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    Entered at .the Post Office at Athena. Oreaoii. a 8econd-Claee Mail Matter
Organization Effected With
Assistance of Walla
Walla Executive. ,;..
Athena group of Campfire Girls
has been organized with the, assist
ance of Miss Florance Craven, Walla
Walla executive with th following
Jean Zerba, president; Marjorie
Douglas, vice-president; Myrtle
Campbell, secretary; Nylene Taylor,
treasurer; Myrtle Potts, scribe;
Mary Tompkins, song leader. - Miss
Hilda Dickenson is the guardian of
the group, and Mrs. H. W. LeRoy is
the assistant guardian.
Three meetings of the group have
been held. The first was presided over
by Miss Craven, and the Athena
Orchestra furnished music for the
occasion. Monday the third meeting
was held in Boy Scout Hall, Jean
Zerba the president presided. At
this meeting it was decided to hold a
candy sale in the near future, the pro
ceeds to be used in defraying ex
penses of the organization.
A name is wanted for the Athena
group, preferably of Indian ex
traction, and the girls would be pleas
ed to receive names from all who care
to submit them. From , the Indian
names, or words submitted, the girls
will select the name of their Campfire
Miss Zola Keen Weds
Glenn Steen of Milton
A quiet wedding took place in Walla
Walla last Saturday afternoon, when
Miss Zola Keen became the bride of
Glenn Steeri, of Milton. The nuptials
were performed in the Christian
church at 3 p. m., the ring ceremony
being used, with Reverend J. B,
Huntley officiating. Attending the
bride were her mother, Mrs. Stella
Keen of this city and Mrs. Hugh Mur
ray, of Freewater, an aunt of the
groom. Her father, Henry Keen, was
also present.
The bride has spent her entire life
in Athena, graduating from high
"Tonic" Drinkinjr Bout Is
Given As the Cause of i
This ia George Knap, who has been
called the most extraordinary man In
the world. He Is an official In the
French reconstruction ministry and
has eight trades, being an expert In
every one of them. Among other
thltigs he is a consulting engineer,
electrician, , architect, botanist, phy.
slcian, astronomer, and a successful
opera composer.
stinn1 btiH nftprwnrH frnm Whitman
College, and also taking a course inj from .February 17 to" February 22 in-
Athena Boy Scout
Troop Arranging
Program for 22nd
This is national Scout Anniversary
Week and all scouts are called upon
to rededicate their lives to scouting,
renew their scout oath and fidelity to
acout law.. All. over the country
scout activities are at their height
this week.
Interest of the Athena Scout Troop
is at present centered in the coming
"Parent's Night" program, which will
be given at the Standard Theatre on
, 1 B 117 l,. '.. hll-h.
tne evening 01 numuKwus ""
dav anniversary. Wednesday, Febru
ary 22. The use of the Standard
Theatre for that evening has been
donated to the scouts free of charge
Arrangements for the program are
well under way. Features of the pro
gram will comprise motion pictures,
and scout demonstrations. A three
reel scout picture and two reels of
comedy are included in the screen
presentation. Tickets will be on sale
' Eugene. Three students of the
University of Oregon have been ex
pelled and an ex-student barred from
entering the university again as re
sult of participation in a party last
Saturday afternoon at which intoxi
cating liquor was served, it is an
nounced by university officials.,
Two of the students expelled were
women and the other was a man. The
ex-student barred from entering the
university, Adrian Marks, Santa Ana,
Cal., again was a student last term
but failed to make high enough
grades to return this term. George
Chase, Portland, was expelled. Three
other students have been placed in
charge of the deans of men and wo
men as a result of the affair, al
though these did not actually partici
pate in any drinking, it is stated.
The' affair took place in the
apartment of two of the boys on Sat
urday afternoon. The boys had on
hand a stock of alleged "tonic,"
which they purchased at a drugstore
Those present partook of this, one of
the girls becoming ill and a univer
sity physician was called. This ill
ness led to the investigation by
university authorities and the sub
sequent action. The girls had stopped
at the apartment on their way back
to the campus from downtown to re
quest the young men to take them
the rest of the way to the campus in
an automobile. Before. they started
the drinking took place.
. The university has a strict rule
against drinking, the penalty for
which is immediate expulsion. The
three students placed under charge
of the deans had visited the apart
ment but proved that they did not
take any of the "tonic." No action
was taken in their cases other than
that they were to be under the guid
ance of the deans for a time.
the Cornish School of Expression in
Seattle. She is a member of Phi Mu
Epsilon and Mu Phi sororities, and
was an active member of the
Dramatic Club at Whitman. Mrs.
Steen is a thorough musician and has
been identified with the Etude club,
the Athena Study club and various
other social and church activities,
where she will be greatly missed.
The groom is a scion of a well
known pioneer family of this county,
being the son of Claude Steen, now
residing at Asotin, Washington. He
is a farmer, and after a short honey
moon trip, the happy young couple
will reside on a farm near Milton. .
Local men have lined un behind the
scout movement here and .all scouts
. . ... . 1 1-1
can take tneir tests wnenever me
are ready, and any boy desiring to
pass his tenderfoot test, can arrange
with E. C. Rogers to do so most any
Tomorrow morning Athena scouts
will go to Pendleton where they will
attend a session of the circuit court,
where they will witness the method
of court procedure.
For the third time this winter the
lower end of Main Street was covered
with flood waters from up the flat,
Monday afternoon and evening. The
warm sunshine melted the snow in
the stubble fields north of Athena.
Previous high water had resulted
in damage at the Tum-a-Lum Lumber
company yard, and more damage was
sustained Monday. The board walk
in front of the property has almost
completely caved In, necessitating the
construction of a new foundation.
The foundation of the front portion
of the office bujlding has been weak
ened to some extent, and ditches were
washed through a portion of the yard,
Elva C. Kidder became the bride of
Mr, Clayburn R. Jackson Sunday,
January 29, reports the Weston Lead.
er. The marriage, service was .read
by Rev. Damon of the Free Metho
dist church of Walla Walla. The
ceremony was witnessed by Mr. and
Mrs. S. S. Parns. and Mr. and Mrs,
F. J, Jackson, Master Kenneth Jack
son. Mr. Harold Jackson and Mrs. E,
C. Damon.
Retains Position '
It was reported that C. M. Eager
had resismed as agent at the O.-W,
R. & N. station. Mr. Eager wishes
to state he has not resigned and is
onlv on a lay off for a few weeks to
help Mrs. Eager get started in the
Cash Grocery she has recently pur
chased. Mr. Eager will resume his
duties at the depot in a fewweeks.
"Step On It Stan"
At the High School
Auditorium Feb. 15
Dean Dudley went to Pendleton the
other evening to see Hoot Gibson in
"The Rawhide Kid." While Dean
liked the picture as a whole, he was
ntensely interested in the perform
ance of "Pal," Gibson's horse, in the
Dean sold "Pal" to Gibson three
years ago, wnen universal was in
this section, filming "The Saddle
hawk" at Hilgard. . The horse was
but a two-year-old when Gibson
bought him.
Dean Bays he was a smart colt, and
that Gibson has developed him into
a wonderful show horse.
"Step On It Stan," a comedy-drama
in three acts will be produced by the
Stanfield School Faculty on the
Athena High School stage, Wednes
day evening, February 15, under the
auspices of the Athena Student
This popular playlet which requires
a full evening is filled with mirth and
merriment from start to finish. The
scene of the drama is in a newly
constructed library building which is
about to be opened to . the public.
Hazel Wilton, the librarian, has some
unexpected visitors which as the play
progresses, become more or less mix
ed up in the affairs of the hour.
The climax of the play is reached
during the winning of an automobile
race by the leading man, Stan Grey,
assisted by his prospective bride,
Peggy Brooks.
Between acts there will be two live
ly little specialties the one by Dona
Shake, who -does aesthetic dancing,
and the second by Miss Mildred Bush
in quaint song and costume.
The play is a school benefit and
general patronage is respectfully
Athena Troop of Boy Scouts are
mapping out the program for their
"parent's night" entertainment, to be
given at the Standard ineatre.
Wednesday evening. February 22.
In connection with the presentation
of a Boy Scout film on the screen, a
Dremier showing of which will be
made before scout officers on the
evening of February 11, boy scout
work will be given in detail on the
night of the entertainment.
Addresses wilt be made pertaining
to scout activities and other enter
taining features will be on the pro
gram. '
. School Bus Held Up
South, middle and north Cold Spring
canyons were raging torrents last
week and the school bus held up on
account of washouts. The entire sixth
and eighth grades of the Holdman
school were absent on account of road
conditions. ,
American Legion Ideals In
Peace as .Well .as ..
War Time.
On one of the Foster-Kleiser 24-
sheet bill boards, near the Miller furn
iture store is a graphic' poster, depict
ing the "progress of The American
Legion during the first decade of its
life and which will appear for the
whole month of February, it was an
nounced today by C. L. McFadden,
commander of the local post of the
legion. Arrangements have been
made for the use of bill board space
here during the month in order that
the ideals and aim of the legion may
be placed before the people of the
city, according to the commander. :
The posters will depict in a vmo
way the real spirit of ;the legion,
commander McFadden said, iney
will be symbolical of the legion ideal
of service to country in peace as in
war, which the legion is carrying out
in its community service, American
ism, nnlitical education, child wel
fare and similar activities.
The poster has been made up from a
sketch drawn especially for the legion
by Chester A. Bratten, a well known
artist of Chicago. It has a decorative
background in which the main figure is
the Goddess of Liberty standing with
arms uplifted in consecration of the
sacrifices made by the fighting men
of America in the world war. In the
foreground is a panoramic scene de
picting the city, agriculture and in
dustry. At the top is the name "The
American Legion" and at the bottom
the slogan, "In peace, as in war we
Similar posters will be displayed in
almost every city and town in
America during February to give
national emphasis to the service
which the legion i3 now rendering to
community, state and nation, com
mander McFadden stated. More than
17,000 of the posters are being sent
out from national headquarters oi
the legion at Indianapolis to be post
ed throughout the country. ine
Athena-Weston post will begin an in
tensive membership campaign which
will reach its climax during the month
the posters are on the boards, com
mander McFadden' announced.
At a special meeting of the post
members Monday evening it was an
nounced that Athena-Weston Post
will furnish the flags and standards
for the use of the Athena Boy Scout
A committee on entertainment lor
the district conference of delegate?
from American Legion Posts, which
will be held at Athena, February 20,
was appointed. Penn Harris, Allen
Bell and Glenn Dudley are members
of this committee.
Beautiful Pati Du Pont, screen ac
tress of Hollywood, Calif., who is re
ported to be engaged to Sylvanua
Stokes, . Jr., well-known member of
Washington and Newport society and
divorced husband of Margaret Fan
nestock Stokes.
Umatilla Projects
Rapped By Heads of
Two Departments
Athena Teams Drop
Behind Two Games
The Mystery club or G. E. C. met
at the home of Betty Eager, Tuesday
evening at 7 o'clock.- The initials of
the club were changed from G. E. C.
to S. D. Much important business
was transacted during the business
meeting. '
A banquet was planned for the
mothers of the girls to be given the
latter part of February.
Refreshments .were served after
which the girls adjourned to meet
with Marguerite Moore on February
Athena High School basketball
teams have dropped two sets of games
during the past week to other schools.
Both boys and girls' teams lost to the
T,.rlt and the Helix schools. The
1 J nnnnnanf'a
games were piayeu uu vwviw
floors. , .
The Athena boys lost to loucnei
by the score of 31 to jsu, ana tne
girls were defeated overwhelmingly,
40 to 19. ,
At Helix, Tuesday afternoon, 14
noints were scored against the locals
before they made a point. From then
on they found themselves, but lost Dy
8 points, 28 to .20. Athena girls
"Fighting Six," lost to the Helix girls,
Athena plays Mac-Hi in the Milton
gym, tonight, the first game of the
season between these teams.
Washington. The interior depart
ment has disapproved a . request of
owners of the Umatilla irrigation pro
ject near Pendleton, Oregon, for an
appropriation of approximately $100
000 for construction work on the
western extension.
Dr. Elwood Mead, reclamation com
missioner, said that it had been the
established policy of the government
not to further government construc
tion work to irrigation projects after
hnA hppn turned over to the
water users, who.with the purchase,
assumed full responsibility for ope
eration. He said that including the
Umatillai project, sixteen completed
pro jests were in the same status.
In the case of the Umatilla pro
ject it was explained that the board
of directors last fall had , asked for
money for .aaitionau , construe""
work to help drain about 300 acres
of water logged land ust outside or
the western extension.
The Umatilla Rapids project is in
conflict with the financial program of
President Coolidge. The administra
tion vipwnnint of this great develop
ment, conveyed to Senator Phippa by
Sprretarv Work of the interior oe
partment, is a flat turndown with no
words wasted.
The verdict is not binding upon
nnnrrraaa hllT. An BflVfirSe rCOUU Ul
this character makes it extremely dif
ficult to advance legislation condemn
ed by the president's financial spokes
man. ; Whether any good would come
from asking the irrigation committee
to report the bill is a matter lor
future consideration,' Secretary
Work, in that part of his own, also
slaps the project, saying that the
irrigation of the lands proposed to be
watered by pumping from tne Colum
bia does not appear feasible at this
time. He makes no comment upon the
Mayor Also Takes Action
To Enforce Dog Tax
At the meeting of the city council
Monday evening, Mayor Stephens took
a firm stand in support of the state
la ws prohibiting the sale of cigarettes
or tobacco to minors, and tne smoKina
by minors in public places.
The mayor's attitude against the
sale to and the smoking of cigarettes
by minors includes girls as well as
boys, and a vigorous effort is to be
made by the municipal officers to en
force law compliance in Athena.
The Oregon statutes provide penal
ty for both $ie seller of cigarettes to
minors, and the minor who purchases
cigarettes or tobacco to make them
and who smokes in public places,
which would include smoking on the
streets. To further knowledge of the
state law in this respect, B. B. Rich
ards has been asked to address the
pupils of the Athena schools regard
ing the matter.
The Mayor also brought before the
council the matter of collecting dog
tax. The city marshal was instruct
ed to collect taxes on dogs owned in
Athena as soon as tags could be pro
vided. In cases where tax is not
paid, the dog will be impounded and
held for a legal period to be redeem
ed by the owner, and when not so re
deemed and tax paid, the dog will be
destroyed. Athena dog tax is $1.25
for males and $2.50 for females.
. The following bills were allowed
and ordered paid:
Street improvement $169.27
Rogers & Goodman .....oi)
P. S. Co. Light & Power 89.00
Lumber Co..T. 8.90
Bell & Venable drayage ...2.00
Athena Press printing 26.00
B. B. Richards mise'ly ..8.00
B. D. Taylor salary 125.00
B. B. Richards salary..... ::...50.00
Watts & Prestbye salary.. 35.00
F. Kershaw salary 20.00
Newly Weds Visit
Mr. and Mrs. McNutt (nee Mrs.
Hutt) who wexejnarried at Walla
Walla last week, were in Athena this
week, guests at the home of Mrs. Lee
Johnson, sister of Mrs. McNutt. Mr.
and Mrs. McNutt will reside at Lone
Rock, Oregon, where Mr. McNutt is
engaged in stockraising.
Association Dinner
The Athena Commercial Association
has resumed its membership dinners.
and Wednesday evening met at Kil
gore's Cafe at 6:30 where a splendid
dinner was served. Matters of im
portance were discussed, after dinner.
Next Tuesday evening the members
will participate in another get-together
Mrs. Sheard Home
Mrs. Sheard has . returned home
from a visit to the home of her
daughter, Mrs. O. C. - McDowell, at
Kamela. Mrs. Swift, former teacher
at LaMar school is teaching in the
Kamela school, and Mr. Swift is in
the employ of the O.-W. R. & Co., at
that point. New equipment has re
cently been purchased for the Kamela
school, reports Mrs. Sheard, a basket
social was given to provide funds.
Pendleton Won Debate
Pendleton High School won both
the affirmative and negative sides of
the debate with the Heppner and
Hermiston teams. Thursday night of
last week. Prof Meyer and Miss
Bateman of Athena High School, and
E. F. Bloom, principal of Adams High
School, were the judges for the Pend
leton-Heppner debate.
Aged Man Suicide
The body of an unknown aged man,
On February 20. Mrs. D. T. Stone
ovnects the arrival of a little flock
of 4000 White Leghorne chicks, which
wil be the nucleus for commercial egg
production at the Stone farm west ot
Athena, next winter.
Mrs. Stone has made much of a
success in marketing eggs in quantity
during the past two years, especially
during the fall and winter months.
She is assisted in this department of
the farm by Shannon O'Shea, an ex
perienced poultryman.
Income Tax Reports
Beginning February 1, and continu
ing until Thursday, March 15, the last
day for filing federal income tax re-
tiimB. deputies from the omce oi
who had committed suicide by slash-1 Clyde G. Huntley, collector of inter
ing his throat with a razor was iouna
on the railroad right of way east of
Pendleton, last Friday afternoon. The
body was seen by a fireman on a
passing freight train, who notified
county officials. Investigation de
veloped that the man was between
70 and 80 years old, and tnat ne
applied to sheepowners of the Pilot
Rock district for work. Further than
that nothing is known of him.
nal revenue, will visit the principal
cities and towns of the state for the
Durnose of assisting taxpayers pre
pare their returns and compute their
taxes. For convenience of Umatilla
county, deputies will be at Pendle
ton, February 1-14 inclusive, and
March 1-15 inclusive.
Total ........$364.40
Their Golden Wedding
Anniversary at Weston
The lodge hall at Weston, was
the scene of an interesting social
event Saturday, February 4 when Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Ross of Walla Walla
were guests at a banquet given in
their honor, celebrating their Ooluen
weddinf anniversary. At one o ciock
a sumptuous dinner was served to
about thirty guests. u
A wedding cake decorated in white,
with fifty pink candles centered the
bountiful laden table. Vases oi pmK
carnations carried out the pink and
white color scheme. In the afternoon
a number of old friends called. Among
these Mr. G. O. Richardson of Adams.
friend of ' the family for over JO
. . . -1 .1
years, gave an interesting auure
honoring the bride and groom.
Mr. Ross was born in Aberdeen
shire, Scotland, September 22, 1851.
At the aee of four years he came wiui
his parents to Ontario Canada, where
he grew to young manhood.
Mary McArthur was born m
Egremont, Canada, September JO,
1855. On February 1, 1878 tne
were united in marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross came to the
United States in 1891, locating near
Walla Walla where they lived till
1902, when they came to Oregon
locating on a farm south of Weston.
They moved to Walla Walla Valley
about ten years ago later to Walla
Walla where they now reside.
Mr. Ross has living two sisters;
Mrs. Sarah Schroedes and Mrs. Mary
Horsley of Chesley and one brother;
John Ross of Mount Forest.
Mrs. Ross has one brother Donald
McArthur and two sisters: Mrs.
Oliver Snell and Bella McArthur all
of Toronto, besides their family, Will
of WaBhtucna, James of Athena,
Arthur of Weston. Mrs. Roy Cannon
of Athena, Mrs. J. M. Bradburn of
Portland. Mrs. J. H. McLean of Wash-
tucna and thirteen grandchildren.
The Burdock Pest
In town from the upland the other
day, Vernie Marr said that the pesti
ferous weed known as burdock is get
ting a start on Weston mountain. It
grows anywhere, thriving particularly
in brush or thicket, and spreads rapid
ly. When young, the weed resembles
pieplant. When it matures the burrs
cluster thickly in the manes and tails
of farm horses and stick like the mis
chief. Mr. Marr has declared un
relenting warfare on burdock on his
own holdings. Weston Leader.
The Helix Red Devils play the
Goldendale Firemen on the Helix
floor, Saturday evening, February 18.
The Helix team is setting the pace
for all Eastern Oregon teams, and the
Firemen are among the best in Wash
ington. The Helix game promises to
be one of the best of the season.
An Old Timer
Joel Adams, a pioneer resident of
Walla Walla, when that city was a
mere village, but who now makes his'
home at Tonasket, Washington, wa
in Athena last week, visiting his
brotherinlaw, E. A. Bennett.
Assists in Concert
As ' a member of the Melodian
chorus of 40 voices. Mrs. R. B. Mc-
Ewen participated in last Sundays
presentation of a municipal concert
at the Public Auditorium in Portland.
The Melodians were featured in
"Sleepy Hollow Tune," Kountz, and
"Seraphic Song," Rubinstein. The
chorea was costumed in colonial er-fect.
Removed to Hospital
Jack Moore who last week was
seriously ill with double pneumonia,
was removed Sunday to a hospital at
Walla Walla, where an operation was
performed which resulted in tapping
one of the lungs. Jack is reported to
be some better.