Beaverton times. (Beaverton, Or.) 191?-19??, October 07, 1915, Image 8

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Attorney S.' B. Lawrence of
Raleigh was a business visitor in
Beaverton last Thursday after
noon. '
Chas. W. Gilbert,' just arrived
from a visit with his parents at
Billings, Okla., is visiting his
brother, L. L , in this city.
Mrs. Mary J ana Henry, mother
of W. J. Henry, who resides out
on Rout 4, died last Wednesday.
Interment was made on Friday
in Cooper Mountain Cemetery.
H. G. Vincent, wife and daugh
ter returned Sunday from an all
week stay at the state fair. . Mr.
Vincent reports a splendid fair
this ysar fine exhibits, of all
kinds and la'-g'e attendance, '
. Louis Hghson and,Nelse Dyr
ness went out Sunday to chase
the festive Chinas, and report a
very fine day of sport. Each I
bagged the limit)' but it required
all day, excepting that they stop
ped long enough to cook a couple
for their mid-day meal.
Messru. Beedle and Waite of
Portland have purchased of R.
L. Tucker, his stock of lumber,
paints and other building mate
rials, Mr. Tucker retaining the
real property. The deal was
closed last week, the new pro
prietors taking charge the first.
Mr. TucKer will remain in Beav
erton for some time.
"The opening of the bird season
last Friday was observed by
many Beaverton sports. Among
those going cut the first day
were : James Rowe, Carl Des-
singer, Harrison Hughson, John
Hoover, I. A. Thomas and many
others whose names we cannot
just recall. Most all returned
with one to five Chinas to his
credit. Soma few perhaps didn't
get any.
How's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollar Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been taken
by catarrh sufferers for the past
thirty-five years, and has become
known as the most reliable remedy for
'Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure acts thru
the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, ex
pelling the Poison from the Blood and
healing the diseased portions.
- After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Cure for a short time you wUl. see a
great improvement in your general
health.' Start taking Hall's Catarrh
Cure at. .once and get' rid of catarrh,
Send for testimonials, free. .
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by all Druggists, 75c.-.
WANTED Good large farm to
operate on shares. Party hav
ing such, please call on or ad
dress the Times oflioe.
ESTRAY Two-year-old sorrel
colt taken up by Beaverton
Livery, branded. Owner can
procure same by proving prop
erty and paying ail charges.
also all other makes of razors
Automatic Keen-Edge Co.
189 -2 Fourth St. Portland, Ore
We can now furnish you with all
sizes, in any quantity, from one to 20
Carloads and our Price is Right.
See us before you buy. ..
Heating Stoves from 95c each
to $12.00. (We Sell for Lessj
Beaverton Hardware Go.
1 8 pounds Best Sugar $1 .00
Imperial Flour, the best of the -best, made,
from Central Oregon old Hard Wheat
$ 1 .35 per sack, $5.25 per barrel. - You
can't beat this Flour; try a sack, use 40 lbs,
if not good return balance and we will
refund the full amount you paid for the,
sack. That's fair isn't it?
Try us for Groceries, Mill Feed, etc.
Cash Grocery Co.
Beaverton, Oregon.
Why Not Make Your Old Houxe
Look New?
" Just a few suggestions to Show How fassly and
economically it may De remodled and irvodtsrtiized
, A NEW FRONT PORCH built along wodern lines,
costs not a great deal, adds to the appearance of the
house, also to its liveable .and likeable qualities,
' Let us explain to yow at what reesor able prices,
with how little trouble you ca make improvements
and Disinf ectant -
: For Scab, Mange, iSheep Fleas, and all Parasi
tic Skin Disease of Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Dogs
and Poultry, a Reliable Disinsectant. for sale
The City Pharmacy
No Man Can Place a "Limit
But a Growing Account in this ank can
Jn crease Them
(irve Fate a chance to dodts very besttfor you
This is the bank that Helps the Man who
helps Himself.
The History of the World
From the Dawn of Creatien
The Great War
2s depicted in art, science and industry
' and presented in wonderful ' colors
Panama - Pacific Exposition
' .. San Francisco -7,
' .' This wonderful Exposition .closes Dec. 4
' .' " ' Don't Miu It ; ; , '
Lest you always ilook back to 1915 with segret
Scenic Shasta Route
. Through the wonderful Valleys of the -Wil-
lamette, the Sacramento, the Umpqua and
. the Rogue offers - exceptional Aversion.
Low Round Trip Fares
Full particulars with copy of booklet "Wayside
Notes, Shasta Route" or '"California and fits
Two World Expositions " on application to our
nerest Agent ','"
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent Portland, Ore