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Opportunities for young men in
crease as older men learn more of
the science of government. Boys
who are growing to manhood today
bave opportunities for education
and entrance Into business that their
fathers never enjoyed. They have
chances for eujoyment, privileges of
improvement and opportunities for
travel never before enjoyed by the
youth of any land.
Not the least of the new oppor
tunities that have opened up for
young men la the offer of the Gov
ernment to entertain them one
month each year at the Citizens'
Military Training Camps with all ex
penses paid, even to transportation
to and from the camps, theatre tick
ets and physical examination.
To be able to leave home the lat
ter part of July and return again
the latter part of August, learn the
principles of military training, enjoy
athletics, theatres, social functions,
pleasure, trips and new country, to
be of some use to the Nation and at
the same time to benefit physically
and mentally, without the Incurring
of any obligation for further mili
tary Bervlce Is an opportunity no
young man can afford to overlook.
Yet this chance is open to any young
man between the ages of 17 and 27
who is In good health and reason
able physical condition.
Three courses are offered: The
Red Course: Ages 17 to 25 No
previous military experience of any
kind necessary.
White Course: Ages 18 to 26
For those who have had Red Course,
Grammar school education or Its
equivalent necessary.
Blue Course: Ages 19 to 27
For civilians having completed Red
and White Courses. High school
education or its equivalent neces
sary. White Course qualifies student to
become non-commissioned officer in
Organized Reserves if he so desires
and Blue Course as officer in the
Organized Reserves.
Ex-service non-commissioned of-!
fleers, not older than 36 years of age
who have high school education or
Its equivalent, may enter Blue j
With conditions in the turmoil j
that exiBts in Europe and China to
day, America is in a position that ,
she may be called upon to take
further part at any minute. Young
men will not escape 'military duty
because of ignorance of its princi
ples but they are at a decided-disadvantage
without a knowledge of
those principles and the government
has a decided advantage if a reas
onable number of Its young men are
vorsed in the rudiments of its mili
tary practices. Hence the plan for
summer camps which do not entail
any obligations for further service.
Pete Van De Hey 1b getting bet
ter from the rheumatism.
Joe Orsell is painting his new res
idence north of town.
John Rowe la very enthusiastic
about the berry business, he is
growing a new variety of blackberry
called "Cazadero" enormous yields
with tbe wild flavor. .
"Still water runs deep" Elmer Mc
Qee's store passed the State exami
nation In Geography recently at
school with 100 per cent.
George Hughaon and wife are vis
iting relatives at Brooks. Mr. Hugh
ion is assisting his brother-in-law,
Win. GasklU, with his farm work.
Two Italian editors fought a duel
with all solemnity the other day,
with the usual result no one hart.
Strawberries are ripe pass tbe
short cake please!
Dollie Walker brought the first
rose blffsBom 1922, to school Mon
day George Blasser has been improv
ing his property west of Beaverton,
by erecting a new fence in front of
his residence.
McQee's delivery truck arrives
every Friday from Beaverton 's De
partment store.
The boys, at school are enjoying a
"Big Horse Shoe Tournament," the
old time game throwing "Ring
ers" and "Leanera" 1b all the go
nowadays. The contest is hot and
getting better every day for the
championship of Cooper Mountain is
at stake.
Mr. Liebrick dbb a big crap of to
mato plants and asters in his sew
green house.
Edwin Jacobsen shot a chicken
hawk Sunday.
John Cole and son, Byron, were in
Beaverton Friday purchasing a few
! barrels more of B. Lets' famouB
spray for their orchards on top of
the mountain.
MrB. Flnta was a Portland visitor
the last of the WBek.
Julia Bums brought the first Col
umbine blossom to school.
Miss Alice Blomqulst has complet
ed her first book in her musical
course and is making rapid progress.
RubboU Cole visited school Fri
day and waB presented with a ba
loon. W. L. Anderson recently moved to
the J. O. Larson place.
Mrs. Mary Frandlum was a guest
at the Finta home the first of the
Aire Watts Is starting in the poul
try business, with Borne fine baby
Dorothy Cole brought the first
Jonquil to school Monday and
Dollie Walker the first buttercup.
Frank Allen and Carl' Matzke
have, the East road graded in fine
shape this spring. C. W. Allen,
supervisor, keepB good men on the
W. F. Deslnger of Beaverton,
called recently and took a look at
the achool building. Desinger and
Bons built Cooper Mountain school
house in 1910 and many others In
the east end, namely;. Beaverton,
Scholls,, Jacktown, , Mountain side
and Hazeldale, all monuments to
their good work.
Matt Blomquist 1b plowing the En
puist ranch.
Road Supervisor Oecar Taylor and
crew, are fixing up Cooper Mountain
roads in good shape Huber avenue,
southward. j
We are often reminded of the Fai 1
WeBt last week a cow boy In full
togs visited school. ;
For 6istr.
At the Madisun Avenue branch li
brary a I li tie boy was looking for an
interesting book and seemed to be
having a bard time finding one that
appealed to him. At last he brought
to the desk "Wanted: A Husband,"
saying, "I guess I'll take this home to
my sister, That's what she's looking
for." Indianapolis News.
Rial Value of Work.
We may call our work humdrum and
monotonous, may consider that It Is
not great enough to be worthy of our
talents or our time, but whatever It
may be, remember that we are not
only making the work but being mad
by it
Prevent Instead of Cure.
Bordeaux Mixture 4-4-50 will
keep the Flea Beetles oft your toma
to and potatoes and it is good for
the plants.
77 H I wewe, m urafc JJ I sou Smqolo k " J Voot UTfuB Wm 1
Preparations are being made for
the sixth annual reunion of the Mc
Kay School Alumni association
which will be held on the school
ground near W h i t f o r d station
Saturday, June 17th. A business
meeting followed by a basket dinner
in the grove, music and a short lit
erary program will be featureB of
the occasion.
Present and former pupils who
have attended school in the district
since its organization sixty-five years
ago, their families and friends are
earnestly Invited to attend and
spend the day with their associates
of pioneer days.
Officers of the association are,
president, B. K, Denny; secretary, C.
M. McKay; committee on program
and arrangements, Elizabeth D, Mc
Gowan, Ruby W. Boyd and Aaron V.
Mrs. J. A. Erickaon entertained
the class of '22 of Beaverton High
school one evening recently at her
home in Huber, her son, Herbert
being a member of that class. Tbe
class colors were harmoniously used
in decoration with flowers and
greenery, giving a very pretty and
festive appearance, place cards and
favors done In tb,e colors added
beauty to the table;.'. The evening
was spent merrily as only a bunch of
young people know so well how to
do and Mrs. Erickson was voted a
most delightful hostess.
The Huber Ladies Social Improve
ment club was entertained at Mrs.
Lundberg'B on Thursday afternoon
The time was spent in club business
with a Boclal hour following, and
the hostess served a most delectable
luncheon, and H the proof of the
pudding is In the eating, the ladles
most thoroughly enjoyed It.
Mrs. Nupert has been confined to
her home recently with illness.
A girls club Is to be started this
week under the auspices of the H.
L. S. I. Club, with Mesdames Jack
son and Clark as leaders. This is a
fine idea and la beng worked out
with great success among our girls
In other localities, and It is hoped
that the movement will meet win
great success here In Huber.
Grandma Justice is not improving
in health as rapidly as her friends
would wish to see.
Work on the several new houses
in our vicinity is progressing rapid
ly. A company of Ittle oneB were hap
pily entertained at the home of Mrs.
J. 0. Larson in honor of her little
Bon, Elmer's 6th birthday. A mer
ry time was had by all and a de
licious luncheon of tee cream and
cake and candy favors were thor
oughly enjoyed by the little ones.
Mrs. Sanders entertained com
pany from the city laBt week.
It is hoped our little ones as well
as our adults will feel an ever
awakened Interest in the church and
Sunday School work, in the ably
conducted services at Aloha.
Earl F. Watts and son, Aire took
in tbe game between Portland and
Sacramento on Decoration Day.
The baseball scandal of that fa
mous world series 1b to be again
"aired," it is stated. Of course It
needB the air, very badly, but we
prefer not to be in the neighborhood.
By Gherio Sughrat
Oh Fnlday, June 16lh the Wash
ington County Holsteln Club wlil
hold annual tour and basket picnic.
The program for the day is as fol
lows: 10:00 a. m., Meet at the farm of
J. F. Peereenboom to inspect his
Holsteln herd and test cows. i
From Mr. Peeren boom's place the,
tour will go to the farm of Clias.
Herb, arriving there at 10:4b.
From this place to Clell CarstenB
at Banks, arriving there at 11:U0.
From Mr. Carstens the crowd will
go to the show barns of the Banks
Hog and Dairy show for a picnic,
The banks Commercial Club will
furnish ice cream and coffee, and
Mr. Inkley, on be-half of the Hol
steln breeders has extended an Invi
tation to the business men of Banks
to join the HolBtein breeders during
the noon hour. j
At 1:30 the tour will leave for the
farms of J. P. Vandecoevering and
Albert Evers, where a stock judging
demonstration will be held and Hoi
stein in types discussed. Prof. E.
B. Fltts of O. A. C. nas been asked
to lead this work. From this latter
place the tour will proceed to the
Martin herd at Cornelius and from
this place to Connell Brothers' herd
near North Plains.
The Holstein breeders have an oc
casion' like this only once a year.
Bring the whole family and your
basket dinner. Visit the other
breeder and Bee what he has and
learn his methods of breeding and
raising good stock.
Committee in charge: S. C. Ink
ley, Frank Connell, O. T. Mc
J. E. Davis of Sorrento, has been
promoted to the position of assistant
freight agent of the O. W. R. A N.
at Portland to re place the the late
F. J. Pierce of Portland" mdW. CfMi
McKeli and F. G. Donaldson of
Beaverton, spent May 28th, 29th and
30th on the Trask River fishing.
They found the water high and fish
ing not very good but returned with
a small catch of prety fair sized
trout and express the opinion that
in another weok fly fishing will be
Kood on the Trask.
W. C. McKell has purchased a new
11)22 Maxwell car.
Ceo. Wolfe, manager of the
Beverton Wood and Coal yard, Is a
very busy man. He has several men
cutting wood for him and he 1b busy
loading cars with wood for Portland.
Three weeks ago Jenefred Blom
quiBt was playing with an Organ
reed as a whistle at his home on
Cooper Mountain, suddenly he swal
lowed the whistle as was supposed,
after two weeks at school the
teacher noticed that the boy had a
peculiar cough and spoke about It,
so sure enough on Sunday the cough
got worse and the boy waB hurried
to a Portland hospital. With sever
al X-Ray pictures the whistle or
roed was located, but not in his
stomach but In one of the bronichol
tubes of his windpipe. He was giv
en chlorlform an operation perform
ed and the brass reed was removed.
Jenefred is home again and recover
ing. Radiating Happlnau,
A happy man or woman Is it better
thing to find than a five-pound note.
He or she is a radiating focus of good
will, and their entrance Into a room
is as though another candle had been
lighted. Stevenson.
u rr----1 i m . a
A meeting of the Girls Reserve
Club was held Tuesday the 23d, at
the home of Ernestine Masters.
Plana for the camping trip to be
held Juno Sr. This was to be held
the 20th of May but owing to other
engagements it was thought best to
postpone It a week. All B. H. S.
girls are Invited to attend this trip.
Arother meeting of the Reserves
was held Thursday at which alt
plana for the trip were completed.
Wednesday evening, May 24, the
De Mobs family presented their mus
ical entertainment In the high school
auditorium. Five members of the
family were present and took part
In the entertainment. Their selec
tions wero (H from noteworthy
authors. The banjo music was
especially woll motived also the
reading anil nianologu') by Miss De
It Is with regret that we mention
very small crowd was In atten
dance as the entertainers deserved a
much larger roceptlon.
Wednesday evening after the
business session of the O. K. S-, the
men entertained the ladles at a so
cial hour. Games were the main
features of the evening, after which
delicious refreshments of sand
wiches, cake, coffee and Ice cream
were servfid.
Misses Feme Powell' and Mildred
Anderson spent Wednesday evening
with Miss Alfreds Austin.
Mrs. Ada T. WllBon who for the
past year has been teaching school
in Kinton, returned home Friday to
enjoy her vacation.
Miss H,elenJones of Portland,
spent Friday with her mother, Mrs.
John Barry.
Mrs. Irma McCurry (nee Harris,)
of California, Is visiting her parents.
6 Mrs. WHw-Haii;!W
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ray,
May 16, a girl.
The following pupils have com
pleted the eighth grade. Thlsspoaks
well, not only of the pupils thom-
selves hut also of their Instructor,
Mrs. Cantrill who has worked with
them all year. June Hudson, Lond
ley Woodford, Lovena Allen, Iiuo
gtine Hi' -ikon, James,
Gladys Llnrtsey, Myron Gray, Flor-
mjee Harrison, Howard ('authors,
Rouuld Solf, Bern ice Cox, Genevieve
151 let, Frank Miller and George
W. A. Smith Is erecting a building
on the Hedge property on From,
St rent.
Mrs. II. L. Hudson and children
returned last week from Golilemlult,
Washington, where thoy had goneio
attend the graduating exerctsus of
her sister. They drove there and
Mrs. Rova Barshall of North Yuk-
ima, is visiting her sister, Mrs. H.
Miss Irma Berthold spent several
days In Portland last week, visiting
Guy LuFollette left last week for
a business trip to Prlnevllle, his old
home town.
The Barnes School of which Miss
Gladys Haines has been tbe teacher
for the past year, closed Friday.
Sunday the baseball boys Journey-
od to Sherwood where they met and
defeated the teams of that town by
a score of 15 to 6. So far this year
our boys bave met defeat only once
and that was the first game of tho
season. Next Sunday they will
meat R e e d v ! 1 1 e on the homo
Women Dow' Understand cAbcut These Things
H. A. Nelson has a new work
Jesse E. Davis has been promoted
to assistant freight agent of thu O,
W. R, & N.
Mrs. Leonard has sold her proper
ty in Beavertoo.
The high school gave a farewell
party for P. M. Nash, May 29, In the
high school building. Games of all
descriptions were the main fenturea
of the evening. Delicious refresh
ments of orange ice and cake were
Berved at elevmi o'clock
Mrs. Whitworth and family,
M lanes Lillian Evans and Ernia Nel
son and Earl Evans motored to
Gules Creek Tuesday.
Miss Erma Nelson will leave
Saturday for Vernoula where she
will visit her grandmother, Mrs. M.
J. Powell.
H- It. Nelson and Ous Dessinger
will leave Saturday for Rock Creek
where they will spend the week end
in fishing.
Saturday the home of Rudolph,
and Ernest Losli suddenly caught on
fire and betore assistance could ar
rive It burned to the ground. But
few household articles were saved.
Tuesday a number of Masons and
Eastern Stars attended the flag rais
ing at the Eastern Star borne In For
est Grove.
Wednesday evening the Beavertoo
Social Club of the O. B. 8., held a
social gathering In the Masonic Hall.
Card playing was the main feature
of the evening. Twelve card tablee
were run and many people did not
play. A delicious cafeteria supper
was served. Mrsa Ruby Boyd won
the woman's prise and George
Thyng, the men's while Mrs. Skid
more won the consolation prise.
.eland Shaw Is driving a new
A sum of 5,000 dollars has bee
thus far raised for the new moving
picture studio to be built In this vi
cinity. '
Miss Mary Rowe who for the past
week has been visiting Lillian Find
ley of Cedar Mills, returned home
Several Heuverton girls attended
the picnic supper given by the
Young Peoples Association of the
White Temple church In Portland,
Saturday evening.
Elert CarsteiiB f Portland, wai
tho guttut of Master brothers, aud
the Craig boys Tuesday.
Mr. Steveim" new cottage at tbe
corner of Front and Lombard la
n oaring completion.
Henry Aiken, homo run king ot
Beaverton, In other days was In
town shaking hands with his many
friends Monday.
L. B-. Wolf Joined the order of
Moose In Portland, last week the
old goat got rough but Wolf was too
much for him, as ha and Buck Mom
joined the Maocabees here several
years back.
Miss Helen Jones of Portland, wasj
visiting with her sister, Miss Marlon
of this place, last week.
Henry Nelson Is planting a bit
crop of horseradish.
Frank Allen and Wm. Matzke are
making the dirt fly on Harrington
Avenue and adjoining roads this
Jumes Hunter former marshal ot
Husverton, Is III at bis brother Wil
liam's home of late.
Hocken Brothers are opening up
the heart of Beaverton, platting end
building some of the finest homes
in Washington county this Is put
ting Beaverton on the map,