The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, August 21, 1931, Image 4

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    the press; athena, Oregon; august 21, 1931
Press Paragraphs
Hugh Lieuallen was here from He
lix yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hale were here
from Helix yesterday.
Mrs. J. M. James was a Walla Wal
la visitor Wednesday.
The Thimble club has discontinued
meetings until September.
Lowell Zerba is engaged in harvest
ing at Craigmont, Montana.
Mrs. Sabina Morton is transacting
business in Athena this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Elder spent
last week visiting at Pendleton.
Mf. and Mrs. M. L. Watts are
spending the week in Portland.
Eugene Favre of Spokane transact
ed business in Athena yesterday.
Mrs. Nat Kimball of Pendleton
visited Athena relatives Wednesday.
J. P. Lieuallen is reported to be
seriously ill at his home near Wes
ton. Henry Koepke, Jr., who spent last
week in Seattle is at present at Sea
side. Mrs. A. 0. Schubert and daughter
Velma, returned Saturday from Port
land, t
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lieuallen spent
several days last week at Bingham
Clarence Hand is spending the week
at Bonners Ferry, having gone there
Monday. .
Mr. and Mrs. "John Mayberry and
children are out of town, enjoying
their vacation.
Weldon Bell, after finishing work
ing through the harvest season here,
has gone to Seattle. v
Sam Thompson of Pendleton and
Bill Switzler of Umatilla called on
Athena friends Tuesday.
Mrs. Amanda McArthur is here
from Portland, visiting her sister,
Mrs. Margaret Banister.
Range for Sale White enameled
Colonial range, like new, for sale
cheap. Inquire this office.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sheard retuned
home Saturday from a week's outing
trip to Bingham Springs.
Bill Wheatley who has been employ
ed in harvesting here plans to leave
soon for his home in Utah.
Marion Hansell-has finished a 34
day harvest run at his mountain
ranch southeast of Athena.
Harvesting of peas grown in the
vicinity of Athena was finished this
week with what was ' considered a
normal yield.
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Symphony Lawn
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While They Last 25c Bottle KLENZO LIQUID
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Main Street - Athena -- Phone 332
The RED . WHITE Store
Do Your Canning Economically
You will want the finest fruits of just the proper
degree of ripeness. You will want the best
of Jars, glasses, tops and rings. All
these you will find, priced pleasing
ly low, at Red & White Stores.
N August 22nd and 24th
Jar Rubbers, Red and White, dozen
Jar Lids for Economy or Mason Jars
Pineapple, Red and White, Crushed, 2s
2 for 39c
Pineapple, Red and White Sliced, 2s
. 2 for 39c
Pineapple, Blue and White, Broken, 2y2s
2 for 39c
Red and White, Mayonnaise, pints
Salad Aid Durkees), quarts -
Red and White, Coffee, 1 lb. tins
' Red and White, Coffee, 3 lb. tin "
, $1.10
"" : Puritan Maltha
43c -
Bran Flakes, Red and White
Ripe Olives, Blue and White, pints
LeRoy McCubbins left here last
Friday for Bonners Ferry where he
expected to assist in harvest.
Roy Johnston has recovered from
a seriously infected throat with which
he has suffered for several days.
Jim Hodgen is sojourning at -Pilot
Rock where he is temporarily employ
ed by the Standard Oil Company.
Mrs. F. B. Boyd, who has been in
Portland for two weeks, visiting rela
tives, will return home tomorrow.
"Bill" Richards is dressing up his
string of Shetlands in preparation for
their annual trip to the Round-Up.
Mr. and Mrs. George Sheard and
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roseberry are
enjoying an outing at coast resorts.
Mrs. Jess Smith, Mrs. Charles Tot
ter, Lois Smith and Thelma Schrimpf
were Walla Walla visitors Monday.
Mrs. Francis Lieuallen and little
daughter were Athena visitors Wed
nesday from their home near Adams.
Mrs. Velton Read has been receiv
ing medical treatment at St. Mary's
hospital in Walla Walla, for several
Miss Mildred Watkins plans to leave
Athena the last of next week. She
will teach at Centralis again this
Mrs. Frank Little, accompanied by
her daughter, Inez, left for Portland,
Tuesday, where they will spend the
Mrs. H. A. Barrett and daughters,
Helen and Genevieve and Mrs. Ralph
McEwen spent Saturday in Walla
Bobbie HoDDer. son of Mr. and Mrs.
Max Honner. had a minor operation
performed in a Walla Walla hospital,
Mrs. Clarence Zerba and son Marvel
are visitine Mr. and Mrs. Flock, par
ents of Mrs. Zerba, at White Salmon,
Washington. .
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cutler have
fnlfpn nn residence in Neskowin. Ore
gon, where Mr. Cutler has secured
employment. (
A number of Athena people motor
ed to Pendleton Saturday night where
they attended the opening aance ai
Happy Canyon.
' A party of Athena irienas camping
in the vicinity of Langdon Lake last
week brought home 22 gallons of
Mrs. Ace Watrner of Umapine, has
been visiting at the home of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. r. Lieual
len, near Weston.
"Bill" Richards and Hugh Mcwen
Athena "buckaroos" have been tak
ing in the bucking try outs in Pen
dleton this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Purcell and fam-
ilv of Weston, were recent visitors at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion
Hansell in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. John Standage and
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McPherson will
soend tomorrow and Sunday in Union
county hunting grouse.
Miss Sadie Pambrun has closed her
shop here and taken a position at
Pendleton. Miss FamDrun win reside
with Mrs. Lois Blalock.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bloom returned
here Sunday after attending the sum
mer session of the University of
California at Berkeley.
Mrs. Naomi Dickenson, wno nas
been visiting at the home of her son,
Sims Dickenson, will leave tomorrow
for her home in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richmond oi
Rnnnera Ferrv. Idaho, were guests
Sunday at the home of John Walker,
father of Mrs. Richmond.
Mr and Mrs. Clason Adams will
leave Sunday for their home at Palo
Alto, after spending the summer ai
the M. L. Watts home here.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pittman and
Mrs. Roy Johnston visited Mrs. Nel
lie St. Dennis of Weston Tuesday
nJrrVit Mm St-.. Dennis 18 ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Smith and daugh
ters Rachel and Lois were bunday
dinner guests at the home oi Mrs.
Charles Potter near Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. 0. Montague ac
companied by Clarence and Melba
Montague enjoyed several days out
ing at Cold Springs this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Cornell and
-hilHren were here from Walla Wal
la Sunday, spending the day at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. U A. uorneit.
Will Piner. accompanied by his
hmther. Georsre. left Saturday for
Creston, B. G, to harvest his wheat
crop, which from all reports is a gooa
Henrce Gerkinff finished the sea
son's harvest with his crew threshing
a trnnA rrnn of oats from A Small
acreage on the Kirk estate east of
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McPherson and
Mr and Mrs. W. O. Read spent Sun
day on the Skyline road near Toll
Gate, motoring as lar as cone
Numbers of Indians who have been
in the mountains in search of huckle
herries are returning and making
preparations to attend the Round-Up
next week.
Miss Hilda Dickenson has been
mendinor the week visiting at the
home of her father, Sims Dickenson,
in Athena, and with relatives ai wai-
l.i Walla.
Mrs. Bert Loesdon and daughter
Donna Jean spent Wednesday after,
noon in Pendleton where they attend
ed the bucking tryouta at the Round-
Up grounds.
Hugh McCool who has been visit
inor at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
A. L. McEwen northwest of Athena,
left for his home at waiia waua
Fred Remillard who resides south
of Athena returned home Tuesday
evening from near Dixie, where he
drove a caterpillar during a. 31 day
harvest run.
Misa Kathenne Wright is spending
the week visiting her mother Mrs.
Frank Garrttt tt the Koepka ranch
south of town. Miss Wright, who is
bookkeeper at Hamlev's in Pendle
ton is on her annual vacation and has
just returned from a week spent in
Louis Nolte. who is in verv Door
health, is at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Frank Garrett. Mrs. Ims
Anderson of Weston, another daugh
ter, recently visited Mr. Nolte.
George Pittman accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Kirk to British Colum
bia, where he will remain until school
starts. George will put in his time
working in the Kirk harvest field.
Miss Goldie Miller is in Portland,
visiting relatives and friends, going
to the metropolis by auto stage bun
day. She will remain at Portland un
til the opening of school in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs, Vernon Miller, who
have been in Athena for several
weeks. cominc here from St. Helens
to visit at the the Henry Miller home,
are employed in picking prunes at
Freewater. . ' ,-
Rev. Carl McConnell will have
charge of the Southern Methodist
church in Milton following a residence
of five years in Walla Walla where
he was tfastor at the Marvin Mem
orial church.
Visitors at the Gordon Watkins
home this week included Mr. and Mrs.
Max Gunz and daughters of Waverly,
Washington, and Miss Doris Sassen-
hager of Spokane. The party left for
home yesterday.
Mrs. C. A. sias had as ner guest
last Monday, Mrs. P. H. Weithen
hiller of Crane, Oregon, where she is
primary and art instructor. Mrs.
Sias and her guest were friends in
South Dakota.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirk. Bon Billy,
and Charles Kirk, departed Monday
for their ranch home near Creston,
B. C. The work of harvesting tne
Kirk wheat crop there will begin
within a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvm Tucker, Mr. ana
Mrs. A. Schubert of Athena, Mrs. J.
F. Snider and Mrs. Ralph Tucker of
Weston, left Tuesday morning to
spend a few days picking nuckieDer
ries on the Salmon river.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Zerba and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams,
Mr. and Mrs. Granville cannon, Mrs.
A R. Coppock and Danny Reeder
were members of a picnic party which
spent last Sunday at Thorn nouow.
L. L. Rogers returned tne lore pari
of the week from Creston, B. C,
where he has farming interests. He
reports the Dudley Rogers threshing
crew to be making commendable pro
gress in harvesting a good wheat
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pittman and
son Donald arrived Tuesday night
from northern California where
Wayne has been employed by the
railroad for some time. The camp is
situated just over the line and is near
Malin. Oreeron.
Mrs. Frank Little andMiss Iris
Little left the first of the week for
Portland where thev will Visit Miss
A cnea Little. Thev were accompanied
to Blalock by Mrs. Hulda McKinney
who will visit her sister, Mrs. byives
ter of that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Unn uidds ana sons
of Ukiah and Miss Leona Baldwin of
Walla Walla were vistors at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. James Huggins last
week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vaughan
and daughters were additional guests
Sunday at the Huggins home.
Tickets for the sunbonnet baby
quilt and cushion which are display
ed in a down town window are on sale
at the Red and White store in Athe
ne The ouilt was made by the
Thimble Club of Circle 10 Women of
Woodcraft and is most attractive.
O. M. Castleman. Ontario druggist,
who spent seeral days this week in
Athena and Pendleton, returned home
yesterday morning. He was accom
panied to Ontario Dy mr. ana mrs.
Rnwlin Morrison, who have been vis
iting relatives at Adams and Pendle
While Portland and Pendleton peo
ple are boasting of tall sunflowers,
Athena thinks nothing of rows of
hollyhocks ten and twelve feet high
with beautiful blossoms the whole
length of the stalk. These flowers
are not in "Paul Bunyan's" garden
Justin Harwood has been engaged in
calsomining the walls of the audi
torium at the Athena school this
week. He was assisted by Fred Pink-
erton who has finished cleaning and
painting a number oi the rooms in
preparation for the opening of school
next month.
Dorothv Burke. Helen Barrett, Mar-
jorie Montague and Arleen Myrick of
Athena will ride with tne group oi
trirls who are known as the Greeters
during the Round-Up season. These
vnnnff ladies will meet trains and
otherwise make visitors welcome to
the Round-Up city.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Brower and Mrs.
r.ront Presthve of Kalispel. Montana,
are visiting friends and relatives
. . .. 1 4 J
here. The visitors came oy niuwr u
plan to remain until alter Kouna-up.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Pinkerton -vis
ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Hammer in Walla Walla
"Jack West, well known here met
with a serious accident two weeks
ago when a bucket of burning gaso
line was tipped over on his leg. Ho
was rushed to the Klamath Valley
hospital where he received treatment.
He Is now able to be about on
crutches but it will be several months
before he is entirely recovered.
The study course entitled "Travel
in the United States" has been select
ed hv the Athena Study club for the
winter seaann. The course which
I consists of 21 lessons is in accord
with the slogan "See America First"
and will ha most interesting and in
structive Mr. E. C Rogers -will be
Red Beans 1 V Primes
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hostess to the club Friday afternoon,
September 4. '
At the request of the Baptist peo
ple, Mr. Sias will again hold union
services the coming Sunday, in the
morning at the First Christian
church, and in the evening at the bap
tist church. A most cordial welcome
is extended to everybody. "The Pil
lar and the Ground of Truth," and
"The Reasonableness of Christianity,"
will be the sermon topics respectively-
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of
George M. Banister, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has filed her final ac
count and report in the above entitl
ed matter and that the above entitled
Court has fixed Saturday, the 19th
day of September, 1931, at the hour
of 10:00 o'clock A. M. of said
day, as the time, and the County
Court room in the County Court
house of Umatilla" County, at Pendle
ton, Oregon, as the place, for hearing
of said final account and report. Ob
jections, if any there be, to said final
account and report should be filed on
or before that date.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 21st
day of- August, 1931.
Executrix of the Last . Will and
Testament of George M. Banister,
Watts & Prestbye, Athena, Oregon,
Attorneys for Executrix, A21S18
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