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Athena, Oregon, September 13, 1929
Plans to reduce the cost of living
are easy to discuss but as Mark
Twain said regarding talk about
weather, "We do nothing about it,"
and further quoting an exchange
"the Associated Grocery Manufactur
ers of America, comprising 230 lead
ing manufacturers of grocery pro'
ducts, intend to do more than talk.
They have embarked upon a world
wide investigation looking toward the
reduction of distribution costs in their
industry for the direct purpose of
benefiting the consumer., President
Hoover and Secretary of Commerce
Lam on t have voiced the unqualified
opinion that reduced distribution costs
were essential to continued expansion
of American business." H. R. Drack
ett, President of the Associated Gro
cery Manfacturers, points out that
other nations are striving to attain a
standard of living equal to that in
America. A low price creates a larg
er volume of sales. If unnecessary
distribution costs cause high prices
. in foreign as well as local markets, a
reduction in these costs would result
in lower prices to consumers and
mean more consumers of American
products. The grocers are embark
ing upon a worthwhile movement
which is in line with the modern ten
dency of mass production with a
maximum turn-over at a minimum
0 r- .
With an expected attendance of
7,000, the annual Safety Congress
will be held in Chicago the latter
part of the month. It is fitting that
the Congress be held in the windy
city this year, in close-up contact
with Scarface Al's gunmen, the bomb
throwing experts and the general
hodge podge criminal element of
gangland. However, the Congress
will perhaps review and discuss the
safety movement in other angles than
those directly affecting Chicago. In
working toward an ideal of safety
the three major problems careless
ness, incompetence,, ignorance must
be recognized as the dominant cause
of accidents that are causing direful
loss of human life. More especially
in the present mode of vehicular
transportation, is there need for the
development of sound and practical
control in the interests of safety for
the traveling public. When it is re
alized that there are few unavoidable
accidents and that practically every
sudden death means that someone has
failed in his duty, has proven him
self unfit, or has lacked necessary
precautionary measures, it is time
that drastic measures were adopted to
enforce some system of safety.
Unless legislators use a little more
common sense there will be a reaction
against the gasoline tax, in the opin
ion of experts. In a space of about
10 years we have seen this new form
cf "special" taxation come into ex
istence and grow to the point where
it is of serious economic and social
signifiance. A short tinu ago two
and three-cent taxes were considered
high; now four to six-cent taxes are
becoming common. In two states,
counties are levying a gas tax and
in three states cities are imposing
such a tax. A fair gas tax is a good
thing when applied entirely to road
building and maintenance. An ex
orbitant tax, or one which is applied
in whole or in part, for other pur
poses, is the rankest kind of unequal
taxation. The gas tax situation is
causing millions of citizens to think
about the general tax problem and the
dangers which are inherent in class
or special taxation. Unless the pres
ent trend of lawmakers to pile up
pecial taxes on a helpless public and
industries, is changed, it is safe to
: ay that a wave of public disapproval
must eventually manifest itself to
yrotect individual and .
rights. The Manufacturer.
John W. Kelly, writer for the Morn
ing Oregonian, scents the of
a highway political machine which
will be oiled up by advocates of thfl
Roosevelt highway in a warm fight
in the gubernatorial primaries In Ore
gon next May. Evidently Kelly's
conception of what is transpiring
down in the Roosevelt highway belt
s right, for ho sees that un effort will
bo made to attract votes by offering
in exchange certain road commit
r ents. Kelly assorts the agents of
the Roosevelt movement want a
l ledge from the gubernatorial candi
date that he will authorize the issu
ance of from $3,000,000 to $5,000,000
f road bonds, the money to be np
plied on that road. All of 'which
i'.Hs not look good to Kelly. And he
i ' right Before any more bonds are
issued, he is of the opinion the high
way cmumission should finish roads
already set up on the map of state
highway constructioi. Further, the
name of Roosevelt highway does not
suit him. Neither does it suit us. The
name Roosevelt would mean just as
much to a highway in Africa, as one
following the Pacific coast line; so
why not a name that would be more
suitable to the, territory it serves.
: o
There is no doubt that Dr. Willing,
Pacific coast golf ace, was deprived of
winning the national amateur cham
pionship at Pebble Beach by reason
of the hostile treatment he received
from the gallery. Carrying the Pa
cific coast banner, by every code of
fairness and home loyalty, a square
deal was due the Portland player at
the hands of Pacific coast people in
his match with the mid-west cham
pion. But he did not get it, for the
reason that the "under dog" vein of
sympathy which prevailed against
Helen Wills on the Eastern tennis
courts ran riot at Pebble Beach and
transferred the championship from
Portland to Minneapolis. Sympathy
is all right enough in its place, but
it has no niche in true sportsmanship.
The life blood of sports is merit, and
when you inoculate merit with sym
pathy you stifle the vital element in
This pioneering with passenger air
liners continues to exact appalling
toll of human life. One woman and
seven men paid the price of air travel
pioneering with their lives, when the
ship crashed against a mountainside
in New Mexico, the other day. After
several days the wreck, warped by the
flames which followed its carving a
path through timber that dismember
ed its wings and landing gear, was
discovered by the pilot of a search
ing plane. Passengers and crew were
found huddled in the . cabin, their
bodies burned beyond recognition,
indentification being possible only
through articles of jewelry worn or
dental work.
Britian holds the speed record of
the world, which would indicate that
our cousins across the pond are pep
ping up. In the international air
plane races for the Schneider cup, the
British flying officer, H. R. D. Wag
horn, piloted a Rolls-Royce super
marine plane, 368.8 miles an hour,
the fastest time ever made anywhere
by man.
In parts of Umatilla county large
numbers of grasshoppers and yellow
jackets made their appearance this
season. However, their lease on life
is of short duration now. They'll all
skeedadle with the first appearance of
Jack Frost.
Leaves from Athena shade trees
should be spread out on gardens and
flower plots; not burned or consigned
to the city dumping ground. Through
the winter's process of mulching,
garden soil will be fertilized.
(By E. E. Coad, Supt.)
As an introduction to an occasional
article dealing with public education
in general, or with the Athena schools
in particular, it may be well for me to
state some of the basic ideas I hold
concerning public school education
and the working ideals under which
they can be realized.
The bulk of the work in the grades
should consist of two things: The
reduction of certain basic factual ma
terial to habitual knowledge; develop
the ability to use this knowledge with
facility, skill and accuracy. If this
preparation is thorough, an infinite
amount of drill, repetition and indi
vidual instruction is necessary all
along the line. There is little time
for fads or frills anywhere in such a
program. This work can be human
ized and should be. There must be
time allowed for recreation and play.
But I do not believe in mixing the
To learn from books one must be able
to read understandingly. The poor
student? is a poor reader. Good study
habits, so far as they relate to study
from books, are dependent upon good
reading habits. The ability to gather
thought from a printed page means
far more than the mere oral pronun
ciation of words. The mere me
chanics of reading and actual read
ing are two vitally different things.
Good reading habits are vital to all
work done with books.
A good school results from the co
operation of all the factors concern
ed the pupils, the parents end the
teachers. It takes a certain amount
of money to operate an efficient
school. A good teacher at the top
salary is a far better investment than
a poor teacher furnished free. Qual
ity is a first requisite of sound busi
ness. I believe in getting full value
for every dollar spent. But the school
community must assume its full share
of responsibility. And I take it that
a community like Athena is willing to
assume its' full share of responsibility
as long as the other factors function
Professional Appraisal
A junkie wus driving Ills wiiverlnj:
old curl down h iiiimnv London street
Behind lilin, trulllc IiimI to keep to his
pace, n Irate old mini In a long, j;lit
terliiK town car hurt the chnulToui
sounding the horn loud, long am) In
slstently The Junkie turned his heint
looked down along the polished per fee
lion ol the car, howeil low mid siilil :
"liljjlit-n. guv'tior I'll cull for it to
morVow." Boston Transcript.
Good Memory
Recently little Billy, uge four, was
tuken to Hie Methodist hospital to
visit some friends.
"You know Billy, you were here be
fore, you were boru here," remarked
Billy's mother.
"Yes," replied Billy, "1 remember."
Indianapolis News.
; jr. w I!
iinni.iii I in i i
TT70NDERFUL Displays of Ore- ;
gon products; Six days of
horse racing: Auto show; Thrilling
features daily in front of $150,000
Reduced Fares on All Railroads. '
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Saigon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut m Season,
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
21 Years Ago
Friday, September 11, 1908
Will Dobson is completing an addi
tion to his cottage, located at the cor
ner of Main street and Hunt avenue.
The families of W. R. Taylor and
E. A. Dudleys have returned from a
two weeks' outing at Wenaha
Springs. " ,
"Spuds is spuds" in this vicinity,
and as a result of a very short crop
the mountain tuber promises to be. in
demand at stiff prices.
M. L. Watts will farm, 600, acres of
reservation land under lease, all of
which is in summer fallow and ready
to seed when the fall ,rains come.
Wm. Tompkins and Robert Coppock,
who have land holdings in Alberta,
left yesterday for that Canadian pro
vince, to look after their interests
Mian Mattie Cormock accompanied
her father to Farmington, Wash.,
near which place she will visit ner
brother Alfred.
"Tre frost is on the Pumpkin" and
the soda water fountain is "dryer'n a
gourd." The proprietors of Athena's
two soda and ice cream emporiums
report a prosperous year in that line
of business.
"Snowball," the fine Spitz dog
owned by M. L. Watts, was badly in
jured Tuesday while playfully occu
pied in nipping the heels of a frac
tious cayuse. Snowball was kicked on
the head, since which time he has
been a docile patient and without fear
or protest receives all ministrations
tendered him.
Ralph McEwen will leave tomorrow
for Kucene. where he will enter the
University for another year's work.
Mr. McEwen is manager oi tne uni
versity foot ball team, and has a
husky bunch of athletes under his
A regular button factory has been
put in operation down at Jarman's
store, this week. The late fashions re
quire many buttons on ladies' and
children's dresses. The very latest
mode is to trim the dresses with but
tons covered with the same dress
goods pattern of which the dress is
mnrtp Mr. J arm an has a machine
which will make your cloth buttons in
any quantity desired.
The Welch conwanv played "Jesse
James" to a large audience at the
opera house Saturday nignt. ine
mm nan V which disbanded after the
play, Saturday night after a success
ful season s business, was neaaea Dy
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Welch, well
known to Athena and Weston theatre
Bennie Gross, a graduate irom tne
ArhAna Hich school, will tto to Cor-
vallis, where he will matriculate with
Oregon Agricultural College. He win
be accompanied to the valley by his
mother, Mrs. J. F. Gross, wno win
visit relatives.
Misses Lula Tham and Cecile Boyd
went over to Weston Wednesday and
made preparations to enter the East
ern Oregon State Normal, which
opens the work for the first semester
next Monday. Miss Delia Danner and
Miss Minnie Keene will also be stu
dents from Athena, attending the
Bell & Gray
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Truck Drays
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City and Country
C. T. Booth
Successor to "Pink"
Third Street - - - Athena
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, CWn Bed
Good Meala
Tourists Mads Welcome
Special Attention Girea
to Bom Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
The New "
Screen Grid
ALWAYS FIRST with proved improvements, Atwater
Kent now introduces Screen-Grid Radio. It means the
clearest flow of pure tone quality that you ever heard
from a radio set. It means new power, to reach far-away
stations -new sensitivity new needlepoint selectivity to
separate the stations and pick out the one you, want. New
velvety depths and new heights of tonal perfection!
Hear One at our Store
(A Mercantile Trust)
Every motor vehicle should be pro
tected by Public Liability and Pro
perty Damage insurance. Cost very
little and is worth many times the
cost. Every owner should carry
Landlords, Owners -and Tenants Lia
bility insurance,, only $7.50 and may
save your home. This is an age of
ambulance chasers and damage suits.
You owe it to yourself and to society.
Neglect may wreck your fortune; it
is wasting at the bung hole and sav
ing at the spigot. Liability protects
you, life insurance protects your fam
ily. We write it and service our
policies throughout the policy year.
Insurance plus service.
Blacksmith Shop
Repair Work
Athena, Oregon
Why suffer with
tired, aching feet?
Regardless of their condition, I can
help you
Foot Correctionist
22 W. Main St. Walla Walla
The Gun Man
I make a specialty of
Rouses .
or anything that you might have
to paint,
CALL me for an estimate
J. r. if i
404 Bellevue
Phone S017 Collect
Walla Walla, Wash.
Direct from Producer' to Consumer
Buy Collectively
Address, N. Bolvig, Box 327, Orting, Washington
Reduction In Electric
The following reduction in Electric light rates will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929:
Residential Rates
First 30 KWH hours used, per month....l0c per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month....3c per KWH
,The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item.
Commercial Rates
First 100 KWH used per month ..10c per KWH
Next 200.............. . .-7c per KWH
Next 300....... 6c per KWH
Next 400...:, ..l-..-5c per KWH
Next 1000 -4c per KWH
Excess over 2000.... ........3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, Uje rae wjll be increased by 10 per
cent on each item.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Company
Announces that it lias com-pieted the organ
izatipn of a
Trust Pepartment
and is qualified to act as Executor, Administra
tor, guardian, pr in any other fiduciary capac
ity. Just think what 87 years of successful banking
experience would mean to the executor or ad
ministrator of your estate.
Ask us for Information
Twin City Cleaners
The firm that does your work as yon want it done, at the
Lowest Prices
Consistent with expert workmanship. We call for and deliver on '
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
We are represented in Athena by Penn Harris
Phone 583
T: E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon