The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, November 20, 1931, Image 2

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Established Jan. I, 1887
F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
Subscription Hates.
One copy, one year 12-00
One copy, six months tl.OO
One copy, three months 75
at Reno. Records disclose that the
ratio is two to one in favor of women
over men in securing tickets of free
dom from nuptial ties.
Athena, Oregon, November 20,....1931
Alexander Paterson, His Majesty's
Commissioner of Prisons, in England,
spent several months investigating
prisons in this country some time ago.
His remarks comparing penal condi
tions here and in his country are
hardly flattering to us, but they are
well worth listening to. We read that
Mr. Paterson was "especially im
pressed, and unfavorably, by the size
of prisons here and the number of in
mates." Overcrowding is the rule in
American institutions, rather than the
exception. Much of this he blamed
not on "crime waves" but on our
multitude of laws and severity of sen
tences. He says that at one insti
tution he watched the checking-in of
twenty new prisoners, nineteen of
whom, in England, would have been
dealt with under the probation act or
been fined. Here is expert testimony
in support of the fact that the United
States, through its zeal in passing
laws, is manufacturing criminals on
a wholesale scale. And it is certain
ly not a coincidence that this has
been accomplished by a break-down in
the processes of justice, so far as
crime prevention is concerned. V hen j jjore "love, forbearance and neigh
we send twenty men to a penitentiary, j borliness" instead of so many experts
nineteen of whom would have been and so mucj, "talk," was the economic
It does not take the seventh son
of a seventh son to tell us that the
democrats in organizing the house of
representatives will not do any worse
in running the mansion than have the
republicans, during the last three
It would appear that the weather
man is determined to reach the sub
strata of moisture restoration this
fall and winter. May his efforts be
successful, for there have been many
springs and water courses a long time
It can be said of Eugene Mack, un
employed of San Francisco, that he
has no fear of spooks. He was found
sleeping in a hearse in the rear of a
morgue. He had been occupying his
lodging quarters for two months.
In Iceland newspaper editors used
to carry the papers about and trade
them for dried meat and whiskey.
Now their stenographers carry the
papers around and exchange them for
lipsticks and chewing gum.
Fashion reports have it that a new
fabric woven of real feathers has
made its appearance. Which same is
a hunch to put your pillows under
lock and key and your feather beds
in the refrigerator.
kept outside in England one of the
most law-abiding of countries there
is something radically wrong with the
system. It needs quick attention.
No less an authority than Dr. Shir
ley W. Wayne, Health Commission
er of New York City, in his outline
of requirements for school children,
says: "Keeping your youngsters in
health is not an arduous proposition,
prescription Governor Albert C.
Ritchie of Maryland wrote for America.
It is said that the marriage and di
vorce dance tempo has attained a
furious pace in movieland. On with
the dance; the tango artists, of
course, paying the fiddlers.
Snruce. linen and silk will eo into
cut it requires a uttie care on your the makjngs of a new French plane,
part. He should have a filiing lunch-jand the Pacific Northwest will furnish
eon such as soup or salad, sandwiches, ! the Epruce Sitka spruce, the best
macaroni ana cneese, or some oiner eVer.
easily prepared dish, and with what
ever he eats he should always have a
glass of milk. When he returns home
from school in the afternoon, he
should have a bite, such as a sand
wich and a glass of milk, as well as
an apple or some other fruit. For his
evening meal he should be able to
eat the same dishes as the rest of the
family, plus a glass of milk. His diet
as well as ours should include plenty
of fresh vegetables, particularly of
the leafy variety; such as cabbage,
lettuce, kale Bnd spinach. Tomatoes,
too, are important."
Here is an extract from the address
made by Dr. J. S. Davis, director of
the Food Research institute of Stan
ford University and until recently
chief economist from the federal
farm board, that is worth remen.ber
ing. Referring to the 1928 crop as the
largest in the history of the world
Dr. Davis then said: "The 1929 crop
that followed was actually small, but
prices did not rise as much as was ex
pected. Europe had an exceptionally
large crop and imported much less
grain, so that visible supplies were
greater after a year of short crop
than after the previous big crop. It
is not the size of the world crop that
determines the market so much as the
relation to it of the amount importers
take and exporters must sell."
A woman is to take her seat in the
United States Senate. Mrs. Ilattie
Caraway, widow of the late Thad
deus H. Caraway, democratic senator
from Arkansas, will occupy the seat
until a successor for the unexpired
term is chosen at a special election
January 12. One other woman only
has the honor of appointment to a
seat in the senate, Mrs. Rebecca Luti
mer Fetiton of Georgia, who receiv
ed a complimentary appointment and
retired after taking the oath, in favor
of Senator George. Therefore, Mrs.
Caraway will have the distinction of
being the first woman actually tj
serve in the senate.
A $15,000,000 demonstration of
confidence in the far west transpired
with the completion of the Western
racific-Great Northern extensions
last week; a cheering change in the
business weather is the news from
the federal reserve bank at San Fran
cisco that twelve leading department
stores on the Pacific slope eclipsed
last year's October sales in October
pales this year. There are other evi
dences that rays of financial sunshine
are coming through the clouds of de
gression. o
"In every industry certain men are
elected to hold the umbrella so the
rest of the industry doesn't get wet,"
remarks a trade paper. And the samu
writer continues: ''There's no one
royal road to making money in any
business; but there's got to be an ex
ecutive somewhere around the place."
: o
The statement that women are
luckier than men in a lottery is seem
ingly verified in divorce court actions
The latest from Alfalfa Bill is that
he will turn the marble corridors of
the state house into shelter for the
needy. Well and good, Bill, but how
are you gonna do it?
Dino Giandi, Italian prime minis
ter has arrived. The big man from
sunny Italy and President Hoover are
talking things over; not a'l speghetti
and trout, either!
Somebody said, "The man who can
not manage himself will engage to
manage others and never crack a
smile." And that somebody said a
mouth full.
The city of St Louis is looking af
ter the welfare of her colored people.
A $350,000 unit of a negro hospital
is to be built out of public fundi.
Just about enough snow for a few
snowballs, but it did not lay on
long enough for the kids to make
their pellets.
The king of racketeers, Al Capone
has been linked up with the smuggl
ing racket. Which is just one more
1881-1931 fifty years service to
humanity. Join the American Red
Cross now!
If you pass through McKenzie Pass
now, you'll pass the pass through
"Portland Shivers as Mercury
Falls." Headline. So do we.
With the approach of winter, a
strange contraption, just being intro
duced in this country, soon will be
scooting across snow fields and icy
lakes at 10 miles an hour. From the
icy fields of the Scandinavian coun
tries the National Committee on Wood
Utilization of the Department of
Commerce has brought to America
the so-called "Scandinavian Spark,"
consisting of a chair mounted on long
steel runners, and propelled by the
driver standing on one runner and
pushing with the other foot.
This is just one of more than one
hundred useful home and other
articles completely illustrated in the
new booklet, "You Can Make It For
Profit," now being released from the
Government Printing Office. Through
representatives of the Department of
Commerce, every country in the world
was combed for ideas in the prepara
tion of the book, according to Axel H.
Oxholm, director of the wood utiliza
tion body.
The Committee points out that ex
pensive tools and elaborate machinery
are not required to make the objects
described in the manual. On the other
hand, a few simple tools found in al
most every home will be sufficient to
construct the articles. Most of these
articles, according to the Committee,
will find a ready market because they
cater to the needs of individual homes
and do not compete with commodities
produced on a mass-production scale.
"You Can Make It For Profit," in
the opinion of Mr. Oxholm, should be
helpful to those temporarily unem
ployed. At practically all times there
are some men out of work and those
who find themselves in this situation,
could, with assistance of the Commit
tee's booklet and a little initiative on
their part, establish themselves in
their various communities.
Speaking of home industries in re
lation to the farm, the booklet reads:
"About one-third of the Nation's tim
berland is in the hands of farmers,
and the development of home indus
tries in the woodworking field, ac
cordingly, would provide both an out
let for the products of farm woodlots
and profitable occupation for the
farmer during slack winter months."
Among the articles illustrated in
"You Can Make It For Profit" are
racks for canned goods and veget
ables, clothes basket stands mounted
on rollers; stairway shelves and util
ity racks, breakfast tables and
benches; bathroom utility cabinets
with laundry chute, built-in china
closet and book case, fireplace book
cases, fireplace woodboxes, wood val
ances and wall panelling, storage
chests; window seats and chests; gar
den furniture, and toys.
The new manual, the third of a
series of "You Can Make It" bullet
ins, contains, in addition to plans,
lists of materials, and instructions,
suggestions for marketing the articles
made for profit. It was written by H.
Conrad Hoover, mechanical engineer
of the Committee, and may be obtain
ed from the Superintendent of Docu
ments, "Washington, D. C, or from
the district offices of the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce lo
cated in leading cities. The manual
sells for 10 cents a copy; $4 a hun
dred, or $40 a thousand.
22 Years Ago J
Timely discovery of smouldering
embers in the dust room at the Pres-ton-Parton
Mill, saved the big plant
from possible destruction . by fire,
Monday forenoon. The odor of smoke
pervaded the upper floors, and the
employes had considerable difficulty
in locating the fire.
B. B. Richards has about complet
ed census taking of children of school
age in District No. 29. Mr. Richards
has enrolled upop his report blanks
about 275 names, a gain of nearly 50
over last year. There are 75 new pu
pils in the Athena school this year,
but several families having moved
away, the above number cannot be
counted in full as increase in gain.
The showing made by Mr. Richards is
above what was estimated before the
census was taken.
Miss Fay Gerking was in the city
Eugene Stanton is here from Sand
Point, Idaho.
T. M. Taggart transacted business
at the agency Wednesday.
Miss Lucile Kemp of Weston, spent
Saturday with friends in Athena.
Wm. Willaby has moved to town
and occupies the Jones cottage on
Jefferson street.
C. A. Barrett attended the West
Umatilla project meeting in Pendle
ton Saturday evening.
Mrs. Will M. Peterson and children
of Pendleton spent Sunday at the
Dudley home in this city.
Dr. M. V. Turley, who for several,
months has been located at Adams,
will move to Hermiston.
Mrs. Frank Mansfield is ill at her
home on 4th street, being taken with
a chill on Wednesday night.' '
Mrs. Jackson Nelson left Wednes
day for Walla Walla, and may visit
Seattle before returning to Alnena. -
Miss Mary LaBrache has .vld her
40 acre farm south of town to Mr.
Henry Koepke. Consideration, ?4,700.
W. J. and John King were over
from Weston Tuesday. "Bill" had his
usual choice collection of stories to
Miss Katherine Sharp, who is teach
ing in southern Idaho, will spend the
Christmas holidays with her family
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Gerking were in
the city this week from their home
near the state line, visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Tharp,
A dance will be given in the new
hall in the Odd Fellows building at
Helix tonight. A public Christmas
tree will also be given thero on
Christmas eve.
A number of friends of A. McKen
zie visited his sick bed at his home
near Adams Wednesday. Not much
change is reported in the condition of
the aged sulferer.
Prof. H. G. Case, Hugh Lieuallen
and Harry Coomans witnessed the,
football game between Whitman and
Mrs. B. B. Richards went up to
Riparia yesterday, where she met the
children of her sister, Mrs. C. O.
Whiteman, bringing them home with
her today. Mrs. Whiteman has gone
to Lewiston to see her grandmother,
Mrs. Fleener, who is very ill there.
The last meeting of the Literary
society was held in the high school
room Friday. Affirmative and nega
tive sides had been chosen by leaders
on the question of the Commission
Form of Government, and a short de
bate ensued, a favorable start being
made." The next meeting will be a
special called meeting. On the uf
firmative side in the debate will be:
Luvois McEwen, Zelma DePeatt and
Clarence Brotherton; on the negative
Archie Mclntyre, Jessica McEwen,
and Ada Banister. A series of de
bates will be held with Pendleton,
Weston and probably other schools.
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
m r
The First National Bank
of Athena
Established 1891 , --f ? t
Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a' Complete -Trust
Celluloid Curitains g
We are making a specialty of replacing Celluloid in
Side Curtains at resonable prices.
An Expert Mechanic
Will attend to Automobile Repairing.
J. E. Gallaher, Prop. Athena Phone 471
B. B. Richards
General Insurance
Farm Loans
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
Walla Walla,
Expert in
Body Correction
Calls answered promptly
Office at Residence in North Athena
Telephone 595.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton. Ore r on. 957 J
The Athena Hotel
Courteoos Treatment, Clean Bed
Good Metis
Tourists Made Welcome
Corner Main and Third
Athena. Oregon
Notice is hereby given to the legal
voters of Union High School District
No. 7 of Umatilla County, State of
Oregon, that a special" school meeting
will be held in said district at the
school house on the 30th day of No
vember, 1931, at 2 o'clock in the af
ternoon to consider and discuss the
annual budget for the district and ad
vise and council with the levying
board as to the budget and the special
district tax to be levied in said dis
trict. The special district tax called
for in the budget as prepared by the
budget committee is within the Bix
per cent limitation.
Dated this 28th day of October,
Chairman, Board of Directors.
Attest: J. F. KERSHAW,
Nov. 6-20 District Clerk.
Barber Shop
Beauty Parlor
Penn Harris, Prop.
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L Montatue, Arlington
Dr. O. T. Harstad
Office Phone 632, Resident Phone 933
Freewater, Oregon
Dr. W. H. McKinney
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 5 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night
Dr. Dale Rothwell
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 1286
Pendleton, Oregon
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
Inland Empire Bank Building
Pendleton Oregon
Watts & Prestbye
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
dena us your
They're Warmer and Wear
Better when Laundered Regularly
Have your Blankets Done
Pendleton, Oregon
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
' Prices Risrht
Phone 593
Tum-a-Lum Fuel
Includes the Best there is in
.,. and .
Building Materials of every description, for new
and remodeled homes
Tum-a-Lum Lumber Company
Choose the Meat Dish First
then the Meal Planning Is Easy
Let the Meat Decide the Vegetables
Here Is an Idea or Two:
Roast Pork and Sweet Potatoes Beef and Beets
Pork and Green Beans Ham and Spinach
Fresh Milk and Cream
From a Tested Dairy. At All Times
Continental Oil Company
Germ Processed Motor Oil
Athena Service Station
"Service With a Smile" "
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 762
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st '.
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP Silk Dresses $1.25
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
Trade with the man who helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Tuesday and Friday
T. E. SMITH, Proprietor, Phone 1571 Freewater Oregon
cfcvfl !c$jt(t 9ttidA
Lamps Lamps
Why Pay More?
Plain and Frosted Mazda Lamps
25 Watt..... 17c
40 Watt... "i7c "
- , 60 Watt 17c
150 Watt Z!.50c
Electrical Department, Athena, Oregon. Phone 182