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Little Encouragement
For Farm Legislation
McNary-Haugen Farm Bill
Faces Sidetrack Again
5 In Congress. ; ;
The McNary-Haugen farm relief
bill, hailed by its sponsors as Amer
ican agriculture's panacea, will be
introduced again in both houses of
congress early in the short session.
Opinion varies as to the bill's pros
pects, among leading senators and
congressmen. While cne doubts
whether it will come out of commit
tee, another insists that it will be
pushed in this 'session to 'the bitter
end. - ' .
Other pet measures for relief have
given away before it, however, and
the McNary-Haugen bill remains the
only drastic piece of such legislation
which receives serious consideration.
"It attempts to segregate -the. sur
plus of all basica"gr3cultural;oin7
modities," McNary explained. "It
would withhold the surplus froniaje
or sell it in foreign countries at the
best available prices', charging the
loss to all producers of that product.
"By removal of that surplus, the
supply would adjust itself to the de
mand and the farmer would get the
full benefit of the tariff. This would
increase the domestic price to the full
extent of the tariff rate, which on
wheat is 42 cents a bushel.
"Instead of two boards, as I pre
viously proposed, I now propose one
board of twelve members to be ap
pointed by the president from the
twelve federal land bank districts.
The $250,000,000 to be appropriated
would not only be used by the board
to segregate the surplus but Would!
be loaned to co-operative organiza
tions cn adequate security.
"The government's $250,000,000
would be protected from loss by
means of an equalization fee to be
collected from the farmer when he
sells his product and forwarded to
the treasury.
"Taking wheat as an example, we
produce 800,000,000 bushels a year,
of which 650,000,000 is for domestic
consumption. The remaining 150,
000,000 is for export.
"When we don't segregate it, the
surplus makes the price for the whole
crop. The farmer . gets the 'world
price' and does not benefit by the tar
iff. . ' : , " 'V v.
"If the farmer . gains the tariff
rate 42 cents on s each "bushel of
Wheat, the equalization fee he wil!
pay to make up the loss incurred by
sale cf the surplus below domest'c
prices would amount to about six
cents a bushel.
"Probably with certain modifica
tions, I will introduce this bill early
in the session. We have the west,
the middle . west and the southwest
vith s and now we need some south
ern votes which many people think
we will get."
December ,13. 1904 .
Mayor Taylor and Hon. T. J. Kirk-
have done remarkably well soliciting
subscriptions toward Umatilla coun
ty's $5000 portion of the portage
road fund. Athena, "the granary of
the Inland Empire," comes to the
front with the first subscription to
be taken in Umatilla county, between
three and four hundred dollars being
For a consideration of $1250, the
Gallagher springs has passed into
the possession of the city of Athena,
and within the next year the pure
rystal waters of the springs will
pulsate with power through the
strong iron mains of the city water
The deplorable and nefarious cigar
ette habit has gained a hold to such
an extent on a certain number of
boys attending the ' Athena public
school that they become o bold in
satisfying the desire for tobacco that
the practice ' was brought ,. id the at
tention of Principal Watts.
This- evening' the degree team of
Excelsior Temple, Rathbone' Sisters,
will go to Weston, where it will as-
ist in the initiation of several no
vices. The Weston meeting promises
to be of more than ordinary interest.
The Milton temple has also been in
vited and supper is to be served.
Mrs. J. B. Saylor and two little
sons are up from their home at Echo,
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
N. B. Gerking and other relative.
..Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Willaby hava
moved to town from the farm below
town and now occupy the residence
of Mrs. Estes, on Current street.
Mr. Grant Erhart and bride have
been visiting at the Kirk home in
this city. Mr. Erhart, who is a son
of Mrs. T. J. Kirk, went East recent
ly and in Missouri wedded Miss Wil
son .
Jesse Failing a pioneer of Pendle
ton, yesterday submitted to an op
eration for the amputation of his left
leg Mr. Failing was injured in a run
away accident some months ago. He
is 80 years of age.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Whiteman went
over to Walla Walla yesterday and
are guests at the Whiteman home in
that city.
Selling Christmas Seals
Mrs. H. I. Watts has charge of
the annual Christmas seals sale? in
Athena, and with the assistance of
other ladies in the city, solicitations
of sales are being made. The fact
that a new state hospital, for the
treatment of tuberculosis patients is
to be located soon in Eastern Ore
gon, has proven to be an incentive in
the promotion of seal sales in this
part of the state. Reports - from
state headquarters are to the effect
that sales quotas are being made
. without difficulty.
Kitchen Range Blew Up
The kitchen range at the Ralph
Allen farm home, west ef Athgna,,
exploded Monday morning as the re
enl$ of frozen water pipes causing
high steam uresgure in the range
hot water coils. A window in tha
iritpiion wa Km ashed bv flvine frag
ments of the range, and Mrs. Allen
was slightly injured. J- She had just
removed her baby from near the
ranee when the explosi'on occured.
Breakfast was being prepared when
the range blew up, but later the AU
len family breakfasted at the honvj
of Mr. and Mrs. David Stone.
Card of Thanks
At this time we wish to express our
deep appreciation to the many friends
for the kind sympathy and thought
ful acts bestowed upon us In our re
ent bereavement.
Z. W. Lockwood
Mrs. James S. Bell
Miss May E. Lockwood
Z. E. Lockwood.
T irrfct Kills are due and navable on
the 15th of each month. If bill is
not paid by the 25th, It will be pre-
rumcfl tliaf ttATlHA i Tift IftnPef rfP-
sired and will be discontinued with
out further notice, in the pasi h nas
cost us a lot of time and money to
Vava niiv rnllfw-tnr mil several times.
' In the fsture he will make but one
call and if for any reason the bill is
Tint naii nntrnn mnv mail check to
this office., We ask the support and
co-operation of our patrons along
this line, so that we will be able to
render the best possible service.
22 Years Ago. f
Magician," comes to the Standard,
with beautiful Alice Terry and Paul
Wegener, acting the principal roles.
For New Year night the Standard
has selected for the entertainment of
its patrons, Colleen - Moore in the
popular play, "Ella Cinden." Sun
day, January 2, Lillian Gish an J John
Gilbert will be seen in King Vidor's
mammoth , production of " La Bo
heme." These pictures, purchased en
bloc, makes it possible to show them
at regular admission prices. , T -
place, for hearing of said final ac
count and report. Objections to said
final account and report should be
filed on or before that date.
Dated at Athena, Umatilla County,
Oregon, this 3rd day of December,
, Administrators 'with the will an
nexted of the Estate of John Bell, de
ceased. ' . ' " .:
Watts & Prestbye, lAthena, Oregon,
Attorneys for .Estate! : D3D31.
'ine Picture Program
At the Standard Theatre
'-The photoplay program offered
this week and over the Holiday per
iod contains high class entertainment
at the Standard Theatre.
Tomorrow night, Cecil B. DeMille
presents the epie of the railroad and
the Wild, "Whispering Smith"
with John Bowers, Lillian Rich, H.
B. Warner and Lilyan Tasjiman In
the leading roles. Sunday night Al
fred SantelPs scintilating comedy,
"Sweet Daddies," with Charlie Mur
ray, George Sidney and Vera Gordon
starred, will be the week-end gloom
The regular Wednesday night pro
grams have been cancelled, and until
further notice, only special produc
tions as they are booked, will be pre-?
sented on Wednesday nights.
On Christmas night DeMilles fine
picture, "Welcome Stranger," Aaron
Hoffman's phenomenal stage success,
will be played. Sunday December 26,
Rex Ingram's great photoplay, "The
(Equitv No. 4223)
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County
The First National Bank of Athena,
Oregon, a corporation, Plaintiff
Dean T. Willaby, Myrtle Willaby, B.
B. Richards, R. A. Thompson, Vir
gil R. Zerba, and The Peoples
' Warehouse, a corporation, Defend
ants: Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of a writ of execution, decree
and order of sale issued 'out of the
above entitled Court in the above en
titled suit, to me directed, and dated
the 2nd day of December, 1926, in
favor of the nlaintiff and against the
defendant Dean ,T. Willaby, for the
recovery of the sum of $7,000.00 with
interest thereon at the rate of 8 per
Cent per annum from October 6th,
1920. the futher sum ot souu.uu at
torney's fees, and the costs and dis
bursements of the suit taxed at
$27.30; and commanding me to sell
the following described real property
situated in Umatilla County, Oregon,
The West half of the Northeast
Quarter of Sec. 24, Township 4 .
North, Range 34 E. W. M., ex
cepting about 2 acres heretofore
conveyed to Dolph Lodge No. 80,
Wild Horse: Lodge No. 73, and
Trustees of Pythian Lodge No.
29; all in Umatilla County, Ore
gon. - ' ,
Now therefore In compliance with
the demands of the said writ of ex
ecution, decree and order of sale I
will, on Saturday the 15th day of
January, 1927, . at the hour of two
o'clock P. M., at they .it door of
the County Court House in Pendle
ton Umatilla County, Oregon, sell, at
public auction, to the highest bidder
for cash, all of the right, title, estate
and interest that the said defendant,
Dean T. Willaby, had on the 6th day
of October, 1920, being the date of
said mortgage to the plaintiff which
is being foreclosed, or that the de
fendants or any of them in the above
entitled suit have since acquires
down to and inclusive of the date of
sale, in and to the above described
property or any part thereof, to sat
isfy the said writ of execution, de
cree and order of sale, with interest,
costs and accruing costs.
Dated at Pendleton, Oregon, this
17th day of December, A. D. 1926.
Sheriff of Umatilla County, Oregon.
Watts & Prestbye Athena, Oregon
Attorneys for Plaintiff. D17J14.
In the County Cour$pofthe State of
Oregon for Umatilla: County
In the Matter of the; Estate of W. H.
Booher, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern: That
Minnie D. Booher has been appointed
executrix of the last will and testa
ment of W. H. Booher, deceased, and
has qualified as such. All persons
having claims against the estate are
required to present them witn proper
vouchers' to said executrix at her
home in Athena, Oregon, or at the
law office of her attorney, Will M.
Peterson, Stangier Building, Pendle
ton, Oregon, within six months of the
date of the first . publication of this
notice which is the 10th day of De
cember, 1926.
MINNIE -D,' BOOHER, Executrix
Will M.; Peterson, George R. Lewis
Attorneys for Executrix. D10J7.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of The First National
Bank of Athena, Oregon, for the
election of directors for the ensuing
year and for the transaction of such
other business as may lawfully come
before it, will lie held in its office,
in Athena, Oregon, on Tuesday Janu
ary ,11th, 1927, at the hour of two
o'clock P. M. Dated December 10th,
1926. 1 D10J7.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County
In the Matter of the Estate of John
Bell. Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned have filed their final fW;
count ana report in me apuve onunai
matter and that ' the above entitled
Court has fixed Monday, the 3rd day
of January, 1927, at the hour of 10:00
o'clock A. M. of said day as the time
and the County Court room in the
County Court house at Pendleton,
Umatilla County, Oregon, as the
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County
In the Matter of the Estate of John
W. Keen, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned have been -appointed Ex
ecutrix . and Executor, respectively,
ot the last will and testament ot
John W. Keen, deceased, by an order
of the above entitled Court.
All persons having claims against
the said estate -are hereby notified to
present the same to the undersigned
at Athena, Oregon, or to our attorn
eys, Watts & Prestfeye, at their of
fice in Athena, Oregon, within six
months from the date of the first
publication of this notice. All claims
must be verified as by law required.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 10th
day of December, A. D. 1926.
Executrix and Executor, respect
ively, of the last will and testament
of John W. Keen, deceased.
. Watts & Prestbye Athena, Oregon,
Attorneys for Estate. D10J7.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla ; County.
In the Matter ef the Estate of Nieh-
olai Hewland, Deeeased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern: That R.
L. Howland, has been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Nicholai
Howland, deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against his estate are
hereby required to present thein with
proper vouchers as required by law,
at the law office of Will M, Peterson,
attorney at law, Stangier Building,
Pendleton, Oregon, within six months
of the date of the first publication of
this notice which is the 17th duy of
December, 1926. ;
R. L. HOWLANJ), " Administrator
Will M. Peterson and George R.
Lewis Attorneys for Administrator.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ira
Durrill, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern: That
Henry Craig, has been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Ira Dur
rill, also known as I. W. Durrill. de
ceased, and has qualified as such. All
persons having claims against f.aid
estate are hereby notified and requir
ed to present them, , with proper
vouchers, in, the manner provided by
law, to the said administrator at the
law office of Will M. Peterson, in
the Smith-Crawford Building, at
Pendleton, Oregon, within six months
of the date of the first publication of
this notice which is the 17th day of
December, 1926.
HENRY CRAIG, Administrator
Will M. Peterson and Georg.j R,
Lewis Attorneys for Administrator.
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