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Entered at the Post Office at Athena. Oregon, as Second-Class Mall Matter
Congress Adjourns
Over the Holidays
Record of Accomplishment
First 15 Days Thought
Washington, D. C Under the sha
dow of the death of one of Its most
beloved members Senator Jones, ; of
New Mexico the 70th congress ad
journed for its Christmas recess. "--
As they departed from Capitol hill
for a vacation of two weeks, senators
and representatives left behind them
a record of accomplishment over ,th3
15 days since .convening that had few
counterparts in recent years.
The first of the annual appropria
tion bills, to make up deficiencies,
was on its way to the White House;
te 5290,000,000 tax reduction bill had
rounded the first buoy of the legisla
tive course, as. had the measure pro
posing settlement of the German
American alien property claims, and
a resolution to give a congressional
medal of honor to Colonel Charles A.
Lindbergh had become a law.
In addition, the Walsh bill, designed
to compel testimony of recalcitrant
witnesses in the naval oil criminal
conspiracy cases, was in President
Coolldge's hands, and both bouses had
set forth upon what promises to be a
long series of Investigations.
Even before the legislative wheels
of either house had been started, both
had received demands for a number
of inquiries, several of which are well
under way.
A special senate committee, plung
ing immediately into charges in the
Hearst newspapers that a fund of $1,
215,000 was created for four United
States senators, satisfied itself that
no senator received, any money , and
pushed its inquiry to determine the
authenticity of the documents which
Hearst purchased for publication.
Provincetown, Mass. With life ad
mittedly extinguished within the hull
of the S-4, the task of raising the
sunken submarine from its grave off
Provincetown harbor passed from a
rescue drama into a routine salvage
job. '
Lieutenant Commander Edward
Ellsberg, directing the operations, de
clared that unless unusually fair
weather persisted it was not likely the
steel coffin with its cargo of 40 dead
men could be raised to the surface
before next spring.
The S-4 had been at the bottom of
the sea off Provincetown harbor for
just 113 hours when it was finally de
cided that the six men who had fought
a gallant battle for life in her torpedo
compartment no longer survived. It
was not until air lines, attached to the
listening device of the torpedo room
by a method never before used, had
been pumping fresh air into the com
pavtment for 13 hours that hope was
at last given up.
Signals sent by the oscillator ot the
Falcon remained unanswered, and all
was still in the battered hull of the
submarine. The rescuers regretfully
admitted it was the end.
Oklahoma Governor Wins Injunction
Declaring Session Illegal.
Oklahoma City, Okla. Two new
court orders lent assistance to the ef
torts of Governor Henry S. Johnston
to send members of the legislature
besieging his administration back to
their homes.
A permanent injunction issued by
District Judge Chambers bars the
house members from attempting to
function further as a legally convened
group, from continuing their investiga
tions of state officers, from preparing
any more impeachment charges and
from filing new charges with the
nretended court of impeachment'
The second injunction, a temporary
order issued by District Judge Hooker,
forbids members to draw pay for their
activities in the seEsion.
France Votes Big Navy Program.
Paris. Uy a vole of 270 to 20, the
French etccte ra .f .d adoption by the
chamber of tit, ci ihi naval build-
v sv
4. t- vV isf , -
' -' 1Eb ' ' '
SOME of us were born In New Eng
laud und have' that ktnd of a
conscience. Why New England
should produce a particular conscience
different from any oi tier's conscience
seems a little ditik-ult to explain
However, there seems to be a tra
dition about It. If you possess a New
England conscience you are supposed
to Ik' responsible to the last degree.
You go one point fnrilier linn actual
ly ucccessity and worry for fear yo'i
wmi't think up all ibe possible things
you illicit have done tinder a certain
st'l of circumstances.
. Well, thtn-
We all rather like to think we obey
our conscience? it give: as a fain!
glow of saiutlliK'KS. (Though, of
course, to admit this publicly would
ruin - us for life!) Whatever con
science is "a still, small voice," un
broken nnblts of right thinking, an in
stinct that urge? ns toward the best
most" of us possess .an inner law of
some sort or another: and we either
follow this law. or push it oft irrilab'y
At New Year's we take stock of our
affairs. And very often conscience
Sits as judge. And let us never for
get that we are responsible. Not to
be responsible is a kind of crime. Just
By Dinah Muloch Craik
is 5 ?rccr::'
e iis:Tam talla tor
so fur at. we bare pushed our abil
ities, then just so far should we use
them for the finest development. To
do le?8 Is sheer waste of Invaluable
material. To do less is being false to
ourselves. To do less is sinning
against truth.
Convictions may change from yeai
to year: we should keep stride with
them as strong men not take it out
In thinking but demonstrating them by
doing. If we are good workmen be
it in the woods' or in the shop, coun
try or town and do not do that work
for the glory of doing it wel!, then
we never should have been trusted
with ability. For ability Is a two
edsed sword If not sharpened for the
gallant battle at life, It turns to rend
the owner.
Let this year's conscltnce be nour
ished by that higher, unwritten re
eponsibiliiy which answers the quiet,
inner knowledge of life carried for
ward with the utmost strength and
liapiy New Year to oar coa-te'.i-Mi'.
. "
A FUIEND stands at the I
door j
In either tight-closed hand
Hiding rich gifts, three hundred
and three score;
Even as seed the sower.
Each drop, he trends it in.
and passes by;
It cannot be made fruitful till
it die.
O good New Year, we clasp
This warm shut hand of thine, f
Loosing forever, with half sigh.,
half gasp,
That which from ours falls
like dead fingers' twine l
i Ay, whether fierce its grasp
t Uns been, or gentle, having X
been, we know
That it was blessed: let the
Old Year go.
O New Year, teach us faith I '
The road of life is hard:
When our feet bleed, and scnurg
Ing winds us scathe,
Point thou to Him whose vis
nge was more marred
Than any man's; who snith,
"Make straight paths for youi
feet," and to the opprest,
"Come ye to Me, and I will
give you rest."
Yet hang some lamp-like hope t
Above this unknown way,
Kind year, to give our spirits
freer scope
And our hands . strength to
work while It is day.
Kut if that nay must slope -Tonibward,
oh, bring before
""our fading eyes
The lamp of " life, the Hope
tfiat never dies.
Comfort our souls with love
Love of all human kind;
Love special, close In which
like sliellcu'd dove.
Each weary heart Its own
safe nest may find;
And love that turns 'above
Adoring;y. contented to re
sign '
All loves, it need be. for the
Love iMvine.
Friend, come thou like a frit ml
And whether bright thy rice.
Or dim with clouds we raunoi
We'll hold out paiieni hands,
each In his place,
And trust thee to the end.
Knowing thou It-.idtst on
wards to those spheres
Where there are neither days
nor months, nor years.
- Mrs. Eominger is visiting her par
enU near Umapinc
THE , window train shivered,'
creaked apd gave way under the
prying force of the jimmy. The
flat palm of a massive hand finished
the raising process. A foot thrust
over the casement was firmly planted
on tit floor of the darkened room.
After a hasty survey of the apart
ment, the man called out the window.
"Pnrd!" then whistled softly.
In due time "Pard" arrived via the
window route.- A systematic search
of the house was Instituted, and the
valuables deposited In the living room.
"New Year's means lots of parties,
and a party for us, uh, Sara!"
"PardP Snm painfully exclaimed
of one of the bed
rooms, "you bozo,
drop every lost
thing In your
"Snm, you sap."
growled the other
disgustedly, "you
ain't gone senti
mental again? 1
thought If 1 got
you through Christ
mas all right, you'd
come out all 0. K.
Sam walked over
to him and put his
bond oo his friend s
shoulder. "You
have been a friend
tome. See this pic
ture? It was there
on the chlfforobe.
That's her, 'Pard'l I'd do any
thing on earth for that," and he
slapped the picture vehemently, only
to meet his Tard's" sour looks.
"There ain't no time like tonight to
begin all over again. Tonight starts
a New Year, an' a start with this in
my possession means sure-enough suc
cess. Tm young. She don't know I
went to the dogs, 'Pard.' She never
will if you're a friend. Pll pay you
fifty dollars to leave that stuff right
where it Is an' beat It. This Is nil I'm
faking, and her father will never mis
that." Sam gazed Into ttie eyes of one
who meant so much to him, then Into
"Pard's" glowering ones,
"To think my year's work was to
turn out like this. A softy, a sap
what thinks a New Year says a new
start and after that thing, too."
His laughter subsided as the scrap
ing of a Ley and the tumblers of the
lock gave a warning note. Four feet
found their way over the window sill
Info the darkness of the night
j NewYar'j Story CT
from the depths
Mrs. James Lieuallcn of Adams va3
a Visitor in Athena Tuesday.
surveyed the mud on his pew
overcoat. An automobile had
swept by, regardless of the thntf
which ushered in the first day of the
year, and left him plentifully bespat
tered. "I shall make another resolution,"
said Mr. Dale, as he tried to flick the
tenacious mud from his garment.
Entering bis oflice in the little prai
rie town where he was known us "our
enterprising realtor, Mr. Clifton Dale,
he seated himself at his desk und
took from tits pocket a memorandum
hook. It opened at a page Inscribed,
"New Year Hesolutlons," and Mr.
Dale smiled grimly ns he read the one
and only entry: "Under ho clrcum
stances will I u I low myself to be mar
ried to any female during thts year.
c, i v v ;
That entry had been made In n
polgnnnt moment. At Just two o'clock
that morning, on his way home from
the Old Timers' ball, he had paused
at his oflice to place his decision on
record. It was the immediate result
of the behavior of Mtss Adnline Hill,
who. after protesting to Mr. Dale that
tier program was full, had danced
eight times with Amery Hodge, pro
prietor of the Plain vllle" garage.
"Hodge-IUII," Mr. Dale comment
ed, bitterly.
tie took up his pencil and mnde n
second entry." "I shall be careful to
observe (he speed limits, and not to
splash Innocent pedestrians," he wrote.
At that moment his telephone rang.
"Oh. Cliff, this is Addle speaking. 1
am so glad I got you"
"You ?re, eh? Well, you haven't
got me yet, let me tell you, youug
"Oh, Cliff, don't be silly t We're
broken down, Dad and I, eight miles
out on the main road south. Father
hns telephoned Mr. Hodge, but yon
know he is so unreliable. Won't you
Hut Mr. Dale was firm. "Maybe I'd
find your program full," he growled.
A silvery laugh over the wire dis
armed hlra. "I'll explain nil that
If you get here first," she said. Then
she added, significantly, "There's more
than a broken car at stake." .
Mr. Dale made a dash out of bis
oflice, Jumped Into his car, nnd whizzed
into Main street Just as Amery Hodge
turned in from the other side of the
In a moment the two cars were
abreast. They crossed the railway
tracks, spottering mud In every dlrec
'Ion. Hotli drivers knew that Just at the
town limits the snowbound road nar
rowed down to the width of one ve
hicle. The car which reached that
narrow road last would have to re
main behind for the rest of the trip.
Punching his accelerator down at
far as It would go, Mr Hodge, in bis
new speedster, got the edge on his
adversary. But Just as he swung Into
the country road his rear wheels
skidded, and Mr. Dale slipped by.
missing him by on Inch. Fortunately
there was n pool of muddy water nl
the spot, nnd when Mr. Dale glanced
imck the new speedster hnd the ap
pearance of a resurrected scow.
Thereafter Dale set his own pace.
Dodge overtook him, but could do
notlilny but honk at the real estate
magnate's car ambling on ahead.
At the stranded Hill car Adaltne
ner eyes warm with welcome, took
Dale's hands In hers. "You win," she
"Hut I don't understand I Why did
vuu turn me down last night?"
"I'll tell you on the way home.
Amery can help Dad out After all,
It's his car."
"Ills car?"
As they drove on together Adullne
explained. "I've been trying to get
Dad to trade in the old car," she said,
"but he art' Mr. Hodge couldn't agree
on the price. After eight dances last
night Amery raised Ids bid a hundred
dollars. That's a little better than
twelve dollars a dance, lsn'f It?"
Mr. Dale took out his notebook and
made another entry. "Hesolutlons
Xos. 1 and 2 are vetoed by the presi
dent." ft read. Then:
"Adnline, you are a business worn
in." he said, with profound admira
tion. "Perhaps," she laughed. "But I've
end enough poetry to know that Hill
tnd Dale alwry an together."
1928 Greeting
The l.oid bless thee aud keep thee
The I.rd make His face to shine upon
I bee, "ml le gracious unto thee. The
ljid lift up his countenance upon
i;iee. und I'lve thee peace. Numbers
Adair Cash Grocery
Robbed Second Time
Amateurs Suspected of the
Crime; Finger Prints
For Clue.
For the second timcin two months,
Adair's Cash Grocery has been en
tered through a broken pannel of the
back door and robbed. The first time
the store was robbed, the upper pan
nel of the door was smashed and
pulled out, and Saturday night when
the second robbery was pulled off,
the lower pannel was jimmyed with
a c:wbar, loosened and removed in
three pieces. ,,L
The larger piece- of the pannel was
carefully preserved and taken to
Walla Walla for an examination by
an expert to disclose finger-prints,
to give the officers a clue to work on.
It is said the officers are confident
that both robberies are the work of
amateurs,, and that certain details
of Saturday's night's robbery indi
cate that inexperienced hands did the
job. Further it is believed that
the same parties pulled both robberies,
and the authorities are working on
this supposition. .
In Saturday night's robbery, a
clean sweep was made of the entire
stock of tobacco and cigaretts in the
store. In the first robbery, the cash
register was rifled of the change it
contained and cigaretts were taken.
The first robbery occured on the
night of November 18.
Hickman Confesses
To Killing the Girl
Marian Parker Strangled
and Body Cut Up In
Seriously Injured
Mrs. Stamper who resides in the
east part of town was seriously in
jured in an automobile accident on
the highway near the E. A. Dudley
place Sunday evening. A Ford roads
ter, in which Mrs. Stamper and little
daughter were riding, nnd driven by
Charles Yenney, came upon a car
parked on the highway during a
heavy fog. In trying to avoid an
accident, Mr. Yenney pulled to one
side, but not far enough to avoid
sideswiping the parked car. One
wheel of the Ford was torn off. Mrs.
Stamper was injured internally. She
was brought to her home and a
physican called at once, and later
she was taken to the hospital at
Girls Club Organized
A group of young Misses met at
the home of Mrs. Bollinger Tuesday
evening, December 27, to organize a
club which, will be called the G. E. C.
These mystery letters are known only
to members. A pot luck dinner was
served at 6:30, after which a business
meeting was held and the following
officers elected: Myrtle Campbell,
President; Mary Tompkins, Vice
president; Marjorio Douglas, Secretary-Treasurer;
Betty Jane Eager,
Reporter. The next meeting will be
held at the home of Miss Douglas at
7 P, M. January 10.
' Gold Fish Propagation
For a number of years several gold
fish made their home in a glass bowl
at the Rogers & Goodman hardware
store in Athena. Last spring Marion
Hansell took the fish out to his home
and placed them - in a small pond.
After a while myriads of small gold
fish appeared in the waters of the
pond, and just before cold weather
set in, a large number of fish were
taken out and put in receptacles.
Sam Pumbrun has taken some of the
fish to plant in the pond at his farm
home south of Athena,
Robbed of Presents
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones and son
Ray drove to Weston Saturday even
ing to spend Christmas with relatives.
In Ray's Ford coupe was stored the
presents which the family had pro
vided for their relatives and friends,
including two big fine feather pillows
and other articles of value. Stopping
down town in Weston, when Ray re
turned to his car, the Christmas
presents had beon stolen, together
with his car "jack" and other tools.
Hrakes Turn Car Over
To prevent colliding with the inter
urban at State Line one day last week,
Mrs. Fred Tittman put on the brakes
suddenly. The car skidded into the
ditch, turning over against the em
bankment. Mrs. Pittman and daughter
Ethel; were on their way to Walla
Walla when the accident occured. The
top of the Chevrolet sedan was slight
ly damaged when it struck the em
bankment. Neither of tho occupants
received injury.
Los Angeles. William E. Hickman
has confessed that he alone killed 12
year old Marian Parker of Los An
geles the day after he kidnaped her
Single-handed. ,v .;.
In "a confession amazing for its un
rivaled details of brutality, the 19-year-old
youth said he strangled the
child and cut her body into pieces in
the bathtub of his Bellevue apartment
in Los Angeles. 1
The confession eliminates the phan
tom Andrew Cramer, first named by
Hickman as an accomplice. That he
lied consistently on this point was ad
mitted in the confession when be said
be worked alone.
His motive in the kidnaping was to
get $1500 to go to college, he said. He
had no accomplice.
Cringing before the ominous rumb
ling that swept the city with news of
his arrival, the slayer of Marian Park
er, was taken from the "Jail car" at
tached to "The Padre" of the South
ern Pacific at a little used freight sta
tion in the lower part of the city.
He was burred into an automobile
before the few passersby knew that
the most hunted criminal in the his
tory of California was back iu the city.
Carloads ot detectives carrying
sawed-off shotguns quickly formed a
guard as the machine carrying Hick
man sped through back streets and
alleyways to tho county jail in the
Hall of Justice.
Pendleton, Or William Edward
Hickman, Los Angeles kidnaper aud
killer, was arrested by Tom Uurdane,
Pendleton chief of police, and C. L.
(Buck) Lieuallen, state traffic offi
cer, east of Echo on the Old Oregon .
trail, after a, man hunt that covered
the whole Pacific coast and lasted for
seven days. He was taken without
When arrested, Hickman had $1420
worth ot United States $20 gold certi
ficates on his person.
The youthful fugitive was captured
without a struggle when Gurdane and
Lieuallen, who had been watching for
him on the strength of "hot" tips,
pounced on him with drawn guns as
the big green sedan he was driving
turned a corner of the highway near
Echo. He was speeding toward the
wilds ot eastern Oregon.
A trail of "blood money" the $20
gold certificates which Perry M. Park
er, Los Angeles banker, bad paid for
the mangled body of his little daugh
terled to the capture.
Calmly sitting in the outer part of
the cell block of the Pendleton city
jail, Hickman related his version of
the crime.
The murder was done by Andrew
Cramer, his partner in the crime, he
said, and he had no part In the killing
and did not know that she had been
slain until her body was delivered to
him in his Bellevue apartment on Sat
urday night.
Manacled to two Los Angeles police
police lieutenants, Hickman started
On a road that probably will lead tot
In the custody of District Attorney
Keyes, Chief of Police Davis and Cap
tain of Detectives Cline, of Los An
geloB, Hickman was removed from th
Pendleton jail and placed aboard a
special Pullman car on which he and
his captors Blurted to Los Angoles.
Thoroughly subdued, absolutely teo
ror-stricken, Hickman gave bis guards
no trouble.
Chief of Police Tom Gurdane, pic
turesque character ot Pendleton, and.
Clyde "Buck" Lieuallen, state traffic
officer, buckaroo and boxer, accom
panied Los Angeles officers to California.
National Guardsmen Patrol Town.
South Pittsburgh, Tenn. With vir
tually all local law enforcement offi
cers of Marian county, Tennesee, dead
or disabled, national guardsmen po
liced this section to prevent further
disorders growing out of a gun tight
between city and county authorities
In which five were killed and four
were wounded, one fatally. The shoot
ing was the result ot a feud between
police and sheriff's officers growing
out of a recent strike at a local manu
facturing plant, in which tho respec
tive law enforcement ajtutica tup
borud oppojlog tliss.