The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, February 01, 1929, Image 2

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Press Paragraphs
"Alias the Deacon"
Standard Theatre, tomorrow nigbt.
Ralph Singer, electrician, is nurs
ing a rheumatic knee.
Otis Lieuallen of Adams, was in
Athena Tuesday evening.
R. A. Duffield has the tonsilitia and
his son Curtis is conducting the bar
ber shop.
.One of the stages struck Dr.
Cowan's new Buick coupe Tuesday,
damaging it somewhat.
Donald James of Pendleton, has
been a guest this week at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Douglas.
The Neighbors of Woodcraft will
meet Tuesday, February 5. All mem
bers are requested to be present.
The depth of snow has made neces
sary its removal from roofs of a num
ber of buildings in town, this week.
Mrs. Z. E. Lockwood is at a Walla
Walla hospital, where she will be
operated on for relief from appendi
citis. Frank Rinnert, circulation agent
of the Spokesman-Review, has been
in Athena, canvassing for that news
paper. Mr. and Mrs. James Cresswell at
tended a dinner party given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tubbs
in Pendleton, last evening.
The Etude club will meet at the
home of Mrs. Ross Payne, Thursday
February 7. Roll call will be an
swered with Valentine quotations.
New faces on the screen at the
Standard Theatre tomorrow night, in
"Alias the Deacon." On account of
weather conditions, there will be no
show Sunday night.
Mrs. Eager is observing the first
anniversary of her entering business
in Athena. One year ago today Mrs.
Eager became the owner of the
Quality Grocery Store.
A boy named John Price has won the
gratitude of residents in the north
part of the city by his commendabla
It Can't Leak
because it is all one piece
of live Para rubber. No
seams, splices or patches.
Two-Quart Size
guaranteed for two years.
Should the bag you buy
wear out before that time,
return it to The Rexall
Store and get a new bag,
For many Kantleek aids
to health and comfort in
quire at
Athena, Oregon
Tliogxa&L Store
efforts in keeping the sidewalks clear
of snow, following the storm. -Members
of the family enjoyed a
birthday anniversary dinner Sunday
last in honor of Mrs. Sims Dickenson.
I Miss Phyllis Dickenson and Mrs.
Claude Dickenson arranged the din
ner. Weston Leader: Mrs. Ruth Jack
son Hull is reported to be improving
at St. Anthony's hospital, Pendleton,
after a serious and baffling illness dur
ing which her life was for a time des
paired Of. ! "Y
Mildred Hansell is a guest at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Boyd,
where she will remain during the
blocked condition of the roads, so that
she may attend high school classes
Athena high school boys and girls'
teams leave this evening for Helix,
where they will play Griswold high
a doubleheader. In the previous
games played here, Athena boys won
and the girls lost to Griswold.
Eddie Buck, ex-Whitman basketball
star, who is refereeing games in Ath
ena this winter, is giving eminent
satisfaction in his work. Buck covers
every play made on the floor and his
decisions are quick and accurate.
Mrs. B. B. Richards, who fell last
week and broke her right forearm
and injured her back, has returned
home from Walla Walla, where she
spent a few days at St Mary's hos
pital. She is recovering from her in
juries. Mrs. Will Potts has been brought
to the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Archie Mclntyre, from College Place
sanitarium, where she was confined
for five weeks with pneumonia. Since
returning from College Place Mrs
Potts has been under the care of Dr.
Sharp. '
Mrs. Paul Lieuallen and Mrs. Revel
la T.iennllen entertained the members
of the 3 o' 4 Bridge club and their
husbands Tuesday evening at the
home of Mrs. Revella Lieuallen, with
a very pleasant party. Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Douglas won high score oi tne
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. LeGrow return
ed home Monday evening from a
visit to relatives at Berkeley, Califor
nia. On account of the bad condi
tion of the highway on their arrival
in Portland, they left their car there
in storage temporarily.
Old "Bluch," Wilford Miller's sled
dog was again put in harness Sunday
and helped his master deliver papers
to customers on The Oregonian route.
The familiar equipage slid smoothly
over the snow, adding an arctic tinge
to prevailing wintry weather condi
tions. Victor Hirsch and family are now
residents of Waitsbiirg, having mov
ed to that city from Freewater the
first of the month. Mr. Hirsch, who
was bookkeeper for the Peacock mill
at Freewater, was transferred to the
Waitsburg mill of the Preston-Shaf
fer Milling Company.
The J. T. club met Friday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Revella Lieuallen.
Owing to the stormy weather a num
ber of the members were unable to at
tend. Mrs. Flint Johns and Mrs,
Lawrence - Pinkerton served refresh'
mnts. The club will meet at the home
of Mrs. Max Hopper, Friday, Feb'
ruary 8.
The school bus made regular trips
during the week, despite the deep
snow, and all school pupils from
south of Athena were enabled to at
tend classes. The snow which for a
time threatened to interfere with traf
fic on the Wild Horse market road,
was removed by snowplows.
Mrs. Joseph Joyce, who is visiting
her sister, Mrs. E. C. Prestbye here,
was taken very ill Tuesday, with ap
pendicitis. The patient was taken to
St Mary's hospital, Walla Walla,
where she was operated on WedneS'
day evening. Mr. Joyce was expect
ed to arrive here last night from
bkykomish, Wash.
Mrs. Max Hopper entertained with
a one o'clock luncheon, Wednesday
afternoon. Three tables were in play.
Mrs. Kevella Lieuallen won high
score and the consolation' went to
Mrs. Alex Mclntyre. - Those present
were Mrs. C. L. McFadden, Mrs.
Revella Lieuallen, Mrs. J. T. Lieuallen,
Jr., Mrs. James Creswell, Mrs, Penn
Harris, Mrs. Bert Logsdon, Mrs. Alex
Mclntyre,- Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton,
Donald Johnson and ' Miss ' Blanche
Henry Barrett brought his sleigh
out Sunday and gave the kiddies
their, annual ride to the gay accom
paniment of jingling bells. The cut
ter was full of youngsters with joy
ous chatter, and riding on handsleda
in the wake of the sleigh were a
bevy of others riding "bellybuster.
It is authentically reported that
Bert Ramsay, Northern Pacific road-
master at Athena, , has traded his
handcar for a team of mules, and is
making daily trips over his line in a
sleigh. Arriving at a crossing, Mr.
Ramsay and his crew hop out and
clear the rails of snow, then proceed
to the next crossing by team. For
lo, these many years the Press has
known that Mr. Ramsay was a real
master in emergencies.
A pleasant afternoon was enjoyed
by the Study Club when they met
last Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Lew McNair. After a very in
teresting lesson on the agricultural
beginnings and development of Ore-1
gon, dainty refreshments were served
by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Fred
Kershaw, who was a guest of the
club. The next meeting will be at the
home of Mrs. F. B. Boyd, February 8,
and roll call will be answered by some
interesting fact about Oregon, or
poetry on Oregon. .
Pearl Green was in Walla Walla
High School Notes
Junior News Staff
Editor ...John Kirk
Student Body Virgie Moore
Classes Cecil Pambrun
Boys' Athletics Eldon Myrick
Boys' Athletics George Gross
Girls' Athletics Loie Montgomery
Social and Entertainment
; Beatrice Hiteman
Subject Classes.... ..Frances Cannon
Personals Thelma Schrimpf
Faculty Harold Kirk
Grades, lst-4th Helen Foster
Grades, 5th-8th Carl Calvert
Advisor. Miss Mildred Bateman
Makes Oxygen suds, for all washing, whitens
and sterlizes, removes stains. One small package
with a 25 cent package.
The Quality Grocery
Alice Eager, Prop.
Goodyear Tires
The Greatest Name in Rubber
All Sizes
Carried in Stock
They Stand Up and are Priced Right
Athena, Garage, Main Street, Phone 352
In a recent robbery or attempted
robbery in Portland the other day,
four boys were captured and will
serve long terms in prison. The
fifth boy of the group was killed.
Some people will wonder what the
world is coming to when boys so
young as these five attempt, and
sometimes succeed in bold robberies,
which even lead to murder. What is
the cause of this young crime wave?
Is It that these boys are left by
themselves, to run at large over a
large city and to pick up all the traits
of the sneak thieves and criminal
men of the underworld section? The
question will be asked: why isn't
there something done about this men
ace? Perhaps the parents of these
boys have to work throughout the day
and cannot or do not rightly train
their children. The state and city
authorities could do something for
these boys if they tried hard enough.
They could have more truant officers
to keep a stricter watch on all who
skip school, so that the boys would
be compelled to go to school where
they could not get into mischief,
After school hours and on holidays
the boys could be taken to the Y. M
C. A. or to other organizations, where
they could learn sportsmanship in
stead of thievery, and could be
brought up mentally and physically
straight. This might add extra work
to the officials, but these boys are to
make the future citizens of America,
and the officers would only be helping
their government and insuring the
prosperity and power of America by
starting these boys on the right road
that leads to a successful life and
makes good American citizens. ' '
Athletics ---
Mac-Hi nosed out the Athena five
in a last quarter rally on the local
floor Tuesday evening, January 29.
Hot and Glean
The Hottest Coal
in the Market
Prices, Cash Only
Delivered in Athena
AT the Bin
Phone 2S1
R, G. Blomgren, Weston
Get Between a Pair of Our Soft, Comfy
and Warm Blankets these
Cold snappy nights
. 1.954.25
r 4.906,90
. 12.50-15.00
Cotton Blankets
Part Wool Blankets 1
All Wool Pendleton Blankets . .
5 per cent Discount for Cash
Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
Athena started the scoring first by
dropping two field goals in quick suc
cession, and lead at the half 7-o.
Athena started a short rally in the
3rd quarter but was soon met by a
Mac-Hi rally. In the last quarter by
a change of style in play, the Mac-Hi
quintet scored the winning points.
The Mac-Hi boys had a hard time
locating the basket during the first
three quarters of the game.
1' The lineup was as follows:
' Athena (11) Mac-Hi (15)
Crowley (2) F (4) M. Vancil
R. McEwen F (3) Liebbrand
Pinkerton C (2) Nelson
Michener G (2) G dinger
Myrick (9) G (4) Miller
Substitutes for Athena: E. McEwen
for Crowley, Kirk for R. McEwen,
Rogers for Kirk, Rogers for Myrick.
Mac-Hi: I. Vancil for Liebbrand.
ing Friday, January 25, and decided
to sell candy at the basketball game
between Weston and Athena. The
juniors are endeavoring in all pos
sible ways to raise money for their
banquet fund.
An assembiy was held Friday, Jan
uary 24, to "pep" up the pupils for
the Weston-Athena game. Mr. Meyer
and Coach "Pike" Miller spoke and a
few yells were lead by Raymond Freeze.
. Personals . -
Wayne Pinkerton spent the. week
end in Milton, ' .
Mildred Hansell is staying with Mr,
and Mrs. F. B. Boyd while the bad
weather continues.
Marjorie Wilson was absent from
school Monday afternoon on account
of illness. V V
B5 '
Subject Classes
For the last three or four days the
American history class has been
studying Oregon history, They are
doing this as outside work, since so
little Oregon history is included in
the text.
The economics class is reviewing
and studying the Constitution of the
United States, and will soon begin
with the regular economics course.
Student Body
A student body meeting was called
Tuesday morning, January 29, in
order that the executive council
might be authorized to appoint an as
sistant yell-leader. Weldon Bell was
appointed to help Raymond Murphy
lead the yells at games.
A series of meetings have been
held the last two weeks to urge the
students to bring their semester dues,
- Classes
The junior class held a class meet-
the - -
With . '. '
That Prince of all character actors
Jean Hersholt
Beautiful charming
June; Marlowe
Ralph Graves
The story of a girl who ran away
from homethe hero she met in a box
ear full of hoboes, and who took ter
rific ten round beating in order to earn
the first payment for the furniture for
their" new ., home and ,' the . beloved
crook whoso clever manoeareca chang
ed their fortunes and shaped their
destinies, even at the cost of his own
A Night of Merriment and Fun
Ik's Minstrels
Presented By "
Pendleton Lodge, No. 288, B. P.O. E.
One Night Only
Wed., Feb. 6th
Rivoli Theatre
Reserved Seats on Sale Now
Standard Theatre;
Here Saturday, Feb. 9th