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"The Callahans & Murphys"
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
Mrs. Laura Froome spent Tuesday
in Pendleton.
Mrs. Clayton Rogers was in Athena
Tuesday from Adams. s
Otho Reeder and family spent
Monday in Walla Walla.
Cass Cannon is suffering with a
severe case of tarweed poisoning.
Mrs. Delia Booher was here from
Walla Walla over the week-end.
Mrs. Theresa Berlin was in Athena
recently from her home at Walla Wal
la. Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead and two
little sons were at Pendleton Sun
day. Justin Harwood has repapered and
decorated the Penn Harris barber
shop. , '
Miss Hilda Dickenson and Miss
Pearl Ramsey spent Monday in Walla
York Dell was taken to a hospital
at Walla Walla Monday, for medical
Miss Cathern Froome and Mrs. W.
S. Ferguson were Walla Walla vis
tors, Monday.
The John Banister threshing outfit
went into the shed Tuesday, after a
successful season'; run.
The Hansell-Williams harvest crew
finished the (season's run Monday eve
ning, after operating 22 days.
Emma Jane Kilgore is convalescing
from an operation performed Tues
day in Walla Walla. The little girl
had tonsils and adenoids removed.
George Pittman is perambulating
on crutches as the result of an ac
cident while at play. He was run
ning through tall grass when he
stumbled, breaking the great toe on
his left foot.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Pittman have
returned from a visit to Lewiston
and other points in Idaho. They were
accompanied home by their daughter
La Vonne, who has been attending
summer normal at Lewiston.
Comt to your tute Univenity for cultural
(duration nd professional training.
Opportunity i o(f r3 in
22 departments of the College of
Literature, Science and the Arts
Ani in tht Schoolt of
Architecture and Allied Arts
Business Administration Educa
tion Journalism Graduate Study
Inw Medicine Music Physi
cal Educntion Sociology Social
Work Extension Division.
College Year Opens September 26, 1927
for information or ealolou u'nt
Th? Ri$utrjr, tnrtVriity of
Or, on. Eu(tn, On.
Colleen in Orchids and Ermine"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
Walter Adams spent Wednesday in
Walla Walla.
Richard Thompson was a Pendleton
visitor Monday.
Brooks Anderson spent Wednesday
in Walla Walla.
Dennis Groom of Milton, was in
Athena Wednesday.
Jim Sturgis of Pendleton, was an
Athena visitor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koepke were
visitors in Walla Walla, Tuesday.
Nesmith Ankeny of Walla Walla,
called on Athena friends Monday.
C. H. Green of Weston, was a bus
iness visitor in Athena, Wednesday.
Mrs. F. S. LeGrow is a patient at
St. Mary's hospital, in Walla Walla.
Harold Kirk will not attend Athena
high school this year. He will regis
ter at Hills, in Portland.
Athena, along with other Northwest
cities and towns, sweltered in the grip
of a hot wave this week.
Jtfrs. M. L. Watts, Mrs. H. L Watts
Mrs. F. C. Adams and Mrs. W. S.
Ferguson spent Friday in Walla Wal
la. Harvest is practically over with in
the Athena district, and much of the
grain is now on its way to the ware
houses. An average of thirty-two trucks
have been using the new market
road between Adams and Thorn
Mrs. Lilla Kirk and son John ex
pect to leave the last of the week for
Long Beach, where they will enjoy a
short vacation.
Danny Reeder is riding a new Haw
thorne De Luxe bicycle, a present
given him by his parents on his tenth
birthday anniversary.
Mrs. Jennie Proebstel, who now
makes her home in Portland, is vis
iting Athena friends. She expects
to return home tomorrow.
!Mrs. S. J. Bowles and granddaugh
ter Sarah Jane, have returned to their
home in Walla Walla, after a visit
at the LeGrow home here.
Mrs. Ida Banister, who underwent
an operation for appendicitis last
week is improving. She is at St.
Mary's hospital in Walla Walla.
,Mr. ,and Mrs. Ernest Zerba were en
gaged this week in packing their
household effects for shipment to
Waitsburg, where they will reside in
John Robinson and his Varsity
Vagabonds from the University of
Oregon, will be here tonight to play
for another of their popular dances
at Legion Hall.
Mrs. Hodgen, son and two daugh
ters contemplate leaving for Portland
Monday, on tlreir way to Red
land, California, where they will
make their home.
Mrs. B. B. Richards and son Rol
and and Mrs. Omer Stephens, have
returned from a fortnight's outing at
the Forrest summer camp on the
Umatilla, near Thorn Hollow.
Tomorrow night the Standard The
atre will present "The Callahans &
Murphys," a high speed comedy of
the better sort. Sunday night, win
some Colleen Moore comes in the gay
tale of a, telephone girl, "Orchids and
Ermine," a current First National
Bath Powder and Salts
Shaving Brush and Razor
Palmolive Shaving Cream
and can Talcum free
McFadden's Pharmacy
Care of
Cemetery Lots
We are equipped to furnish either
perpetual or anriual care of lots in
the Athena Cemetery", at reason
able rates.
See: E. C. Prestbve, Secretary, -or Ike Phillips, Sextoa
Ralph Wallan, well known Adams
farmer, transacted business in Athe
na Tuesday.
Mrs. Mildred Froome is visiting
Mrs. Laura Froome, at the Athena
Otis Lieuallen, a prominent farm
er of Adams, was a business visitor
in Athena Wednesday.
Glenn Dudley had the misfortune
Tuesday of losing one of his valuable
mules, after it had been sick a short
Mr. and Mrs. John Nusbaum of
California, visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George Myrick, Monday of
this week.
Elmer Stockstilf who is assisting
in the Douglas harvest near lone,
Morrow county, spent Sunday at his
home in Athena.
Mrs. E. M. Bollinger, twho has been
at the home of her 'daughter at Free
water for several weeks, is expected
home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ames will
leave shortly for a vacation trip to
coast resorts. They expect to be
away about two weeks.
Mrs. R. B. McEwen visited in Wal
la Walla the first of the week, where
she was the guest of Mrs. Sarah Jane
Bowles, at Clinton Court.
, Emery Rogers will accompany Mrs.
Lilla Kirk and John Kirk when they
motor to the Willamette valley and
coast resorts next week.
Mrs. H. A. Barrett, Mrs. Flint
Johns, Miss Zina Chapman and Mrs.
H. I. Watts motored to Walla Walla
Tuesday, where they spent the day.
Walter Edger, who last week sus
tained serious injuries when he fell
under a truck, has been brought to
his home from a Walla Walla hospital
and is much improved.
Miss Pauline Mitchell, formerly a
teacher in Athena schools, has re
cently returned to her home in Port
land, after three weeks spent at
Yellowstone Park. u.
Pete Abercrombie, a former sales
man at Athena Department Store,
and who has for the past three or
four years made his home in Canada
is an Athena visitor.
Mrs. Jennie Gross, Mrs. Grant
Prestbye and MissJennamae Read ar
ived home Sunday morning from Mon
tana, where they had been visiting
for the past three weeks.
Mrs. Penn Harris and Mrs. Bert
Logsdon motored to Walla Walla
Monday to call on Mrs. Phillip Yen-
ney. The new son and heir has been
named Allen Taylor Yenney.
S. P. Cooley of Portland, Neil Cam
eron of Yakima, and Wade Goodman
of Walla Walla, all representatives
of the International Harvester Co.
made business calls in Athena, Tues
day. I
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith, Ernest
and Ruth, are in California for a
vacation. Dr. Smith is taking post
graduate work at the University of
California medical school in San
Francisco, during his stay in the
Mrs. F. C. Adams will leave for
Portland today o spend the week-end
where she will meet Mr. Adams, who
will arrive there from Palo Alto, and
they will come to Athena the first of
the week.
Maurice McFadden,1 who is visiting
at his home in Corvallis from Cali
fornia, accompanied by his mother
and sister, visited at the home of his
brother, C. L. McFadden in Athena
last week, returning .to Corvallis
Mrs. Alta McSherry is spending the
month of .August in Athena, with her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. S. F. Sharp.
Mr. McSherry at present is at Rose
burg, but expects to spend the winter
in Salem, where he will be joined by
Mrs. McSherry.
Dinner guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. L. Watts Saturday eve
ning included Mrs. M. M. Johns, Mr.
and Mrs. Melville Johns and daughter
Nellie May, who are visiting here
from California, and Mrs. 'A. A. Kim
ball, of Pendleton.
Ralph Caplinger, who operates a
diversified farm near Salem, was an
Athena visitor Tuesday, en route to
Lacrosse, Wash., by motor. Mr. Cap
linger's boyhood home was in the He
lix vicinity, where his father owned
large wheat holdings.
Miss Ruth Proebstel will have
charge of music in grade schcols at
Walla Walla again this year. At the
present time she is in Portland, after
several weeks spent at the beach.
Miss Proebstel will visit in Athena
before (taking. up her work in Septem
ber. Mrs. Ora Smith is convalscent, fol
lowing a major operation at a Wal
la Walla hospital. Her condition is
reported favorable.
. Mrs. Lloyd Michener has returned
to her home in Athena after a week's
absence spent at the bedside of her
sister, Mrs. Ora Smith, at Walla
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McFadden are
looking forward with much pleasure
to their approaching trip to Paris,
where Mr. McFadden will be one of
the delegates to the American Legion
convention. Mr. and Mrs. McFadden
accompanied by John Banister of Wes
ton, will leave Pendleton September
3, on a' special Legion train for Que
bec, where the ship will be boarded
for Paris.
Jim Jones' rural mail delivery car
met a horse in the road while making
the rounds Tuesday. Result: horse in
ditch, headlights and fenders on the
The Reverend James J. Gibbons of
St. James Rectory, Philadelphia, was
a recent visitor in Athena. As a
boy, Rev. Gibbons resided here with
his parents when the town was
known 'as Centerville. He is a neph
ew of the late Patrick Maxwell, and
Rev. Gibbons' mother is buried in
Athena cemetery.
An automobile plunging into a cloud
of dust struck one of Hugh Lieu
alien's wheat wagons, at a point near
Myrick Station Wednesday. The Ma
chine was wrecked and a wagon
wheel smashed. Dean Moore was on
the wagon at the time of the collision.
Family of Man Who Helped Convict
Sacco and Vanzittl Bombed.
Boston, Mass. The East Milton
home ot Lewis McHardy, one of the
jurors who found Nicola Sacco and
Bartolomeo Vanzeltl guilty of the
Braintree payroll murders in 1920,
was wrecked by a powerful bomb.
Five members of the McHardy fam
ily were thrown from their beds and
were shaken up badly, but aside from
a cut on the head, suffered by Mrs.
McHardy, none was injured.
1 The explosion took place just a
few hours before the' Massachusetts
supreme judicial court assembled to
hear final arguments from Sacco and
Vanzetti's counsel, who are fighting
for a new trial. As a result of the
bomb outrage, additional guards have
been placed about the courthouse,
the statehouse and the state prison,
where ths two anarchists are held.
Recall Voters Win In Rariler Election
Rainier. Or. A. E.. Veatch. mayor.
Van Knauf and E. P. Haugeberg,
councilmen, were recalled in the
special election after a heated cam
paign. F.nal returns on Veatch show
263 voting for the recall and 179
against it. The vote on Knauf was
yes 230, no 1S2; on Haugeberg it was
yes 237, no 176.
Herculean Viewpoint
A colored man who owned u large
wngon and a small horse was hired
to lmul nwny some trash from 'a home.
The trash contained many brickbats
and made an nwkwurd load; As lie
"was ready to drive away, the owner
of the house said to him: "If you
Intend t lmul such large lomls you
need n larger horse." The colored
man replied: "If you had to lift him
up every niornlnc like I do you would
think he Is heavy pnoiisrli."
Watch value that defies com
pari on I This lovely watch has
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caie and a dependable 15 jewel
FRED H. BROWN, Jeweler
Pendleton, Oregon
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Zioa National Park
Crand Canyon National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Rocky Mountain Wart Park
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Saturday, August 19
Oh! What a Cast!
Marie Dressier, Polly Moran, Sally O'Neil and
Lawrence Gray,
.' . ' .. .. r In
- and the -, '
George' Hill's great Comedy Hit
Meet a great new comedy teamMarie Dressier and Polly Moran in a film
you'll always remember, from the best -seller by Kathleen Norris. Laughs, of
course hundreds of them! But the gorgeous humor is only a part of a stir
ring, human story a drama of sunshine and shadows, heart-throbs and
thrills, that will truly move you.
International News
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Sunday, August 20
Colleen Moore
and a big cast
' :- " In : ;
Orchids and Ermine
a Gay Tale of a Telephone Girl
, Jack Mulhall
Plays a fine part in the Picture
Pathe Review
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Wednesday September 7th.