The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, November 14, 1930, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
H. A. Barrett was in Umapine Sun
day. Mrs. H. I. Watts spent Monday in
E. A. Bennett was in Athena Mon
dan from Milton.
Mrs. Price, of Nez Perce, Idaho, is
a guest at the Frank Little home
this week.
Clifford Wood and Edwin McEwen
were Sunday visitors in La Grande.
Dan Tilley spent Armistice day at
the home of his parents in Walla
Mrs. Joe Hodgsen of Walla Walla
valley was a guest of Mrs. J. E.
Jones on Tuesday.
',, Mrs. Minnie Mitchell of Portland
is visiting at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Fred Gross.
Herbert Parker and F. B. Radtke
fished on the Deschutes river, west of
Madras over the weekend.
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. Mr. and Mrs. W. McPherson motor
ed to Umatilla Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Baker were in
Walla Walla, Armistice day.
Henry Sams of Weston vicinity was
in Athena Thursday morning.
J. L. Vaughn, Pendleton electrican,
transacted business here Wednesday,
George and Allen Drumheller were
business visitors in Athena this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Little visited
friends in Walla Walla Armistice
Mrs. Kate McCool of Portland is
visiting at the home of Mrs. A. L
Mrs. Orel McPherrin is entertain
ing her mother, Mrs. W. J. French of
Heppner, this week.
Mrs. Lilla Kirk motored over from
Walla Walla and attended Rebekah
lodge Tuesday night.
A number of Athena people attend
ed the potato show and dance at Wes
ton Saturday night.
The Athena Bridge club is being en
tertained this afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Ralph McEwen.
Mrs. H., A. Barrett and daughter
Beverley are spending the week in
Portland, visiting relatives.
Willie E. Sams, farmer from the
Umapine district was a business vis
itor in Athena Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Mitchell of WeS'
ton Mountain were week-end visitors
at the Fred Pittman home. '
"The Goose Hangs High" at high
school auditorium tonight, and every'
body will be there to see it.
Mrs. Beryl Hodgen.of The Dalles
is visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs,. Matt Johnson.
Mrs. F. S. LeGrow spent Saturday
and Sunday in Walla Walla visiting
her mother, Mrs. S. J. Bowles.
Mrs. Clifford Wood left Sunday for
La Grande, where she will be the
guest of relatives for a time.'
Miss Carolyn Kidder who has been
an Athena visitor for a fortnight,
left Friday for Butte, Montana.
Mrs. Carrie Heinen is here from her
home at San Diego, California, visit
ing her mother, Mrs. S. F. Sharp.
Mrs. Emery Staggs of Weston, is
a candidate in this district in the
Walla Walla Union voting contest.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McEwen are
moving to Helix for the winter where
their children are attending school. -
Miss Edna DeFreece and Jim Hodg
en spent Sunday at Arlington, where
they visited Miss Hilda Dickenson.
Mrs. Crabill will entertain the
Methodist Ladies' Society at her home
Wednesday afternoon, November 19.
Rehearsals are in progress for the
musicale to be given at the Christian
church Sunday evening November 23.
Mr. and Mrs. Chase Garfield and
family motored to Walla Walla Arm
istice day, where they visited friends.
Miss .Jessiedeane Dudley, Alberta
Charlton and George Gross motored
to Eugene for home coming week-end.
Jack Cunningham of Smythe Bar
thel Company in Pendleton called on
business friends in Athena Wednes
day. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gray and family
spent Armistice day in Pendleton as
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Bla
lock. Athena high school football team
will go to Touchet tomorrow for the
annual clash with Touchet high
Mrs. D. H. Mansfield and Mrs. Nat
Kimball of Pendleton spent Armistice
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Mrs. Amanda McArthur left Mon
day for her home in Portland after a
visit of several weeks in Athena and
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee (Myrtle
DeFreece) of Walla Walla, were Sun
day guests at the Sim Dickenson
home here.
Miss Mildred Stanton is seriously
ill at a Pendleton hospital. Thus far
the doctors have been unable to diag
nose her case.
Mrs. C.I. Eager and daughters,
Betty Jane and Virginia and Jewell
Pinkerton were Pendleton visitors
Armistice day.
Friends of Jim Thompson will be
glad to hear of his continued improve
ment after a serious illness, following
an accident in July.
Will Kirk has been plowing since
finishing seeding his crop and will
have but about seventy-five acres left
to plow in the spring.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Akcrs of Pen
dleton, and daughter, Mrs. Harold
Smith and baby Betty were callers on
Armistice day in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Whiteman and
children were over from Walla Wal
la and spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. B. B. .Richards.
Miss Ruth Heineck who teaches at
McLoughlin high school was a visit
or at the home of her sister, Mrs. R.
D. Blatchford, Armistice day.
Bud Price who has been employed
on the McHwen ranch at Pine Creek
for some time will spend the winter
months as a radio salesman.
Mabel Coppock and A. R." Coppock
have deeded 8.16 acres of land in sec
tion 19, township 5. north, of range
34, EWM, to Clara Jane Riley.
Billy Pinkerton is starting his next
spring's garden rather early,, from
appearances. He has lettuce and
spinach growing nicely at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bloom were
dinner guests Armistice day at the
home of Mr. and and Mrs. O. L. Bab
cock, Mrs. Bloom's parents, at Mis
sion. Bryce Baker has purchased two lots
at the lower end of Adams street
from A. H. Mclntyre. The property
was formerly owned by the late Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Smith, who are
moving into town from the country,
will occupy the property formerly
owned by Mrs. Lou Hodgen, on the
Weitilde. 1
EA. Dudley, Glenn Dudley, H. H.
Eickhoff, and Marion Hansell spent
a couple of days at the Dudley Bing
ham Springs cottage last week, on a
fishing trip.
Miss Harriet Long, state librarian
and Miss Elizabeth Olsen. countv li.
brarian who are on a tour of inspec
tion visited the Athena Branch li
brary yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Ralnh Havnie and little daugh
ter, who spent several days at their
home in Burns has returned here and
are at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Banister. ,
A decided chancre in the weather
transpired Wednesday, when balmy
temperature and sunshine was push
ed out of the picture by a cold, No
vember rainstorm.
Mrs. Fred Kershaw will leave to
morrow forf Ontario, Oregon, where
she will spend a few weeks with her
mother, Mrs. Barbara Willaby.'who is
ill at the Castleman home there. .
Federal warrants were served on
John Estes, . Waldo Terry and Jerome
Steiner at Pendleton, charging unlaw
ful sale and possession of intoxicate
ing liquor. Each posted $2500 bonds.
Mrs. Grant Prestbye arrived Tues
day from her home near Kalispel to
visit her mother and other relatives
till after Thanksgiving. She is be
ing greeted by her many friends in
this vicinity. ' ...
Herbert Thompson who has been
seriously ill in Portland as the result
of a fall from a drill is much im
proved and it is hoped that he will
be able to be removed to his home in
Pendleton next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gordon were
dinner' guests Sunday at the James
Beamer home at Weston. Tuesday
Mi1, and Mrs. Joe Creighton of Colfax,
Wash., were entertained at dinner by
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon.:
Dr. R. D. Blatchford and Gordon.
Watkins attended the football game
in Walla Walla Armistice day. Mr.
and Mrs. -Watkins were dinner guests
at the Blatchford home in the eve
ning, '
Weston Leader: Mr. and Mrs. Grant
York have taken over the N.' A. Mill
er service station near Springdale
school in the Walla Walla valley,
under lease. Mr. and Mrs. Miller
have moved to Walla Walla to reside.
Kilkare club of Pendleton held their
first dinner dance of the season last
evening at the' Elk's club. Athena
members of the club are Mr. and Mrs.
H. I. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. E. C
Prestbye and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
McEwen. 1
A. M. Gillis was here from Walla
Walla for several days attending to
business at the Tum-A-Lum office in
the place of A. M. Johnson, who was
confined to his home with illness. Mr.
Johnson has recovered and is at his
post of service again.
The W. C T. U. will hold its next
meeting at the home of Mrs. Otho
Reeder, Tuesday 'afternoon. Mrs. A.
F. May of Pendleton, president of the
county W. C. T. U. will attend the
meeting, and all Athena members are
requested to be present.
Friday, December 5th is the date
set for the annual bazaar given by
the ladies of the Christian church.
Articles for sale will be gratefully
received from members and friends.
A cafeteria dinner will be served and
the patronage of the public is solicit
ed. .
Armistice Dav was observed in
Athena with no program presenta
tion, but all stores and business
houses remained closed. A number
of local people motored to Pendleton
and Walla Walla, where services
were held and , sports were on the
day's program.
Mrs. Henderson coyles, agea 4U,
daughter of Mrs. Norah McDonald of
Walla Walla and neice of Mrs. H. O.
Worthington of Pendleton, died Tues
day at her'home in California. She is
survived by her husband. Funeral
services will be held in Walla Walla
this afternoon.
The 3 o' 4 club was entertained
Thursday of last week at the home of
Mrs. Bert Logsdon. Three tables
were in play. Mrs. Ravella Lieual-
len holding high score and Mrs. juryce
Baker receiving the consolation prize.
The next meeting will be at the home
of Mrs. Arthur Douglas.
The Etude club met Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Bert
To-aflon. After a brief business ses
sion chorus practice was conducted by
Mrs. Rowena Lester. The next meet
ing wiir occur, at three o'clock No
vember 25th all the home of Mrs,
Arthur Douglas.
Mrs. W. E. Campbell entertained
the members of the Pinochle club at
her home, south of town, Thursday
afternoon of last weeK, wnen two
tables were in play. Mrs. Phillip
- i
Remillard won. high score ana wrs.
Jesse Smith low. ;Mrs. C. H. Potter
will entertain the club at its next
meeting, at her home.
Marcum Anderson, nephew oi wrs.
. L. Watts of this city, is in a
itical condition -at the General Hos
pital, Walla Walla. He is suffering
from an infection that started near
the nose and spread to both eyes. Mr.
Anderson, is an employe oi tne stand
ard Oil company at Walla Walla, and
has visited at the Watts home, here
numerous times. .1
The feature of a recent meeting of
the Ohyata Camp Fire Girls was the
r,ntnmime. "Mammy Moon," - which
was very cleverly portrayed. Here
after more interest wui center in en
tertainment and plans are being made
have a program at eacn meeting
the group. The meeting was held
the home of Vireinia Eager, with
Marv Tompkins and Mildred Hansell,
guardians, in attendance. ' :
The City of Athena and the state
hiphwav commission, jointly, are ex
cavating for replacement of a drain-
ago culvert at tho intersection w
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Main and Fifth streets. Two 24-inch
concrete pipe sections will be laid
parallel to take care of flood waters
from the north side of the highway
and from Fifth street. The improve
ment is expected to relieve Main
street of flood waters hereafter.
The B. B. club was entertained at
dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Logsdon. Chrysanthemums were
employed as decoration about the
rooms and also centering the small
tables.- Cards representing cups and
saucers marked the places. Laur
ence Pinkerton and Mrs. Lloyd Mich
ener won honors at bridge during the
evening and Archie Mclntyre was
awarded the consolation prize.
Mrs. Claude Dickenson was hostess
to the O. D. O. club at her home Fri
day. Ten members were present and
the guests were, Miss Phyllis Dicken
son, Mrs. Sims Dickenson, Mrs. Dean
Dudley and Mrs. Fred Gross. Chry
santhemums were used effectively as
decoration. The hostess, assisted by
Mrs. Dickenson and Mrs. Gross serv
ed a two course Collation at the tea
hour. The next meeting will be at the
home of Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton, the af
ternoon of November 21.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Douglas en
tertained the B. B. club at dinner
Wednesday evening. The hostess
used crystal baskets of chrysanthe
mums as decorations. Mrs. Bert
Logsdon and Chase Garfield won
honors at bridge, Mrs. Laurence Pink
erton receiving the consolation. Mr.
and Mrs. E. B. Foster and Mrs. Grant
Prestbye were guests and Mr. Foster
received the guest prize. Mr. and Mrs.
Flint Johns will entertain the club at
their home west of Athena Monday,
November 24th. ;
Upon her return from a trip to
Pendleton Saturday evening Miss
Margaret Lee was surprised to find a
group of friends at her home. Mrs.
Lee planned the affair to commemo
rate the honoree's birthday. A pro
fusion of fall flowers made effective
decorations and the. tally cards ac
cented shades of lavendar. Bridge
was the diversion of the evening and
Dick Swift held high score with Mrs.
Clifford Wood receiving the consola
tion. Supper was served following
the play. Guests who .enjoyed Mrs.
Lee's hospitality were Mr. and Mrs.
Harve Roseberry, Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Swift, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wood,
Mr, and Mrs. M. I. Miller, Dr. and
Mrs. R. D. Blatchford, Miss Mary
Cameron, Miss Delia Bryant and Miss
Blanche Thorsen. ,
Mrs. Sarah Jane Bowles was a
charming hostess, - Saturday at Juer
home in Walla Walla. Guests were
bidden for luncheon at one and found
their places at small tables centered
with autumn flowers and blue bells.
Diminutive men made of candies held
the place cards and were most amus
ing. Great clusters of autumn leaves
berries and flowers were used as dec
oration about the rooms. Bridge was
played during the afternoon, Mrs.
O'Reilly of Walla Walla holding high
score and Mrs. Marion Hansell sec
ond. Others present were Mrs. Henry
Dell, Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn, Mrs. H.
I. Watts, Mrs, W. S. Ferguson, Mrs.
Ralph McEwen, of Athena; Mrs.
Whitehouse, Mrs. Toner, Mrs. Wright,
of Walla Walla. Mrs. Bowles was as
sisted by her daughter, Mrs. F." S.
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evening next Sunday. Morning theme,
"The Glorious Gospel," evening, "1 he
Christ We Preach." A snappy song
service will characterize the evening
hour. Special music.
Will all those knowing themrelves
indebted to Dr. S. F. Sharp for pro
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