Thick.
I have also established a lumlier yard at Condon with Mr. Al Hen
shaw in charge, who will be pleased to wait on you or take your order.
Repairing a specialty. Call and see us when you are at the connly leai.
I have had twenty years experience in this business and
A jeweler of six years experience is prepared to do all kinds of repair
ing in a first-class manner and at very moderate rates.
taken, also engraving done to order by a
Francis Improved Engraving Machine.
All Work Guaranteed for one year.
Shop in Smith's Harness Shop, Condon, Or.
Please Send us Your Name and Address.
The only way you can afford to run sheep,
Why pay freight on all your dirt?
Pendleton, - Oregon.
Of Des Moines, Iowa, writes under date
of March 22, 1813:
8. B. Mko. Co., Dufnr Oregon.
Gentlbmkn: On arriving home last
week, I found all well and anxiously
awaiting. Our little girl, eight and one
half years old, who had wasted away to
38 pounds, is now well, strong and vig
orous, and well fleshed up, 8. B. Cough
Cure has done its work well. Both of
the children like it. Your 8. B. Congh
Cure has cured and kept away all hoarse
ness from me. So give it to every one,
with greetings for all. Wishing you
prosperity, we are yours,
Mb. & Mi:s. J. F. Ford.
If you wlh to feel frcah and cheerful, and rpafljr
for the Hnriniri work, oleunne your xti m with
the HeiMiHclie end Mver Cure, ljr taking two or
three timet each weifk. 60 ;euc jier botllo by nil
druggist. Hold under punitive gtiurniitve by
lYava Bald fn
-ff h11 ".?, VobloL-a an llnrnw.i. turn way-" in
rJ'J? vIi " "" mln twfwfi any money fa
paid. Wo pur JrehtlitlHHli wnyaif mit.nif'fn
r'Tfti fr year.. hi (nr tm " mt Sfn
ti (M to orrterfnr yoof Wriwi your on "i ,?rtl
MIX WB ""'0 M 'U 0 lS
Spring Waftons, S3I to $30. f'mimiitwd
same allfraiW Surreys. SOS tofcioft
Min.'wncr'r, Wa;orj, Wanonitti."
rJ. T ?."?,' ,,v: '"Y Wo ! Roe d
(fo.87. Surrey Barusm.
L-Za y tnwMiA "sat.
$43.00 S3
. IMA. I r I )H
JL. " .-" , VI 5 nv W ran
G. S. CLARK, PropV.
General Blacksmlthlng and
The only firnt-clasg Mackemith nd
horse-ehoer in tho county.
Main Street, Condon, Oregon.
Ukb Ornffl ATTns bkiim. Ou.,My U, ISM.
ttw hni Died uottot. rt lit. intention to mk
f.Vlnif & Wrt of hi. clultn. imd that saM
jm.U""";'! cou",y CMton
for the w'-i nw'i i,,t w tp 4 of r 1
. He iiamix the following witueMtx to unn
Mi',? i !".""", '' "" rd enltltlon
of. MM IhimI, rlu: W B. Hmflli, K.lph F.omHU
Chim .Brown and 6. V. Moore nil 01 Condon, Or
WIB-H J,N v, Uwia, Iteifl.ter
4 .
D.uMe !,
No.WI, Bond Wiwuu
KHtfMirtuij-fllo.sji'n wl-wla.
piiiHi'ti.,i.iii i!rot, v.'i'i'.1ii)
- - - - H.i,r.t i,uinri;, oruoiortrincn. .
utiwi mmv.ft, tlruU'Mrclncih