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Athena, Oregon, January 31, 1930
Clark Wood Says " .;
' "Not a few convicted criminals
who whine because the law does t
J not give them a 'break' would J
J be kicking anyhow if they got J
one in the region of the neck." t
. Seymour Jones, state market agent
says "an optimistic disposition is a
souroe of happiness to its posses
sors, and of passing pleasure to
those who come in contact with
them." Then we read in the Blue
Mountain Eagle of Canyon City: "Of
course, it's dry, and it will be until
it rains, and that may be next Bum
mer. We have seen seasons like
this, only a whole lot dryer, and then
in January it commenced to snow anJ
it kept it up until the summer rains
sot in and it was so wet that the
farmers could not put up their big
hay crops. Nature knows her stuff
and she knows when to sprinkle the
rain and when to wet up the ground.
Our prediction is that in the sum
mer of 1930 and also 1931 there will
be bumper and record hay crops.
Things are just right now for a wet
Edward Price Bell, writing from
London for the Chicago Daily News,
says: "There is at the five-power
naval conference a vast, invisible
presence. It is as unobtrusive as it
is t vast. It is as mute as it is in
visible. As the pesence itself does
not speak, so it is not spoken about
or at least not much, and never
openly. Yet, is is here. It is in the
thoughts of the delegates in some
definitely, in others vaguely. Its in
tangible approach is from two di
rectionsacross Europe from the
east and across the Pacific from the
west. I refer to the great political
fact of soviet Russia."
Farmers are warned by the De
partment of Agriculture to curtail
crops and guard close economy in ex
penditures during 1930. Suggestion
that economy be practiced may be ap
plicable to the Eastern Oregon wheat
country, but crop curtailment , is
definitely out of the question, if
wheat growers are to live and stay
in business. . Under the . : summer
fallow process of wheat raising as
practiced here, one-half the farming
acreage is now idle, and to further
curtail acreage production would
mean complete ruination of farm
ers operating in a strictly one-crop
Big Bill Thompson, mayor of the
second city of America, blames "re
formers" for placing Chicago, with
all of its $9,000,000,000 yearly trade
in the hole, financially. And after
bankers refused to honor city war
rants any further, he had to stand
the gaff when a self-constituted clti
sen's committee which came forward
with a $20,000,000 check to help the
city out, but with a "we'll do the
liquidating ourselves" string tied to
the offer. In other words the com
mittee is loyal to the city, but it
cannot trust its municipal adminis
tration to handle its funds.
The rigors of the Arctic have
claimed two more victims. It has
been discovered the Carl Ben Eielson
and Earl Borland crashed in their
plane in a lagoon near the coast
of Siberia, and their bodies probably
lie in an icy shroud . beneath the
plane. Recent dispatches from Mos
cow had stated that reliable reports
had been received that a plane had
crashed near a reindeer camp and
the report was verified in the find
ing of the wreck by American pilots,
Crosson and Gillam.
Over on the Pacific coast where
Tillamook and Lincoln , counties
border on each other, they have
found that the ocean breeee, some
thing or other, puts more of the pea
in peas than at any other spot on
earth. Which prompts us to remark
that hereafter they will raise some
thing else over in that vicinity be
sides cheese; by the way, a better
cheese than any other cheese.
E. W. Wright, well known news
paper man died at his home in Port
land this week. In addition to be
ing a writer, Mr. Wright had been of
itreat help to Oregon in his capacity
of marine historian, and for many
years he was active jn management
of the affairs of the Portland Mer
chant's exchange.
It is possible the residents of Bend
and Redmond may enjoy the sport of
jackrabbit drives within the corpor
ate limU of their respective towns.
The high desert habitat of the long
eared Utuiny' is at ptetfeut cWrtred by
two feet of snow, and the fleet-footed
jumpers are invading towns and
countryside in search of food. J
: Portland has seen Russian methods
emplqyed in breaking the ice-bound
Willamette river to release shipping
in that port. Specially equipped ves
sels" were " utilized in ploughing
through ice sufficiently thick enough
to hold up the weight of an automo
bile, which crossed in safety near the
interstate bridge.
The habit formed in childhood of
sliding down the banisters, and per
sisted in after marriage, was grounds
for divorce brought by a Chicago
husband. The judge is to" be com
mended, however, in crossing the hus
band by awarding a decree to the
wife doubtless himself being a ban
ister slider. ,
Just what he lived on and how,
is not mentioned in the announce
ment of the recent death of Mr.
Johann Georgii, Rumanian peasant
who passed away at the ripe and
mellow age of 150 years, leaving 100
direct living descendants. .
o -'.'
Tapping whales on the snoot with
skiis is a pasttime enjoyed by the
Byrd party in Antartica. The big
gest fish that can be played with by
the average angler, is the steelhead
trout and snell hooks instead of
skiis are used for tackle.
To the average reader it would ap
pear that Japan's attitude toward
progress at the disarmament
parley, is one of "there may be a
silver lining in your war cloud, but
none in ours." , ,.', .
Governor Norblad, himself a law
yer, says that crime problems in Ore
gon "can be settled more effectively
by making punishment "certain and
swift" than by increasing severity of
punishment. ,
, New York may soon experience
financial troubles like Chicago's.
Headline. Maybe so, but we doubt
it. Gotham, you know, makes money j
others spend it.
ii O "' "' ' ''' . '"'
Compared , with his grouchy de
meaner of last week,' old man Boreas
has warmed up the cockles of his
Icicles to some extent.
Aside from the fact that copper
was the first metal known to cave
men, it is "still" used.
(, 1920, Western Newspaper Union.)
To preserve a friend, three .
things are necessary: To honor
htm present, praise him absent and
assist him In his necessities. Ital
ian Sayings. . .
. This Is the time of the year when
pumpkin pies flourish In the land.
Here Is ono lit to
serve the most
honored guest:
Pumpkin Pit
Supreme. Take
two cupfuls of
well cooked and
browned p u m p
kin. If Hie cunned
variety Is used, cook It down until
it is a rich brown. Beat Ave egss,
add one cupful of sugar, one-half
tenspoonful of salt, the grated rind
of a lemon, six tnblespoonfuls of
lemon Juice and two cupfuls of rich
milk. Mix oil together and fill the
crusts for two pies. Duke In a hot
oven at first to set the pastry then
lower the heat; bake about forty-five
Tuna and Spaghetti Salad. Take a
cupful of tuna fish flaked Into bits,
odd two cupfuls of cooked spaghetti
cut into half-Inch pieces, o half cup
ful of grated carrot, a bit of finely
minced celery half a cupful or more
a few nuts, mix well with salad dress
ing and heap on lettuce. Garnish with
Stuffed olives. This amount will serve
eight plentifully. Cut the celery Into
inch strips the size of the spaghetti,
making the dish most attractive with
the pretty color of the carrot :
A pretty and tasty garnish for a
game dish Is prepared as follows;
Take large stewed prunes with stones
removed, or soak In cold water Is
bottei... Dry and roll in bacon that
has boon sprinkled with a bit of
cayenne nnd salt. Fasten with a
toothpick and fry In deep fut until
the buccn Is crisp.
Fruited Punch. Muko a sirup by
boiling two nnd one-half cupfuls of
sugar with two cupfuls of water for
five nilmites. Add tea, one pint which
has boon freshly made and chilled;
three fourths of a cupful of lemon
Juice, six cupfuls of orange Juice.' two
cupfuls of crushed pineapple, elyht
cupfuls of ice water, plain or charged
one cupful of maraschino cherries, stx
oranges sliced. The cherries ond
oranges form the garnish. Cut orange
slices Into quarters. This recipe
serves fifty glasses, .
(By E. E. Coad, Supt.)
Tendencies may be inherited but
habits are1 formed. Conduct result
ing in satisfaction becomes auto
matic or habitual. A child learns
automatically to obey or to disregard
authority. Dr. DeBusk related an in
cident, I recall, that we all have seen
duplicated many times in one way or
The doctor said he was taking a
street car on an errand one day
when a woman, boarded the car with
a small boy about three years of age.
The mother found a seat near the
rear of the car, but, just as she sat
down, the child pulled away and ran
to the front of the car. The mother
went after him and carried him back,
scolding all the time. The boy was
yelling until he did not hear a word
his mother said. . But he watched his
chance and ran to the front of the
car again. The mother again went
after her son and carried him back
by main force. The child watched
his chance, again eluded her clutching
fingers, and dashed to the front of
the car.
The mother threw herself back in
the seat, as much as to say, "Oh,
what's the use!" and left the child
to his own devices. As Dr. DeBusk
expressed it, "There is a child the
state will have to step in and take
care of before many years unless the
school' can overcome those criminal
habits of disobedience formed under
the active tutelage of his mother.",
The public school is not a melting
pot for the alien child alone. It has
its work cut out for it if it develops
those traits of character and person
ality that a good citizen should pos
sess whether the child be from a
home recently transported from some
other land, of from a native home
where ideals of good citizenship are
not inculcated.
Under the direction of a wise and
capable teacher who knows ' her
problems and how best to solve them,
many of these anti-social habits can
be corrected by the intrusion of bet
ter habits to take their place. .Such
work on the part of the teacher is
certainly as vital a service in the life
of the individual as that performed
by the physician or by any other pro
fessional person. But these intangi
bles of life are not valued by every
one alike
Parents and teachers alike have a
very meager knowledge of child
psychology and how to develop in
the child habits which will be useful
to him rather than handicap him.
Schools offer all sorts of courses but
none in child training. The training
schools for teachers have turned a
deaf ear to all the psychological
laboratory has to offer them. In Ore
gon the university and. the state col
lege have been rquested by the state
board, at the evident instigation of
some influence, to not use their time
or talent in dealing with elementary
school problems.
There are certain basic habits of
attention order, obedience, respect,
accuracy, reliability, carefulness,
kindness, and many more habits of
a personal nature that the child is
grounded in either positively or nega
tively before the teacher receives him
in school.
.. ' "Furniture Fakers"
The workmen of France and Italy
are exceedingly clever In the business
of imitating ancient furniture and
similar pieces of old art craft, and
In their imitating they ore thorough
and systematic to the extent that the
copy Is often as handsome a piece
of work as the original. Persons who
engage In this questionable art are
artisans of the first water. They
make nse of old wood and when it la
desired to give a piece the appearance
of years of actual service, they put
the piece into actual use where It J
will get real wear and tear. In add!-
! tlon to this they make use of fabrics
which are really old, taken from
pieces which they have gathered at
various times In their search for old
Bladder Irritation
If . functional Bladder Irritation
disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn
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ache, Leg Pains, or muscular aches,
making you feel tired, depressed,
and discouraged, why not try the
Cystex 48 Hour Test? Don't give
up. Get Cystex today Put it to
the test. See for yourself how quick
ly it works ond what it does. Money
back if it doesn't bring quick im
provement, and satisfy you complete
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Faddens Pharmacy.
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
The following communication from
an old croney, Frank Wormington, a
former well known resident of Milton
Freewater, appeared in a recent issue
of the Freewater Times:
Long Beach, Calif., Jan. 14, 1930.
Col. R. E. Bean, Freewater Times,
Freewater, Oregon. i ,
Deat Colonel. After payings my in
come tax, community chest and
Christmas assessments, etc, I find
that I have a cash balance amounting
to a grand total of two hundred cents.
I am afraid that if I try to keep so
much money here, that either the Na
tive Sons or the Bank of Italy will
get it away from me, so after much
thougBt, I have concluded to send it
to you, to finance your great Family
Journal for another year "largest
circulation of any weekly newspaper,
in Eastern Oregon" disputed, of
course by Col. Wood the accomplish
ed before and after dinner speaker of
the Weston Leader, and also by Col.
Boyd of the Athena Press, to say
nothing of the Milton Eagle; I have
not been able to keep up with the
quick change maneuvers of the Eagle
in recent years, so I do not know who
is the Chief Broadcaster at the pres
ent time and I will use the soft pedal
oq him for he might be one of those
firey fighting, old time editors like
Bruce Shangle and "Chicken" Van
Slyke. ".; . ;':'.. -
You know, I had some newspaper
experience in my ; younger days, I
used to watch for type lice when Carl
Brown was "makingup" on the Eagle,
and I got so I could tell a "shooting
stick" from a galley and I could teli
the paper cutter from the job press
clear across the room. And then an
other time I heard Col. Clark Wood
play a trombone solo and deliver an
oration, all the same day, and that
night he got the prize for destroying
the most eatables at a Knights of
Pythias' banquet, and got sore at Col.
Boyd because Fred claimed to write
sach heavy editorials that he had to
pay extra postage. Clark said that
Fred's pipe was strong enough to
carry the papers to the postoffice, and
then we all went home.
. Yes sir, those were great old days,
and I thank you one and all, and
hope to see you again by the time
the new court house is finished.
Yours truly, F. A. WORMINGTON,
344 E. 21st St., Long Beach, Calif. .
Every motor vehicle should be pro
tected by Public Liability and Pro
perty Damage insurance. Cost very
little and is worth many times the
cost. Every owner should carry
Landlords, Owners and Tenants Lia
bility insurance, only $7.50 and may
save your home. This is an age of
ambulance chasers and damage suits.
You owe it to yourself and to society.
Neglect may wreck your fortune; it
is wasting at the bung hole and sav
ing at the spigot. Liability, protects
you, life insurance protects your fam
ily. We write it and service our
policies throughout the policy year.
Insurance plus service.
23 Years Ago
Friday, February 1, 1907
; Mrs. O. G. Chamberlain and two
young sons returned last evening
from a visit to relatives at Waits
burg.; A
, Charley Gerking arrived home yes
terday from a month's visit in the
Sound cities and in the Willamette
valley. ; -. . , '
A dance took place last night at
the home of Jerry St. Dennis on the
reservation. A large number of peo
ple were present and a good time is
reported. . :
Representative Barrett returned to
Salem Saturday evening. He was ac
companied by his son, Henry, who
will spend a couple of weeks in the
valley. ." " .-'""
Lawrence Lieuallen drove up from
Adams today in company with a sled
load of ladies. Sleighing down Adams
way is excellent and all who can are
enjoying sleighrides. ;
The Athena Truck company yester
day unloaded the last of a consign
ment of 80 tons of ice from the'North
Powder ponds. Mr. Winship' says the
ice reecived this season is of superior
quality. .
A big dance at which everybody had
a good time, took place Friday night
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Rainville, south of town. From all
the. country around including Walla
Walla, friends of the family came and
spent an enjoyable evening.
At present there is but one case of
scarlet fever in the city. It is in a
mild form and the patient a little
girl of Mr. G. W. Zerba is getting
along nicely. In view of the fact that
there is at this time no evidences of
an epidemic, school will continue and
public gatherings have not been pro
hibited by the health authorities. .
The following officers of Mignonette
Lodge No. 86, Rebekahs, were install
ed Tuesday evening by Miss Mac
Gross, district deputy: Mary Sharp,
Noble Grand; Lola Payne, "Vice
Grand; Mattie Hill, Secretary; Carrie
Sharp, Treasurer; Jennie Gross,
Financial Secretary. After installa
tion ceremonies, refreshments were
Born, in Athena to Mr. and Mrs.
Rufus Campbell, January 26, 1907, a
R. E. Stewart is recovering from
pneumonia and will soon be able to be
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ely took ad
vantage of the fine sleighing Wednes
day, and drove over to Weston.
George Gerking has been afflicted
with blood poisoning in his hand. He
is improving and is able to be out
During the flood yesterday Schubert
and Will Pinkerton each had an
artesian well on their places north of
town. - .
The Misses Forrest came in town
yesterday to take the train for Walla
Walla, but owing to the flood, re
turned home.
Miss Minnie Keen is home on a va
cation from St. Paul's school, Walla
Walla. The young lady has such a
good standing in her studies that she
did not have to take the examination
this term.
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 30
Athena, Oregon, January 31, 1930
No. 8
Early to bed and
early to rise, cut the
weeds and swat the flies,
mind your own business
and tell no lies; don't
get gay and deceive
your wives, pay your
debts and use enterprise
and buy from home
merchants if you want
to be wise.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
Reward offered for the
apprehension of the
person or persons that
ptole the mercury from
bur themometer. The
fact that part of it has
been returned doesn't
help much. KING COAL
is on their trail too.
Household Hints
We are always
Johnny - on - the spot
with suggestions that
fit the season. When the
water pipes are frozen
we suggest that' you
move the furniture out
into the front yard and
build a fire on the floor
of the living room.
After Nature had taken
her usual course, the
pipes will be well thaw
ed. Collect the insur
ance and dash madly to
the' Tura-A-Lum olllce
for plans, and specifi
cations for a new home
that knows better than
to let its water system
P. S. Don't tell Leon
Miller. -
, Pome
"You may stay out late
and get lit up t. few."
Said the hen to .the
"But I'm laying for
. you."
A Tum-A-Lum straw
loft chicken house will
keep hens laying- ' all
winter. With eggs at
the present prica it
wouldn't take long , io
Ipay for such a house,
finis and many other
fine plans are for your
use at our office. Stop
for a while by 'our hot
fire and look over the
plan r books of farm
buildings we have.
Chicken houses cost
about $1.25 per hen, or
the price of 2 dozen
The man who vents is
committing .financial
suicide on the install
ment plan and we'll lay
ioo to 1 that "Home
Sweet Home" was not
written' by a renter.
The year Paul Bunyen
Dogged off Oregon it
went to 400 degrees be
low zero and despite the
(efforts of his cookhouse
Bremen, the coffee froze
while it was boiling.
It is not too cold to
klo interior remo leling
and painting.
St. Valentine's Day
February 14
We have a fine, varied stock of Valentines for you
to select from. Call and See them.
Bring in Your Bent
and Sprung Axles
Acetylene Welding and Black
smithing C M. Jones Blacksmith Shop
The Athena Hotel
Court eons Treatment, Clean Beds
; Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
': Special Attention Given
to Home. Patrons
Corner Main and Third
. ..' Athena, Oregon .--
Main St H. H. HILL Athena
Bell & Gray ! ,:
t " - Phone 593
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
City and Country
Twin City Cleaners
The firm that does your work as you want it done, at the
Consistent with expert workmanship. We call for and deliver on
Monday," Thursday and Saturday.
We are represented in Athena by Penn Harris
Phone 583
T. E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon
Farmers Grain EleVator
:r:: ;: Company
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry's Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr.
S3 .
It Pays to Look Well!
To look well you should keep your hair properly cut your face
shaved and massaged In fact everything in the Barber line.
Come in and see Herb Parker and me.
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners.
Phone 683.
Reduction In Electric
Light Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929:
Residential Rates -y-First
30 KWH hours used, per month....l0c per KWH ;
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month..3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item. s ' v
Commercial Rates
First 100 KWH used per month..........10c per KWH
Next 200...:.... ......7c per KWH
Next 300.......:................................ ..6c per KWH
Next 400...... .....................................5c per KWH
Next 1Q00 ;.4C per KWH
Excess over 2000..:........ ....3c per KWH
- The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item. - . .,,
Preston-Shaffer Milling Company :
UMTg it Ell i
Walla Walla General Hospital
A modern non sectarian fifty bed hospital, with
all up to date modern hospital facilities for the care
of patients.
X-Rav and bacteriological labortories, washed air
ventilation. v'
Only graduate nurses are employed and their ser
vices are included at the regular rates which are
$3.50 to $6.00
Special nurses extra. Your interest and patronage
is solicited. Phone 480. -;